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(Apologies in advance for the weirdness you're about to be exposed to) Has anyone ever considered Labyrinth taking place in the Star Wars universe? Like what if the Bog of Eternal Stench is actually part of Dagobah?

Don’t apologize for weirdness, because I love it, but I don’t know what the labyrinth is. But the bog of eternal stench sounds like something that would be part of dagobah.

Hello. Kallus here. But I guess you already know me … sort of. Uh … so, the thing is, I have a lot of experience with the Imperials, and I’m considered to be pretty good at fighting and planning. Well, you’ve seen me, you know, when I was attacking you? Uh, yeah … I guess I should apologize for that. But, anyway, I’m good now. I mean, I thought I was good before, but now I realize I was bad. Ugh, but anyway, I think it’s time I joined your crew and helped fight the Empire.
—  Kallus

i like that the snl “undercover boss: starkiller base” is just kind of widely considered canon by fans

the whole thing was so well written and in character that nobody really hated it, and people just accept it, like “yeah kylo ren went undercover as a radar technician on starkiller base, and made an apology card for some worker there for killing their son and everyone knew it was him the whole time” 

if every snl skit had that much of an influence it would be great

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How about a kiss for Bo-Katan ? Little sisters should not let big sisters have all the fun... she's probably into warriors, no? Rex? Depa? Wolffe?

Tbh Bo-Katan is gorgeous and can get it. Not to knock any of your concepts here, but also consider -

Ginger Mando power couple:

Bo-Katan and Fenn Rau???

(oh god they better not be secretly related, but it’s totally possible I guess?)

And when push comes to shove, I will kill your friends and family…. (x)

I’m not even sure if I like this piece anymore, but I’m just going to say it’s finished for the sake of being done. :P With deepest apologies to Peter Cushing.

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Glorfindel’s own distraction eventually resulted in his death, though he figures he would not have had it any other way.

Everything is so beautiful.

The forest, the trees, the lake…things he’d never seen while in Gondolin, things he hadn’t seen for ages. He finds himself absolutely awestruck.  This…this is what he’d been missing, this is what Turgon had kept them from.

This was the evil that their king had threatened them with death over?

Glorfindel is almost heartbroken.  His time in Gondolin and his blind trust of a foolish King had cost him this, this freedom, this beauty. And suddenly he understands why Aredhel wanted to leave.

He wonders sadly what will become of him if the battle is won.

Will the sunset behind the trees, and the rivers flowing through the forest, and the branches of the oaks scraping the sky be a distant memory? Will he be forced to integrate back into Gondolin society—figurative chains and brainwashing included?

Could he live like that? Had he lived like that?

And in that moment, Glorfindel realizes that he hadn’t been living at all.

Escape would see him a dead man, and the closest he would get to his freedom would be the jagged rocks at the bottom of the mountain. But would death be a bad thing? Already, he’d concluded that in Gondolin, he hadn’t been living. What difference would execution make?

And then the Balrog grabs his hair and pulls, pulls hard.

Distracted, his momentum and energy has been drained, and he falls freely with little struggle.

And he finds himself not caring, not one bit. He sees the sunset as he falls, the rays of misty light shining through the trees. Hears the wind rustling through the branches like whispers of ancient spirits, and feels the gentle breeze on his body, cooling him as the Balrog’s fire consumes him.

He is dead and free all at once.

And for that small moment in which he plummeted through the air, Glorfindel had lived.

As a homage to his freedom, the forest grows flowers on his grave, covering his rocky grave.

consider this an apology for my star wars spam! also i hardly proofread this so beware.


It’s still Scoundress Saturday somewhere!

“Hold up. Luke isn’t speaking to you?”

Leia’s lips were a thin line, pressed together so tightly it looked painful. She hesitated, then nodded.

Han blinked, then asked again. “Luke. Luke Skywalker?”

A glare from Leia, then another nod, more emphatic this time.

Han sat back, not really wanting to antagonize her, but marveling a bit at the fact that she’d managed to anger Luke past anything he’d ever done. And hell, he’d left Yavin, so that was saying something. “Sweetheart. How in nine hells did you manage to make him that mad?” he asked softly.

Leia’s frustration was at a breaking point. “I….I DON’T KNOW!” she cried out, her composure crumbling. And was that—a sob?

Well, hell. There was no way Han was just going to let her be this miserable. His arms were around her before he could think, and soon she was pressing her face into his shoulder, her tears wetting his shirt. “Hey, ’s okay,” he assured her. “’S gonna be all right.”

“No—it’s not,” she protested into his shirt, with a loud sniff. “I made my own brother so mad he won’t even talk to me. I pissed off the kriffing sunshine boy of the galaxy. Even you haven’t made him this angry.”

“Eh, that’s questionable,” Han said, trying to lighten the mood a touch. “Probably did, just got a pass for bein’ an idiot.” That got a little laugh from Leia, who held him a little closer.

