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“In The Light Of The Time Rotor” - Digital Oil Painting

I saw a lovely edit a while back with this shot of Nine in blues and purples instead of green and orange and I wanted to see if I could recreate that, give it a little spin. I took the original screencap and played with the colors until I found a combo I was happy with. I love how the painting turned out. The light blue highlights are my favorite part, they just grab the eye so well.

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hello, hello ! i recently changed mascots so i thought it’d be worthwhile posting these gif icons, considering i won’t be using them again. i do not take requests for gif icons, so please be mindful of that. under the cut, you’ll be able to find 91 gif icons of camila cabello. full credit goes to the creators of the original gifs as i did not create them. with that being said, i did crop and edit them all with my own psd so please do like and/or reblog if you find this useful. thank you, angels !!

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Paśupati Seal and the origins of Yoga

Stealite seal from Harappa Civilization dated between 2900 to 1900 BCE depicting a seated figure wearing a horned headdress and surrounded by animals - often interpreted as the earliest representations of the Hindu deity  Śiva in the form of Paśupati - Lord of Animals.

“Mention must be made, when considering the earliest origins of Yoga, to seals found in Indus Valley sites with representations of figures seated in a clear yogic posture. The most famous figure is seated with arms extended and resting on the knees in a classical meditative posture. This evidence suggests that, irrespective of its literary origins, Yoga has been practiced on the Indian subcontinent for well over four thousand years.”

Edwin F. Bryant, The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali: A New Edition, Translation, and Commentary


*some smut*

I was sat at the office chair in the corner of mine and Lukes small apartment, working tirelessly at the midterm paper that had been haunting me for weeks. The deadline was two days away and i still had another 2000 words to come up with before i could even consider editing it. Huffing loudly, i threw my head back and pulled my knees up to my chest, taking in the quiet sound of my nirvana record playing in the background. After a deserved 2 minute break, i readjusted my bun and went back to work. I had to admit, taking classes online was harder than i originally thought but well worth the flexibility i had being able to visit Luke on tour whenever i wanted. He was home now though, occupied instead trying to finish up some vocals for the next album and writing songs day in and day out.

I almost didn’t hear the soft buzz of my phone from behind my laptop, but grumbled at the thought of having to take a phonecall right now. Picking up my phone I saw Calum was calling me. Rolling my eyes, i wondered what he could be calling for. Cal picked Luke up from the apartment this morning to take him to the studio and told me he would be driving him home around 4. I realized it was now 4:25, so perhaps they were running behind? But why wouldn’t Luke call you instead, especially since Calum was driving.

“Hello,” I picked up, annoyed.
“Y/N, hi, erm, would you mind coming and getting Luke out of my car please”. I pinched the bridge of my noise and squinted my eyes at his stupid request. The boys frequently pulled jokes on me like this to get my out of the apartment and I was not in the mood for it right now.
“If this is a joke I am seriously not in the mood; I have a paper due that Im trying to write and - “
“No I’m serious, please, he won’t get out and Im running out of options ok? I have to pick up my friend from the airport at 5 and I can’t be late”
I was getting so tired of this shit with Luke, but something told me it was more serious than him just being a stubborn prick.
“Why won’t he get out?” I asked, dropping my feet back down to the floor and playing with a loose thread hanging from my grey hoodie.
“I don’t know, but he’s really upset and whatever Im doing is not helping.” Pulling aside the curtain by the door, I saw that it was starting to rain.
“Ok, can you please tell Luke that if i have to actually get up and walk my ass out there to get him out of a fucking car, that I am going to be extremely angry.” I heard Calum exhale and then repeat what i just told him to Luke.
“I don’t care, Im not going in there,” I heard Luke mumble.
“Y/N hes not listening and Im running out of time can you please just come here”
“Ugh, fuck, fine. Gimme a minute,” I replied, ending the call and getting up from my spot at the desk. I adjusted my black shorts and trudged unhappily over to the door, slipping on my sandals and whipping the door open.

