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Black Girl, NYC

Greetings people. I identify as a Black female who was born and raised in NYC. I am slowly progressing through my study of education and history in college. Other then that, I spend (probably) an unhealthy amount of time reading and writing sci fi and fantasy. But by high school, I got sick and tired of the same story featuring blonds and brunettes saving the day with their straight, lean male heroes so I turned to my librarian seeking something new. She pointed to Octavia Butler and the rest was history. I’ve been seeking diversity in media ever since.

Family life and Culture

I grew as the middle child of six siblings with my single mother and grandparents. Yes, my working-class household fits the stereotype. We even have an absent father *sighs* But, hey shit happens. And with the biological father turns out not to be the best father figure, shit had to go right out the door. Yup. But make no mistake that this is a norm. Most households on my block do have both parents involved in their children’s lives. Our circumstances called for us to have one. That’s all.

The house was full, loud and rambunctious. We made up a good portion of the children on the block (unsurprising) and basically ran it. There’s a whole novel that could be fleshed out of my childhood if I wanted to. Our neighborhood is very tight knit. Next door neighbors were treated like Aunts and Uncles. When summer came around, we were sometimes divided into groups as the parents who were off from work overlooked us while braiding our heads. Blackouts became an all night bbq and sleepover on each other’s porches. Crooklyn by Spike Lee was a good representation of what it was like in fact. Somewhat. Minus the brownstones, plus a couple more fights (lol).

My grandma was a nurse who’s pretty big on us knowing our family history. She made sure to talk a lot about our Gullah Geechee roots. We also had some Dominican culture influence since her closest friend and our Madrina was, well, Dominican. But she is fairly strict on gender norms and how my sisters and I should act especially with brothers. She antagonized me the most growing up because I continued to ignore this. We don’t get along but i can’t say i don’t get why she’s the way she is. She has a pretty dark past. My mother, a latchkey kid of the finest stock, is more laid back and gives all of us free range to make our own mistakes. Most times. Other times, she’d rather lecture us. Depends on our crime.

I don’t know what my grandpa used to do. He retired waaaaay before my grandmother. I also don’t know much about his culture. He’s 1st gen Jamaican who fully assimilated into American culture. Well, beside his food choices. Now, he gambles and goes to church. When I was younger, he used to teach us how to gamble too. And how to cheat and not get caught. We got a lot of free fast food while he taught us. He has gotten more frugal the older he got. And more isolated.

Dating and Relationships.

I don’t date. I have no interest. Well, no, that’s not exactly true. I’ve considered it but I rather have not seek out anything outside of platonic right now. I have a tight knit circle of friends and several other groups of friends I associate with depending on the activity. I’m realizing it seems like I’m using the term “friends” loosely but I swear I’m not. I’m a virgin and I feel nothing about being one until someone goes “*gasp* You’re a virgin really?” and then I end up on high defense saying “So?” Believe or not, that messed with me a lot.

My love life and lack of interest in having one has always been a struggle. In middle school, the group of friends I hung with were becoming more infatuated with love and sex. Yes, middle school, fifth through eighth grade, ages nine to thirteen. But, when they would talked about who’s hot or not, they would look at me funny when I didn’t join in the discussion. Instead of explaining myself, I simply copied other’s reactions and gushed along with them. This instinct followed me through High school til stopped out of annoyance. I became a listener and adviser in their relationships because I really do love stories in many shapes and forms. And I would never turn down hearing a story.


My primary language is English and AAVE. I’ve been living in a neighborhood filled with Blacks and Latinx. Most of my friends are Black and Lantinx. I didn’t meet a white person my age until college. Okay that’s a partial lie. I’ve been in a summer camp that was made up of predominantly white children. But as the only black kid in my age range, I was sorta uncomfortable. I never made lasting friends there. After High School, I spent a year abroad in Tena, Ecuador where I learned Spanish and Kichwa. I still suck at both languages.


Lots of my clothes when I was younger were borrowed or hand-me-downs. Half of them still are. It’s like thrift shopping without the hiked prices thanks to its popularity by rich white people (Thanks rich white people!) All my siblings’ taste varies. In my case, I’m fond of combining loose and tight clothing (tight jeans and a loose sweater/ baggy jeans and a tight top). No makeup. Silver accessories.

