considering this is original as well and not edited


This is for anyone who wasn’t completely satisfied by the finale, PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND. 

EDIT: well, this certainly blew up more than I really ever wanted it too. The Tumblr fandom force sure is something. Anyway, so some certain responses on here, may I just say the OP, who is not me,(link to original thread here) is TRANS and MARRIED TO ANOTHER MAN? In response to some people on here, btw, he says this. PLEASE don’t harass him, or anyone for that matter for having a different opinion than you. I had no bad intentions with putting this out there, I just wanted people to consider this thought about the show. It’s honestly discouraging to see how polarizing people are with the interpretation. I feel like it flew over some people’s heads here…

Partners in Crime and Rhyme FANDUB
(Sportacus & Robbie Duet)
Partners in Crime and Rhyme FANDUB

Yup, I finally made it! This is a cover inspired by this post <——-

It took me sooooooo long but well, I think it ended up pretty good ^^ So yeah, please consider that I’m an spanish girl and the voices or pronunciation could differ compared to the originals.

I took a jazz version of “Why Don’t You Do Right” by Mark Maxwell for the instrumental part, and then edited the audio a bit to make it more dynamic. It was such a challenge getting the right melody for the voices (at first I was just singing the original song, without changes XD) but after a lot of tries I finally came up with a good melody for Sportacus and Robbie ^^

Here are the Lyrics and modifications I made of the original post by aleinnilatibae :

S: What’s wrong, Robbie?

R: You know, I was just wondering… do you LIKE me?

S: Yes! Of course I do! And… what about you?

R: I… guess!

[beat of silence]

R: Well, I would like to ask you something…

R, singing:  

You know that we’ve been rivals for…going on a while

and despite how much I FOUGHT it, I’ll admit you make me….smile (:^}D)

Now here is what I ask of you, and please, here take your time–

Will you be my partner in crime?

S, speaking, affronted: In CRIME???

R, speaking: It’s just an expression, Sportafloosh, no need to freak out.

S, speaking: I see… then let me say something too…

S, singing:

Well Robbie, I’m an honest elf and I’m the hero too (oh yeah…)

But here is what I’m certain of–I want to be with you (really?)

And every time I hear you sing the sound is so diviiine *master of disguise motif*

So will you be my partner in rhyme?

R: Rhyme?

S: Yes, this means we sing together now!

R: Oh, okay…

S: Are you ready? In 3, 2, 1… and…

S & R:

We can siiiing in perfect key, we can daaaance in harmony

S: We can twirl, we can flip! (No no no, I’m not doing THAT)

S: With you I’ll never miss a note!

R: With you I’ll never miss a stEP *Robbie misses a step, but Sport catches him, turns the misstep into a dip* S: Careful!

S: If you could say (if I could say?)  that opposites attract  (yeah I’d say so)

I want you here (with you?) with me! To always watch my back!

Together we-(in harmony!) until the end of time…

R, speaking: I guess I don’t HAVE to kick you out of town, after all….

S, singing: Yes, I’ll be your partner in crime!

R: And I’ll be your partner in rhyme!

Voltron/Digimon AU (with digimon diagrams!)

I was watching the original Digimon with my best friend yesterday, so of course this AU popped into my head. Let’s just get right into it then, shall we?

So the first four digidestined to be sucked into the digital world were Shiro, Allura, Lotor, and Matt. If anyone remembers from the original show, time in the digital world moves a LOT faster than time in the real world. I think it was one day in the digital world equals one minute in the real world. This is relevant because the first four digidestined were missing for one real-world year, which—to them being in the digital world—equals about 1440 years.

But no one knows what happened to these four kids, only that Shiro and Matt were together when they disappeared. And no one knows that Allura and Lotor’s disappearances were related.

Fast-forward that year to the other four digidestined—Keith, Lance, Pidge, and Hunk. We’ll say they’re at flight camp for the summer, because parallels. Keith and Shiro are half-brothers in this AU, so Keith probably has a good dose of angst going for him. Keith lives with their dad, while Shiro lived with his mom. Guess we don’t know where Keith’s mom is.