For the past week Luke had seemed a little off to me, constantly putting himself down for the smallest mistakes or accidents. He was frustrated with himself to say the least, and it was clear his self-confidence needed a boost; something i planned to work on once my midterm assignments were finished. I loved him with my whole heart, and in the 2 years we had been dating I learned all of his quirks and his needs, and he knew mine. He was a cocky guy with me in all cases and knew how to talk to people with the utmost confidence, but every once in a while he seemed to have a crisis in which he needed a little special attention from me. But today, i was not in the mood for this shit.

Slamming it shut behind me, I could see Calum’s car in the parking lot, Lukes head hung low and his arms crossed. As i stomped down the stairs Calum stepped out from the drivers side and leaned up against the closed door waiting for me.

“What the fuck is going on,” I said loud enough for my stubborn boyfriend to hopefully hear. Calum rolled his eyes and pushed himself from the car throwing his arms in the air.
“ Honestly I have no clue. He was fine until we pulled in and then he didn’t want to go inside. I mean he was bummed out today cause he hit a few bad fucking notes but thats it. And when i tried to force him out of the car looked like he was on the verge of tears so i called you then.”
“I don’t get it,” i lied through my teeth. I assumed Luke had hit his breaking point, feeling so down on himself he just couldn’t hide his emotions about it anymore. There were only so many “Im fine”s someone could say in a week before they stopped believing it.
“I don’t know either, he said something about not letting you see him like this, but I really can’t deal with it, I have to go or else I would at least try and help him out,” Calum bit his lower lip, glancing at his upset friend in the car.

I wiped the few raindrops from my forehead with my sleeve and sighed, seeing Luke had locked his door. Smart, but not smart enough. Without a word I opened the drivers side door and bent over, leaning in the car through the door.

“Luke,” I tried, rolling my eyes when he averted his baby blue eyes out the window, as for from my gaze as he possibly could. I was annoyed now. Yes, i felt bad for him and wanted to help him, but he knew as well as I did that Calum had shit to do and I found it plain inconsiderate that he would just get out and go inside.

“Luke, HEY,” i tried again, with no success. I mumbled a curse word under my breath and began raising my voice. “Calum needs you out now,  or I swear to god I will drag you out of here myself.” Grunting loudly, Luke finally pushed his door open, shoving past Calum and slamming the door back shut, taking long strides across the parking lot towards the stairs.

Frowning, I got out of the car and looked at Calum who was now frantically rushing to get in so he could do what he needed.
“Thanks,” he looked at me sympathetically and giving me a light pat on the arm. “Text me if you need anything alright?”
I nodded, wiping more raindrops from my cheek and starting towards the stairs my self as Calum drove off.

As i watched Luke ascending, i saw him wipe a tear or two from his face, obviously not wanting to talk to me for fear that I might see him crying. Of course I had seen it before, but I assumed that this time it might be worse, explaining his sudden shyness in my presence.

Luke opened the door to our apartment and shut it again before i even got to the stairs, he hadn’t even looked at me. I pressed my fingers against my temples, preparing myself for whatever side of Luke i would have to deal with once inside. I climbed the stairs slowly and placed my hand on the door, turning it cautiously.

“Luke?” I said in a small voice, now pushing the door open all the way. Before stepping in I peeked around the apartment, finding Luke sitting directly to the right of the doorway, knees bent and head in his hands. I stepped in carefully, aware of the soft sounds of Come As You Are now echoing from my record player. I shut the door behind my as carefully as I could before crouching down beside my boyfriend.

Suddenly a loud sob erupted from his mouth and he was instantly uncontrollably crying. I leaned forward and kissed his forehead gently, unable to stand the sound of someone I loved so much in that much pain. I frowned, pushing myself up to my feet and moved to the end of his body. I untied his right shoe, slipping it off his foot and placing it near the closet, doing the same with the other foot. He straightened out his legs and for the first time that day, I caught a full glimpse of his face. He was completely flushed, his eyes blood shot and puffy from his loud sobs. Tears ran down his cheeks and into his scruff, whichh he had neglected shaving for about a week.

