I’ve been on a monochromatic red outfit kick the past few months and I knew I was onto something when Kristopher sent me pictures of Hu Sheguang’s demonic runway from China Fashion Week 2016. Every single one of those looks killed me! I love all the oversaturated, deformed glossy red. There’s something about a monochromatic outfit that’s so striking. It’s a weirder minimalism that doesn’t ascribe to rules about mixing and matching complimentary colors.

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Well, I swing this hammer from 9 to 5
Been workin’ for the man just to stay alive
W-O-R-K is how I spell work

Feel depressed, I miss my family
Maybe if I work long then I’ll feel just fine
Haven’t smoked in a week
My back is kinda tweaked
Give me work, give me pride, give me loads of overtime

Hi there! I’m a bit late, but I’d promised I’d do this video! Today’s my Fameshed Haul, or as Saff says, Fame Shed. hehee~ I did accidentally miss one store, and she was one of my favorites, so I’m a bit bummed I didn’t notice until I exported. But it was this dress from miss chelsea. it fits amazingly, comes in a ton of sizes, and i’ll probably end up wearing it the rest of the day:

Please check out the other stuff in the links below! and thank you hayden for helping with the thumbnail photo and blog post!
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Photo taken with the lovely hayden @toastjern ♥ follow and also check out their flickr ♥

Stores Featured in this event vlog:
miss chelsea [was missed, but ill share a gyazo, i honestly loved it. im just a sucky vlogger]
Cheeky Pea
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 Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
 Ikon Charm Green Eyes
 Essences Sash Peche Skin
 Axix Creepy teeth Vamp Normal
 Veechi Luster Glam Shadows @C88
 Little Bones Chell Hair Black
 Izzie’s Dark Lipstck Black

 Cae Mila Choker & Necklace @ Fameshed
 Reign Vero Heels@ Fameshed
 Zoom Immy Bracelets & Rings @ Fameshed
 Zoom Lombard Glasses
 Noodles Le Kitty Earrings Gold @ Fameshed

{vespertine} drafting table
{vespertine} - wired stand.
Kalopsia - Flying Paper
PILOT - Thick Book Stack
Sway’s [Creativity] Books
[ keke ] pencils and pens GIFT
dust bunny . wildrose manor
DRD motel - vintage camera
:CP: Wire Birds Chest of Drawers@ Fameshed 
:CP: Falling Over Books
::KKs:: Paint your life - esquisse
7mad;Ravens Artist’s Charcoal Set
*HEXtraordinary*  Phoenix Companion
+Half-Deer+ Spilled Liquid - Small Puddle - Paint Set
8f8 - Storyteller’s Burrow - Study Chair
8f8 - Storyteller’s Burrow - Stone Table Set
8f8 - Storyseller’s Burrow - Study Set
8f8 - Storyteller’s Burrow - Grandfather’s Clock
8f8 - Storyteller’s Burrow - Grandfather’s Clock
8f8 - unexpected Journey - Bon Voyage CAGE - His
:HAIKEI: Just lazy Rug / V.1

Again, I felt horrid for missing out on Miss chelsea in my review, so i’ve decided to include a bit at the end, with a gif near the top. this is unedited, but just wanted to make sure you had a feel for the look and how amazing they did Q.Q sorry again, i love your stuff ToT

I took a pic of Opal’s altar so I could show off this wooden goblet! I found a set of seven of them at a consignment shop a couple years ago, and honestly they’ve proven to be such a great purchase, both for witchy stuff (like acting as a chalice) and mundane things (like holding mozzarella sticks).

@just-opal-things @moonoverpdx