After a pause, he gently tackled the question again. “What were you talking about that got him so angry?” He sensed more hesitation, and pressed a bit further. “The Force?” he asked. She nodded.

Of course it’s the blasted Force. The one thing I can’t even fake knowing anything about. Luke and Leia had been having a lot of tense discussions about Anakin Skywalker recently, although most of the tension had centered around Leia’s discomfort.

Han did know something about handling the silent treatment, however. As sweet as Luke was, he and Leia seemed to have equal doses of stubbornness in their personalities. If Leia were in the mood to play games, she could hold out with Luke indefinitely once she’d gotten over the fact that he was this angry with her.

But Han knew this was hurting Leia (and, he’d wager, Luke) too badly for that. So he decided to suggest the only thing that had ever really worked for him in this situation.

“Sweetheart,” he said quietly. She looked up. “I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but have you considered apologizing?”

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More clones noticing Jedi culture, maybe witnessing other jedis interacting with each other like lineage rivalries? Friendly ones, at least.

“I see Skywalker dances the same dance with padawan Tano as you danced with him.” Mace offered casually.

Obi-Wan just hummed, watching the two.

“Moves pretty fast too.” The Korun drawled.

The two Jedi fall into a small silence though Kenobi looks a bit smug. Just a tiny bit.

“Mine and Depa’s are more complex though.” Was casually offered by the dark skinned master.

Cody and Ponds exchanged looks as the copper haired Jedi grimaced.

“Well, complexity is your end of the spectrum Mace. Refined and elegant works quite nice for my linage.”

“Surprised Skywalker can manage it. He tends to fall outside the lines.”

“Mace so help me Force, I will throw you to the ground.” Obi-Wan growled quietly, though he was smiling.

“Bring it on Kenobi.”

“Are they…bickering about the dancing?” Ponds whispered.

“I think so. Or well rivalry I guess would be a better word? or…something?” Cody tilted his head. “Considering everyone has their own spin on it, I would assume they’d be a bit combative about it with each other.”

“Linage rivalry is long and ingrained.” The copper haired Jedi offered, having heard them and both Cody and Ponds jumped before offering apologies for listening in.

“Don’t Commanders. We weren’t keeping our voices low. But yes, this is…well part of who we are. Some bickering between the lines.” Obi-Wan chuckled and Mace smirked. “All friendly though, usually.”

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There's about 50 new articles out there on how the latest SW book shows why Han and Leia broke up and how their fighting turned Ben evil? Can't link here but just read a cinemablend and radio times article about it. What is this new book about? I haven't read it yet but is it about their divorce?

Hi Anon,

From what I understood, the new book was supposed to be about the Battle of Jakku. But because apparently everything, including Han and Leia, are supposed to revolve “Ben Solo” so…

Part of the reason you’ve seen 50 articles is that the original one, from the Hollywood Reporter and a few other articles, are just repackaged by a lot of the Internet churn machines like Cinemablend. Also, I’m dead certain that the press release packets that went out to the news sources, which in most cases are just rewritten by the sites as “content,” are stressing that we’re going to see how Han and Leia fight all the time, etc, because apparently we’re going to get that narrative - because Han and Leia are to blame for Kylo, Bloodline, which didn’t show that and was written by a Han/Leia fan, be damned. Because, hey, they have to sell the idea when there are those of us out here who think it’s bullshit.

Also, they have to keep selling us books to “explain” their narrative since they can’t be bothered to put it into a movie - because Maker forbid we aren’t good little consumers and buying everything so that we know the whole story. A lot of my fellow posters have written about this “expert/novice” split, where now, in Star Wars, if you don’t read the books, you don’t know the “rest of the story” (my apologies to the late Paul Harvey).

Here’s what I know. If you consider there are 3 stories - Disney, the old EU and George’s treatments for 7 - 9 that were trashed, Han and Leia were together in two of them.  Lucas’ original treatments had Han and Leia together, as I understand it (someone who’s read more can probably correct me on that point if I’m off). Also, there are 30 years of Expanded Universe which, despite Disney’s insistence, based on what I’ve seen in articles, was canon and was approved by Lucas. And guess what? Han and Leia are together in those, and married. Even when Han apparently has a crisis after Chewie’s death, he isn’t gone forever and they’re still married (again, someone who’s read that series, hop in). By the end of the last one, Han and Leia and Luke are all alive and all still united. So that’s two out of three.

Frankly, I don’t consider any of the garbage that we saw in TFA or that’s been reinforced by all the new books and comics canon, no matter what Disney says. My canon is the Lucas saga - those six films. 

I don’t buy Disney’s books or comics. I may be a drop in a bucket the size of the Pacific Ocean, but I vote with my wallet. And my wallet isn’t going to open for anything that reinforces the hellscape that leads us to Force Awakens. I don’t believe in Han resigning his commission months after Endor, Luke flitting out for the four winds without a word to the two people he came across the galaxy to save, and any other shit - and there’s no other word for it - that Disney and Abrams and Kennedy or any of them deigns to serve me.