Anyway, they’re at camp and they get sucked into the digital world where they meet their digimon. I think it will be a situation where Shiro actually shows up at their camp, and thus Keith is shocked, but before any kind of communication can be had, the other four get sucked in as well. Maybe some giant digimonster was trying to get through the hole from one world to the other and Shiro was stopping it with his partner digimon, which is why he showed up there, but had to quickly leave again.

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The all-White kpop group thing is bothering me because there are some people who think it’s okay for them to be considered Kpop since they’re referring to Korean in terms of the language and not the nationality (an actual comment I saw on twitter).

But this is complete bullshit because it’s not just the language or the nationality- they can’t be seen as separate. Kpop isn’t pop in Korean language, it’s pop music of the Korean people. It’s a reference to the CULTURE of these people, which encompasses their language, nationality, practices, work ethics, appearances, the meanings and contexts of their songs, their concepts and appearances, their beauty standards, etc etc. A group of White men can’t just release a song written in Korean and expect it to be considered Kpop, because it’s not. Just because they moved to South Korea to release the song as well doesn’t change this fact either.

And as many have been pointing out, they don’t need to steal this from Asians as well. We’ve already had Whites stealing our histories, literatures and pop culture works and whitewashing them to suit their own tastes at the expense of disregarding whatever these original works actually stand for. This doesn’t have to happen to music as well.

Okay Consider this McHanzo AU (re-posted because i couldn’t edit the original)

Its McCrees birthday and everyone is at his house for a the party, They are having a good time then Gabriel pulls out a Ouija board from his bag and tells everyone to gather round to play it. McCree, being the biggest scaredy cat when it comes to paranormal things reluctantly sits down in the circle. He’s the birthday boy so he HAS to join in.

Everyone except for Lena, Gabriel, McCree, Hana and Jack sit out because they all mutually agree that they’re gonna die if they join in

Gabriel, knowing full well McCree is scared of paranormal things gets him to ask the spirits if they are here. He’s only doing it because McCree and Hana played a prank on him and Jack earlier in a week where they mixed hair dye into Jack’s shampoo. Granted he’s not complaining about his boyfriends sexy black hair now (He likes it because his boyfriend looks edgy and it’s all he’s ever wanted for him). Though Gabriel would NEVER use a Ouija Board in his home, fuck that, it’s only okay to do it in his adopted sons home because he’s a demon of a son so it makes sense

McCree sucks it up and they all put their hands on the planchette (The Pointer thingy) and McCree squeaks out a greeting and asks for the Spirits name, and suddenly the pointer starts to move, everyone gasps and watches with baited breathe as it moves  to the “H”. McCree holds his breath and tries not to laugh at his friends moving the planchette because cmon how obvious. Eventually it spells our “Hanzo” and McCree, albeit still spooked about the idea of using a Ouija Board looks at Gabriel and says “Hanzo? Really, what a awfully stupid name, you could have at least made up something better to scare me” and then Gabriel just looks at McCree his face literally just says “I’m not moving it” then suddenly the pointer jerks out of everyone’s fingers off the desk into the wall and everyone SCREAMS.

McCree lets out a loud “Oh fuck this no” and quickly puts away the Ouija board, covering it in hopes that it would make whatever spirit that they were talking to go away

After a few minutes of everyone just being shocked and spooked Gabriel squeaks out “We didn’t say goodbye to end the contract” McCree says “Well boo hoo it’s gone now, get that Ouija Board outs of my house right now, I’m NEVER letting any of you do anything like that again in my house”


Few Hours Later after everyone’s gotten drunk and forgot about the incident they leave and McCree goes and curls up in bed with a smile on his face because what a good birthday. His peaceful sleep is suddenly interrupted when he dreams of pale skin blue skin and a snarl which makes him wake up with a shout, Breathing heavily he looks up to see a figure standing in his doorway and he lets out the loudest, manliest scream he could muster as he trips and falls out of bed reaching for Peacekeeper on his bedside table.

