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ten days of minimalistic living

have you ever wanted to add something to improve your life? like consistent exercise or clean eating? if you have, that’s great! you’re already 50% there.

however, have you ever thought about removing elements of your life instead of adding elements? if you have, you’re now 75% there.

if you haven’t, don’t worry, let me explain.

instead of adding elements to improve your life, minimalistic living aims at subtracting elements to improve your life. it targets areas in which you can simplify your life in the most easiest and effective fashion.

so with that being said, i’ve compiled 10 one-day assignments to help you begin your journey into minimalist living.

1. designate an hour for “you time”

choose a secluded place where you can disconnect from the virtual world. focus on what it feels like to be at peace and, if you feel inclined, jot down your intimate thoughts and feelings in a journal.

2. no complaints, no not today

complaining can easily become a habit. however, today try your best to not get frustrated at the man who is taking forever to order in front of you at starbucks or the woman who is walking too slowly in front of you.

3. clear out your email inbox

you know that email subscription you signed up for? the one that sends you emails all the time, but you forget to delete the emails or unsubscribe yourself from receiving future emails? yeah, you know the one. well, take time today to make your inbox spick and span.

4. disconnect and dream

instead of taking your phone to bed with you to check social media posts from besties and celebrities, leave your phone on your desk. your body needs sleep. social media will be there tomorrow morning.

5. remove one item from your to do list

you could probably complete everything on your to do list, but doing so may leave you burned out by the end of the day. so instead, choose the most important assignments and leave out the last one.

6. listen instead of waiting for your turn to speak

when talking to a friend, a family member, or a colleague, actually listen to what he/she is saying, then respond.

7. eat a meal without watching a movie or show

it’s easy to make dinner then plop on a couch with a plate full of food to watch your favorite netflix show. however, watching a show takes away from the eating experience. instead, sit and eat while paying attention to how the food actually tastes.

8. turn off notifications

notifications can easily interfere with your day. so for today, only check your social media accounts when necessary.

9. make two lists

make one list of things that make you happy. then make another list of things you do every day. adjust accordingly.

10. wake up an hour earlier

although you may classify yourself as a night owl, try becoming a morning person for one day. hop out of bed, make yourself a cup of coffee, and begin to conquer the day. you’ll be amazed at how much work you can complete with waking up one hour earlier.

if you try out any of these assignments and you show progress, feel free to individually message me. i would love to hear your story.

do have a lovely week ♥

listen i’m not saying that in this moment here right after even joked about what the ‘love exercise’ had consisted of and he quickly leaned against isak, isak felt a little something. but maybe just maybe when even leaned against him like that for barely half a second, arm and shoulder against his, isak felt his heart beat just a little faster (faster than it already was since the moment he joined even outside on that bench). because you don’t lean against someone you’ve just met like this, you do this with someone you’re closed to, someone you’re comfortable with. or maybe, someone you’re flirting with 

and maybe just maybe isak felt something in the pit of his stomach, like a thousand butterflies or whatever it is people say to describe that nervous feeling you get when you feel yourself being so drawn to someone. maybe just maybe there was that little smile on his face because of even’s silly joke, but maybe his heart was also smiling a little, a small and timid smile, because this was the first time he heard even laugh like that, the first time he saw him smile like that. and although he couldn’t see him properly because it was so dark outside, although he didn’t know his name yet and probably simply called him this boy in his head, although he didn’t dare let himself look at him for too long, he probably thought that he’d like to see that smile again, hear that laugh again, feel that slight touch again

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Reader x fuckboy!Hoseok

words: 1887

genre: fluff/smut

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The world was tinted in a soft shade of blue, the Sun not fully awake as it slowly began to rise into the sky. Your breath clouded the air with every heave of your chest, sweat dripping down the small of your back as you tried to keep pace with Jungkook. Every morning at five you met up with the line in front of the administration building to begin the three mile run through campus and today was no exception.

For the past two weeks your life consisted of exercising, dance practice, college classes, and piles of homework. Your social life was practically non-existent. The time you used to have for hanging out with Jia and goofing off with your group of friends was suddenly filled with stressing over passing your exams and learning choreo for the upcoming step competition. Academic stress was nothing new to you, however. After attending University for two years you were pretty accustomed to the long nights spent highly caffeinated and bent over a textbook. What you weren’t experienced with was the sudden constant hum of your thoughts as you wondered for the one hundredth time that day, why Hoseok was avoiding you.

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you know what really grinds my gears?

when advice like

“Drink water”

“Set goals!”


