Ra's Al Ghul and his Indecision Problem
  • Season 2 Ra's:Uhm, Malcom just killed 503 people, he has broke the code, hence he must die.
  • 3X01 Ra's:Sara, you must now go to Starling City and kill Malcom, he's Priority.
  • 3X04 Ra's:Despite Sara's Death, Malcom Merlyn is still priority.
  • 3X09 Ra's:Now is Sara's Death the priority, since her death is an insult to me and my League, hence we must find her killer and bring him to "Justice".
  • Still Still 3X09 Ra's:And if you do not bring him to us, WE'RE GOING TO KILL HUNDREDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE!
  • Still 3X09 Ra's:LOL, what? Oliver Queen killed Sara? Yeah, right, I clearly don't believe him. I will still fight with him to a duel to the death since he has dared to challenge me!
  • 3X10 Ra's:Forget about Sara's Killer, Malcom Merlyn has returned a priority. I will now send this blonde assassin fuckboy to kill him and his loved ones and then forget about it unless someone points out to me the fact he's still alive.
  • 3X12 Ra's According to Malcom:Now that it has been revealed that Oliver Queen is still alive, I must kill him at all cost!
  • 3X15 Ra's:Sara was White Trash, I never cared about her and her death since she was so going to betray us anyway.
  • Still 3X15 Ra's:Mr. Queen, I never wanted to kill you at all. I want you to become the Next Demon's Head because PROPHECY!
  • 3X16 Ra's:Nyssa, I never said I didn't approve of your relationship with Sara because you are two woman. I didn't approve of your relationship with her because you let Weakness spread into your heart by loving her. Also, she totally didn't love you, and aren't I the best dad ever?
  • Still 3X16 Ra's:Begone, out of this house! I repudiate you as my daughter! You are nothing to me now!
  • Still Still 3X16 Ra's:Malcom Who? I don't care anymore about eitehr him or Sara's killer, you assholes are free to go.
  • 3X18 Ra's:If Oliver doesn't become the Demon's Head, he is going to spend the rest of his days in jail! Which... Kind of defeats my plan of making him the Demon's Head... Eh, whatever, I'll just kill his sister or something...
  • 3X20 Ra's:I was once totally in love with a Woman until the last Ra's Al Ghul came and forced me to take his place, which kind of makes me kind of an hypocrite, but whatever...
  • Still 3X20 Ra's:Also, I'm a closet Olicity Shipper, so go to him Felicity. Rock his world. (Because that's not spreading weakness into his heart or something)
  • 3X21 Ra's:Nyssa has to die in order for Oliver to become the next Demon's Head! Because Reasons!
  • Still 3X21 Ra's:LoL, just kidding. In fact, I want you to marry Oliver...
  • Me:Wait, weren't you a closet Olicity...
  • Still Still 3X21 Ra's:And now, OUT OF NOWHERE, Oliver must unleash this Bio-Weapon on Starling City, making a bigger mess than the Undertaking ever was!
I have heard other athletes say this before: You do not need to have heroic practices to race well. You just need to be consistently good. Consistently put in the good work, and with a little patience, the results will come.
—  Liz Costello
The #1 Secret of Successful Productive People

Today I wanted to share with you the number #1 secret of successful productive people and it’s one lesson that I truly want you to internalise and apply in your life.

Are you ready? Here it is:

The secret of successful productive people is this: their success is not dependent on the amount of work or effort they put in but it’s related to their consistency. Let me say that differently; success in life is never about the astronomical workload or the end goal you achieve, but it’s about creating a habit that’s easily followed throughout ones life.

Let me give you few examples:

  • If you want to memorise the Quran, don’t worry about the humongous task you and have the 600+ pages you need to memorize, instead, focus on memorising half a page or a few lines each day.
  • If you have stacks and stacks of personal development book you know you should read, but dread having to go through them, don’t be anxious about reading them all at once, instead, focus on reading a few pages of a book each day.
  • If you look yourself in the mirror and not happy with being overweight and an unhealthy lifestyle, don’t stress about losing all weight your weight at once or following an impossible diet, instead, focus on creating healthier habits that stays with you for life.

Life moves quickly and when you stay consistent on a successful habit, no matter how small, you’ll be surprised after one year or two that not only did you achieved your goal but you’ve surpassed it many times!

Let me give you a practical example: Imagine you dedicate one hour to do the following every single day:

  • 15 minutes to memorise few verses of Quran.
  • 30 minutes to walk briskly around your block.
  • 15 minutes to read a personal development book.

After few years, of being consistent with the above habits,  what do you expect the results to be?

All of the above by just spending one hour per day!

Success is all about creating successful habits; nothing more, nothing less. If I were to summarise all the above, I’ll summarise it in the hadeeth of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who said: “The most beloved of deeds to Allah are those that are most consistent, even if it is small.” [Collected by Bukhaari and Muslim]

Mohammed Faris
(aka Abu Productive) 

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Up until today, there have been countless people who have
walked in and out of your life. Allah is the only One who has consistently remained with you throughout your whole journey of existence. The peculiar thing, is that instead of recognizing His favour and protection over us, we get angry. Instead of realizing that He has never left us whilst everyone else has (and being grateful for that) - we’re irritated that He’s let certain people meet us and leave us. There’s a massive moral here and most of us are spending our entire lives missing the whole point. Allah is the only one who can help you, and on top of that, He is the only one who has never left you. So think about who you’re crying about, and who you should be crying to.
—  allahaljalil.tumblr.com
If they love you, shouldn’t they at least support you? They may not agree with you, but support should just occur. Especially, when you are trying to do the right thing and be a better person in the scheme of things. Why is love conditional on other people’s opinions and values they hold so deep? Why can’t they just love you for you and trust that you are trying to make steps in the right direction. Forget what you know to be true. Forget everything you’ve learned up until this point. Adjust your sails and go with the rhythm of nature. Love shouldn’t be binding.
—  ttc