I used to have a short bob cut permed. I hated it. But I rather a perm then getting my hair straightened with a hot comb because the back of my neck and big ears would always get burned. It wasn’t until I made a friend with a natural afro that I realized my natural hair was even an option.


Lol I was a nerd with bad grades.


My family practices Santeria, which has historical roots in both Catholicism and Yoruba thanks to slavery (Yay slavery!). However, because the religion is not fully accepted or well-known, I tend to say I’m simply Catholic if asked. Apparently, a Black Catholic is hard to believe. It is assumed all Black folks are Baptists or some branch of Christianity. I have no idea where that stereotype came from. But I can give some guess. (*cough cough* Tyler Perry….).  

As I stated before, I love scifi and fantasy. I especially love urban fantasy involving witches. I blame this love on Practical Magic and Eve’s Bayou, my childhood faves. It’s because of this love that I wish to see more stories with witches of color. And no, I don’t mean that one evil/mysterious southern/Caribbean Voodoo/Hoodoo witch hollywood loves to portray so much. That always plays into the “Black is evil” trope. Give me some damn variety!

I would squeal so hard if the mythology involved in a story isn’t even Eurocentric. I’m not joking. This is serious. When my religion was simply hinted at in the Raven Boys series (It was also a great way of making even more obvious that the character was definitely not white.) and Kenya Wright’s Habitat series, I squealed. All the authors did was write the names of some of the Orishas and I couldn’t help but put my phone down for a moment and inwardly scream with glee. That being said, if a writer does decide to use afrocentric or any religion involving “witchcraft” as a basis, I would personally ask that they make sure is is not a closed religion.

Santeria is, in fact, a closed religion. And while I don’t mind mentions of it in fantasy and even a main character stating they practice it, do not go any further than that. Don’t even research the practices within the religion other than what is public knowledge (And if you don’t have any public knowledge, just ask) Respect that there’s a limit. Anything further spelunking  is consider rude, disgusting, disrespectful and dangerous. There’s things that I don’t even know because I haven’t been properly initiated. And the internet has a lot of these practices exposed when it shouldn’t be so please don’t look into it. Please.


Most of the cooking in the house has been done by my grandmother. Because of her various relationships, our food has always been a mixture of Black American, Gullah, Lantinx and Caribbean influences. It is so good. So, so good!

The only thing I don’t eat of hers is her seafood gumbo because I don’t like shellfish. One of my sisters said I should have my “black card” taken for my distaste. I said she could take it if she can name more black movies than me. She still can’t take it. My other sister wishes we could switch places because she loves crab but is allergic. The crazy girl actually sends her husband to buy some benadryl so she can eat some if we ever have some on the table. Smh. Siblings.  


My family on both sides are quite fond of reunions. On my grandpa’s side, the family uses Fourth of July and Christmas to get together. On my grandma’s side, they tend to host annual summer reunion and send out RSVP invitations complete with schedules of the whole two to three day event. I didn’t mention this under my family life, but both sides of my family are boujee to different degrees. Lots of black sorors and frats members on both sides. I can’t believe that slipped my mind typing.

I’m a little iffy with Christmas. It’s more of a holiday for the older generation and our niece and nephews. The younger generation, however, don’t particularly care for the holiday. For some of us, it’s because it’s not really Jesus’s Birthday and Santa was whitewashed. For others, it’s because we don’t care to feed into the corporate holiday. For most of us, it’s a combination of the two. But we do love getting together when we can. My older sister and I have conspired to celebrate kwanzaa instead for the past two years. So far, it hasn’t grasped the interest of anyone else in the family.


  • Being nerds from a young age, my siblings and I have been called “Oreos” or“Not really black” by kids in school on more than one occasion. We shut them down by fighting. Probably not the best strategy but it was best one I could think of in middle school and below. Made it easier to go back to reading my manga.

  • I got compared to my sisters a lot. It was the absolutely most annoying thing ever. And a major source of my insecurities growing older.

  • Need I address colorism? My highschool was filled with it. #TeamLight v #TeamDark. I was on neither team, because in the region I live, skin color was a pretty long spectrum. I fell in the between. Who came up with this?