Unless Han is alive - not a ghost and not a flashback - I’m not seeing 8 in a theater. I have Starz as part of my cable package and I’ll see it then. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of GIF sets and meta posts to tell me the plot before then. And even if he is alive, I still don’t believe this bullshit, unless 8 is some massive retcon of what we saw in 7. 

Of course, everyone loved it (wrong) but whatever. Not my canon. I would have been fine with 7 and 8 and 9 if they hadn’t destroyed my characters to make their new movies. 

But they did. So I honestly can’t get excited or give a damn, about any of it. I don’t care who Rey is, who the last Jedi is or any of it. Unless I get to see Kylo Ren die or Han Solo alive, I don’t see myself going back to a theater for a Star Wars movie.

And I’ve been a fan since 1980. But it’s abundantly clear Disney doesn’t give a damn about me - not that I didn’t know that already as a Florida native, who’s seen what they’ve done to my state.

Thanks, Anon!

I was a casual Star Wars fan before: I had seen all six movies when I was younger, and I’ve loved Leia and Han for a very long time. I had read a few EU novels where I absolutely LOVED Mara Jade, but that was years ago; I also knew about The Clone Wars TV series, but that was pretty much it. On Tumblr, I pretty much stuck to the musical theatre fandom.

When I learned there was a new Star Wars movie coming up, I was intrigued, but I wasn’t extremely eager about it either. I was curious to see what the powers to be would come up with, but I wasn’t actively seeking spoilers either, nor was I in a hurry to go and see it.

In fact, I waited an entire month after the release to go and see it.

I knew the basics thanks to The Force Awakens’ poster and trailers. Or at least, the basics Lucasfilm accepted to give us before seeing the film. I knew about the Resistance, Han and Leia’s rocky relationship, the First Order, and that Rey was the protagonist. I thought however she was Han and Leia’s daughter: she looked like Padmé, and I honestly couldn’t see why the legacy child wouldn’t be the new main character. I expected Rey and Finn to be the couple of the sequel trilogy. I expected Kylo Ren to be a cool but one-dimensional villain à la Darth Maul, with a Vader look and a memetic lightsaber to make people comfortable and give a familiar feel to the new trilogy.

My younger sister went to see it early as a school Christmas activity, and she spoiled a lot of things to me, like Han’s death (I still haven’t forgiven her, and I literally yelled at her on the phone). She also told me Kylo Ren was actually Han and Leia’s son who had turned to the Dark side. Her theory, though, was that Rey was his little sister, and that her disappearance was the catalyst to the Solo-Skywalker family going wayward.

When she told me that, I just said to myself: “Oh, so Rey and Kylo are basically Disney’s Jaina and Jacen Solo. Yeah, makes sense.”

I went around on the Internet prior to seeing TFA, considering I had nothing to lose anyway since I believed my sister had spoiled everything anyway. I saw some people saying Rey was a Solo, but other people saying she was a Skywalker. And – the cherry on top of the cake – some people shipped her with Kylo.

Needless to say, I was VERY perplexed.

Anyway, in order to get the response to my questions, and in order for people to stop laughing at me since I hadn’t seen TFA yet, I went to see the movie one month after it had come out. I had done a SW movie marathon prior so I could really be immersed in the Galaxy Far Far Away.

First half of the movie was fun, and echoed the original trilogy a lot: it was entertaining, the new characters were very likeable, Han and Leia’s interactions satisfied my little shipper heart plenty, the action scenes and the humor were awesome – basically a very well-done family blockbuster for Christmas.

But all the superficial put apart, some things did start getting strange.

I went into the cinema expecting Rey to be a Solo – I wasn’t surprised either to see her all alone on a desert planet as a scavenger, and I expected her to have an Anastasia kind of story.

When she met Han, however, things started getting strange. And it led to me thinking there was no way Rey could be Han and Leia’s daughter. With the Forceback, I started to cling to the Rey Skywalker theory.

But then, Rey met Kylo, and the bridal carry happened.

I was gaping at the screen like a huge idiot.

What followed didn’t help. When Kylo unmasked, I didn’t expect to see what I saw AT ALL, and the glassy eyes just hit home. And with his total lack of sense of personal space, I started getting really skeptic at the idea of Rey and Kylo being cousins.

Didn’t help that I’m a huge Phantom of the Opera fan, and that I couldn’t help but identify Rey and Kylo with my very rare OTP from that fandom, Erik/Meg. (No seriously, Reylo is literally Erik/Meg in space, I kid you not)

So I cried when Han died, of course, even if I knew it was going to happen… but I was unable to hate Kylo afterwards. Perhaps I had a month to get used to the fact that Han Solo was going to get killed by his own son. But with Star Wars being all about redemption, and him being so obviously miserable despite all the terrible things he had done – I just couldn’t hate him. I didn’t excuse him, obviously, and I still acknowledge to this day he acted like a douchebag. Still… he’s the ultimate trash son.

