considering drastic action

So I log into tumblr and today there seems to be a plethora of misinformation about the Catholic faith and homosexuality. Here’s what I have to say:

  • “Unwanted same-sex attractions”… Honestly, I do not understand why the idea that you can change your sexual orientation with enough prayer and Confession-going is still so prevalent among Catholics.
  • I feel sorry for anyone who feels that they have “unwanted” feels because it is a terrible struggle to feel at odds with yourself. Sure, we have a lot of unwanted feelings and temptations, but having a near to complete attraction to people of the same sex is not something which we should feel at odds with, since it is a very normal and natural variation among humans.
  • To say that “same-sex feelings” can be"cured" is to make the assumption that the nature of having these attractions is a disorder, when in fact the Catechism merely states that the inclination is intrinsically disordered, but not the act of having them.
  • This model of thought is extremely damaging to people who, like myself, have struggled and continue to struggle with living as a Catholic while being gay. In one place we want to live in a holy and chaste way, but another side is injured by the blows of Catholics who have little to no understanding whatsoever of the nature of same-sex attractions, nor what it is like to be gay.
  • I say “gay” and not “same-sex attracted” because the word “gay” describes my day-to-day experience of life which also encompasses my attractions, while “same-sex attracted” is a mere reference to my sexual attractions. My homosexual orientation affects the way I speak, my mannerisms, the way I think, and the way I act around others- around men and women, and the same goes for heterosexuality. These things are involuntary effects of my sexual orientation and not merely my sexual attractions. To say that we can change someone from being “gay” to “straight” is saying that we can change fundamental aspects of a person’s identity, and I think that is one of the most damaging things to say to a person.
  • To say that you can go from being straight to gay is denying fundamental constructions of your core personality. Yes, we can indeed find ways to express these and our sexual attractions in an acceptable way in accordance with the Church’s teachings, i.e. heterosexuals refraining from intercourse before Sacramental Marriage, but it is to err beyond measure when someone says that you cannot be heterosexual or homosexual simply because of someone’s misguided viewpoints on what sexual orientation is and its fundamental effect on you.
  • Conversion and reparative therapy has no success rate because even those who claim a “change” still report recurring, albeit infrequent, attractions to people of the same gender.
  • To all Catholics liking and reblogging these articles, please take time to consider the drastic effects your actions are having on Catholics who are trying to understand their sexual attractions in light of what the Church is saying, as well as how these articles are consolidating within you an extremely misguided viewpoint of homosexuality which is not at all the experience of gay Catholics. And to brand bishops who attempt to welcome and encourage Catholics with same-sex attractions as “evil” or themselves “misguided” is cruel and unnecessary. It’s high time the Church takes to extending a compassionate hand with those struggling with SSA, and people should be ashamed of themselves for pulling this hand away from people who need it.

South Carolina is Considering Drastic Action to Cut College Funding

Another day, another story about a state de-funding higher education. This time it’s South Carolina – where the South Carolina House of Representatives has recommended that South Carolina State – the state’s only historically black college – close for two years in order to get its financial house in order.

Saying the college needs a “clean slate,” legislators recommend firing the college’s employees, board of trustees, and administrators and reopening in 2017. Students who maintain a 2.5 GPA would be eligible for state-funded scholarships to go to other public colleges or other historically black schools.