considering their stances



Frequent expressions of anger 

Easy loss of control; emotionality 

Inflexibility; unwillingness to consider alternatives 

Domineering, demanding stance 

Withdrawal, avoidance of others 

Conviction that others dislike them 

Exaggerated, negative pronouncements with no data to back it up 

Hypersensitive to emotions (in self and others) 

Internal arguments with oneself 

Taking comments as personal criticisms 


Cynicism, distrust and disappointment 

General and global negativity; criticism of others 

A martyr attitude 

Depression, hopelessness 

Alternating active and passive aggression 

Loss of confidence and sense of competence in self and others 

Hypersensitive and overreacts to imagined slights 

Critical judgments of incompetence in self and others 

Precipitous action 

Combative, lawyer-like tone of voice 


Becoming upset (expressed or unexpressed) 

A profound sense of alienation and psychological distance from others 

Fear of permanently losing control of feelings and emotions 


A complaining, pouting tone 

Hypersensitivity to signs that they are ignored, disregarded or disliked 

Slowness, vagueness, distractibility 

Logic emphasized to an extreme 

Upset over other’s lack of attention to need for space 

Cutting and sarcastic judgments 

Forget things, misplace objects 

Disorganized and unproductive  


Negativity and pessimism 

An over controlling, rigid approach 

Insensitivity, coldness, short temper 

Withdrawal, depression 

Self-doubt, conviction of own incompetence 

Inefficiency, scatteredness 

Feeling unappreciated, taken for granted 

Pressure to conform to some view with which they disagree 

All or nothing judgments based on irrelevant data 

Search for absolute, ultimate truth 

Excessive criticism 


Reading negative implications between the lines 

Withdrawal, distancing from others 

Looking for meaning in trivial events or comments; seeming “slightly paranoid” 

Sense of incompetence at work and at home 

Distractibility, “spinning one’s wheels” 

Chronic anxiety and sense of impending doom 

Fantasizes of impending disasters and dire possibilities 

Grandiose, cosmic visions that are out of touch with reality 

Internal confusion 


Intense anger, agitation, irritability, fatigue 

Overdoing sensory activities — eating, cleaning, repairing, exercising 

Physical stress symptoms such as muscle tension 

Seeing external details as major obstacles that impede progress 

Obsessive attention to perceived sources of stress; difficulty refocusing attention 

Sleeplessness due to persistent reviewing of problems 

Scattered, disorganized and out of sorts 

Obsessive focus on data, facts and details 

Adversarial attitude towards the outer world 


Global negativity and pessimism 

Alternation between accommodating others’ requests and withdrawing or resisting 

Blaming, accusing others 

Decreased efficiency and productivity 

Sleepless nights; obsessive thinking about problems and catastrophes 

Shut down; do no work for extended periods, then become depressed 

Loss of ability to classify and organize facts and details 

Uncharacteristically spontaneous, thoughtless and impulsive 



Work harder, longer, less effectively 

Worry, chronic anxiety 

Withdraw, shut down, avoid people 

Generate possibilities with no data and no follow-through 

Extremes of both emotion and activity level 

Loss of enthusiasm and motivation 

Feelings of sadness and despair 

Tunnel vision 

Picky, upset about little things; irritable and cranky



On the subject of Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts, I just also have to say it makes zero sense for Cullen to support Gaspard?

Cullen is Fereldan. Gaspard’s #1 goal is to INVADE FERELDEN and bring Orlais back to its Glory Days™. Like that is is main reason for wanting to take the throne!

But no, the writers’ desire to have each advisor say something different outweighs logic. (And I mean, they could have just as easily had him say something like, “I don’t know, fuck politics” which would have fit his personality better anyway, considering that’s been his stance on it up to this point.)


OTP MEME: [2/3] funny scenes
> The Abominable Bride

“This is clearly man’s work. Where is he?”

Apparently white nationalists need a safe space from polite but critical theater kids who make Founding Fathers propaganda now. Little bit ironic considering the Trump camp’s stance on trigger warnings and the like lmao

After the interviewer leaves and they’re sitting around wasting time until the performance, Jongin looks over, licks his lips and says, “Hey.”

“Hmm?” Taemin’s eyes are still on the girl group performing onscreen but he tilts his head towards Jongin to show he’s listening. Slim fingers tap on his knees as he bobs to the catchy backbeat.

