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You should write the balcony sex!!

“Magnus, what if someone sees?” Alec was trying very hard to breathe, but that was proving to be difficult. “What if Jace–ahh!” his hand flew into Magnus’ hair stopping him from moving anymore. Alec’s legs were shaking violently, as he tried to keep his head on straight. 

Although, considering their stance right now, that was proving to be very difficult. 

Magnus was on his knees while Alec leaned against the railing of the balcony, his free hand struggling to keep a steady hold on that while his other shook in Magnus’ hair. His pants were barely down, just enough to free his erection that  Magnus had so expertly taken into his mouth. 

“Let them see,” Magnus looked up at Alec with his cat eyes, and Alec almost whimpered. “It’ll teach them a lesson, always walking in without knocking.”

“Jesus.” Alec breathed. 

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365 days of rory gilmore: day 60
└ 1.21 // 5.02


I would just like to have it said that I have been lowkey shipping this for some time.  I am a mostly someone who ships canon but since it is canon that these two are single (and HOT) I have paired them in my mind.  They make an interesting pair considering her stance on downworlders and his previous  status as a non downworlder. I feel Maryse could really learn and win us all over.

(She probably won’t, but LET ME DREAM FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS!)

Yo, if you really want to unfollow me because I advocate for punching people who see other races as lesser or not even human you go on ahead, but I stand by what I said. White supracy shouldn’t be considered a political stance. This is the last post I’ll make talking about this. Any asks sent to me about this will be deleted because I don’t want to let this drag on forever.

West Memphis Three

It’s official. I’m no longer on the fence. I truly 100% believe the West Memphis Three are guilty.

I’ve read the case archive. I’ve pored over hundreds of documents, files, pictures, and testimonies. I’ve watched four documentaries, I’ve watched dozens of interviews, I’ve read five books. And still it leads to one conclusion: Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley murdered those three boys. This isn’t an “opinion”; I assert as an indisputable fact that the West Memphis Three are guilty, and I reached this conclusion over two years of intense research. 

Am I a professional? No. Do I have degrees in criminology or forensics?  No. Do I have experience in law enforcement?  No. I freely admit I am not “qualified” to deem the WM3 guilty. No camera crew would ever contact me to give my testimony on camera. But that doesn’t change the fact a huge amount of evidence points to the guilt of the WM3. 

Over the next week or so I will write a series of posts that present evidence that the WM3 are guilty.  I’ve made such posts before, but these posts will include links to the case file and source details. They will be long and exhaustive, but I ask my followers to please read them in full, even if you think the WM3 are innocent. 90% of the case evidence has never seen the light of day on a public platform: I intend to make that information available to you so you can decide for yourself. Forget what the documentaries have told you - see the evidence for yourself.

to the anon that asked me to provide links to the case files : I will do so. I will provide evidence for my stance and justify my belief that the WM3 are guilty. Please be patient; the case file is huge and it will take me some time to collect the relevant information and write about it. I have over 500 pages of documents to search through, hence why I need a few days. But rest assured I WILL do this.

if you have any questions or you want to put in your two cents, PLEASE message me! I will consider all stances and opinions. If you believe the Wset Memphis Three Are innocent, you are welcome to approach me wit any evidence that supports your stance. I will make a genuine attempt to listen and be impartial. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this 💕

These days “It is good to have own opinion” completely detached from its original meaning and became an anti-intellectual phrase.

In the past, having own opinion meant logically deriving conclusions through personal or other people’s observations despite what the society says about the truth. It meant breaking away from doxa, making an argued stance on a topic and not believing in something for the sake of believing in it.

Nowadays, it means that no one should be able to attack your opinion, because, after all, “it is good to have own opinion”, regardless of whether it is logically properly derived, if it takes as many premises as possible into the account and, well, if it has any arguments behind it at all. It has become a sentence people use in order not to change own attitude regardless of clearly losing an argument. Opinions started being valued for the sake of existing, not for the sake of breaking away from attitudes that lack proper argumentation behind them.

Phrases “free speech” and “everyone’s opinion should be considered” have also become anti-intellectual.

People abuse their “right to free speech” in order to express stances that aren’t argued and then additionally protect them with “having own opinion being good”. Right to free speech wasn’t made so that you could simply say whatever you want for the sake of it, that was not the idea behind it (although it did enable you to do it). The initial idea was that a person could share an argued stance on a topic without a fear of being persecuted. Free speech did not mean that no one can attack your stance.

Considering everyone’s opinion also wasn’t meant for considering opinions that exist for the sake of existing. It was meant to allow people to share argued stances and not be dismissed just because someone else doesn’t like their opinion regardless of how well-argued it is. Nowadays, people dismiss other people’s arguments just because they don’t want to change their own opinion, yet they expect their own opinion to be considered by everyone else.

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When you say you ship Cockles, does that mean you believe they are actually in a relationship together with their wives blessing? Or do you wish that they are and you're just hoping for the best? Just curious, personally I believe they are together. We've just seen so much convincing evidence throughout the years to believe otherwise.

So, I can’t say that I am 100% sure that they’re together romantically … it seems like they are; and considering Misha’s and Vicki’s stance on polyamory and how Danneel has said she feels like people can be open in committed relationships, then I don’t think the wives would object if their husbands were involved.

So basically, with how those two act, I would not be surprised if they are in a relationship; but if I died, went and faced God directly, and was told that: no, they were only weirdly close friends, then I would not be disappointed, because their friendship is beautiful and I am just so happy that they have each other.

