Twice is a super awesome website, and honestly, it’s where a large portion of my closet is from. It’s basically the internet’s first mass thrift store. They have tons of high-end items and they offer discounts all the time. Not looking to shop? You can sell your clothes too! Shopping and selling are both super easy with Twice, and if you have any questions about either process, feel free to HMU. As an added bonus, if you sign up through a friend link, you’ll get a free $10 credit to use on your first purchase, and if you click here, you can save 50% too. Happy shopping!

Here’s a sneak peak at the Coughlan’s Irish Imports and Heidi Bird Design Consignment Boutique! All of these fabulous used dresses are looking for new homes, so if you’re in the market and you’re near Milwaukee, stop by! Walk in hours are Wednesday and Thursday from 4:30 to 8 pm, or by appointment, at our location at 6045 N Green Bay Ave. Glendale, WI. Call 414-698-4388 or email to schedule an appointment!

Slate is a great table top material for a plant stand, being naturally waterproof and durable. The stone has a rather clean and classy look, but keeps an earthy, natural feel.

Details: Slate Top End Table/Plant Stand. Priced each, sold as pair. (Item #: 1389-12)

Dimensions: 13"Dia x 25H

Our Price: $75 each, sold as pair.

These sewing box chairs are so named probably because of their wee storage capabilities. The top seat cushion is hinged to the rest of the seat to open. These guys are mid-century in style and most likely made of teak.

Details: Vintage “Sewing Box” Chair. Priced Each. (Item #: 1673-28)

Our Price: $150 each.

Tigress23 asked: what are some ways that i can get MY books sold?

A valid question! Authors can find it tricky working with independent bookstores, for lots of reasons. Here are some general tips:

1. Is your book published through one of the Big 5 (Hachette, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Macmillan) or a well-distributed press like W.W. Norton, Workman, or similar? If yes, you can reach out to a store requesting that they stock your book. You’ll want to demonstrate that you know what they sell (check their staff picks online, go visit the store and see what’s on the displays) and mention what makes your book a good fit.

2. Is your book independently published, and/or only available through wholesalers like Baker & Taylor or Ingram? If yes, you can also reach out to a store requesting that they stock your book, but the approach is going to be a little different. Many bookstores won’t take chances on books they have to order through wholesalers because they can’t easily return them if they don’t sell. If you’re willing, offer to sell it on consignment (wherein you only get paid if the books sell). And do all the above – make sure you know what the store does well with and why they should consider your book.

3. Regarding follow-up, if you don’t hear back: personally, we believe one follow-up, a week or so after initial contact, is just fine.

If they stock it, well done! If not, c'est la vie. Limited shelf space is the number one reason indies don’t order books; they’ve got to try and keep in what sells well. Some stores (like our Jersey City location!) have a special consignment program for local authors. Others may not take consignment at all. It just depends. Good luck, and congrats on publishing your book!

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Popcorn and Carnivals

    I have only just managed to do the TAG Gacha Event, and I gotta say it’s pretty nifty! I ended up having a go on most of the machines, some a few more than others – and I even got a coupon to exchange in the coupon room, YAY! When you pop on over to the Lassitude & Ennui store you’ll see t Read more on the website

#MothersDay is just around the corner! Surprise that special lady with this rose-pink #pleated #Hermès #scarf! Item 24673-1. Stop in and snap it up or call 202-667-1122 for more details and pricing! #DCSecondi #DC #dcstyle #dcresale #Secondi #SecondiDC #SecondiOfDC #SecondiConsignment #Hermes #consignment #ConnecticutAve #consignmentshopping #ResaleShopping #BestPlaceToGet #bestofdc #dupontcircle #dupontconsignment #Dupont (at Secondi)

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‘ CONSIGNMENT FOR FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY CONSIGNMENT have some lovely bargains out for FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY. The ‘Vinyl Wall Display’ is 1 Land Impact and perms are Copy/Modify. The ‘Lazy Chair’ includes 18 single and 7 cuddle animations and is 4 land Impact. This is also Copy/Modify. TELEPORT TO C Read more on the website