He threw his head back against the wall looking completely exasperated and pained, and continued to cry at full force. I moved to straddle his thighs and cautiously placed my hands flat against his chest. I was relieved when I felt his body relax under my touch, but jumped again as a loud sob escaped his throat. I placed my hands around his neck with my thumbs on his cheeks and gently ushered his his head forward to look at me. He did so reluctantly, and I was immediately heartbroken at the look on his face. He looked so upset and so small, like the smallest gust of wind could have broken him.

I stared him straight in the eyes and gently wiped a tear off each cheek with the pad of my thumbs, silently letting him know he was going to be alright. He quieted for a second before i saw his lip start to quiver uncontrollably.

“I-I’m s-sorry” he hiccuped out, sobbing loudly again and clamping his eyes shut so tears rolled freely down his face. How could this have happened? My happy, loving and always excited boyfriend suddenly turned into a sobbing mess after completing what should have been the most exciting world tour he would ever be apart of. I couldn’t help but wonder how someone so amazing could feel so badly about themselves.

When I met Luke, we rushed into things pretty quickly due to his unique circumstances. Being away for months at a time meant we couldn’t partake in the traditional “date” etiquette most couples experienced. By our 4th month of dating he flew me to Australia around Christmas time to meet his family, whom I loved dearly and all the fast-paced milestones were ok with me; i loved him. I remembered one night after a very filling family dinner Luke went to have a shower, leaving me alone to chat with Liz in their cozy living room. She smiled at me it made me feel welcomed.

“Im very happy you guys are together, you know” she confessed.
I blushed, “me too.”
“Im serious. Luke has always dated around with these girls who seemed to have perfect lives or perfect houses or perfect families and they would always go on about the minor problems they suffered in life - if you can really call it that.”
“Well, i mean i haven’t really had it *that* bad, Ive been ok,” I admitted. What was she getting at?
“Yeah,” she chuckled, setting her glass of white wine down on the coffee table, “but you’ve encountered more than just “my dad wouldn’t pay for me to go here or there with my friends” and act as if it were the end of the world. Luke’s been through more than that, and Im sure you’ll find out one day. We tried our best but he had some stuff to deal with within himself you know?”
I nodded, knowing Luke had been unsure of himself and slightly less confident than someone with his kind of heart should be.
She continued, “and he would always tell me ‘Mum, you  know, i don’t need someone who’s never had a crack; never been shattered. I need someone who has been broken and is strong enough to do the work to put themselves back together.’ I think he found that in you, Y/N.” She smiled at me comfortingly and I knew in that moment that I had picked the right person.

Snapping myself out of my memoir, I looked at Luke, who for some reason had just apologized for reasons i did not know. I pulled his head down on to my shoulder and he clutched at me, my grey hoodie balled up in his fists like an infant in distress. I placed my left hand on the back of his neck, playing with the curly blonde hair at the nape of his neck, moving my right hand around in circles against the black t-shirt on his back.

“Shhh,” i tried comforting him, “it’s okay, baby. You’ll be alright”

We sat like that for I don’t know how long, him sobbing and crying and sniffing into my hoodie and me rubbing his back mumbling incoherent “its okay”s and “shhh”s. Eventually i decided he could probably get up off the floor and into a more comfortable position. I grabbed his wrists, removing them from my top which now had two wrinkled spots just where his fists had clung onto me. He instinctively raised his head and i pressed my forehead against his.

“Were gonna get up now, ok?” I asked, rubbing my thumb against the back of his hand. His eyes were shut but he nodded slowly as another cry escaped his lips.

I stood up, holding my right hand out for him to take, wanting so badly for his pain to go away. Grasping my hand tightly, I pulled his limp body up to mine and gasped when he stumbled a bit. Once he had steadied himself, i raised myself onto my toes and pressed a quick and hopefully comforting kiss to his damp cheek.