Release - Alfie Solomons One Shot (requested)

ok i’m here to request a nsfw prompt for alfie and alyona ;) it’s not detailed so you can go anyway you like with this but could you write a smutty one shot about them doing the dirty deed in alfie’s office😉😉thank youuuuu and there’ll me more coming ur way :)   


Alfie jumped startled from where he sat behind his desk, feet raised upon the scattered papers, when the door to his office flew open, hitting the glass wall behind.

“What the hell is this?!”

Alyona stood small and angry in the door frame, a piece of paper held tight in her fist.   Which was raised and shaking at him, making the paper flop like a limp sail.   Eyes narrowed, he considered her confrontational stance; eyes roaming the length of her body.  He could see it held rigid even from across the room.   Keen gaze lingered on the slender legs, curve of her hips and finally the heaving swell of her bosom, as she waited his reply.


His eyes finally lifted to meet her own; fingers distractedly working his beard. Fuck but she’d been in a mood all day it seemed.   He had been hoping that keeping her busy would help work off her temper.   Clearly he’d been wrong.

“Hello love.  Rough day?”  He rubbed the whiskers around his full mouth; ghost of a smile hiding behind.

“Don’t you patronize me right now Alfie, I’m not in the mood.”

“Well, it’s some kind of mood, innit?”   He ignored the glare that cast daggers at his head, tipped his hat – he knew it made her weak in the knees.  “Let me see that… since I can’t fuckin read from a mile away.”

His hand reached out for the paper, as she stormed closer, heels pounding so hard there were probably little dents of anger in his floor.  Alfie took the paper, raised his half glasses and quickly scanned the contents.   His brow knitted in confusion.   Just a regular work order; he didn’t see any cause for her anger.

“Well it’s a regular work order love, nothing to get all worked up over.”  His brow furrowed as he looked at her standing in front of his desk, arms folded across her chest and foot tapping the floor.  He tossed the paper back on his desk.  Hell but he wasn’t exactly in the mood to be dealing with feminine temper he didn’t have a hope in hell of understanding either.

Her voice pitched high within the space, “It’s not a regular work order Alfie dammit.  It’s changed the whole routine for the day… work I already did is now pointless, AND I have to go back and redo other work to now fit THIS.”  She picked up the paper and then tossed it back at him.   His brow furrowed deeper.

“I’m sorry Alyona, I am really, but it’s not like I could prevent it.  And just get Gil to help ya… that’s why I fucking hired the lad.  To work.”   His feet lowered from the desk and he leaned forward a tone of impatience coating his words, “Ya know work… that thing I pay ya, to do.”

Her jaw dropped, “Ohh, that’s what I’m here for am I?  To do your bidding?”

Once again Alfie, normally very astute regarding the flow of conversation, was at a loss as to the direction of her thoughts.   He leaned back, spread his arms wide and with dumbfounded look, “What?  The. Hell?”

Her mouth opened and closed, words half uttered but losing their force as she struggled to give voice to whatever emotions swirled inside her.   Watching her pass from anger, to confusion, to finally a frustrated sigh, Alfie suddenly leaned forward once more.

“Alyona.”  He waited until her eyes raised to meet his own.  “Are ya picking a fight with me?”

He could tell by the colour that immediately rose in her cheeks that he had finally hit the truth. Rising from his desk, he slowly advanced around its edge, lean fingers trailing along the wood as he held her now unsure gaze.

“Now why would ya be doing something like that love?”  Folding his arms across his chest he stopped before her.  Felt the tension coiled inside her and a wicked smile carved his features.  “A man such as myself…known of short temper.  Likely to take matters into my own hands… hard.  Fast.”

Her chest rose and he heard the hitch of her breath.  Jaw slackened, her pretty, little pout of a mouth once more trying to utter words stuck in her throat.   But her eyes… they held his own and a fire burned within those swirling depths.  The challenge she silently issued.  His hands raised to grab either side of her head, his voiced rasped against the skin of her cheek.

“Get on the floor.”

One tiny part of her mind knew she should have resisted him.  Pretended to fight harder.  But her knees submitted and slid to the floor, before her will registered even a tiny slip of a feigned defense.   His fingers tangled in her long hair, while the other hand unfastened his trousers where she could see the bulge of his erection straining against the fabric.   He freed his swollen cock, its head already glistening a drop of his own now raging need.   His hand ran over its length with a few slow pumps and her lips inadvertently parted as the desire swept through her.   Eyes still holding his own, eyelids fluttering, she reached up and took him in her soft hands.   Alfie’s arms dropped to his sides and he leaned back against the desk for support.

Bending her head, she took his long length into her mouth.  Alfie watching every inch of himself slowly enveloped by her warm mouth, his breath held, fists clenched at his sides.   The urge to grab her head and guide her motions a battle waged and nearly lost, as her mouth and tongue stroked and sucked a fire into his gut. He sensed this was not about his need, but something within her; a need she couldn’t name but judging from how she hummed and moaned upon his throbbing cock, was desperate to fulfill.   She swirled her tongue about the tip, around the sensitive underside and his head tipped back and almost gave in to the intense pleasure.