  • I’ll admit it. I hate my own tears. They make me feel weak. Which isn’t true…I know. But, it is a mentality I always had. I have depression and PTSD. This isn’t really a secret. I tell people if I’m asked. But have you ever had someone look at you and say, “Really? You don’t seem like the type.” ……

  • I am a black female. I’ve been labelled “Strong” and “Independent” the older I got. By my mother. By my siblings. By my peers. And I get those labels. Even from friends. I loved those labels. I call myself by those labels. I mean, who doesn’t want to be seen as strong and independent? Those are positive affirmations, right? I think they would be. If that wasn’t all the positive labels we could get. Somehow, society has decided we are beings that are incapable of being multifaceted. I was indirectly taught to hate my own tears because black girls don’t cry. You can’t cry and be strong. What a terrible mantra fed to black girl at a young age. So, instead you tell everyone “It’s fine.”

I told my therapist it was fine. Until she told me straight up it was not fine. And it was okay to cry. I don’t like to cry. But I still (involuntarily) did it.

Things I’d like to see less of/Things I’d like to see more of:

  • I’m sick and tired of seeing black and latinx folks being portrayed as only fantasy gangs members. We are not only gang members. That’s a terrible popular myth the media put out there and I hate it even more so when it’s portrayed in SFF genre..

  • I’m tired of having one black person in a novel being described as having skin the color of “midnight.” And he’s (it’s always a he) not even that important to the story

  • I hate how every time someone decides to add a person of color, they have to be ambiguous brown. I’m not saying ambiguously brown don’t exist and don’t need representation but is it really that had for a dark brown skin person to play a major role in a story that’s not about slavery? Speaking of which….

  • Why we always gotta be slaves? Or better yet….

  • Why don’t we exist at all in High fantasy stories? Urban fantasy? Brooklyn wasn’t always the gentrified white town it is now. Still isn’t. How are you erasing people of color from NYC??? We make up way too much of the population to be completely erased

  • Stop racial coding other creatures to surround your white human characters. Especially as the bad guys. That’s just shitty writing. Step up your game!

  • I love Black love

  • I love Gay love. I wish more would follow moonlight’s example and show poc are gay too and gay doesn’t always equal to stereotypical femininity.

  • I love interracial love HOWEVER, can we pair people of color with other people of color as well? I’m starting to hate seeing it always a white person paired with a Poc. Variety damnit!

  • Friendships between boys and girls that don’t transform into love.

  • Friendships between girls that didn’t start out as a rivalry.

  • Different body types besides the skinny and tall. Make a main character that’s fat for once. It’s not a problem.

  • Magical characters of color that aren’t “Noble Savages” or “Wise Monks” that used their magic for personal gain for once instead of waiting for the white hero to come.

  • Nerdy black characters who aren’t 100% competent and cries. One that isn’t in a five token band that always gonna be compare to the white main character. Make the nerd the main character!

That’s all I can think of at the top of my head. But my list really does go on. 

Read more POC Profiles here or submit your own.

i think it’s really funny that people online and spoiled white college kids throw slurs around to be edgy and make fun of ppl who tell them they’re being dicks because “omg this is real life no one cares about ur feelings!!!”

meanwhile i grew up around career criminals in a very rural area, and the smart ones don’t pull that shit. it’s considered a disrespectful cheap shot that tends to make even people outside of the group you’re dissing respect you less; it’s stupid to boot, because you’re making people feel honor-bound to beat your ass and you don’t know what they’re capable of. there’s even a strong chance even your friends won’t back you up, either, because they know you just pulled some punk ass shit. people who never graduated high school and who have spent more time in prison than on the streets, who know what it’s like to get into a legitimate dangerous situation because someone looked at you wrong, who’ve been in prison riots where suddenly everyone was attacking anyone outside their race, will argue passionately that being racist is ignorant and despicable. 

in my experience they’re more likely to have met, lived with, and befriended a trans woman than some well-educated, affluent liberal -not because they were trying to be “tolerant” or some shit, but because they organically ended up in the same place and had to depend on each other for survival. they make jokes, but if i mention to them that being gay is hard they’ll understand because they know what it’s like to be judged, hated, downtrodden. if they cross a line, i can tell them they disrespected me and expect them to take me seriously because they understand the value of respect, and understand what people are willing to do to get it.

