considering their stances

Apparently white nationalists need a safe space from polite but critical theater kids who make Founding Fathers propaganda now. Little bit ironic considering the Trump camp’s stance on trigger warnings and the like lmao

Yo, if you really want to unfollow me because I advocate for punching people who see other races as lesser or not even human you go on ahead, but I stand by what I said. White supracy shouldn’t be considered a political stance. This is the last post I’ll make talking about this. Any asks sent to me about this will be deleted because I don’t want to let this drag on forever.

I actually really want to get Tar Vizsla’s story because I am pretty sure that he was the only Mandalorian to CHOOSE to be a Jedi.

Think about it:

The odds of there being only one Force-sensitive Mandalorian are slim to none.

Odds are that if the Jedi learned of a Force-sensitive Mandalorian and tried to recruit them, the parents said “No. We will teach them the ways of OUR clan.” They probably became formidable warriors, too.

Especially considering the history between the two, Mandalorian parents would LOATHE the idea of sending their children off to join the Jedi.

All of this means that either Tar’s parents respected him enough to break tradition and send him off, or he fought for his own destiny and made his own decision. And considering the Jedi Council’s stance on age, that decision would have had to be made at a very young age.

So I don’t care how much of a terrible OC he is, I want his story.

the only comprehensive way this is achievable is a greens government, which won’t happen. ever

liberal stand for none of these.
labor likes their NBN and energy and it’s questionable about the gay marriage stance  considering their years of gyrating

both parties treat indigenous people and refugees with contempt