Biggest (Alleged) Illuminati Celebrities

1) Jay-Z  

2) Beyoncé

3) Lady Gaga

4) Barack Obama

5) Rihanna

6) Madonna

7) Kesha 

8) Kanye West

9) Justin Bieber

10) Angelina Jolie 


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Be Warned for Possible Syndicate Spoilers x3

Possible spoilers of the Assassin’s Creed universe… Kind of??

So I was wandering through the wiki, looking up some info about Sages, and came across this. Now many might know, and I’ve seen a post regarding the fact that Desmond has son (who with that is the question!) but I suppose it’s even worse because his son is a sage, practically the reincarnation of the husband of Juno, who orchestrated Desmond’s death. Can there be two sages though? Since both Desmond’s son and John Standish are revealed to be sages? This is all messing with me, so I was just curious to know what everyone else thinks about this new turn in the story and if there are any confuzzled souls like me out there… >.<

So my mother has this theory about Larry...

Ive pretty much bombarded her with this over the past 3 days because I recently came across some Larry Analysis videos on YT that blew my mind. 

SO my mother thinks that Larry in itself is a conspiracy. That Harry and Louis are playing both sides and that modest going all ape shit on Larry shippers is to keep the drama going. So that people will continue to stay interested in them. 

At this point that seems like the best answer for all this Larry drama cause I’m confused as hell as to what the truth really is. 

Until I see Louis and Harry swappin’ spit I’ll never fully 100% believe in Larry. So Larry shippers you all need to bring out the inner detective and get us some concrete evidence because I don’t want to to have to wait 10 years when One Direction has disbanded to find out who was the gay one or the gay ones.