“Fuck … God Alyona….easy…”  His hands finally twisted in her hair, but in attempt to tug her off before he erupted.  Instead she swallowed his entire length and as he hit the back of her throat his knees damn near buckled beneath him.  With some force he squeezed her head and she finally released him with a loud, sucking pop.   Fuck no one ever worked him better.   “Hell love… I said easy…”

There was victory and wickedness in her gaze, and it sent another jolt of heat straight to his already flaming desire.   With one strong hand he raised her, while the other dove straight up her skirts and pushed her panties aside.   Already dripping with need and he groaned in his chest, pushing her up against the desk.   If he was in charge, and he didn’t fool himself that he was, he would have turned her pert backside up and pounded the climax right out of her.   But he could see that her eyes still had a challenge, the embers still brightly burning, as she settled upon the desk and kicked her panties off.   They hit his chest and she smirked, catching her full bottom lip in her teeth.  He grabbed her hips, bringing her to the edge and drove himself in with no hint of gentleness.  If it was a hard fucking she wanted, she was damn well going to get it.    Only too happy to oblige this unexpected wanton need, he thrust wildly into her soft flesh.  

Heart pounding as the desk shook, and papers fell to the floor; the one lamp balanced dangerously close to the edge, and still he could see the lingering clasp she maintained on her will.   Keeping this pace, he was desperate for release, but he’d be damned if he let that happen.   Death first before this little minx got the better of him.  Fuck he loved her with a madness he’d never known.   Loved that she craved him like this.   Suddenly he pulled out slowly, held her gaze for a moment before gliding back in her wet and warm walls with an exquisite slowness.   Saw the surrender of will as it left her gaze and her face softened.   Slow and gentle he fucked all the tension and heat right out of her skin; every nerve opened to him.   When her eyes rolled back and her head tipped to his ceiling, he smirked in satisfaction, but it was when the begging begin he truly knew she was his.

“God.. Alfie, fuck please… please.”  

Her hips strained up against him and he swore his prick was now stroking bone.   Her arms reached back and gripped the far edge of the desk and her back arched up, raising her hips even further so that he was pulled even deeper.  All the air left his lungs and the blood rushed to his head when he felt her clench and clamp around his pulsing shaft.   Legs locked about his waist, trembling and shaking as her climax tore through her entire body.  Her teeth biting down so hard to halt her moans, he saw she’d drawn blood.   Eyes glued to her, he managed a few more fast and deep thrusts before he exploded inside her with a guttural shout; his own body shaking in long drawn out convulsions that rocked him to his core.  He didn’t even know how he was still standing.  His legs had gone numb, and he’d pay for this tomorrow.   He would have no regrets of course.  Keen eyes scanned the still heavily breathing body laid out beneath him.  Her eyes were closed and one hand lay across her forehead.   Lightly he stroked the soft curve of her hip while his own breathing calmed.   Finally her eyes opened and she sought his gaze, a hesitant smile etched her lovely, flushed face.  Raising on her elbows, she loosed a heavy sigh.  His brow raised as he stared back.

“Feel better, yeah?”

She could only nod feebly, a measure of uncertainty in her eyes.  He reached for her hands and pulled her against his chest, stroked her long hair, while she collapsed against him fully spent.

“Has been a day, has it love?”

Felt the nodding of her head, before it turned and lightly pressed a kiss against his bristled neck. He chuckled softly as he kissed her temple.

“Yeah, well glad I could be here for ya.”   His strong hands ran down the length of her back.  “I mean, officially ya know I’m a bit offended to be used so… but listen sweetie…”

She swatted him lightly and met his eyes; saw the teasing glint within though he tried to hold onto the feigned offense.  “No yer not, and yer a shitty liar Alfie Solomons.”   She kissed him softly.

He pulled her in for a lengthier kiss, and then drawing back chuckled lightly.  “It’s not lying love… it’s negotiating.  And I think ya must know, I’m the best at resolving…” he cast a wink at her, “tense situations, right?”

At least she had the decency to blush, and he loved her even more for it.   She licked her lips as though ready to devour him again.  Alfie fastened his trousers, and then pulled her legs back around his waist and walked them over the couch.  Sinking down into the cushions, he cradled her close.  

“So, how do you think ya will feel tomorrow… because ya know I got a busy schedule and ya can’t just come barging in demanding sex sweetie.”

Her chest shook against his own as she laughed, squeezing him closer.


“Yeah Alfie.”

He shifted slightly and groaned softly.  “Fuckin hell… I think I pulled my back love.”

This time she laughed out loud.

“Yeah sweetie… well, it’s been a day, hasn’t it.”

  ~ The End ~     

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Can you explain what's happening in the French elections?

I can make an attempt, yeah! French people are free to correct me in case I got something wrong here, seeing as I am German and not French myself.

France has a presidential system, and elections have two rounds; in the first round, all candidates for the presidency may be voted for.
After this round, the votes are counted out and the two candidates that got the most votes during this round get admitted to round two.

In this round, you have to choose between those two politicians.

This year, those politicians are Emmanuel Macron and Marine le Pen.

Macron is 39, used to be a banker and has never held a political office iirc, and is… just all-around a pretty capitalist guy from how I understood it. What really is to say about that. The article I read last night about his policies described him as being liberal in both economics and social matters.

Le Pen on the other hand is the leader of the far-right party Front National. Which. Honestly should already tell you a lot. But to elaborate a little: she wants the Franc back, her immigration policies boil down to “we’re not taking anyone in anymore” and she is anti-EU. Hell, she is a great supporter of Trump. She has recently gotten under fire for denying France’s role in the Holocaust, which isn’t too surprising, considering her nationalistic stance and the fact that her father is a well-known Holocaust denier.

There’s many concerns about Macron due to his inexperience, proximity to banks, and his young age. And hey, he’s not really the type of guy you expect change from, which is what a lot of people desire. There’s also disappointed Mélenchon voters who now refuse to vote Macron because their left candidate lost, and Macron still represents centrist political stances. God knows I’m not a fan of the guy either.
But honestly? I still think a fucking fascist is worse :)))))))))))

It’s funny watching ppl be mad about the Kendall “slut shaming” comment when James really had Vladimir Putin play sign of the times on the piano which is like highly disrespectful considering Russia’s stance on gay rights and the LGBT community (i.e. how fucking horrible it is) and harry did actually say something about that (“put off”) but of course ppl r latching onto something that doesn’t even warrant this amount of posts

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream pt. 32

Summary: You’re in charge of giving the newcomers jobs and watching over them.