but everyone who tells you you’re a piece of shit for reducing someone to their race, gender, sex or religion is just a whiny triggered sjw, right? lmao. good luck with that shit if you ever find yourself surrounded by people with real problems.

sum warrior cats lore hcs

  • it’s considered highly offensive/ignorant to refer to a leader by their warrior name on purpose. slip ups happen of course, but directly referring to a leader by their warrior name is considered one of the biggest forms of disrespect. (ex. tigerstar probably mockingly refers to firestar by his warrior name in the df to show his disrespect towards him, brokenstar was called his warrior name by thunderclan warriors for moons to show the fact that they did not consider him a true leader, to his utmost humiliation)
  • deer are considered to be highly spiritual in clanlife and are “protected” - a clan cat cannot eat deer meat if they come across a carcass, it’s considered disrespectful to make dirt in an area where a deer has walked, etc. to see a deer even once is considered to be a blessing
  • in a few clans, there are certain times during the day in which it’s either a blessing or an omen for a kit to be born - kits who are born when the sun rises are said to grow to become wise cats, kits who are born during an overcast are said to have a lot of pain in their life
  • cats who have betrayed their clan are buried face down in the soil, as a way of symbolizing that they have “turned their backs” on starclan
  • during the vigil, the body of the fallen warrior has to be protected from all elements and the family of the warrior fasts for a week afterward - to eat even a day after a loved one has died is seen as disrespect
  • the first prey an apprentice catches tells different things about each apprentice (ex. an apprentice catching a mouse implies good eyesight and an inquisitive thinker, an apprentice catching a rabbit implies strength and quickness)
  • drowning is seen as the worst death by clan cats because the fear is that their spirit wont reach starclan; medicine cats must spend an extended amount of time praying for the cat and applying specific herbs to their body scent to help them get to starclan
Say it with my now

It’s public SERVICE

Not public SERVANT 

Please show a little more respect to your food service folks, your retail folks and just anyone who’s out there with a job making things easier and more convenient for YOU. You’re paying for a SERVICE not a SERVANT and they really aren’t out to get you, they’re doing the best with what’s in their power. Please don’t act like you know their job better than them DESPITE not even working in that field once, they know their own job more than you do. Please be respectful to your workers for the service they give. 

Another Falsettos Analysis

Okay, so this thought came to me while my mother, a funeral director (or for you Americans, a mortician) in training was telling me about how in class they were learning about different customs, traditions and ceremonial things for certain religions for their funerals.

So in the spirit of Falsettos, I asked her about Jewish burials and funerals and if what we see in Falsettos for Whizzer is accurate to what she is taught. And it’s not. At least to common knowledge. So let me break it down for you and give you the slight insight I have after I am myself am not Jewish and these are just the things that she was taught and told me.

So number one, Whizzer either did not have a Jewish funeral/burial (which is the most likely of the two, since Whizzer is only half-Jewish) or the final scene that we see in the revival where Mendel and Jason pull the piece of the cube and use it as a monument/headstone for Whizzer is a year after his death. So what I’ve learned is that in tradition, they will not put up a headstone for the deceased until a year after they died, to the day. If the monument is put up before the anniversary of their death then it is to be covered until the actual day. So basically either Whizzer didn’t have a Jewish burial and wasn’t in a Jewish cemetery, or that final scene isn’t until a year later.

Another thing my mom was telling me about was how every time Jewish people will visit the monument of a loved one, they will leave a rock on the headstone. They leave it as a thing to show that this deceased person is remembered and thought of, and visited. And the one huge rule for cemeterians is to not remove them. It’s considered rude and disrespectful. The only person allowed to remove one is the person who put it there. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Schindler’s List” you would’ve seen as all the people Schindler helped save placed stones on his memorial as a sign of respect and thanks.  Where I was going with this was that when Jason places the chess piece on the headstone it could be also representing this tradition.

 Now imagine the small piece of wood, or glass, or plastic sitting out on that monument for months. Through the rain. No one can touch it because Jason wants everyone to know that Whizzer is important. Or the rest of the tight-knit family bringing stones to leave every time they visit. And telling everyone who sees, Whizzer didn’t die alone. He was loved and valued.  