“Come on”, i whispered, pulling him towards the bathroom with me. He was holding on to my index and my middle finger, like and upset child being dragged through a department store, except his hand was massive. He hung his head low and cried all the way there, although it was a short walk, i could tell he was sluggish and tired.

Once we entered the bathroom, i started the water to fill up the tub. Turning to Luke, i wiped his tears again; they were still flowing although not as fast and hard. I reached down and gently felt for the hem of his soft black t-shirt, gripping it and tugging gently at it until it began to raise. I let my knuckles drag across his skin as i removed his shirt up over his head and laid it on the counter beside the sink. I glanced quickly at his torso, still as good to look at as normal, except i knew that atop was a boy with little confidence in what i thought was a gorgeous part of him.

I smiled to myself for a moment, just content with my life and how much trust Luke had in me. I was ready for anything and everything that Luke brought with him and he always accepted me with my issues and my problems; always willing to help and give me what i needed. The least i could do was give him the support he deserved right now, even though i still wasn’t sure as to what had caused him to boil over.

Bringing my small hands down the his waist band, i rubbed the back of my finger against the line of hair that ran down from his navel; it was an action that i knew comforted him when he was upset or stressed. As i began to unbutton his black jeans, a single tear fell onto my hand, causing me to look up directly into his blue eyes. He looked almost embarrassed, feeling so vulnerable like this.

“Were just gonna take a bath to help you relax ok baby?” I asked, continuing to undo his pants and pull them down his legs. He nodded, his cries slowing and i heard him try to regain his breathing, not that it was working. On my way up, i quickly pulled my hoodie off, along with my shorts, leaving me only in my black bra and panties. I looked up at an embarrassed looking Luke and stepped forward, pressing a light kiss right under his collarbone and whispering an “i love you”.

I motioned for him to step out of his boxers and he did so, placing them on the floor with his pants.

“Go on,” i suggested, fixing my bun higher on my head. Luke stepped into the bathtub while i removed my own undergarments, shuddering at the cold air in the room. Moving towards the tub, i placed my hand on Lukes arm holding him in place as i moved to sit behind him. Once i lowered myself down into the warm water, i shut off the tap and relaxed back against the cold cermaic, situating Luke against between my bent legs.

Putting my hands on his muscular back, i ran them up to his shoulders and gently pulled him back against me. Normally the feeling of Luke pressed up against my breasts would make me go crazy, but there was nothing sexual about this. It was pure love, and the feeling itself almost brought me to tears.

With his head comfortably laid against my shoulder, i wrapped my arm around him and drew circles on his chest.

After a while, he spoke. “Im so sorry, Y/N” he managed to choke out. His voice was hoarse and obviously strained from all the crying. I ran a hand through his hair, feeling him relax at the touch.

“Its okay, don’t apologize.” He nodded and laid his head back with eyes closed, just enjoying the feeling of my hands running along his head.

Once his breathing had returned to normal and his tear stained face had regained some of its non-red colour, i decided to test the waters.

“So why don’t you tell me what happened, hm?” i tried, moving my hands from his head to under his arms. I snaked mine around his waist, trailing my hands across his v-line, to his belly button and then down again to the trail of hair, trying to remind him to remain calm as he explained himself.

He swallowed hard, still keeping his eyes closed before continuing. “I just…i don’t know. I was trying to sing and nothing was coming out right, like the notes, i dont know, and then the harmonies and - “ he cut himself off due to a voice crack and i could tell he was getting all worked up again. I rubbed my thumb against his skin and kissed the top of his shoulder, easing him back into his story. “Im not sure what happened honestly. Ive just been really down lately, being away from you for so long and then coming back and being pushed right back into work i just….Im really stressed is all. And then we started recording this week and Im so tired I’ve just been fucking it all up. I feel useless, like I’m not doing anyone any good.”