Note: Sorry it’s taken so long to get this part out!


“It was good for her though, to submit to things that weren’t for her pleasure, but his.”

- Annabel Joseph


You turned back to Brian and he gave you a look as if he didn’t quite understand what was going on.

“So, what’s all this about?” He said looking over his shoulder to David, who was filling up a bucket with some water.

“Negan put me in charge of these three newcomers.”

He blinked, “That’s new. It’s never happened before, but then again, I’ve never seen a wife kill one of the others either.”

You shrugged, “I guess things are changing.”

“For the better.”

“Let’s hope.” You smirked, “Look, just watch David, make sure he does his job. If he doesn’t, then handle it the way you need to.”

He gave you an understanding nod as you turned to head out the door with the other two.
There were a few workers already in the garden, but they could always use more help.

“Well, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you two how to gather food. So, just do it.” You said as you watched over everyone else.

Being in control was weird, and you couldn’t deny that.
You were used to doing your own thing, and having a responsibility over others made you nervous.
What were you to do if something went wrong?
If someone got completely out of line, you’d have to kill them and that was no big deal, it really wasnt.
But you wondered what the fuck you were gonna do if there happened to be a full scale riot or some shit like that.
You wondered why Negan had just thrown you into the deep end and let you go head first into all of this.
You didn’t pretend to not be curious, but at the same time, it was Negan, so you had learned not to ask too many questions.

“What’s the purpose of points?” Ben asked cautiously as he looked over to you.

You rolled you eyes and huffed, “Did you not listen to a thing I told you earlier?”

“No.. I mean, no ma'am, I listened.. It’s just, with the world the way it is, why would it be made anymore difficult. There’s enough struggle.. without, y'know, working for supper.” He said as he swallowed hard, suddenly afraid of what he had just said.

Katherine gave an approving nod at his statement as she picked some tomatoes.

“Because, some order needs to be established again. Nothing is ever going to get any better if we continue to run around like animals.” You snapped at him.

“I understand.. But the guy with the bat.. That’s pretty animalistic, don’t you think?” He said back.

You had to give it to him, he knew he was crossing a line, but he spoke up anyway. You were almost taken aback by him and his boldness to speak so bluntly.
It reminded you of yourself, but at the same time, you weren’t gonna sit back and let them say whatever they wanted.

“Well.” You gave a dark smile, “Some animalistic instincts need to be brought out to keep the order. There is order being established around here, but there are also rules, and if that rule breaking is met with some not-so-nice actions, that’s your own fucking fault. That’s why it’s best if you stick to the rules and do your goddamn job. And that ‘guy with the bat’ is Negan, he’s my leader and your leader. So, unless you want that bat through your skull, you should probably shut up and do your job.” You said bluntly, looking over the both of them.

Ben gave you a nod and turned back to what he was doing without another word. In time, he would come to learn that you weren’t a person to try and cross, and most of all, not to fucking cross Negan.
Katherine put her hand on his shoulder and gave him a sympathetic look.
He returned it with a weak smile.
You smirked and looked at the both of them curiously.

“So, are you two a thing or something?” You said with interest as you studied them both.

They turned around again, exchanging glances with eachother before giving a nod.

“We’re married.” Katherine said, attitude rising in her tone again.

You chewed your lip a bit in frustration with her attitude, but you were overwhelmed with happiness.
You were genuinely happy they were together, that meant she was a woman who wouldn’t be added to Negan’s harem of women.
She still annoyed the fuck out of you, but you gained just the smallest amount of tolerance for her now that you didn’t see her as much of a nuisance to your relationship.
But it didn’t go without saying that you’d still shoot her if she got on your nerves enough.

“That’s cute.” You smirked smugly, shifting your weight on your foot.

Once they were done gathering what they needed, you made your way to the kitchen to return the vegetables to Brian.
Once there, you put Ben and Katherine in charge of helping Brian more.
He was the one of the only cooks for the whole place, and with the amount of people there were around here, he really needed the help.
They all disappeared into the back of the kitchen to start preparations for dinner.
You stood there watching over David who was still in the process of mopping the cafeteria floor.
You walked over to him, and sat on top of a nearby table as he continued.

He turned to you and looked nervous, “Did I do something wrong?”

You held back a laugh and shook your head, “No, you’re fine. Jesus, are you really that scared of me?”

It was honestly very funny to you, no one had ever been afraid of you as he seemed to be, whether or not he was playing it up to get on your good side, you had to admit that it felt good.

He nodded, “Well, you did threaten to kill us.”

“As long as you don’t give me a reason to, then I won’t. We’re all reasonable people here.”

He continued mopping the floor and you held small talk for a while. He was more tolerable than the other two, and even a bit likeable if you said so yourself.

“Can I ask how long you been here, ma'am?” He asked, looking over his shoulder.

You ran a hand through your hair, not answering.
Not because it was a question you didn’t wanna answer, but you honestly had to think about it.

“Almost 2 months.” You said after a bit of though.

“That doesn’t seem too long.”

“No, it’s not.”

“So..” He trailed off.

“So what?” You shrugged your shoulders.

“I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but are you… I mean, are you really Negan’s wife?” He said raising an eyebrow.