Hahaha parents love to preach about respect and what’s considered being disrespectful towards them but as soon as they do the same shit to their child and the child tries to defend themselves, they are still considered being disrespectful and you want to play the victim like wow bitch you’re literally talking mad shit to your child. Youre literally invalidating your child’s feelings and you are destroying their emotional health but you still expect to get respect just because you’re “the parent” and “you’re paying bills” like boo fucking hoo asshole. You paying for shit and being a legal guardian doesn’t give you a free ticket to being excused for committing verbal abuse. Respect is earned, not given so you’re child doesn’t have to respect yo evil ass. You are a shitty parent.

There’s a long list of things children can do that are considered disrespectful to adults. The list includes asking for a reason, being stressed in their vicinity, not calling them ma’am or sir, standing up for yourself when they make fun of you, and obeying them but not being happy about it.

But an adult can do almost anything to a child without it being considered abuse. Murder, rape, and a few other things are the only exceptions.

But children are the ones who feel entitled? Children are the ones who are out of control? Children are the ones who need to learn respect?


In case any of you missed S.E Hinton being nasty to children on twitter for the 3,000th time because “she`s answered the questions before” 

I`m not really one for drama but this stuff has always pushed my buttons, they treat you respectfully and support you yet you treat them like this ?? 

anonymous asked:

(HAWK, THIS ISN’T DIRECTED AT YOU) “Being trans is super cool”? Are you fucking kidding me? Being transgender is not cool, dude. I have to deal with constant discrimination, mental health issues mostly caused by dysphoria, misgenering by people who know that I am not my birth gender, and so much more. It’s because of people like you that the trans community is so disrespected and considered a joke.

I think they said it to test how”transphobic” I am, I just dogded that part of their ask, it’s really easy to see through them. So yeah, I’m so sorry sjws give people who face real discrimination a bad name, but hey, anything to fit their narrative am I right. 

Dealing with Crowds and Service Dog Etiquette

Below are some suggestions for dealing with crowds when you have a Service Dog. When travelling in busy areas or cities you can face a lot of issues, not all of them access-related. You need to be wary of people trampling your dog and approaching you to ask questions. If you are anxious or unsure about how to handle these situations the list I have written may be useful to you.

Ways to deal with crowds:

  • If travelling with a friend or group of people, keep your Service Dog between you and one of them so that they are more concealed and invite fewer people to approach.
  • When travelling on busy transport, keep your leg on the outside of your dog and have them sit close to you to avoid them being stood on or sliding when the transport makes any sudden stops and starts.
  • Always walk on the side of the road when travelling with your Service Dog, this avoids incidents with people driving too close to the curb or your dog being pushed onto the road if you are nudged by a crowd member. If you have your dog clearly vested people should hopefully give you more space on the sidewalk. (Note- This point may be contradictory to what some Service Dogs are trained to do. Guide Dogs in particular are trained to stand in front of cars so that in the event of being hit when crossing a road etc, the dog is a buffer than can protect the human. I merely state that you should be vigilant about roads in the case of an incident that is non-life-threatening to you but very harmful to your dog. If your dog is seriously injured, your independence will be affected as a result of this.)
  • Make sure your dog is clearly marked as a Service Dog with patches that remind people to not pet or distract them. Yes, a lot of people tend not to read them, but it can help deter the ones that do.
  • If you struggle with anxiety and people approaching you to ask about your dog, some patches can be purchased that ask people NOT to approach the handler as it causes anxiety. Consider in investing in ones of these. They can be found on Ebay.
  • On more basic grounds, if you wish to avoid getting into conversation use the simple trick of avoiding eye contact and listening to an mp3 player if possible. It might not always work, but if you aren’t eyeing people back it tends to be less inviting grounds for a conversation.
  • Have a pretend phone call.
  • Have a real phone call.
  • Carry small business cards around with you with information on them. A few of my friends do this. You can have basic info on them or website links that explain things such as: What your Service Dog is trained in, What organisation trained them (if you did not owner-train) and links to places where people can read more if they are interested. It can help if you don’t want to appear rude or dismissive but still want to help educate people about Service Dogs. On cards you can explain that you may have not been feeling very well, but appreciate the interest of the person before giving brief snippets of information about your Service Dog.
  • If somebody tries to pet your dog, a way to deal with this is to place your hand under theirs so that they would come into contact with you rather than your dog. This is often enough to deter people who have either been too rude to ask if they can pet your dog or have ignored your request for them not to.