But you know, when I came out of the cinema, and my friend asked me what I thought of TFA, I just said: “REY AND KYLO REN ARE GONNA BANG”

Hence me jumping into the trash bin where I belonged.

At that point, bridal carry put apart, I was certain I was seeing things. I decided to go and try to find meta written by people who shipped Reylo, just to see what they had to say. I read a few, and then of course I fell across Death and the Maiden.

Since then, I’m in Reylo hell.

Even after reading that meta, it still took me some time before actually publicly saying on my blog I shipped Reylo: I knew the backslash for the pairing was ugly, and I was afraid of receiving anon hate as well. I did, and sometimes, some of those messages seriously hurt, even if I have no idea who sent it to me and I probably don’t even know them either. But long story short, I don’t regret it at all.

Did I go into an existential crisis when I realized I shipped Reylo? Yes. I was ashamed of myself. But you know what they say: you don’t choose your ships. Your ships choose you. And that’s literally what happened.

But I’ve been enjoying myself a lot: I really got into the SW fandom, I started exploring the EU, I read some canon novels, I watched extra material, I got into a writing project, the Reylo Fanfiction Anthology, and met a lot of people I consider friends now… all that because of one ship.

Seriously, I apologize to all the people who used to follow me for musical theatre goodness and getting spammed with Star Wars.

I could say more, but this is getting long already. I could talk about how I hope that Reylo has the potential to be the most epic SW romance of them all – yes, even more epic than Hanleia. I could talk about how I hope we’ll get a story about two souls who are not quite Light, nor quite Dark, and coming to understand each other. I could talk about how I hope we’ll get an amazing story about forgiveness, redemption and selfless love. Who knows – maybe we won’t get any of what I’ve described above. I’m fully prepared to see Reylo not happening at all, despite all my hopes and dreams. But regardless, whatever direction VIII and IX will take, I’ll enjoy the crazy ride. 

Hera and Kanan find out they are expecting fic (I really need a better title...)

So here it is! I aplogize if the formatting is awful, I’m still trying to learn how to use tumblr and how do you all make this site look so easy to use and yet I’m always so confused??? But anyway, this is completely unbated, so I apologize for any spelling/grammar errors. I also apologize for any medical inaccuracies, I tried to do some research on medicine in Star Wars, but I tried to keep it as hand wavy and vague as possible.

This is set four and a half weeks after the Battle of Endor, and Phoenix Squadron is currently stationed on Lothal and working on training recruits. Kanan and Hera are married in this fic, and I think they got married sometime during season 3 of Rebels. Also Kanan is considered a Master Jedi by this point, and Hera has moved up to the rank of General. Enjoy!
Hera groaned as she swiped a hand across her mouth, and walked away from where she had just thrown up for the third time that morning. Luckily, Phoenix Squadron was still grounded on Lothal out in the fields and was helping train recruits there for the Rebellion, following the destruction of the Death Star.

Hera glanced cautiously around as she made her way back towards her B-Wing. If Sabine and Ezra found out she was sick, she’d never get anything done that day. Ever since Kanan had been helping Luke with missions around the Outer Rim, Sabine and Ezra had become more protective of Hera. While Hera appreciated it, there were days where she just wanted to be alone, or stay out of their prying eyes. Hera slide back into the pilot’s seat, and continued with her wire work on the steering controls. The new recruits were on lunch break, and the last thing Hera wanted to do was go near food.
She’d been nauseous all week, and dizzy at times too. She’d ate some food here and there, but most of the time it came back up a few hours later. She chalked it up to being some nasty Lothal bug that she must have picked up from one of the new pilots. Her stomach rolled again, and Hera closed her eyes and leaned back in the seat, willing the feeling of her tossing and turning stomach to just go away.

Slowly the feeling receded and she let out a relieved sigh and slowly sat back up and opened her eyes. She jumped as she was met with Kanan staring at her through the glass of the cockpit. She released the hatch and got out to join him.

“I didn’t think you’d be back so soon love.” Hera said as she wiped her greasy hands on her flight suit before stepping into his open arms.

“Luke didn’t need help with his upcoming mission so he said I could come and help you with the new recruits.” Kanan told her, pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

“Mhm.” Hera hummed back, letting her eyes slip shut and body sag into him as a wave of fatigue washed over her.

“Hera? Are you okay?” Kanan asked her.

“I’m alright. Just a little under the weather.” She told him, pulling back from him quickly, trying to prove she was fine. She swayed on her feet and Kanan swiftly reached out to steady her, his hands on her arms.

“I’d say more than a little under the weather Hera.” Kanan said, with worry in his eyes.

“I’m fine dear, really. I haven’t felt great all week, this is nothing new.” She told him, slowly pulling out of his tight grasp.

“At least come back to the Ghost with me and rest for a little bit.” Kanan pleaded with her, threading their fingers together and pulling her hand slightly towards him and the direction of the ship.

Hera sighed. “Fine, I’ll come with you.”