You clenched your jaw, wanting to get mad at this, but knew that it would be stupid you did.

“If what you’re asking is if I’m his real wife, then no. Any girl that comes here that Negan likes he’ll ask them to be a wife, and being one has benefits. He asked your friend to be a wife.” You said in a sour tone.

He could see the displeased look on your face.

“Sorry. I was just asking, because it seems like he has a lot, so I was thinking if you’re his actual wife, then I was wondering what your stance on that was.”

“I’m considered his favorite, and my stance is none of your fucking business, David.” You growled in a low tone.

He nodded quickly, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. Just trying to make conversation. This isn’t the easiest situation to be in.”

“I know it’s not, but make it easier on yourself and not say things that could potentially get your head bashed in, huh?”

He shot you a nervous look, stopping what he was doing to see the serious look you were giving him, and he saw that you weren’t joking around or just giving him a hard time.
Life at the sanctuary, plus the countless things you’ve had to endure were hardening you.
You quickly dropped your gaze from him, you knew you were probably being too harsh on him at that time, but you couldnt help it.

“My apologies, ma'am.” He said slowly, sticking the mop back into the bucket.

He had finally got finished mopping the entire room, and you looked over it carefully, looking for any spots he would have missed.
Because you knew what Negan would say if the shit wasn’t perfect.
He’d be on your ass, more so than the new ones since you were the one in charge of them.
But everything looked fine and you turned back to him.

“How does it look?” He asked with a weak smirk.

You gave him a crooked smile, “It looks just fine. I guess you’ll get your points for the day.”

“Is this what I’m gonna be doing everyday?” He asked.

You shook your head, “Not necessarily, you’ll do whatever work is available.”

“How would I go about getting a gun?”

You shot him a hostile look, “What?”

“Like you, is what I mean. Your job seems better, how can I do something like that?”

“That’s something you’re nowhere near trustworthy to do. It’s something you have to earn the right to do. Best you can hope for is gathering supplies.” You said with your eyes narrowed.

“Well, I’ll do that then.”

“We’ll see.” You crossed your arms.

The door to the cafeteria as Dwight appeared from behind it, looking to you, “Hey (Y/N), how are the new ones doing?”

“They’re fine, Dwight. Can I help you.”

“Yeah. Negan is going on a run, he says they should learn to scavenge for him.”

“The other two are helping Brian in the kitchen, you know he needs the help. But this one-” You pointed to David, “is free.”

Dwight nodded, “Alright, let the boss know about the others. Bring him with you.” He said before exiting the room again.

You turned to David, “It looks like it’s your lucky day. Ready for a field trip?”

“Where to?” He asked, running a hand through his beard.

You rolled your eyes, “Wherever the fuck we can find shit at, now come on.” You said, walking out of the room, motioning him to follow.

The vehicles were gathered out front as they usually were when there was a run to be made.
You kept an eye on David as you walked over to them.
You spotted Arat standing near one and she waved you over to her.

“Out and about, I see.” You said happily to her.

She was beaming from ear to ear, happy to finally be out of the infirmary, with her gun back on her hip.

“Yeah, about damn time, too. I missed this.” She said in relief.

You nodded, “Tell me about it.”

She noticed the man standing near you, “Where are your other two tag alongs?”

You chuckled, “Kitchen duty. I’ve found them a job helping Brian.”

“Good. He needs it. I don’t like the girl.” She said, propping her arm against the truck.

“We’re on the same page then.”

You could hear Negan approaching from the slew of loud obscenities that were heard, he wasnt even angry, that was just Negan.
You and Arat turned towards the voice to see him walking out with Simon.

“Keep this shit in fuckin’ line.” You overheard him say to someone as he made his way closer to you.

You smiled as he walked in your direction, he had the usual sly smirk on his face, and Lucille perched on his leather shoulder, but dropped her to his side once he was in front of you.
He looked over to Arat and David and sucked his teeth.

“Do you two fuckin’ mind? I’d like a goddamn word with my wife.”

Arat nodded and made her way to the other side of the yard and David walked away nervously a couple of paces before he stood very still, not knowing where to go.

“Christ.” Negan said looking over to him, “Kind of a nervous motherfucker, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, he’s nervous that he’s gonna be killed.” You said, looking over to him.

Negan chuckled, “Well, I can’t fuckin’ blame him for that one, especially with you looking over him.”

“Right. Look who’s talking. I told him if he didn’t give me a reason, there’s no need to be nervous.” You said, looking up to Negan.

He licked his lips as he looked back down to you, “It’s the fuckin’ truth. I don’t like nervous motherfuckers though. They have a fuckin’ tendency to fuck up quickly.”

“Then you’re gonna be thrilled when you hear that he wants to have a job like mine.”

Negan shot a look over to him, then back to you with his eyes narrowed, “Fuck that shit. How the fuck do you know, darlin’?”

“He told me.” You said.

“And what the fuck did you tell him?” Negan began clenching his jaw.

“I let him know he’s not truthworthy for that.” You said quickly.

Negan’s expression finally softened, “Good fuckin’ answer, babydoll.”

“I was gonna tell him that anyway. I wouldn’t trust him with a gun right now, same as you.” You grimaced thinking about the amount of scars you had already collected since you’ve been here, with your luck, if David had a gun he’d probably shoot you first.

“How are the other two?” He asked, cocking his head.

“So far they’re compliant with me. But they could change at any time.”

“You seem to be doing fine so fuckin’ far. New arrivals are like problem dogs, they have to be fuckin’ trained, baby.” He said, giving you a smirk.

“I didn’t need to be trained.” You answered, biting your lip.

