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It’s webseries liveblogging day yaaaay

we’ll start with Roedell in this post, and then move on to AOSB in the next. ready? i think we can expect some gay today :D

  • aaaaand here we go already because RAINBOW SHIRT
  • Dylan’s style is extraordinary i love it
  • also their shirt colours are matching is that some subconscious stuff to make me ship them more? because i think it’s too late for that, I already ship them lots
  • omg this is not even a random Q&A or one sent in by people, it’s just the faceless editor asking questions
  • hey editor buddy that’s creepy
  • there’s a post it on the wall saying “TAKE A BREAK - DYL”
  • HOW CUTE???!!!!!!! OMG
  • “dinosaurs or dragons?” - *softly* “oh my god” - “this question could make or break our friendship”
  • I knew Ava was going to go for dinosaurs
  • “you’re wrong, dragons are infinitely cooler” obviously
  • “however! dinosaurs have tiny little feathers” oh okay damn i did not expect that and Ava absolutely has a point
  • I dig Slytherin Ava
  • I also love how Dylan was able to determine that by just one single question
  • “how do you label yourself” - “tough question! umm…”
  • “student. Californian.” NOOOOO AVA GET TO THE REAL STUFF 
  • “anxiety ridden”
  • okay wow that’s awesome too
  • I’ll take that
  • but just look at Dylan who also can’t wait for Ava to say something gay
  • “pansexual demigirl”
  • “with medium fries on the side”
  • I’m so glad I don’t have to ever meet Dylan because I would fall for them so hard and it would be really painful and really hopeless and honestly just a mess. dodged a bullet there, phew
  • Dylan forgot to capitalize their entire midterm omg my adhd kid you are claimed for all my headcanons and purposes
  • Ava explaining how she’s an idiot to make Dylan feel better is *HEARTEYES*
  • “screw Massachusetts” is the flirtiest thing Ava has said so far and wow. just wow.
  • someone write fic please of Ava and Dylan going on a date to Disneyland
  • and the editor 100% ships it
  • i think the editor not only ships it but is actively working on making it happen
  • that’s a creepy thought wow
  • so many things about the editor are a tiny bit fucked up if you think about it
  • i mean maybe the editor just really wants to get a good grade on this but?????
  • okay but also why are they not supposed to try and find out who the editor is?
  • how does that whole system even work? i mean they’re supposed to be unable to control the material, and how the project turns out in the end, but how do they get the material to the editor? how can it be assured that they don’t edit any part of the material before they pass it on? that they didn’t delete any scenes and stuff? i’m really confused
  • okay but hold on Em coming in at the end messes up my whole Falcott shipping
  • bc Ava suggesting that Em should film some stuff came across as a bit flirty, didn’t it? or is that just wishful thinking
  • the good thing about this is: If i ship everything, it’s literally impossible for me to get disappointed :D

the-nerdy-stjarna  asked:

I'm so pumped! Considering that Nick Blood posted pics on Instagram that had Iain in them, does that add to the possibility that we might see Hunter? I'd be so excited. (But they're buddies. Could be coincidence). What is Brett Dalton up to these days? Do you think the scene means we'll actually see him as a character or is Daisy just going to get the hell out of there and it was sort of just an example of "Well this world isn't exactly what I had imagined". (P.S. Sorry for multiple asks!!)

Here we go! Rapid fire answering!

Considering that Nick Blood posted pics on Instagram that had Iain in them, does that add to the possibility that we might see Hunter? 

  • Well Ward is back so I am most certainly NOT going to rule out Hunter.  Soonest we’d see him would be 17.  The writers and EP’s have said over and over they didn’t want to negate the power or their sacrifice in Parting Shot.  The framework is the perfect solution to that.  It allows him to come back without throwing that all away.  *Bobbie could be back too.
  • My preferred head canon is he’s one of Fitz’s bodyguards but as Jed keeps saying, we’ll just have to wait and see.  

 What is Brett Dalton up to these days? Do you think the scene means we’ll actually see him as a character or is Daisy just going to get the hell out of there and it was sort of just an example of “Well this world isn’t exactly what I had imagined”.

  • He was filming in 17!  So Imagine he’ll be around for however long we are in the Framework for….which looks to be most of C. 

Could Mystery!Woman simply be Fitz’s mum? 

  • Totally, but it won’t be is real Mum…maybe Papa Fitz has a trophy wife or its Agnes with Radcliffe.  

 Also, I love your theory that Jemma’s grave is fake & the rendezvous point for her and Daisy. However, if it is *not* and Framework!Jemma is dead, what would happen to Jemma? I don’t think it’s likely, but what if the Framework won’t let her in because the avatar she’s trying to connect to is dead and Jemma ends up back with Price/Davis/Piper? Wouldn’t make much sense? Jemma’s pain of seeing a completely different Fitz far more powerful!

  • She’s not dead, Jed confirmed it in the E! Interview.  But Jemma certainly going to be surprised when she gets there.  

Would you agree that potentially dead Jemma in the Framework won’t mean real Jemma will be dead. Jemma said not to die in there because then they would die in the real world. 

  • I believe the Jemma avatar we see will be a direct result of Fitz’s fix.  And like Daisy she will have a different job and possible look.  