Many people approach Service Dog handlers out of simple curiosity. Not everyone has bad intentions. Even though it can be repetitive and tiresome to hear 20 times a day how somebody has a dog ‘just like yours’ or wishes their dog was as well trained or has a distant relative who has a Service Dog, the general public can often not realise this. Here I will discuss simple Service Dog etiquette. For the sake of handlers everywhere, please take these points into account:

  • Do NOT pet the dog without permission. As a rule of thumb it is best not to ask to pet the dog at all, they are working and if distracted they can fail to perform important tasks such as alerting to medical emergencies. There have been instances in which people have suffered seizures after their Service Dogs have been distracted from alerting them. It is dangerous to distract a Service Dog.
  • READ THE PATCHES! Service Dogs do not just wear those glaring bright patches that read 'Do Not Pet’ to look pretty. Please read and respect them.
  • Do not allow your dog to approach a Service Dog if it is working. If you are in doubt ASK whether it is alright for you to introduce your dog. This is especially important if your dog is unruly or aggressive. If a Service Dog is injured by another dog you are seriously affecting the independence of the handler. If a Service Dog is injured it is unable to work. If the dog is unable to work, the handler may be rendered unable to do everyday tasks for a long period of time. It’s not worth the risk.
  • Never feed a Service Dog.  A lot of dogs are on specialized diets and may have health conditions that make them unable to tolerate certain foods. I have had a dog with years of pancreatitis and hypothyroidism - if somebody fed him anything remotely high in fat he would become so seriously ill that his life was in danger. Do NOT feed other people’s dogs. You don’t know their health conditions or dietary requirements. Regardless of health, it is also a distraction. 
  • Speak to the person, not the dog. Handlers often find that they are 'invisible’ when they have their dog. People always address the dog first and show interest in the dog, but not the person. This can be regarded as rude and a tad disrespectful. Consider the handler.
  • Don’t whistle, call out or harass a Service Dog. This is a distraction and as mentioned before, distractions are dangerous.
  • Make sure your children don’t approach or pet a Service Dog. This is a distraction and even though it may appear 'cute’ or 'funny’ it’s still dangerous. On more general terms it is also a good idea to educate your children on how to approach a dog correctly. Although Service Dogs are no risk to people, children should be taught not to rush over to unfamiliar dogs. Not all dogs are friendly and you do not want your child to get hurt by an aggressive or anxious dog.
  • Do not assume the disability of the handler or ask what their disability is. Quite frankly, that is private and personal. You wouldn’t ask somebody why they are in a wheelchair, so you most certainly shouldn’t ask why they have a Service Animal. Not everyone with a Service Dog is deaf or blind. Be respectful of the different disabilities out there and treat the person as you would treat any other. Some people may not mind offers for help, but a great deal are happy to be left to get on with their day with the help of their Service Dog.
  • Be respectful of the dog. You may not like animals or be fearful of dogs. That is alright, but it is important to recognise that Service Dogs are highly trained. They would NOT be a Service Dog if they are aggressive or in any way a risk to people. These dogs are valued family members that are clean, gentle and just trying to get their job done. Most handlers will do their best to keep their dog at a distance to you if you are uncomfortable with them, but this is not always possible. It is rude (and illegal) to ask someone with a Service Dog to move or leave the premises because you don’t like dogs, 'have allergies’ or are fearful of them. Compromises can be met, but please have some respect.
  • Do not be rude to the handler if they don’t permit you to touch their dog or ask you not to distract them. They have a good reason for asking this.
  • Do not ask a Service Dog handler to have their dog 'demonstrate’ a task.
  • Do not take pictures or record a Service Dog without the handler’s permission.
  • Be considerate about the comments you make. 'But you’re so young!’, 'Are you training him?’, 'I wish I could take my dog everywhere, that’s so cool!’, 'You don’t look disabled’, 'You must be faking it’, 'Are you blind?’ They may seem innocent to you but are invasive to a handler. Put yourself in their shoes.

Remember when responding to people approaching you and your Service Dog…

  • Be patient. You may be tired or having a bad day, but try to be polite. You are representing Service Dog teams and it’s important that you don’t give others a bad name or reputation by being rude to people approaching you out of curiosity.
  • You do not have a 'duty’ to educate the public, but if you have the time or energy to spread a bit of knowledge it can help. Let people know simple things about Service Dog etiquette and how to behave around a Service Dog for future reference. The more people that are educated, the easier it is for future Service Dog teams.