Kanan smiled and pulled her into his side, his arm slung over her shoulders as he led her towards the Ghost.

They had almost made it back when they passed by the food tent.

The smell of cooking meat wafted in the air, and Hera’s stomach rolled. Pressing a hand to her mouth, she ran past the tents and ships and into the open field past the Ghost. She fell to her knees and threw up violently, stomach contracting painfully. She could hear Kanan’s boots against the grass as he ran up behind her. She felt his hand slide tchun away from her face and behind her shoulder. He reached under her chin and undid the strap for her goggles, pulling them off her head. Slowly she finally stopped throwing up; just dry heaves left behind for a few minutes after that.
Kanan rubbed slowly up and down her back, fingers pressing into her aching shoulder blades with every pass. He pulled a flask off his belt, which Hera knew contained water and she took it from him gratefully, sipping at it. She handed it back to him when she was done, and slumped into his side slightly. Kanan pulled her against him and rubbed a hand up and down her arm.

“I think you’re more than a little under the weather Hera.” Kanan told her.
“How long has this been going on?”

“A week now.” Hera told him.

“And you’ve thrown up every day?” Kanan asked, worry tainting his voice.

Hera nodded against his chest. “Three or four times a day mostly, sometimes a few more.”

Kanan swore. “You need to see a medical droid Hera.”

“I know love. I’ve just been so busy teaching the new pilot recruits and fixing the ships. Not to mention overseeing the camp.” Hera told him.

“I know the Rebellion is important to you, especially being the leader of this squadron. But, you have to take care of yourself too. Throwing up multiple times a day, being dizzy and tired for a week means something is wrong, really wrong.” Kanan gently chastised her.

“I’m sorry love, I know.” Hera apologized.
Kanan got to his feet and gently pulled her up until she was standing.

“Let’s go visit the medical tent, okay?” Kanan said.

Hera nodded and let him lead her there. He lifted the tent flap and let her walk in first. The medical tent was a basic one. It held all the basic medical devices they might need while out in the field, and rows of beds were ready for triage patients. Right now only a few beds were filled since they hadn’t been in any battles since Endor. Several medical droids buzzed about and a few medics were talking with the patients, while the sides of tent gently waved in the breeze. A medic smiled and walked up when he saw Kanan and Hera standing there.

“General Syndulla, Jedi Master Jarrus! I’m Dr. Acerlya, how can I help you today?” The man asked.

“I’ve been sick all week, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better.” Hera told the man.

“I see. Well come on back to the exam rooms and we will do a full work up. Master Jarrus can wait out here” Dr. Acerlya asked.

“I’d prefer if he came with us, if you don’t mind. He’s my husband.” Hera said.

“Of course! I apologize; I didn’t realize you two were married.” The doctor said.

“It’s not really known by many people. It made it safer for both of us if people didn’t know.”Kanan explained.

“That makes sense I suppose. Well, follow me then.” Dr. Acerlya said, and they followed him to the back of a tent towards an exam room.

The room was a decent size, walled off from the rest of the tent by thick canvas sheets. The room was stocked with medical supplies and an exam
table, along with a medical droid.

“So tell me General, how have you been feeling exactly?” The doctor

“Well, starting at the beginning of last week I started to get really nauseous and I’ve been throwing up at least three or four times a day, some days more. I’m dizzy off and on and very tired.” Hera explained.

“What brings on the vomiting?” The doctor asked, making notes on his data pad.

“Food mostly. Sometimes it seems to come out of nowhere though.” Hera explained.

“What time of day does it seem to occur?” The doctor asked.

“It varies, but usually mid-morning into early afternoon.” Hera said.

“General, this is a very personal question but have you and your husband been sexually active this month?” Hera blushed a dark shade of green and Kanan cleared his throat suddenly.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Have you had your monthly blood yet this
month?” Dr. Acerlya asked as he put down his data pad and began to turn on the medical droid.

Hera’s eyes went wide and her blush quickly went away, leaving her ashen. Kanan grabbed her hand in his, feeling her fear.

“You think I’m pregnant?” She said, voice cracking.

“The symptoms you described to me are very typical for early pregnancy.” The doctor explained, and the droid trilled as the doctor hit a series of buttons.

“I can’t be…it’s impossible.” Hera mumbled. “I was always told humans and Twi’leks couldn’t reproduce.”

“It isn’t the most common thing, but it is very possible. I’ve treated several human-Twi’lek hybrid children during my work with the Rebellion. They usually look like Twi’leks, but with shorter lekku and mottled
skin.” Dr. Acerlya described.

Hera looked over at Kanan and his eyes locked on hers. She could see the fear in his eyes, having children during a war was risky and they were both so busy. But, she could also see the hope in his eyes.

“I see.” Hera replied, still looking at Kanan.

“Alright General, please lie back on the bed and remove everything from your chest down and use this sheet to cover yourself. I’m going to grab a few things and then I’ll be back.” The doctor told her with a smile.

As soon as he left the door, Kanan pulled Hera to her feet and held her against him.

