considering that i don't even LIKE my face

anonymous asked:

bearded or babyfaced henry?

Bearded Henry all day, everyday… I mean it’s really not even a contest between the two. I have my moments of weakness when I miss that youthful, smooth face of yesteryear, but then I remember how much HE’S LEVELED UP since growing out the Great and Powerful Beard™ and I’m brought back to reality and sanity. Like if he ever shaved, I would legit consider deleting because I would be so hurt and betrayed. I would have to think long and hard about how I would continue on in a world where The Beard™ doesn’t exist anymore. I just… it’d be too much for me to handle. SO LONG LIVE THE BEARD FOREVER AND ALWAYS IT’S A WORLD TREASURE AND SHOULD BE REGARDED AS SUCH. AMEN AND AMEN.