consignment life

So I think it’s fair to say that Ian Gallagher expressed more passion and emotion in 7x10 and 7x11 than he has for the past season and a half. And now he’s back in Southside, he’s practically lifeless in comparison. That says a lot.

work thoughts

-there’s a spectrum when it comes to make it art that ranges from “I don’t care if it looks like crap” to “everything must be as perfect as I can get it”.  both are valid.  it’s good when you’re not too precious with everything you make AND it’s also good when you’re able to look at your work with a critical eye and polish it.  I guess it’s a matter of picking and choosing which pieces you want to focus on.

-there’s a point here that just says “thoughts on ‘the daring young man on the flying trapeze’”, but I ain’t gettin’ into that here.

-my brain did this thing today where it coughed up some weirdly dramatic phrases.  in response to something I can’t remember: “why must I be consigned to a life of confusion and mystery?!”  while packing away a botched meal to eat later: “this is my mistake.  I will consume it like a sinner in the bowels of hell.”

-I had a song for my ten o’clock coffee.  it went something like “this is my ten o’clock coffee/better than my eight o’clock coffee/’cause it’s newer and it’s fresher and it makes you a go-getter…*trails off, starts over a couple minutes later*”