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Of all the creatures in Swedish folklore, The Church Grim was doubtlessly the most complex and certainly the most feared.

Little is known of it, since it was considered bad luck to even speak about it. The Church Grim’s appearance varied which could possibly be attributed to the nature of the Church Grim’s origin.

When a church was built in medieval times, an animal was sometimesburied alive under the floors - most commonly goats since these were comparatively cheap. There have also been stories of criminals being burried alive as punishment. In other versions the criminals heart was cut out and placed inside an animal carcass that was sacrificed. The heart was the central in many of the myths surrounding The Grim. Stories from the south of Sweden told that if you could touch the Church Grim’s heart, you could stare into the eye of creation.

The Church Grim guarded the church against thieves and grave robbers, but because of it even honest folks avoided the church at night. Some stories say that if you were unlucky enough to be the last one to die during the year, you would serve The Church Grim the following year.

There are stories that suggest that The Church Grim was not a guardian at all, but rather a sort of parasite that was drawn to the energy of the church. While there it fed on people’d hopes, dreams, and fears. A recent and controversial theory suggests that the Church Grim was closely related to a nameless Bronze Age deity.

Text and screencaps are both from Year Walk, which is an indie game based on Swedish folklore (x)

It’s hard to leave when you haven’t said goodbye.

Then tell me, because I don’t know - how do I say it?

There’s only one way I’d accept. If you ever loved me, say it like you’re going to come back.

i’ve taken it upon myself to compile a list consisting of stores that have, in my opinion, masterfully balanced affordability with trendiness. bear in mind that some stores may be slightly out of your price range or may not align with your personal style choices. i’ve tried my best trying to come up with a list that includes boho, grunge, contemporary, and more to be as inclusive as i can as well as find stores that are what i consider to be affordable (majority of prices under $40). i may have left out a couple of stores, so if anyone has any suggestions to add to this list, send me an ask and ill edit the original post! hope i can help all you broke divas! (sidenote: many stores listed have amazing deals on shipping) ((another sidenote: every * marks one of my personal favorite stores))


ACCESSORIES ** suggestions needed, haven’t done much looking into this


We’d never stopped to consider that ferns come in so many different colors until we looked at these exquisite illustrations by East Sussex-based artist and illustrator Helen Ahpornsiri. She uses tiny pieces of pressed fern fronds and stems to create intricate images of animals, insects, and skulls, some of which are barely larger than a penny. Some of the ferns used to create these images are grown by Helen herself. The rest are foraged from all over the UK. 

Ahpornsiri maintains an Etsy shop where she sells limited edition giclée prints of her pressed fern pieces, ink illustrations and sometimes original pieces as well.

To check out more of her lovely artwork visit Helen Ahpornsiri’s website or follow her Instagram feed.

[via Colossal]

Introduction & Act I, No. 1 Scene
  • Introduction & Act I, No. 1 Scene
  • Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra

Swan Lake, Op. 20 (1877), Introduction & Act I, No. 1 Scène.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake (Лебединое озеро) premiered at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow on March 4, 1877. This original performance was poorly received by both critics and audience members, who considered Tchaikovsky’s score too complicated to dance to, although other aspects of the production were criticized as well, including the staging and performances. In 1895, two years after the composer’s death, a revival premiered in St. Petersburg, edited by Riccardo Drigo and choreographed by Julius Reisinger. Most modern productions of Swan Lake are based in some part on the 1895 revival version.

“In The Light Of The Time Rotor” - Digital Oil Painting

I saw a lovely edit a while back with this shot of Nine in blues and purples instead of green and orange and I wanted to see if I could recreate that, give it a little spin. I took the original screencap and played with the colors until I found a combo I was happy with. I love how the painting turned out. The light blue highlights are my favorite part, they just grab the eye so well.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair.


good news!!! i’ve finally added more products to my online shop! these are things i made all the way back in march for sakuracon, but i’ve been so busy i haven’t had a chance to sell them online. and i just set up a brand new printer, so i’ll be able to sell anything i want without having to worry about driving to a print shop to get everything done!

there’s a bunch of new prints, including original limited edition screenprints, and some new stickers as well. i’m definitely going to focus on adding more products over the next few weeks and months, but consider this a reopening after months of inactivity.

check it out, and buy something!

I’m kinda floating this idea...

So you guys know I wrote this Little Mermaid gender-swapped YA novel, right? Well, if you didn’t - spoilers! I did. 