Negan gave a chuckle and closed his eyes to take in a breathe, “Darlin’, I’ve pretty much fuckin’ learned that I’ll never be able to tame you. I can punish you, but I fuckin’ know you’re unbreakable.”

“Does that bother you?”

“No. It just reassures me that you’re my fuckin’ favorite wife.”

You smiled and dropped your head for a moment before looking back up to him.

“Look, just keep him the fuck in line when we go out there.” Negan said with a nod towards David.

“I will, Negan.”

He gave you a wink and propped Lucille back onto his shoulder, before stepping over to the truck.
You gave a whistle to David to signal him back over to you.
After everyone was situated you got into the truck with Negan, making David sit in the back compatment, where the supplies would go.
Negan didn’t want him sitting up front with either of you.

“He’s fuckin’ scared of you.” Negan said, almost to himself.

You looked over to him, “I know he is.”

Negan cut his eyes to the side to look back at you, “Yeah, he is. But I’ve fuckin’ noticed he looks at you like he might have a fuckin’ crush, darlin’.”

You held yourself back from smirking.
The thought of David having a crush on you made you smile, because you could see the slight annoyance on Negan’s face at the thought of another man having a thing for you, and God forbid if he let the thought of another man having you crossed his mind.
You loved seeing Negan’s jealous side, especially when it was over you.
His protectiveness and feelings for you came out when he got jealous and you loved it.

You rolled your eyes a bit, “Christ Negan, he just got here. I doubt he wants to throw me down a fuck me already.”

Negan shot you a dangerous look.
He didn’t have to speak, you knew that look well.
It was his signature look that said, 'Watch what the fuck you’re saying to me.’

“Darlin’, stop rolling your goddamn eyes.” He said wrapping his fingers into your hair, pulling you towards him.

You sucked in a small breathe at the sudden annoying pain that always happens when he pulled your hair without warning.

“Alright, alright.” You whined back.

“Please, don’t fuckin’ forget that I still fuckin’ run things around here.” He growled softly.

“Yes, Negan.” You nodded back, biting your lip.

After a while of riding, you finally arrived into a small, desolate neighborhood.
It was the usual drill; get out and gather whatever useful supplies that you were able to find, put them in the trucks, and get the hell back to the sactuary.
You all exited your vehicles and spread out, going to different houses.
Negan watched you as you and David made your way into a small two story house.
You could see him, his grip tightened around Lucille, and his eyes narrowed into his usual angry, sexy stare that he always seemed to give you.
You and he were in an intense staring competition for a moment, until you reached the door of the house.

“Go ahead in.” You said to David, breaking your gaze from Negan’s.

“But I don’t have a weapon.” He turned his head quickly, giving you a look.

You took a breathe, “Well, you better hope there’s something in here you can use.”

David shook his head and walked in first without much more protest when he caught a glance of the gun in your holster.



Why is it that if you chose to, say, not include gay couples in a story, you can say you’re just “not being political”? Why is it that matters like that, like representation of actual EXISTING PEOPLE like gay people, POC, disabled people and much more is considered a political move? And denying that representation isn’t a political instance??? Why is it that this position is considered to be the standard one, thus not political? 

If you CHOSE not to include specific existing groups of people, that’s a political instance. If you think it isn’t, that is also a message. Pointing out existent social issues, or including people that exist and have been existing in our society for a really long time shouldn’t be seen as a political move. Insisting on racist, sexist, homophobic tropes shouldn’t be considered the standard, non-political stance. 

From a Nobody Fan (Again), but a Reminder to Fans and Non-Fans

While these are not rules, remember that KS (Killing Stalking) is a piece of controversial fiction. My intention is not to police the fandom, but rather make it so that we are all aware and can (at least try to) get along with each despite differences of opinions. I am also addressing the “antis” as well, but I don’t know if what I say will make them understand the thoughts of what goes through the mind of a person who likes to read Killing Stalking but condemns the actions of characters.

- you are allowed to like/dislike characters within the story but don’t be the fan that says “I LAHV SANGWOO (or any other character) HOW DO YOU NOT LAHV HIM U DISGUST MEH”. Everyone has their reasons for not liking a character. Don’t be that asshole. No character is superior or inferior when discussing with other fans. Unless it’s Makoto from School Days, because he is a real asshole that i hope everyone agrees to hate him because he’s a dick.

- you have the right to ship whatever you want, but remember, if it is something as prevalent and (even more so) controversial as “SangBum”, you shouldn’t use it as a reference for how a real relationship SHOULD be based on what the story is doing. Nor should it define what a community of LGBTQ/Gay/anything additional should be represented as. (I don’t see it on here that people use the ship as an ideal, but I understand how the “antis” would see it that way. “Anti” is a bit derogatory dontcha think? How do you guys of anti-killing stalking feel about being called “anti”? Feel free to comment below?) Ship to your hearts content but keep this in mind.