Suddenly there’s a oddly warm hand over his mouth muffling his yelling and then he’s being pushed down onto his bed and he looks up and he’s greeted with the exact same blue skin he seen in his nightmare, swallowing while trying to gather himself he looks into his attacker’s eyes and for a second all time freezes as he looks into pale white eyes.

Coming back to his senses McCree closes his eyes and tenses his body as he tries to brace himself for being ripped to shreds by a demon, because, there’s a demon holding him down staring right at him with a scowl. That’s what he gets for messing with a Ouija Board.  

Then a husky heavily accented voice reaches McCrees ears as said Demon says “Cease your screaming, i am here to make you end out contract so i can leave, you didn’t say bid me farewell”

McCree nods as the hand frees his mouth and he all but squeaks “You’re not going to kill me? You’re the Hanzo? The….. demon from earlier?’ and Hanzo replies with a “Yes i am, Though i want nothing more than to punish you for insulting me earlier, i promise i will not hurt you”

Then McCree passes out

Blah blah blah he wakes up thinking it was a dream but it wasn’t then he freaks out again and Hanzo promises not to hurt him again and that all he wants to do is to end their contract but informs McCree he needs the Ouija board they used because like ritual magic seal bindings voodoo voodo stuff so McCree calls up Gabriel and asks from him to bring it over without explaining it and Gabriel is like “Oh yah we kinda threw out into the river because Jack was to scared to bring it home he said he would withhold sex if i didn’t get it as far away from him as possible”

Upon hearing this Hanzo gets mad and shifts into a full on terrifying demon form and McCree closes his eyes and literally almost starts crying from seeing this and Hanzo looks at the human and feels guilty. So he shifts back into his human form. Hanzo says there’s no way to end the contract and that they’re stuck together unless McCree dies which McCree instantly freaks out over but Hanzo looks at him and says “Even though that’s the only way to end our contract, i cannot harm you in any way since i promised you never bring any harm to you.“ Damn Hanzos pride, he’s gonna have to suck it up being attached to this his scruffy cowman until he dies, it’ll only be a few decades. He can easily deal with that. Since he’s like a thousand years old.

McCree slowly comes to terms with being actually Haunted. He buys Garlic because he thinks it will help protect him against Hanzo but Hanzo laughs at him then puts an entire garlic bulb in his mouth and eats it as McCree watches on in horror.

Time passes. Hanzos annoying because he’s literally always watching McCree going “Ooo What’s this” “Ahhh” “What peculiar technology” and idk McCree shows him his TV and he spends hours watching it and it’s the only time McCree has been able to get away from him. Which he defiantly doesn’t spend jerking off to a certain pale blue demon with gorgeous glowing white eyes and rippling muscles.

McCree  contacts Zenyatta whos like a exorcist or something? Idk? He can’t help though. Lame.

Though to be far McCree is growing quite attached to this demon, What other human has their own demon? McCree 100% doesn’t look at Hanzo as Hanzo stares into the TV in awe thinking he’s cute. Hanzo on the otherhand is thrilled by this whole scenario because not only does he have a cute scruffy human but he has TV to watch.  

Bonus points if Hanzo is like the prince of the underworld and hes super strong so other paranormal creatures keep appearing around McCrees house and they try to harm him because he is absolutely covered in Hanzos scent. Hanzo protects him because if anything tries to harm his Jesse he will tear them to pieces.  

Also Hanzo gets mad jealous when McCree doesn’t pay him attention. Because he wants to be the only thing McCree thinks about.

But he likes to stay back and watch TV to learn about the human society. He likes to think he watches nature documentaries with McCree and one there’s an Alligator and McCree says something like “He would die if he ever came across one” and Hanzo replies “I wouldn’t let any overgrown lizard hurt you” and it’s the most loving thing McCree has ever heard him say.

Then he ruins it by saying “If anything is gonna eat you it’s gonna be me” and McCree doesn’t know if he means it in a literal way or in the bedroom way.

