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Imagine Hinata and Yamaguchi owning a coffee shop together and Tsukishima coming in every morning for a cup of coffee. Without fail Tsukishima and Hinata get in to an argument. One day, the new, young barista nervously asks Yamaguchi whether it’s okay for Hinata to be arguing with customers like that and Yamaguchi just laughs it off, gestures to where Tsukishima is pressing a kiss to Hinata’s pouting face, and says:

“I think it’s okay considering that’s his husband.”


he/him, even with the hijab picture

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Me and my friend were talking about baby clones and who minds them….like what if there was a nanny squad?

Just a group of clones who “volunteer” to mind the young babies. Everyone laughs at them until it’s their turn to face the hoard of screaming children they’re slightly disappointed to call brother. I mean, if you’re on the nanny squad it probably means you’re a crappy soldier but you also get one of the best jobs in the division.

All you got to do is bond with the children, and sure, it takes a lot of work getting them settled, but at least they get to see how all their brothers are progressing even if they are just newborns.

Magnus Bane though. 
Like, we all know as a Warlock and a Downworlder, he’s considered a lesser person by the Clave and by a great majority of Shadowhunters.
But, as an Asian man too, I’d guess he has suffered a great deal of racism and discrimination through the years, in many countries he lived in. I don’t know if he ever felt like he was home somewhere, like he belonged.
And then, as a bisexual person, he also faced bigotry and aversion, maybe he even had to hide who he truly was for some years?
I just…
He’s been mistreated back and forth for so long and still is today, yet he is so caring and thoughtful, so proud and strong, so alive. 
Magnus Bane is my hero.