“Hera…” Kanan started and trailed off.

“What are we going to do love?” Hera whispered, tears in her eyes.

“What do you mean?” Kanan asked her, confusion pinching his face.

“If we are having a baby, I mean. There is still a war going on, one that the both of us are a huge part of. We hardly have time to see each other, let alone raise a baby.” Hera told him.

“We’ll make it work Hera, I promise.” Kanan told her, thumbing away the tears that had escaped her eyes. “We don’t even know for sure yet, we’ll worry about it once we know for sure.”

Hera nodded, and wiped at her own eyes. Kanan helped her out of her flight suit and folded it for her while she got settled back on the exam table with the sheet covering her.

The doctor knocked on the door, then made his way in. He set down several papers and a few tools down onto a table, and then sat on a rolling stool by Hera’s feet.

“Alright General, I’m going to have the droid come over here and run a scan, this will tells us whether or not you’re pregnant. If you are, I’m going to do a few tests myself to check yours and the baby’s health
okay?” Dr. Acerlya asked.

Hera nodded, and grabbed Kanan’s hand in her own from where he stood by her head as the droid came over to where the doctor had been sitting before.

Hera shut her eyes, trying to keep calm, but she could still see the blue of the scanner against her eyelids. The droid warbled out a series of codes as it ran its scan, and with a final beep the scanner shut off and the droid let out a series of beeps.

“A viable life form is detected within the organic woman’s womb.” The droid beeped in Binary.

Tears quickly fell from Hera’s eyes as she heard what the droid said.

“I take it you understand Binary?” The doctor asked with a chuckle as he handed Hera a tissue.
Hera nodded and squeezed Kanan’s hand. He squeezed back and leaned down to press a kiss to her forehead.

“I’m going to run a series of test to check yours and the baby’s health. I’ll take some of your blood and also your vital signs. I’m also going to do a scan so we can see the baby to make sure everything is growing properly. Feel free to talk, I won’t need you to do anything but lay there General.” The doctor explained and Hera nodded.

“We’re going to be parents.” Kanan said to her as he placed his palm against her cheek. Hera leaned into it.

“Yes, we are.” Hera said back.

A smile slowly broke out across Kanan’s face and he leaned down to kiss her.

“You’re happy?” She asked as they broke apart.

“Of course. You’re making me a father Hera.” Kanan said to her. “Are you not happy?”

“I’m worried.” Hera replied. “We’re still at war. Raising a baby in a war is dangerous. What if one of us dies Kanan?”

“Hera…” Kanan started to speak before Hera cut him off.

“I grew up without a mother because the war took her from me, and a father who cared more about the war then his own child. I don’t want our child to have to live through what I did.” Hera told him.

“I understand your fears, Hera. I never knew my parents, and the closest person I had to a mother was killed in the war. This war is different, we are winning this war. The Rebellion has taken control quicker than we ever expected. You have always been so hopefully, and you give me hope. Hope for a better future for our child, that maybe someday soon we can settle down and raise our child, together. The odds may be against us, but when has that ever stopped us before?” Kanan replied.

“You’re right love. We do tend to beat the odds.” Hera said, a small smile gracing her lips.

“We do. I’m worried too, but I’m really happy. I want you to be happy too Hera.” Kanan told her.

“I am. I am happy love, I promise you. This is just such a surprise.” Hera replied.

“You’re telling me, I had no idea humans and Twi’leks could have
children.” Kanan told her with a chuckle.

“Me neither. How have we avoided having children until now?” Hera said with a smirk on her face.

“Hera!” Kanan let out a surprised laugh.

“Oh don’t act so innocent love. I believe you were the one who initiated the night the caused our little one to come about.” Hera told him with an eye roll.

“We had just blown up the Death Star; pardon me for wanting to celebrate with my wife.” Kanan said with mock annoyance.

“That was four and a half weeks ago, wasn’t it?” Hera said, seriousness slipping back onto her face.

“It was.” Kanan replied.

“I’m over a month pregnant then.” Hera said with her eyes wide in amazement. “Dr. Acerlya?”

“Yes, General?” The doctor replied.

“Is it normal for women to not notice they are pregnant for over a
month?” Hera asked, teeth worrying her lower lip.

“Yes, especially when they are under stress. It is easy to chalk up all the early pregnancy symptoms to stress or illness.” He explained to her.

“So it wasn’t odd for me not to notice sooner then?” Hera asked.

“No, not at all. See, even though you didn’t know, your baby grew just fine.”Dr. Acerlya said.

Hera drew her eyes up to where the scan of the baby was, the blue hologram hovering above her stomach as the doctor moved a sensor around very low on her stomach.

“You see that black dot? That’s your baby. It doesn’t look like much
yet.” The doctor explained.

“Wow.” Kanan breathed out, mesmerized by it.

“It’s still too early to hear a heart beat yet, but I’ll try and see if we can see it.” Dr. Acerlya said as he moved the sensor around. “Ah, there it is! You see that little flutter? That is the baby’s heartbeat.”