Also Hanzo is really over protective over his human because he’s been watching the news and there’s so many people dying and getting hurt so he usually watches over him from the shadows when he goes because no one can harm his precious cowboy

You finish this AU. Bonus points if Hanzo is a succubus so he needs to have sex to feed or something and because he’s bound to McCree he’s the only person who he can be intimate with. Just as long as they “kiss kiss fall in love”  

Introduction & Act I, No. 1 Scene
Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra
Introduction & Act I, No. 1 Scene

Swan Lake, Op. 20 (1877), Introduction & Act I, No. 1 Scène.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake (Лебединое озеро) premiered at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow on March 4, 1877. This original performance was poorly received by both critics and audience members, who considered Tchaikovsky’s score too complicated to dance to, although other aspects of the production were criticized as well, including the staging and performances. In 1895, two years after the composer’s death, a revival premiered in St. Petersburg, edited by Riccardo Drigo and choreographed by Julius Reisinger. Most modern productions of Swan Lake are based in some part on the 1895 revival version.


opening commissions up again, will be opening 5 slots for now, will reblog and edit the post once it’s filled up, thank you!

please consider commissioning me if you are interested! If you aren’t then any signal boost will be much appreciated <3


>> All the prices are in USD, any additional character is the same price, payments are paypal only! (Fanart or Original is okay, please provide picture references)

>> I will start commission once I receive the payment, feel free to send me a message about the progress at any time

If you are still interested please send me a message with the commission type you would like, as well as references and any additional character info. I will respond back with my email for the payment. you can also email me further info if you wish! Thank you for your attention :D

It’s spoopy season! No harm in a lil’ zombie Jack man–I mean, as long as you don’t seek human flesh it’s all good! :’)

Anywayssssss~ 11 seconds…60fps…frame by frame animation. If this isn’t considered art I will question my existence. :’D

I know Robbie isn’t a canon ego, but I think he fits in so well for Halloween! Happy spoopy season @therealjacksepticeye !

I’ve realized that this is my original work and I forgot to add the watermark…please do not steal or repost. Thanks! This is @/seanmc.aep from Instagram.

abstractrituals  asked:

Do you write everyday? What does your revision process look like?

I have been, yeah! At least 750 words of the novel a day (which, to be fair, I only got serious about doing last week, but it’s going well), and then I try to do a bit of free writing in addition to that. Mainly because I’ve got a deadline to consider, but I’ve found the routine of it to be really beneficial. Helps keep the pace up.

I’m trying to keep myself from revising at the moment - no point in it yet, because things will inevitably change as I go through the first draft. It’s a waste of time revising scenes that might be cut anyway. But when it’s time to edit, I go by chapter. I open up a clean Word doc alongside the original chapter and rewrite it from start to finish, cleaning it up, making it better - I’ll typically do that 3-4 times.

What type of Ships do each Twice ships clarify as

I found this post: And if you have the time, can you classify (in your own opinion is fine) where all the ships stand?

So the lovely Dy, @namo-or-death as most of you know her, requested this a while ago and I’m only just getting around to now (so sorry!!) But here it is. These classifications are all taken from the above post which I will copy down here to make your lives and my lives easier but credit to the original creator. 

types of ships

  • gigantic deluxe cruise: 34705 search results on everywhere, dominates the fanzine market, badass edits with lots of heart-wrenching quotes since they’re probably the main characters. author probably shipped them as well, tbh. usually the “opposite personality” pair, overused tropes, nicknames, etc.
  • modest viking longship: has been there since the beginning of time, always appears as a side ship in fics, especially those with all the main cruises in one universe. yet has surprisingly little main fics considering how the characters basically aren’t shipped with anyone else but each other.
  • the “aww” submarine: that non-mainstream pair whose fanart pops up on your dash once a while. everyone lowkey ships them in a ‘in another universe where my otp didn’t exist’ way. see: “I don’t get why don’t more people ship xxx!” actually, they do.
  • the sturdy fishing boat: usually clashes with one of the mainstream ships. people either ship them, think they’re good as they are now, or oppose them with a passion. with enough supporters it may upgrade to a bigger fishing vessel, garner quite a bit of attention and start discourse with the cruise oppressors. mostly stays in their waters and are chill if u don’t insult them
  • the driftwood: tinier than the piece of lumber that jack and rose couldn’t hold on to at the same time. you need wood? you make wood. EMPHASIS: usually consists of couples that would theoretically be good together since a) they are minor characters and b) they have had zero interaction
  • the lone canoe: most perplexing of all. these characters are well known, have decent interaction, yet are never shipped together. when it is suggested people frown upon you as they are deeply rooted within their prejudices, but convert someone and you will be much more satisfied with the content than poor driftwood.