- while mental illness is another subject of controversy, remember that not everyone has the same exact symptoms as portrayed in the story. Nor should they always be dismissed. While Bum is the supposed “Poster Boy” for BPD because of KS (when it really shouldn’t be considered that way) remember that is isn’t done without flaw considering Koogi’s interview. We, as fans DO have the right to criticize the portrayal if it is considered too exaggerated or negative to a community, but we can’t immediately dismiss it because how else is an author to grow without some experience in writing something difficult. (“antis” should have a voice as well but consider that this is the author’s first story and an author needs to grow. If she does do another story, I would hope that more research is done if it is the case that the interview was honest)

- KS is not meant for everyone and how people enjoy it or how they allow themselves to be exposed to it or how they dislike it should not be met entirely with glares and daggers. If you’re 12 and reading it I would sure as hell wonder how the heck you got your hands on it. If you’re in it for the memes, then okay, cool (honestly, the memes are funny when taken out of context with the story). If you dislike it (“anti”), then you dislike it for the reasons you have. But please, be respectful and understand why they like/dislike. You can’t force a person to read it nor can you force a person to stop reading it. If a person is mentally ill or are gay, then their opinions towards KS shouldn’t be dismissed, whether they like it or not. But like I said, you can’t force a person to stop, especially if their reason for reading the story is different to your opinion. If a person is concerned with a portrayal of a group of people and their best friend is reading it, ask them if they understand that this is not how a community is portrayed. If they acknowledge it and know not to project those things on the community, then trust them on their word and observe their actions. They won’t let a story rule what is a correct representation.

- KS is a fictional piece of (graphic) literature. I can’t deny literature having some effect on the individual, positive or negative, but because this is a story for audiences ABOVE THE AGE OF 18, you should know better than to use something within literature as a basis for your actions if you KNOW that it sends a negative message. You are in charge of what you take in, BUT you must take responsibility for your actions. If you kill a person because you saw it in KS because it looked fun, then you decided to do that and it’s all on you since no one in the fandom would even consider following in Sangdip-shit’s footsteps. (Just because i called sangwoo that, it doesn’t mean i hate his entire character. He’s made this way)

- while Sangwoo IS an attractive character, remember that Sangwoo is not a good person and actually kills people and messes with their mind. Whether he be Bi or Straight, what he is doing is wrong and any slurs he does have to say is not acceptable to say at all in real life. He uses derogatory words that the “antis” do have concern about. However, remember that these are for the story and Sangwoo’s character IS this no-good killer who does use derogatory slurs and his attractiveness to manipulate people (i would consider him homophobic as well considering his reactions towards Bum and his language in regards to Gay people) Not every “attractive” person will have cookie-cutter clean language or actions.

- Remember that Bum DID stalk Sangwoo. As much as I want Bum to find some form of help in the end, he is by no means completely innocent. He is a flawed character, but just because he’s flawed, it doesn’t mean that he entirely deserves to be tortured by Sangwoo.

- Getting into an argument with an “anti” and saying negative things like they should “go____________” makes you as bad as the story they hate. However, “antis” who say that sort of thing to KS fans, especially “they’re disgusting” makes you just as bad as the story you hate because you have no clue who this person is in real life and what they deal with. If they were your real life best best friend, read KS, but know not to use it as a reference for real life things, would you tell them they’re disgusting or that you would punch them? Having a blown-out-of-proportion reaction like that would actually be sad.

- You can like a story like KS but condemn everything they do and not translate their actions to real life because you know how disgusting it is.

- KS may be categorized as “Horror”, but it is also categorized as “BL”. You cannot deny that there is a focus of both (the horror is more psychological here since is is scary when shit like hallucinations mess with you). For a lot of fans, the “BL” aspect is downright uncomfortable and its actions within it should not be used as an example to represent any sort of relationship considering that Sangwoo IS USING MENTAL MANIPULATION (AKA ABUSE) on a man with an (attached) illness that is stated by the author within the story. The sexual scenes in the story should not serve as a purpose to indulge in sexual delight considering the situation of everything.

- in regards to fan art and cosplay and projects in relation to KS, please tag properly! I’m personally not into the SangBum shipping thing (nor am I into the cosplay either but whatever floats your boat!) but I’m not against the creativity of the people. The fandom should be a safe-space for creativity and for people to engage in discussion with one-another. However, there are people who dislike KS who do follow certain blogs for art and would prefer tagging to work especially if the content is triggering. So please be respectful and tag responsibly! It would also be nice if “antis” would allow ks fans to follow their blogs if the content is what they like. It’s an entirely different matter if one individual pesters you about KS vs the whole fandom.

- You are not homophobic for liking KS UNLESS you act the exact way Sangwoo does towards gay people or how any other person would negatively treat a gay person.

- You can’t be considered ableist unless you treat people with an actual illness or condition of some sort with disdain or negative reaction.

- You are not a horrible person for liking/not liking KS. You can, however, be a horrible person if you think that projecting whatever the story does in action to a real person is okay. You can also be mean-spirited (horrible even) person for assuming every fan should be categorized equally considering the “anti” stance you have on KS .

KS is not, by definition and title and summary, a story with a good rep for pristine characters and cutesy BL setting that people approve of. Fans and the author are what make the story thrive in relevancy within the many blogs of this website and the world wide web. It is a story with disturbing images of gore and psychological + physical abuse, uncomfortable moments of sexualization (this story isn’t trying to be sexy but when it does, it’s just creepy), killing, and finally, stalking.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a good day! Stay safe and happy!

Set after that QuiObiAni thing I wrote. Someone on AO3 requested a fight with Ventress and I thought that might be cool. :D

“Look at you, Kenobi,” Ventress said, her voice a mere hiss. “You’ve become so weak.”

Obi-Wan coughed, carefully hiding the blood left on his hand, and gripped his saber tightly. “And yet you’ve not yet beaten me,” he said lightly. “I’d say you’re insulting yourself just as much me, Ventress.”

Ventress sneered, her lips quirking up in a humorless smile. “Perhaps I am only playing with you before I kill you.” Swinging her sabers so that they cross over each other in an arch, she dashed towards Obi-Wan. Skipping backwards, Obi-Wan dodged her first swing and caught her second with his saber, the blue and red lights crackling as they clashed with each other. Using his greater upper body strength, Obi-Wan pushed her back and and darted backwards to dodge her third swing.