I’m considering posting it either here or on my website, for free. Maybe a chapter once a week? 

I’d need to edit and get it prepared and everything, but would there be any interest in reading some original fiction? Here’s the pitch if you’re interested:

Zuri - a rebellious African princess - should be dead, lying at the bottom of the Mediterranean with the rest of her ship, another victim of a raging storm. But she wakes on the beach with hardly a scratch. Miracle? More like: merman, once thought to be a legend. Pau, her savior, is natural explorer and a passionate artist. He has never fit in with his kind. Not too different from the myths Zuri knows, merfolk are brutish warmongers and think humans are dangerous. They’d forbid Pau’s friendship with Zuri.

Regardless, the couple meets in secret every day, communicating above and below water through sign language. Their affections grow with each rendezvous, and Pau aches to become human. His love for Zuri and the world above plagues his every thought. Desperate, Pau seeks help from a mershark experienced in the occult. He tells Pau he must extract his heart - a pearl - to have a single day on land, then the pearl must be given to his true love to make the transformation complete.

But a deep-sea demon seeks to consume the hope within the pearl. With his heart literally broken, Pau would turn into a flesh-hungry monster, damned for all eternity. Armed with a simple fishing knife and unrelenting tenacity, Zuri must protect the pearl, save Pau, and lift the curse. If she fails, her heart is next.

Q: You can pose well. For the previous (Grazia magazine) shoot, because it was a group shoot, we did not realize that. Are you more used to the camera now?

O: Ah, is that the case? The people who are (shooting) together are all very relaxed so I’m also very relaxed…. I am originally not really good at being photographed. To me, it is considered quite a difficult thing to do.

Q: So is video recording more comfortable than taking photos?

O: Ah, that is more difficult. It makes things worse (laughs).

Q: We received a question from a reader on instagram. The reader is curious as to whether there is really no photo editing application on your phone.

O: Yes, there isn’t. I don’t really take selcas well. How you are born looking like, just live life that way (laughs). Even if a slightly nicer edited photo is obtained, that photo may not have much significance.

trans cr: squishyjinki

We’re Open for Submissions!

Interlude Press is now open for submissions of full-length novels through the end of the month.

We are looking for new, well-written, original novels featuring diverse LGBTQ characters. Novels may also be LGBTQ Young Adult or Erotic Romance.

Some guidelines:

  • Manuscripts must be 50,000 to 80,000 words in length and previously unpublished in any form.
  • Manuscripts should be in a form you consider final and edited to the best of your ability. If it’s something you would consider a “draft,” it should not be submitted.
  • Please do not submit a manuscript that is also currently under submission to another publisher.  

There are also some things we are not looking for:

  • Non-Con
  • Graphic sexual content involving minors
  • Gay-for-Pay
  • Beastiality
  • Incest

Submissions should include the following:

  • A cover letter pasted into the body of your email containing the title, genre or genres, word count and orientation of your lead characters. It should also include a one paragraph summary (like on the back cover of a book) and your complete contact information, including name (not pen name), email, address and phone number.
  • A one-page synopsis of your story, including the ending, submitted as a .doc or docx file.
  • A short bio, including a list of any published works and links to your social media, along with a brief statement on how you would promote your book.
  • Your edited and completed manuscript. Drafts will not be accepted.
  • Please submit only one manuscript.
  • Email your submission to between June 1 and June 30, 2015.

You’ll receive an automated email confirming our receipt of your submission. Due to the large volume of submissions, we are unable to answer queries about the status of your submission.

The submission mailbox is now open and will close on June 30th. We will not accept submissions received  after that period. Submissions that do not follow instructions will be deleted unread.

And one last thing from the attorneys:

So you’re interested in submitting your novel to Interlude Press? Great! We would love to see it, but we want you to know that we hear a lot of pitches and see a lot of drafts, novels and stories. Your submission may contain elements of stories that are already in our files or publishing pipeline, that others have pitched to us, or that will be pitched or submitted to us in the future.

In submitting your manuscript, draft, outline or proposal, you agree that providing this content to us does not create in IP an obligation to publish your story, or avoid publishing anyone else’s story even if it has similar elements, characters, locations or themes.

I just recently reached 1.1k followers and it means the world to me, so in celebration I’m doing this tumblr awards. 


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Wonder Woman & Sassy Batman Print from Kevin Warren

Hey everybody!

I have had a good deal of people asking for prints of my Wonder Woman and Sassy Batman image.