2yeon - Gigantic deluxe cruise

namo - The sturdy fishing boat 

sanayeon - the “aww” submarine

nahyo - The lone canoe

minayeon- the driftwood

nahyun - the driftwood

nachaeng - the driftwood 

natzu - The lone canoe

jeongmo- Modest viking longship

sajeong- The lone canoe

jeongmi- Modest viking longship

jeonghyo- The lone canoe

jeonghyun - the driftwood

jeongchaeng/nojam bros - The lone canoe

jeongtzu -  the driftwood

samo -  Modest viking longship

mohyo - the “aww” submarine

mimo - Gigantic deluxe cruise

dahmo- the “aww” submarine

mochaeng- the driftwood

motzu -  the driftwood

sahyo - the “aww” submarine

2na - The sturdy fishing boat 

saida - Gigantic deluxe cruise

sachaeng- The lone canoe

satzu- Modest viking longship

minahyo/97 line- The lone canoe

dahyo - the driftwood

jichaeng - The lone canoe

jitzu- Modest viking longship

minahyun - the “aww” submarine

michaeng- Modest viking longship

mitzu - the driftwood

dubuchaeng -  Modest viking longship

datzu- The lone canoe

chaetzu/99 line - Modest viking longship

whimsicalscribe  asked:

honestly after all the buildup for blupjeans im so sad people are so quick to reject it. i get it. i love representation for LGBT too, i personally would have killed to see more of it in TAZ. but like?? the amount of unhealthy portrayals of trans women in media (esp trans women in relationships which are almost ALWAYS depicted as unhealthy) im just so happy to have such a loving, healthy relationship.

Same! It was just so cute and well done and made my heart all mushy and soft?????
Also this could def be considered LGBT representation because, correct me if I’m wrong, Lup is canonically trans and that’s what the T stands for?
Just because it’s a male and a female in a relationship doesn’t automatically make it a non-LGBT ship. And even if it was (non-LGBT I mean) it was done so beautifully I could literally not give 2 fucks. I just love love y'know??

(Edit: I changed the term “heterosexual” to “non-LGBT” to clear up any confusion or misinterpretations of my original intent)

GUYS. I did it! I finished my wedding shawl!! 1,600 yards of yarn, 3,000 beads, and several months later, it is done!!!!!!! 😀😄

The pattern is the Evenstar Shawl on Ravelry for those who are curious.

Edit on 10/27/16:

I have received so many lovely comments on this shawl!  Thank you all so much! I also have gotten a lot of questions as well, so I figured I’d use this edit to address some of those:

  • I think (I’m not sure at all) this shawl took me about 4-5 months to make.
  • I used about 1200-1500 yds of Bare Gloss from KnitPicks
  • The original pattern called for a 3.25mm needle (I think?) but I sized up to 3.75mm because go big or go home.
  • There is 1 blue bead among the 3000 for my “something blue”. 
  • I wouldn’t consider this a difficult project; it was more of a really freaking long project.  The knitting from the center to the edge is pretty straightforward chart reading.  The edging with the beads took an excruciatingly long time, but that also wasn’t especially difficult.
  • I should also mention I’ve been knitting since I was around 6 years old. So sometimes “difficult” does not mean the same thing to me.
  • I didn’t really choose to make this shawl because of a tradition or anything.  I just thought it would be something cool to do.  I also didn’t want to wear a veil, but I still wanted something similar.  So wedding shawl. 
Six Sentence Sunday - My Favorite Mistake, Chapter 9

Banner by the astounding @akai-echo

I finally finished Chapter 8 of My Favorite Mistake - the fic I’m donating for A Candle for the Caribbean charity anthology (please consider contributing or donating). It was slow going, since I was also finalizing edits for two of my original short stories, one of which was accepted to a flash fiction blog, the other I am hoping will get into an anthology. I have about 4 other pieces floating in the ether. Maybe someone will like those too?