“Don’t say that, Luke, please. You’re fucking incredible ok?” His eyelids fluttered open, looking directly up at me, sadness spilling back into his eyes. From below the water he grabbed my hand from right below his navel and brought it up to his mouth, pressing a soft kiss to the backside. “Please don’t ever think that,” i continued. “You are the most important person in my life, and the guys care about you so much. So what you had a bad day? Or a bad week? Everyone does, baby. You’re tired, they get that. I love you too much to watch you hurt like this, ok? Please talk to me next time, don’t keep it bottles up. Ill always make time to talk to you and make sure you’re ok.”

He smiled for the first time today, letting out a light chuckle and he began to cry again, but this time i knew they were tears of joy. Squirming in the bath tub, he turned on his side awkwardly and laid his ear against my chest, right where my heart was beating.

“I love you so much,” he said, finally content with himself.


We were now laying face to face in our bed, me in a big t-shirt and panties and him in his grey sweatpants. I was tracing my finger along the ridge of his ear, a habit i got into a long time ago. His hand was placed firmly against my lower back as we started comfortable into each others gazes.

“You doing okay now bub?” I chuckled, loving his childish grin.

“I am, thank you so much baby girl” he half whispered, leaning in and pressing his soft pink lips to mine. After her  pulled away, he smiled at me and brushed a loose strand of hair behind my ear, “and thank you for taking care of me. I can’t imagine having a better girl friend.”

“Don’t worry about it,” i blushed. “Nothing i wouldn’t do for the boy I’m so in love with.”

He looked away smiling “I know…I’m so lucky.”.

After a minute of comfortable silence between us, only the sound of the scratched nirvana record in the background was audible, Luke shifted uncomfortably.

“B-babe?” he stuttered.

“Hmmm?” I droned, sleepy and exhausted from the days events.

“Im really sorry and this is kind of embarrassing and you can totally say no, but i have a bit of an issue.”

Smiling to myself, i ran my hand agonizingly slow down his torso and to his sweat pants, finally palming him and feeling his semi-hard erection beneath the fabric. For some reason, i immediately started laughing uncontrollably, throwing my head back and then back into his chest.


“Because were trying to have a nice moment, not to mention you just got done having a mental breakdown and now you’re hard!”

I continued to laugh as Luke became a little annoyed, but he couldn’t help smile at my antics.

“Baaaaabe, stop,” he chuckled. “I can’t help it ok. Ive been so stressed and tired and we haven’t fucked in two weeks.“

“Trust me i know. Ok, ok,” i calmed myself, regaining my composure. “So you want some help with that?” i asked, biting my bottom lip.

“Well if you want to…you don’t have to. Or i can return the favour? I don’t care I know its asking a lot from you considering — “
I cut him off applying more pressure to his hardening cock.

“No its okay, its been a rough day for you, let me take care of you,” i said, quieter now. I sat up and he rolled onto his back, propping his head onto a pillow so he could watch me work on him; it was something he liked doing.

I situated myself between his legs and kissed from his navel down to the low-resting waistband of his pants, then suddenly licking a stripe in the same direction i just came from. Instantly, i hooked a finger into each side of the elastic and moved his sweat pants down so they rested just below his balls, his hard dick exposing itself from underneath the confining fabric. He was now fully hard, the tip swollen and red, craving some attention.

Grabbing his cock in my small hand, i moved it towards my mouth and licked from the base up to the head, licking up all of the salty pre cum that had started to leak from the top. Luke moaned, throwing his right forearm over his forehead, his other hand fisting the sheets beside him. Carefully, i leaned my head down and took him in, the tip of his swollen member hitting the roof of my mouth.

I loved the feeling of him in my mouth, although he found it hard to believe. I happily moved myself further on to him and then back up, continuing this motion while stroking the portion i couldn’t fit in my mouth. I came up, spitting on the tip of his cock and going back down, causing him to let out a low “fuck” and throw his head back. I looked up at him through my lashes, satisfied with how good it made him feel.