A real smile broke out across Hera’s face, the first genuine smile he had seen out of her yet, and Kanan felt himself tear up at the look of pure awe on her face.

“The baby is very healthy, and everything checks out. I can give you something for the nausea and vomiting, and I suggest you try and take it easy over the next few weeks to easy the dizziness and fatigue.” Dr. Acerlya said with a smile.

“Thank you so much, really.” Hera told him.

“Of course, I’ll have the droid prepare the pills for you, and they will be at the desk in the front when you leave.” The doctor explained.

Hera nodded, and he left the room. Hera sat up, and Kanan handed her her flight suit to put back on. As soon as she had it buttoned up to her
hips, Kanan pulled her up in his arms and spun her around. Hera laughed, burrowing her head into his neck.

“I’m so happy Hera, so happy.” Kanan told her as he leaned his forehead against hers.

“Me too.” She whispered back.

“Thank you.” Kanan said quietly.

“For what dear?” Hera asked.

“For giving me a family.” Kanan told her.

“Always love.” Hera replied.

Hoped you all enjoyed it!

Preference #1: How You Meet

Disregarding any previous deaths/disappearances of some of these characters…

Y/N - Your Name


Scott was your cousin. Growing up, you two were inseparable, but unfortunately your dad got a new job which resulted in you having to move away from Beacon Hills.

Recently you’d moved back, but you hadn’t told Scott because you wanted it to be a ‘surprise’.

You walked to his house which wasn’t far from your own—probably a five minute walk. The door was slightly cracked when you went to knock on it, so you just walked in. Besides, it wasn’t like you were a criminal or anything.

“Scott?” You called but got no reply. “Hey, Scott, I-” You paused once you walked into his living room, seeing him and several other unfamiliar people, excluding his best friend, Stiles, and Stiles’ obsession, Lydia.

“Y/N?” He asks, standing from his spot on the couch to walk over to you. “What are you doing here?”

“I moved back to Beacon Hills. It’s supposed to be a surprise, but I can come back later sense you’re busy.”

Scott shakes his head and wraps an arm around your shoulder, “No, no, this is good. We were just having a pack-“

“Hanging out,” A man, who looks a few years older than everybody else, says.

You nod unsurely, “Okay then.”

“Alright, Y/N, you remember Stiles and Lydia,” You nod. He continues to introduce you to his friends, but all-the-while you could only focused on one particular boy whose name you’ve learned is Derek.


Your mom had recently gotten a job at the local hospital, and apparently you two were supposed to be having dinner at one of her new co-worker’s which would explain why you’re dressed in a dress tonight rather than your usual choice of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

When you arrived at McCall’s house dinner wasn’t ready yet, so your mom thought it’d be a good idea for you to talk to Melissa’s son, Scott.

“Scott!” She calls.

“I’m coming!” A voice shouts from upstairs.

A few minutes pass, and he’s still in upstairs.

“Scott!” His mom shouts a little more aggressively.

“I’ll be down in a second!” He shouts.

Another five minutes pass, and she sighs, “You can just go up to his room. Second door on the right.”

You kid as you begin the walk upstairs and to his room. You knock on the open door, already seeing the back of a shirtless Scott McCall.

“Mom, I said I’d be down in a—” His sentence is cut short when he turns to face you. “Oh.”

“Uh, hi, I-I’m Y/N. Your mom sent me up because dinner isn’t ready yet, and she wanted us talk, but you’re getting dressed, and—I should probably go,” You ramble.

“No, it’s okay,” He smiles, “I just have to put a shirt on,” He chuckles.

“Oh, okay. Well I guess it’s nice to meet you.”


You were coach Finstock’s daughter. You got to help with the lacrosse team meaning you got know the players, never personally though. Your dad had that one, strict rule about none of the players getting close to his daughter, let alone date her.

“Lahey, sit this one out!” A sharp voice shouts from the field.

You feel the bench squeak from beside you, and you finally take the time to look up from your phone.

“Hi, Isaac,” You greet with a warm smile.

“You know my name?” He asks.

“I know everybody’s name on the lacrosse team.”

“Duh,” He says nervously. “It’s just we’ve never spoken before.”

“Yeah. You’re, like, the first player I’ve talked to besides telling the others that they’ve done a good job on the field. Dad usually doesn’t let them say anymore than that,” You answer.


“Yeah, didn’t you know that Coach Finstock is my dad?”

He shakes his head. “Wow,” He breaths.


“Who knew that Coach Finstock could have such a beautiful daughter?”

You felt a blush spread across your face, “Thanks.”


You were jogging in the woods of your hometown when an arrow came flying past your face and into a tree, causing smoke and a bright light to withdraw from it.

“I am so sorry,” You hear a voice from beside say.

“It’s fine,” You say, looking over to see a familiar girl with dark brown hair and eyes.

“Are you sure? I mean, that could’ve killed and—I’m really sorry,” She rushes out.