Anyway, here’s a little something from Chapter 9.  It’s looking like it will go to chapter 12, but that depends entirely on that ragamuffin muse of mine, who likes to wreak havoc on all my well-laid plans.

Remember, untitled, unbeta’d and subject to change.


“Brrr…” Katniss shivered. “Why is it always so cold here?”

Peeta opened his bleary eyes. “I keep it cold for the sake of the paintings” he said before sitting up, tugging the comforter down until they were both beneath its thick, billowy softness. Katniss shivered, taking the opportunity to press herself up against his side in search of heat. He tucked her even more closely to him, rubbing her arms and hips to warm her up.

“Better?” he asked as the vigorous movements of his hands on her skin pushed the chill away. Katniss felt positively pampered and purred in response.

“I guess that’s my answer,” he chuckled, curling himself around her until she felt snug again. It was strange to let someone just sprawl over like he was doing, one leg hooked over hers, one large arm laying across her stomach, his head against her own. She almost thought of getting up and leaving but it felt too good to be where she was. So she went with it, allowing him to clasp her hip to him and pin her in place, after which he fell to sleep.

As exhaustion overtook her, a part of her told her she should leave - her sister might worry, though a text would solve that. And there was Haymitch, who might need her in the bar, even though it was her day off. She wracked her brain for reasons why she should get up and go and even persuaded her body to move when she was sure he was asleep.

But as she made to slide her leg out from beneath his and braced herself for the chill of the apartment, his arm tightened. He opened his eyes and she fell into the deepest blue she’d ever seen. He tugged her back to him and she obeyed, in utter and perfect relief. She really didn’t ever want to leave, which made her want to jump up in turn and race from the building.

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Hiiiiiiiii! This is my face *points* I’m Beth. I’m a HUGE nerd and Kingsman fan and Taron Egerton fangirl. :)

I’m also a fanfic writer and can be found on AO3 with the same username. Actually trekkiepirate is me EVERYWHERE. Call me Beth or Trekkie, I respond to both. :) I ship mostly Hartwin and Merhartwin and Hartwinrox and Royal Hartwin (w/Tilde). Basically if I can still have Harry and Eggsy together, I do not care who else is in there with them. Other big ships include Merlin/Ginger (I am first mate on this ship in which Elle is the cap’n), Merlin/Roxy, Roxy/Gazelle, Roxy/Amelia, Roxy/Tilde, Percival/Lancelot, Percival/Michelle (It’s coming in some of my future fics, PREPARE YOURSELVES), Everyone/Everyone, basically. I pretty much ship ALL OF KINGSMAN/HAPPINESS so it’s like a big poly orgy, everyone gets sex, love, and/or cuddles. I gladly accept fic prompts and love making new fandom friends so send a message or an ask if you’d like. :) I ALSO DO FIC COMMISSIONS ASK @elletromil! :)

What else, what else? I’m an actress living in LA (no, you haven’t seen me in anything special yet). I’m originally from Central Florida (grew up in Tampa, but consider St. Augustine my heart’s hometown) I love country music, am the biggest Anglophile and very active in the Supernatural fandom as well. *points to shirt*

EDIT: NOW WITH TAGGING MY KINGSMAN LOVES @krissielee (what this girl and I have gone through in our pursuit of Taron has bonded us FOR LIFE) @elletromil (my enabler, my commissioner, my favourite to scream headcanons with) @insanereddragon (the third part of Daddies Long Legs and the one who breaks my heart and puts it back together perfectly) @liprouvaire (have you seen the edits? go follow and see the edits. GORGEOUS WORK) The following are people whose work I love and who make me happy every time i see them on my dash and in the Hartwin tag: @faedreamer @notbrogues @anarchycox @annaofaza @phaeleah @missbeckywrites @kingsmanhartwin @kingsmancosplay @mannersmademan @coloursflyaway

vanillatumbleweedscoffee  asked:

"You managed to get a paper print version of the book!" Julian exclaimed happily, as he gave Jadzia a bone-crushing hug, knowing fully well that he was at the receiving end of a raised eyebrow and a knowing smile. (Garashir) ^^/ Hope your Friday will become better! <3 *hugs*

*shows up four days late with a ficlet* (*also changes tense to present as is my wont*)

“I can’t thank you enough, Jadzia, really,” Julian says, pulling back from her so he can inspect his prize. The book is in decent enough shape considering its age; it’s far from a first edition, but it does have the original cover image, red hearts and gold text on a grey background. Julian runs his thumb along the spine, a soppy grin splitting his face.  “He’s going to love it, I just know it.”

Jadzia winks at him, a merry twinkle in her eye, and leans in conspiratorially to say, “I’m sure Garak will show his gratitude in all the right ways.”


A few friends suggested I should have a go at FireAlpaca, a free drawing program, and a friend showed me a few cool techniques that I wanted to try. I’ve also seen some cool speedpaints and wanted to have a go at one, forgetting that I draw like a moron and trying to do so with the knowledge that other people will be watching did not help matters

This wasn’t really a very good or fancy piece of art- I got really thrown off because it feels weird to record yourself drawing and I was Not Prepared- so I consider it less of a speedpaint and more of an artistic journey

Hopefully I did Good Guy justice but I feel like I might need to reattempt this doodle sometime. Also I did this fairly late at night so I apologise in advance for any nonsensical jokes

Programs used: FireAlpaca for the drawing, OBS Studio for the recording, VideoPad for the video editing (Windows Movie Maker is no longer offered by Microsoft, but VideoPad works really well so it all works out)

Songs used: Electrodoodle and Cipher - Electronic Light, both by Kevin MacLeod. Original choices were Here Comes A Special Boy by Freezepop and Let’s Hear It For The Boy by Deniece Williams, but I elected to use random royalty-free music from YouTube instead since I don’t know what the copyright rules are for music in speedpaints. Feel free to mute it and play those songs instead, or any music you like really. The world is your oyster

Time taken: About an hour to draw this impeccable piece of art

Paśupati Seal and the origins of Yoga

Stealite seal from Harappa Civilization dated between 2900 to 1900 BCE depicting a seated figure wearing a horned headdress and surrounded by animals - often interpreted as the earliest representations of the Hindu deity  Śiva in the form of Paśupati - Lord of Animals.

“Mention must be made, when considering the earliest origins of Yoga, to seals found in Indus Valley sites with representations of figures seated in a clear yogic posture. The most famous figure is seated with arms extended and resting on the knees in a classical meditative posture. This evidence suggests that, irrespective of its literary origins, Yoga has been practiced on the Indian subcontinent for well over four thousand years.”

Edwin F. Bryant, The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali: A New Edition, Translation, and Commentary

hello, hello ! i recently changed mascots so i thought it’d be worthwhile posting these gif icons, considering i won’t be using them again. i do not take requests for gif icons, so please be mindful of that. under the cut, you’ll be able to find 91 gif icons of camila cabello. full credit goes to the creators of the original gifs as i did not create them. with that being said, i did crop and edit them all with my own psd so please do like and/or reblog if you find this useful. thank you, angels !!

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Crash And Burn

Admittedly, this is my theme for In Any Universe part 3.

I’m still going to use it, don’t worry, but I just. Can’t. Resist. It’s such an interesting concept and topic for me and I’ve never done it before so it’s a new experience as well. This is a stand-alone fic, but can be considered as part of the universe in part 3 (which I’ll be writing soon) since I headcanon this to be in the same universe as that.

Hope you guys enjoy!

(Edit: Somewhere along the way it drew away from my original idea, although it’s your choice to decide if it would be canon in that universe once I post part 3)

I’ve spent a lifetime running
And I always get away
But with you I’m feeling something
That makes me want to stay 

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