Despite antagonizing her, Obi-Wan was very much at the end of his rope. Ventress had landed some powerful blows against him and Obi-Wan could feel blood oozing down his back, soaking into his tunics. This was suppose to be a relatively simple mission. That’s what I get for assuming anything, he thought wryly.

Ventress strolled forward, insultingly casual. “Today you die, Master Jedi,” she said, bringing her sabers up over her head. As she did so, Obi-Wan jerked his hand forward, using the Force to throw her backwards. She screamed, equal parts surprise and rage, before getting back to her feet. She ran for him and brought both of her sabers down; Obi-Wan brought his up and to meet hers and it became a battle of wills.

“Give up, it’s over!” she hissed. Obi-Wan went to one knee, the strength of her two lightsabers overpowering his one. He could see the triumph in her eyes and he could only hope that his death would be quick and then-

She was off him, dangling in the air, her lightsabers falling to the ground as she struggled against an invisible grip. Obi-Wan blinked and looked past her to two tall figures walking closer.

Qui-Gon had one hand up, his face carefully blank although even from that distance Obi-Wan could see pleasure in his eyes as he slowly choked Ventress out. Beside him, Anakin smiled sharply.

“Wh…what are you doing?” Ventress gasped out. “You’re betraying-”

“No one,” Qui-Gon said. “We’ve not pledged allegiance to anyone, Ventress.”

Anakin’s drew his saber and fire it up. The red glow reflected in his Sith eyes and his smile widened. “In fact, we’re here to send a little message to your master.”

Ventress kicked her legs out frantically, before swinging one hand out to Force push Obi-Wan, sending him crashing against an outcropping of rocks. This unexpected move had Qui-Gon weakened Qui-Gon’s will and Ventress escaped his Force grip, quickly recovering to hope backwards, quick as a grasshopper, her sabers up in a defensive stance.

“Consider your message received,” she said hoarsely.

“Not quite,” Qui-Gon said, smiling. It wasn’t friendly. “You’ll die for this, Ventress.”

“Not this day,” she said, stepping backwards. She reached behind her back and threw a smoke bomb at them. When it cleared, she was gone.

Obi-Wan got to his feet, leaning against the rocks heavily. He wasn’t sure if his situation got better or worse, but as Anakin rushed over to him, he drew his lightsaber. “Stay back,” he said lightly.

“I just want to make sure you’re okay,” Anakin said, brow furrowing as his concern was replaced with anger.

“I’m sure I’ll be right as rain once I get back to the healers,” Obi-Wan said.

“That’s too far away,” Anakin said. “When we’re right here.”

The way he said we made Obi-Wan turn his attention to Qui-Gon, who’d managed to come so much closer than Obi-Wan wanted. “Get back,” Obi-Wan said, voice trembling a bit. From blood loss, he told himself, just from blood loss. Qui-Gon stepped even closer, apparently unconcerned about the lightsaber gripped in Obi-Wan’s trembling hand.

“Be reasonable, Obi-Wan,” Qui-Gon said, smiling softly. “We only want to help you.”

“That’s not the only thing you want,” Obi-Wan said and for a moment Qui-Gon’s expression shifted and he became a hungry thing, his smile widening and eyes narrowing. But it was just for a moment and he reached out and gently grasped Obi-Wan’s wrist, carefully powering down the saber. When he made to take it from him, though, Obi-Wan jerked backwards and his vision swam.

“Don’t take it,” he said and it was both a demand and a plea.

Anakin was suddenly by his side, one hand creeping across his back. “He’s losing a lot of blood, Master,” and the concern in his voice was so sincere that Obi-Wan couldn’t stop from leaning against him. Anakin took his weight and then some, lifting him up as if he weren’t a grown man, as if they didn’t weigh nearly the same amount.

Obi-Wan’s grip on his lightsaber loosened and Qui-Gon gently took the weapon from him, tucking it into his robes. “I’ll keep it safe for you,” he said, brushing Obi-Wan’s hair off his forehead. There was satisfaction plain on his face, a satisfaction that Anakin’s expression shared.

“Please…” Obi-Wan said but he wasn’t sure what he wanted to say. The darkness of the unconscious was calling to him and though he fought it, he still slumped backwards, head tilting back as he hung limply in Anakin’s arms.

anonymous asked:

Ash x Fernando is one of my fav shipps. Out of their armors they probably get into pillow fights, eat a lot of stuff together, run around the park, sleep while hugging (Ash is the one who falls asleep in the middle of a movie), or something like that.

That’s adorable! I think Ash is actually softer than what she lets on, considering her stance as a war machine. But when they’re alone and not in armor? She’s probably quite the cuddler. Fernando’s the only one that knows though, and he’s probably sworn to secrecy.

I actually really want to get Tar Vizsla’s story because I am pretty sure that he was the only Mandalorian to CHOOSE to be a Jedi.

Think about it:

The odds of there being only one Force-sensitive Mandalorian are slim to none.

Odds are that if the Jedi learned of a Force-sensitive Mandalorian and tried to recruit them, the parents said “No. We will teach them the ways of OUR clan.” They probably became formidable warriors, too.

Especially considering the history between the two, Mandalorian parents would LOATHE the idea of sending their children off to join the Jedi.

All of this means that either Tar’s parents respected him enough to break tradition and send him off, or he fought for his own destiny and made his own decision. And considering the Jedi Council’s stance on age, that decision would have had to be made at a very young age.

So I don’t care how much of a terrible OC he is, I want his story.