abandoned “Tickled Pink Consignment”, 2015

I came upon this place after visiting a salvage shop, and I was amazed at how odd it was that something like this has ended up abandoned. Everything inside still had a price tag on it, and there were still things in display cabinets. It’s like someone decided one day to up and leave and never look back.

by meagan abell

How to Recycle Old Clothes

3 ways to clean out your closet

If you open up your closet every season wondering why you’ve kept so many clothes that you don’t even wear anymore, listen up! There are many organizations and programs you can participate in to recycle and donate old clothes instead of tossing them in the trash. Here are our top suggestions:

1. Recycle Clothes at H&M

Donate your old clothes at participating H&M locations and they’ll take care of recycling the fabric. H&M has teamed up with for their Comeback Clothes program as part of an initiative to help keep clothes out of landfills. 

2. Donate to Charity

Check out your local schools, charities, and Goodwill and Salvation Army stores to see if they’ll accept clothing donations. Your old clothes will end up in good hands!

3. Resell 

If you’ve got vintage or designer items lying around that you don’t wear anymore, try reselling them through a number of different channels.

Fashion Apps: Download apps like Pose, ThredUp, Twice and The RealReal 

eBay: Create your own listing for each item that you want to sell

Consignment Store: Search for a local consignment store in your city where they’ll take care of the reselling for you (be forewarned they’ll also take a cut of your earnings)

Once you sell and make back some of your hard-earned dollars, head over to Wantering to search for what’s on sale! 

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