No question just like you and the rest of the CTT are amazing and I was squealing as I checked of things I/we had been hoping for like woman on fire and Robo!May turning on the LMDs and even creepy ass severed head Superior and I had hoped Fitz wasn’t an LMD but if they made one of them an LMD I wanted it to be him and IT WAS SO AMAZING AND YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!

  • Awww THANKS!!!
@snowprincess-artist replied to your post: Considering the lack of chill that Dreamworks has…

or even worse, burning at the stake. the drama and irony is real

I WOULD COMPLETELY 100 PERCENT ACCEPT THAT. I would love that. (And I actually thought that tying Ruff to the post in Twintuition was going towards that. I got the wrong element.)

Because like, yeah the drama and the irony.

A Dragon Rider, someone who is intimately familiar with fire because of their relationship with their dragon… being burned at the stake? Perfect irony. And like, it’d be a perfect punishment too. 

You live by the dragon, you’re gonna die by the dragon, in a sense. Or a very important aspect of the dragon. 

Like, does Hiccup accept this? Because he’s already nearly died by fire once before (the first movie)? Is he like “Well… if being a Dragon Rider means dying by fire, then so be it.” Defiant. Or is he like, “Fire cannot kill a dragon” (Which is also super defiant.)

I need this like oxygen, just like fire needs oxygen. Whether actually happening in canon or in fanworks, I don’t care. I need it now. 


I want to challenge anyone who is considering posting a “before and after” weight restoration photoset to really question the motivation underlying that desire to post those pictures. Can you honestly say that your progress in recovery can be measured by how many pounds you’ve gained? Are you okay with your friends and family assuming that your eating disorder has been cured because you’ve gained weight and now look healthy? Do you truly believe that weight-restored means recovered and that weight loss means struggle?

If you wouldn’t measure the severity of someone else’s eating disorder by weight lost, then why would you try to validate the progress of your recovery with weight gained?

i guess it’s a good time to bring this back (and yes, i am too lazy to make a new graphic), so consider this post a PERMANENT STARTER CALL. by liking it, you’re basically allowing me to throw myself & my boy chris halliwell at your blog blog whenever, which includes memes, and random starters, and other things that will probably come up along the way. please, before you like it though, make sure we’re mutuals ——  for my sanity.

being in a fandom for more than a few years is kind of a surreal experience, honestly. you see fanart that you’ve sent in texts years ago, you see posts that you qualify now as ‘classics’ because of how old they are, you see people getting excited over new information that, honestly, you’ve known for a long while… you see one of those same-old same-old arguments bubbling up between people in the fandom and you just think to yourself “oh not again”, and then you lean back in your rocking chair, watching from the sidelines like your joints ache too much from all the battles of your past. a fuckin fandom grandparent. someone get me some applesauce

a comprehensive list of arguments chloe and marinette have had
  • do horizontal stripes make you look fat
  • ponytails v. pigtails
  • was the class rep election rigged
    • half this argument took place in mme. bustier’s office when chloe dragged marinette inside and demanded a recount
  • is adrien warm toned or cool toned?
  • who sits closer to adrien in class?
    • rulers and tape measures were brought to class
  • fishtail braids v. french braids
  • gel manicures v. matte manicures
  • whether erin should’ve won project runway season 15
  • which one of them was taller
    • sub-argument: do high heels and up-dos count towards your height
  • proper form for a backhanded slap
  • problem #13 on the maths group project they were unfortunately paired together for
    • this one both got them sent to the principal’s office
  • the exact number of akumas chloe has inadvertently caused
  • ladybug’s precise mbti 
    • still going on after two weeks. marinette is oddly invested in this one
  • rose gold v. gold iphones
  • is jagged stone even considered music 
  • whether blackmailing their history teacher to give chloe an extension on her paper is considered “politics”
    • it isn’t. chloe got a note sent home to her father. 
  • which season of the bachelor was objectively the best 
  • what is chat noir’s suit really made out of 
  • who had the highest score on the last history exam 
    • also got them sent to the principal’s office 
  • who has the best resting bitch face
  • who has the better best friend
    • sabrina and alya refuse to involve themselves

Some photos of my kenku costume at Anthrocon 2016, taken by @adammillerstudio! Oh boy did I ever have a lot of fun! The other raven in these photos is @qawstume and the snowy owl we are mobbing is @crystumes, who made both of the blanks that we used for our masks.

If you have any questions about this costume please check out my FAQ!


I haven’t seen anyone talk about this little motion yet but I remember this standing out to me the first time I saw the episode. It’s not uncommon to see a character in anime that’s excited bend down to be eye level (or under eye level) with someone they’re talking to but the thing about this scene that makes it more rare is the fact that’s it’s also a side lean. I’m not saying this is the first time it’s been done but I can’t off the top of my head think of a male character that I have seen do this excitable side lean in my recent watchings. This motion seems to be usually more reserved for female characters so I remember thinking “cheers to the creative crew for showing that their characters can do whatever they want without it somehow being a “feminine” or “masculine” trope!” or something along those lines. :D Just wanted to get that out there because I adore this scene and Victor’s innocent excitement is a joy to witness.


I know they say that the space between
Can make it stronger than we’ve ever seen
They might be right but I disagree
‘Cause I’ve
never felt stronger than when you’re with me