  • If you don’t feel like talking, try using the small business card idea I mentioned earlier.
wlw survey results

thank you so much to everyone who participated in mine and @aliciqvikander ’s survey! we ended up getting 221 responses. below is a breakdown of each question.

disclaimer: there were a couple of responses that we considered to be disrespectful or homophobic that we decided to delete from the survey pool. the idea of this survey was to gauge the feelings & opinions of wlw skam fans regarding lgbt representation in the show; it was made with wlw fans in mind, and there were some skam fans who decided to take the survey and give disrespectful/homophobic answers, which was not the point of the survey.

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I need to rant about the fucker who insisted on nagging BTS about the English album on the Ryan Seacrest interview.

Like, bitch…

(For the record, I highly doubt that he was actually a BTS fan, but it still made me a little mad. Also, please excuse my language. I’m only now realizing how much I cursed in this lol.)

If you want music in English, just listen to music in English and shut the fuck up. Super easy. Why do you need BTS to make English music for you? And what makes you think they would do that just to please some fuckers who are too lazy to even look up a translation? They’re gonna keep making music for themselves, first of all, and for the people who are willing to truly LISTEN and not DEMAND. For the REAL fans.

BTS doesn’t deserve this. They need to be appreciated and loved for what they are. If you don’t like them for what they are and for what they’re already doing, then just go and listen to something else. No one’s forcing you to listen to Korean music, so don’t try to force them to sing in English.

In fact, I feel like BTS did MORE THAN ENOUGH to please the international fans with the MIC Drop remix. The fact that they were willing to include more English in this version of the song is a fucking BLESSING and we should be grateful that they did that for us, not demand a whole album in English. How selfish can some people be?

On a more positive note, I really liked how Namjoon went full on savage mode with him while still keeping his cool at the same time. His shade throwing made the moment a little funnier and a little less terrible. I think it was an appropriate reaction considering how disrespectful that dude was and how uncomfortable the guys must have felt. I don’t judge him even for one moment for being salty about it.


This is absolutely disgusting. This has got to stop. When will people learn that idols are people too. They aren’t just some object that you can defile any time you feel like it. I don’t care how many followers you have or if you think you’re a someone special because a famous youtuber follows you. This is wrong. If you would have just posted it to your account I would have thought it was gross and then just moved on, but you actually had the audacity to tag Monsta X’s official instagram account. Where were you when they taught basic manners and courtesy? How were you raised that you think this is okay to tag them in? These idols aren’t you friends on a personal level. You don’t have the right to do this. “Fans” (I use the term loosely here since I don’t consider people who disrespect artists like this true fans) like you are what makes it hard for other fans to be able to enjoy their faves. If people keep doing this and other disrespectful things to idols just like what happened with BamBam on Twitter, idols will stop doing this type of fan service and real fans chances to interact with their idols will get taken away. Don’t be the bad apple that ruins it for the whole group. All I’m saying is 1.) Don’t disrespect an idol to their faces by calling them daddy in public 2.) Don’t disrespect an idol at a concert or fanmeet because you didn’t get picked to be paired with your favorite member (Seriously grow up. Thank your lucky stars you not only got to go to a fanmeet, but that you got chosen to interact with any of them whether they are your bias or not. If you can’t do that then sit down because plenty of fans would love to take your place.)  3.) Don’t ask for other members on an idols solo vlive or any type of broadcast. It’s rude and can hurt their feelings. If you don’t want to see that member then don’t watch. 4.) Don’t demand that your idols speak in your language. These idols have fans on multiple continents. If you want them to speak your language then they would have to learn everyone’s and that’s not realistic. We have wonderful fans who spend hours translating videos and messages in a ton of different languages without being asked. Enjoy their hard work and thank them. 5.) Don’t send lewd pictures or videos like the one above to an idol’s official sns. Its tasteless and gross. 6.) Don’t make fun of an idol or the way they look or dress on an sns you know they are active on. Idols are humans too and have the same feelings you and I do. We all joke and talk about our biases and none of us are innocent of making suggestive or silly comments. But keep it on your private sns or in your group chats and tags and don’t for the love of God tag the group in it. Have some class, it’s that simple. Common courtesy is a thing. Learn it. Live it.