Do you like anyone in EXO?” Jongin finally asks. It was one of the questions in the interview that had been asked of Taemin and the one that Jongin had interrupted by obnoxiously exclaiming, “Me, of course!” They hadn’t gotten around to Taemin’s answer after that. Jongin has a bad habit of ruminating over past events no matter how seemingly insignificant, because he’s learned the hard way that being good-looking and popular doesn’t seem to stop him from saying stupid things on national television.

Taemin glances at him and chuckles. “Why,” he says, “You like anyone in EXO?”

Jongin balks and says, “I didn’t mean it like that!”

“How’d you mean it then?”

“I just,” Jongin struggles for the words. “I don’t know. You looked like you had something to say! You made kind of a face.”

“I made a face,” Taemin repeats with an incredulous smile. Jongin thinks it’s a good thing that Taemin is attractive becomes sometimes he can be the most condescending little shit you’ve ever met. 

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“oh my…” tobias stood frozen in his place, his anger suddenly replacing itself with confusion as the familiar face stood in front of him. he hadn’t seen anastasia in years and even then he didn’t want to considering his stance on how the two’s relationship ended. he was never one to stay mad at anyone but the vargas boy never found closure which is what made this harder than he’d thought. “i-i was just coming to t-tell you to um– keep it down please? i live next door and i can’t focus on my uh– my work with all of the noise.”

If I were President, I wouldn’t let Vladimir Putin get away with it.

Rand Paul, demonstrating how far an apple can fall from a tree.

Here’s his father’s take for comparison. 

Rand may very well be the best option on ballots come 2016 (probably by a lot, considering his purported stance on drones and the NSA and the TSA and “Obamacare” and the budget, relative to the other potential candidates at least), but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’d be a good option. Particularly not when he demonstrates an eagerness for foreign meddling, even if it is less blood-thirsty than his predecessors…

Bonnie Kristian (hipsterlibertarian) noted yesterday, in chastising certain libertarians who are displeased with Rand Paul, that we must be able to distinguish and prioritize some issues over others to best analyze candidates. She explained that some issues are more central and of higher importance than others, and as such should carry more weight in our analysis. 

My stance on voting in general notwithstanding, I can certainly agree with that. And I contend that war is a big issue.

Shulk definitely sets an interesting precedent as the first character who can alter their stats on the fly. Though we wouldn’t necessarily call him the series’ first “stance” fighter, since there have been characters who can alter their movesets in the past!

Though the feature is being removed this time around, transforming characters have been able to alter their movesets with the press of a button (well, Samus was a bit more complicated than that). One could consider Zelda Smash’s first stance character, though we agree that Smash uses the mechanic much differently than most games.

Shulk has a lot of interestinig traits to offer, and is just one more example of how unique Smash 4’s newcomers are going to be.

the only comprehensive way this is achievable is a greens government, which won’t happen. ever

liberal stand for none of these.
labor likes their NBN and energy and it’s questionable about the gay marriage stance  considering their years of gyrating

both parties treat indigenous people and refugees with contempt

i know this is gonna sound harsh and unusual considering my usual stance on being passionate abt hobbies but some people need to just. stop. and step away from their fandoms. if you devalue a real live human being or the trauma theyve been thru based on how they feel towards the charas you love or hate, stop and step away. your fictional characters are not more important than the real people youre hellbent on hurting to make yourself feel better.

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jesus loves you with his whole life daryl, i hope you know that. he loves you so much. he wants kids but knows you dont and isnt saying anything because he loves you. and hes okay to let go of that because he knows loving you is enough. i know you dont want kids, but deep down inside if there is a part of you that does but is just afraid--of the risk, of how good of a father youll be--please consider changing your stance & taking that risk. because i know you love paul too. and hes worth it.

D: …don’t wanna hurt ‘im or the kid, y’know? M’scared I’ll be like ‘im…

y’all. we saw Fantastic Beasts yesterday and having come to look at the internet after the fact I am considering just deleting my previous stance on The Discourse - you know, the one where I was like ‘I don’t care what you do so long as you tag it appropriately and why are you being such a dick to people trying to protect themselves, maybe stop doing that’

I’m probably going to end up going full hardcore GET OFF THE INTERNET AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE over this movie and I’m already exhausted just contemplating it

god, save me from people who won’t think about things. grant me the fucking ability to write a magical post that travels like lightning around the internet and somehow explains to people that having all of a horrible criminal’s attention focused on you isn’t a form of love to chase or want or romanticise or otherwise glorify to yourself. AIM HIGHER. WANT BETTER THINGS, INTERNET. GOD. THEY’RE REALLY BAD PEOPLE!!!! WANT BETTER THINGS!!!!!