“Do things you enjoy!”

and related suggestions are completed written off by many people with a mental illness, especially on this site. IF YOU’RE PISSED, STAY WITH ME FOR A MOMENT.

these things ARE NOT EASY. i know because i’m there! BUT evidence based (AKA PROVEN TO HAVE SUCCESS IN SOME INDIVIDUALS) therapeutic styles like DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) have entire lessons / foundational aspects based on advice like this. examples:

Emotion Regulation: accumulating positive emotions, short term

  • Examples include eating, sleeping, laughing, exercising, etc

Emotion regulation: accumulating positive emotions, long term

  • Examples include identifying values, setting goals, planning action steps

PLEASE skills: taking care of your mind by taking care of your body

  • PL = Physical illness: take care of body, see doctor, take meds
  • E = Balance Eating: don’t eat too much or too little, eat regularly and mindfully. stay away from foods that make you overly emotional
  • A = avoid mood altering substances = no drugs and limited alcohol use
  • S = balance sleep: try to get 7-9 hrs, or whatever makes you feel your best, keep consistent sleep schedule
  • E = exercise: do some sort of exercise every day. try to build up to 20 min a day

i literally could go on for so long with more examples. the point is: these things aren’t easy. we talk about that all the time in my DBT class. one of the first points to all of these is to “avoid avoiding” and gives tools to help you avoid, avoiding these helpful activities. they won’t change your life overnight but you can increase positive experiences and slowly, overtime create a life worth living (aka the basis of DBT)

don’t write off these things because the person suggesting it doesn’t understand how much harder it is for you. FRIEND I️ KNOW ITS HARD but your life is worth living and you deserve to know that. you and your body deserve these basic things that care for both your mind and body.

anonymous asked:

hey Ellie I have a bpd question, which you can feel free to ignore I just don't know who to ask as my therapist doesn't even completely understand bpd lmao but do you suffer the whole having no sense of self thing that comes with bpd? if you do, how do you cope with it? how do I stop feeling so shallow and empty is there something I can do? again you can ignore this I'm just a bit desperate thank you

hi!! hell the fuck yes i suffer from this. for years and years my identity was just a question mark or completely unstable in a way that really hindered my ability to enjoy my life/function in society!! it’s like, how could i build and sustain bonds w/ others and hone passions if i was a constantly oscillating, often contradictory presence?????!!! impossible 

my first steps to coping with this as a teen were: honestly just picking a stable constant and holding onto that while letting the rest naturally fluctuate. for example, i started wearing tons of pink and held onto the idea that i am an artist. honestly? i love both of these from the bottom of my heart, but they were kind of arbitrary decisions i made just to make a decision, because i love MANY things from the bottom of my heart, u know? i think thats part of bpd. like i also loved making music and acting and writing and math and science, and as far as fashion went i loved goth and emo and cute and minimalist and decadent and blah blah blah u get it. i could see myself in an infinite number of futures, pursuing entirely different dreams and existing entirely different personas.

it came to a point that i just needed to focus on honing in on something so i wasnt so scattered and stretched thin and i just on a whim was like “im pink now” and “im switching to art” and that helped so much. i dont at all regret making that decision even if i missed out on other experiences in this lifetime. i still dabble in everything else but having these two constants allow me to experiment without losing my entire sense of self and voice  

that was when i was still a teen though!!! 

as an adult, that came to feel a bit constricting and inorganic. now that i have a solid crafted persona, lately i’ve been focused on living rather than presenting if that makes sense. i cook and garden and clean and make art and spend time with loved ones. just this month i learned how to bake bread and sew! looking to start reading and exercising consistently again! these small gestures make me feel fulfilled, alive, and participant in this world in a way that really soothes the feeling of not having a sense of self cuz it makes me realize that my “self” is a deep, unending well filled with a series of actions and experiences. we “do” the self, and as long as i’m doing something worthwhile then my person is whole, and only grows more and more as i, say, learn new recipes, grow new plants, make more friends. sorry about your therapist and sending love!!!


my one-year fitness progress: june 14, 2016 (left) to june 13, 2017 (right)

BOY is the photo on the left hard for me to post, but i wanted to show you guys what one year of relatively consistent exercise and proper nutrition has done to my body - both physically and mentally. the girl on the left had just graduated from college a month prior, was smoking weed every single day and for the previous three years had been severely abusing adderall and cocaine, going through major mood swings causing extreme euphoric highs where i wouldn’t eat or sleep for days, to inexplicably depressive lows causing me to lay in bed wallowing in suicidal ideation for days to weeks on end, sleeping 14+ hours a day, binging on take out and junk food, not performing basic hygiene and never working out. after i graduated, i decided to get my shit together because i could just could not live like that anymore. this picture was taken one month into working towards bettering myself and building the life i want to live.

the girl on the right is who i am today; i am healthy and fit both physically and mentally, and sober. i still struggle with mood swings and always will because i have bipolar disorder, but staying consistent with eating well, working out and prioritizing self-care has significantly decreased the severity of my mood swings, allowing me to function as a normal member of society and have maintained a consistent daily routine for the first time in over two years. i am in the most healthy and loving relationship i have ever had because i spent the last year learning how to love and treat myself the way i deserve. i have created a small social circle who are the most supportive group of absolute angels i could ever ask for, cutting out people who did not better myself for different reasons. i now run and own my own business as a professional photographer - something i have dreamed of doing since i was a teenager. i successfully built clientele, have traveled the country and worked with a national sports team as a photographer because i have been able to be consistent and motivated with all that i do by finally taking control of my mental and physical health.

these two pictures are so much more than a physical change and it actually brings tears to my eyes realizing how much progress i have made in just one year.

i am the happiest i have ever been and am finally living the life i have been wanting so desperately for so long.