Why is it that transmedicalists want to keep non-dysphorics from identifying as trans?

Hoo boy, this is going to be quite a sensitive topic. People are definitely going to have an issue with what I have to say on this one way or another, but I have to answer nonetheless. Hopefully people will be mostly civilized.

My only request is that you at least make the effort to read thorough and think about it before even making a comment.

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ぴの on Twitter

Hanyu Yuzuru talks about Machida Tatsuki’s “Sudden Retirement”


It’s difficult to put into words but, ‘comrade’? - it feels like that. The term 'rival’ is also very close (in meaning) but no matter what you want to call it, it’s not that kind of prickly (relationship) - of course, during competitions we're both very very prickly towards each other and we don’t really talk very much. 

But it’s not like that, both of us together have been aiming for the same kind of place, aiming for the same kind of stage, aiming for the same kind of location*. We have fought our way forward, together. (He’s) that kind of comrade (to me). 

Of course he’s a big senior (to me) so calling him a comrade might be considered disrespectful but, I think that probably, Machida would also say the same thing for me.

A short but very respectful interview filled with quiet emotion.

Full translation under the cut.

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the back door used to be used only as a last resort. It was considered really disrespectful to backdoor somebody and players used to actually feel bad about not giving another player at least a chance at staying in the game, but this season all they’re doing is backdooring everybody and using gang tactics and bullying to make sure it goes off the way they want it too. These players are all using dirty fucking tactics and it’s really making me resent the game as a whole. There used to be at least some level of respect for other players, even in a game that’s practically built on lying and manipulating. Idk, that’s my two cents

Some things that need to be said about the tcc

Some things that I learned during my time in this community.

- Don’t let anyone in the tcc try to boss you around and tell you what you can do with your own blog. This is not a dictatorship with a leader, this is a community and it is not owned by anyone. You can make edits, write imagines, make memes and whatever. You are not disrespecting the victims if they are not even involved in the content you make. You are only “disrespecting” (if it can be considered disrespecting) the murderer as an indiviual and not the entire case or the victims. People need to get that for once.

- Nevertheless remain respectful towards other members in the tcc and even to the antis. You deserve the amount of respect that you are willing to give. Don’t tag your imagines as “true crime”, that is not true crime.

- Stop accusing members of being pedophiles or sexually harrassing someone on here just because you have personal issues with them.

- Nobody here owns any case. You are free to make informational posts about cases without asking someone for permission just because they think they know most about it.

- Stay out of drama as long as it doesn’t affect you personally. Drama is what kills this community.

- Stop starting fights publicy and stop starting fights with members just because they have different opinons. You won’t change theirs and they won’t change yours. Block them and continue your life.

- If you notice signs of someone wanting to shoot up a school or something similar then don’t ignore it. React. James could still be alive if things would have went a little bit different. Contact the person before you make one of these ridiculous “call out posts”. Contact the police if possible and necessary.

- Stop with all the trolling blogs who make up fake drama to get a reaction out of all of us. It is a waste of time for everyone.

This community was once a very pleasent space. Stop making it a place that people try to escape and make it a place again that people seek to find a break from their problems and a community where you can exchange opinions without fighting and simply just learn about true crime.

anonymous asked:

Why should a folk religion be universal? Is it permissible someone of European descent to worship African gods? Is it permissible for someone of African descent to worship Asian godd and so on? Folk religions are not meant to be universal hence the term "folk". I would never disrespect another culture by claiming to be of their folk and their religion, so why should I not be disrespected when someone not of my folk claims to be of the same faith as I?

We’ll do this organized-like.

1. Why not?
2. Sure.
3. Sure.
4. K.
5. Good for you, but maybe you should rethink your use of the phrase “disrespect” considering it is literally respecting a religion to sincerely practice it. 

“Folk” isn’t a magical word that means you’re in some super exclusive club. We don’t get to choose the conditions of our birth so nobody is any more special or somehow restricted from practicing a religion just because they were born a certain color.

Your problem isn’t that people of other races practicing your faith is somehow fundamentally disrespectful, your problem is that you’re an asshole.