After a few more good pumps in my mouth, i lifted off and stroked him hard with my hand. Cocking my hand to the side i got his attention. “Feel good baby?” i asked. I know he had just come off of a breakdown but that wasn’t to say I couldn’t tease a little bit. After all, I had his cock in my mouth at midnight, he can deal with it.

“Mmm yes, so fucking good” he sounded strained, his words struggling from the back of his throat. As i moved to place my mouth back around his dick, i ran my hand up his torso, lacing my fingers with his and squeezing; just a little “i love you” gesture at a time like this. We kept our hands intertwined as my other paid attention to his balls while my mouth worked on the length.

Playing with the sensitive area I heard his moans and grunts gain in volume. “Fuck baby, you suck me so good.”

“Mmm” i hummed against his hardening cock.

“Fuck i love you,” he croaked out. He was suddenly rock hard and the base of penis began to throb lightly, signalling to me that he was close. As much as i wanted to swallow his load, after two weeks of no sex I didn’t know if i could handle it all, so i decided to pull off.

Detaching his hand from mine, I stilled his rutting hips and pushed them firmly into the bed. He was struggling now, unable to contain his squirming as I used my other hand to pump vigorously at his pulsing cock.

“You’re okay to cum on your tummy, baby?”

He let out a breathless “yes” and i was satisfied.

Paying special attention to the head, I leaned back a bit in preparation for his bust. Suddenly, his moans picked up, and at his loudest one his voice cracked and he shot hot spurts of cum all over his clenching tummy. I continued rubbing until they stopped, the last few losing momentum and the hot white liquid running down the underside of his cock. I licked up the little bit that hadn’t shot out, because truth was I wanted a little taste of him.

Once i was satisfied and he had started to soften a bit in my hand, I sat up and put his sweat pants back in place. Straddling his things, i reached over his chest to the bedside table, grabbing wipes i kept in there for occasions like this. Luke was still panting, his face flushed and sweaty.

“Fuck that was amazing” he said breathlessly.

“I could tell,” i chuckled, grabbing a wipe and beginning to clean off his belly.

He laughed, “Yeah sorry about that voice crack…guess i couldnt control myself. Man that was embarrassing.”

I threw the cloth in the garbage and pressed my palms to his chest. “No, it was fucking hot,” i admitted, leaning down and placing a few kisses to his neck, then behind his ear and finally a lingering one on his lips. Satisfied, i slipped off of him to my side of the bed and he pulled me into his back, lacing his fingers with mine.

He leaned down, kissed my temple before whispering in my ear: “Seriously Y/N, thank you for today. I don’t know how i can thank you.”

“You don’t have to,” i mumbled, already half asleep.

“And I’m sorry for being stubborn, you don’t deserve it.”

“Its ok baby. Just promise me you’ll tell me when you’re having a rough time next time, ok? So it doesn’t amount to this? I hate seeing you that broken.”

“I will, I promise. You put me back together, i love you so much.”

I smiled lazily, drifting into sleep, “I love you more.”

“Goodnight, lovebug.” My favorite nickname.

I drifted off into a senseless yet peaceful sleep. Somewhere along the way i thought i heard Luke say “Im gonna marry you someday,” but i could have been wrong. The important part was that he was ok, because in that moment thats all that mattered.

Q: You can pose well. For the previous (Grazia magazine) shoot, because it was a group shoot, we did not realize that. Are you more used to the camera now?

O: Ah, is that the case? The people who are (shooting) together are all very relaxed so I’m also very relaxed…. I am originally not really good at being photographed. To me, it is considered quite a difficult thing to do.

Q: So is video recording more comfortable than taking photos?

O: Ah, that is more difficult. It makes things worse (laughs).

Q: We received a question from a reader on instagram. The reader is curious as to whether there is really no photo editing application on your phone.

O: Yes, there isn’t. I don’t really take selcas well. How you are born looking like, just live life that way (laughs). Even if a slightly nicer edited photo is obtained, that photo may not have much significance.

trans cr: squishyjinki

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