Well, now you are in luck. I just opened a store and the first item for sale is said print. Each print is $10 plus shipping.

Print Info

  • Open Edition Print
  • Print Dimensions 8"x8"
  • Printed on high quality archival 110# paper
  • Professional color printing
  • Matte Finish

I intend on having more items for sale in the near future, including more prints and original art. If there are any other images on my blog that you would consider purchasing as prints feel free to contact me and let me know.


What’s the deal with Protozoa? I’ve heard them referred to as animals, but also as their own separate phylum, and some of them have chloroplasts…what are they exactly?

Asked by anonymous


Protozoa are a sort of grab bag of organisms! They include both unicellular and multicellular eukaryotes.

Some are referred to as “plant-like”, meaning that they have chloroplasts and use photosynthesis, while others are “animal-like”, meaning they consume other organisms for energy. Many are considered parasites and are pathogenic; for example, Plasmodium causes malaria. Others hang out and do their own thing in pond water.

Originally, protists were given their own kingdom. However, based on molecular evidence, it was shown that protists are not monophyletic but paraphyletic–meaning, basically, that protists all share a common ancestor but do not include all the descendants of that common ancestor. Currently, the taxonomic status of protists is under reform, including phylogenetic definitions as well as biochemical definitions.

Answered by Simone A., Expert Leader

Edited by Mark S.

Opening Commission!!

So, as you guys (maybe) know, last night my tablet pen exploded and I found out it was extremely expensive to replace. I really can’t afford a new one on what little of a paycheck I make considering almost all of my paychecks go towards bills. I was originally opening commissions to help pay for some bills, but I am also opening it up now in order to get a new tablet pen so I can even do digital commissions! 

My school has a scanner I can use, so until I can afford a new pen, all current commissions will be traditional using Pen and Ink, as well as slight editing in photoshop 

Prices are:

Sketch- $5- It’’s pretty basic with a decent amout of detail included

Lineart: $10-Cleaned up with more nailed down detail

Lineart w/Basic shading-$15- (No picture, sorry, the computer in the lab didn’t save it and I had already moved on with the picture!)

Detailed shading-$20-$25-Price is based on the subject matter as well as how much detail you want in picture (This one also comes with slight editing in photoshop)

Backgrounds: Prices vary depending upon complexity

Extra characters: +$2/per Character 

I will draw pretty much anything: Excluding excessive or abusive violence, smut and hardcore NSFW (I just actually suck at this one) 

PLEASE NOTE: I understand these are traditional, but I currently don’t have the resources to make these prints. How commissions will work is you can email me at you are interested. Tell what you would like as well as any references for characters (such as OC’s or video game/movie/comic book characters) as well as references if you have a certain pose in mind. I will gladly keep you up today with the process of the pictures, such as sending you pictures of inprogress when requested and before you pay, I’ll send you a watermarked and lower-res version of the picture to OKAY it. I am only using PayPal, so all payments have to go through that please! 

If however you would like a print, I’m sure we can work something out, talk to me about it first though

Also, my work can not be used commercially, so please no reproducing it without talking to me first

Also talk to me if you are interested in a watercolored picture as well! 

I’m sorry if any of this sounds weird I’ve never done commissions before oh god


Over 25 artists, full of imagination, have joined forces to share this fun, fresh, and diverse collection of visual development!

What Is Design Unscripted?

Over 25 Visual Development artists have collaborated their imagination and talent in order to bring you a 100 page, hardcover edition of Design Unscripted!  This art-book will give you access into the creative process and contains original ideas for many never before seen character and prop designs as well as environments, vehicles, storyboards and color-scripts.  

Hey guys!! I am super honored to be a part of such a cool project, and it would mean a ton to me if you considered pledging. Also, see if you can find me in the video. ;)

All of this work is SERIOUSLY incredible and you would be missing out big time if you don’t jump on this opportunity. 



I consider Devdan as Eight’s unofficial, second Cêpan.

Without him, Eight probably wouldn’t have enhanced his shape-shifting legacy as well as he did.

✨Designercon 2016!✨ I am officially here in Pasadena CA for @designercon this weekend!! This is @missupacey and I’s first time selling at a convention and we’d love to have you stop by! Tickets are only $10, which is insane considering the amount of talent and vendors under one roof. We are here with @artschoolcollective selling our limited edition prints and tees as well as tons of prints, stickers, originals, book preorders, and more! It’s gonna be a blast guys😍 see you there!