“I’m sure. I’m totally fine, this kind of stuff happens to me all of the time.”


“No, I just thought it’d make you feel better.” The two of you let out a light laugh.

“You look familiar,” She points out.

You hesitate, “Aren’t you in my biology class? Allison, right?”

“Yeah. Y/N?” She guesses.

“Yeah,” You say before an awkward silence fills the forrest air. “W-well, we should meet up again….just without an arrow almost killing me,” You joke.

She smiles, “Totally. See you around.”


You were the new girl at school, and with that being, you knew it was going to suck. You’d have no friends, and if you got the opportunity to make some, it’d be all awkward and you wouldn’t know what to say, like usual.

You were walking down the hallway, trying to keep your head down to avoid unwanted stares from strangers which probably wasn’t the best idea because you ran into someone. Both of your things to go flying in the air and came crashing down in a mix of school supplies, math notes, and old test papers.

“I am so sorry,” You sputter out as a blush spreads across your face. The bell rings and students begin to file out of the hallway achingly to get to their first class of the day.

“No, it’s my fault, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” He says. The two of you begin to pick up the scattered mess you’ve made.

“Well then it’s as much as my fault as it is your since I wasn’t paying much attention either.”

Once you finally had everything picked up—about ten minutes later—he managed to drop half of it again.

“Uh, sorry,” He apologized, considering some of that stuff was your own. “He is as clumsy—”

“As he is stupid,” You finish.

He stares at you win a shocked expression. “You like Star Wars?”

“Love it,” You say with a newly found confidence.

His eyes widen even more, “Marry me?”

“I think we should learn each other’s name first,” You giggle softly.

“Right, right. I’m Stiles.”



“The blue would look better,” You say to the girl in front of you with her back faced towards you.

Her strawberry blonde hair is tossed over her shoulder, and in her hands are several bags from other stores scattered across the local mall. She turns around to face you with a confused look on her face.

“I-I just thought it’d look better than the pink one.” You point to the different colored skirts draped across her arm.

“Thanks…” She trails off.

“Y/N,” You finish for her, adjusting the beanie on your head as you blush.

“Well, thank you, Y/N. I’m Lydia,” She eyes you up and down, “You seem like quite the fashionista, wanna help me finish shopping?”

You smile warmly before nodding, “Sure!”

Disney does a lot of bullshit and stuff they're not proud of

But can we appreciate the fact that we got a diverse cast in. Big Hero 6, a Polynesian princess in Moana with Polynesian voice actors, 2 black female leads on abc, a black family comedy, with an upcoming Asian family sitcom, with a black lead on Star Wars, female lead in inside out, black and other racially diverse kids on Disney channel sitcoms for kids. As for their marvel side they have a black lead with black panther and Captain marvel for female lead.also have a diversified cast with agents of shield.Etc and I could go on.

But the fact of the matter is that companies like Sony make fun of their black president and black actors. Refuses to fund black movies or cast black actors. Or hell they won’t even consider Miles morales for Spider man. they just apologized but they won’t make promises to amend their actions and maybe promise to cast more ethnic people.

The fact is Disney isn’t perfect but at least they fucking try. They even have a talent scouting group just to seek out minorities.

People if you support diversity, you know who to give your money to.

like real people do

an: merry christmas to my darling @imhookedonadarkswan! I’m your csn secret santa!! I know we didn’t message back and forth much, but that was because I was fairly certain my identity would slip if we did haha 

Anyway, you asked for: “We both stayed in the dorms for winter break and basically have the whole building to ourselves so maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hang out” and I really hope you enjoy this! It was lots of fun to write!! <3 

(special thanks to @swans-and-pirates for reading it and crying at me!!)

word count: ~4700

rating: l for lots of christmas, lots of snow, and lots of flirting. (and also love)

Emma Swan wakes with a start to loud music that certainly isn’t coming from inside of her apartment.

She bolts upright, narrowing her eyes at her alarm clock. It’s only seven on Saturday morning, the first Saturday of winter break, and she’s quite frankly pissed.

She had been under the assumption that no one else would be here over break, which is understandable because most people have families to go home to, or at least friends to tag along with. Emma’s different. Emma doesn’t have either.

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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Reylo I've seen you reblog a few things but I want like a breakdown of our thoughts they're pretty insightful

I mean, the cliff’s notes version? I’m not a fan.

As you’ve said, I’ve reblogged quite a bit about this, so to avoid being repetitive, I’m going to come at this from a slightly different angle from the norm.

Putting aside the fact that it’s incredibly highly likely that they’re related, it’s just… so distasteful to me, that people would prioritize Kylo Ren’s rehabilitation over Rey’s health, safety and happiness. Because that’s really what it boils down to. It’s not that I don’t see the appeal of a redeeming love story, that’s a tale as old as time. It’s not that I don’t see the connection between them, the whole point of every scene they’re IN is that there’s a connection between them. “Don’t be afraid, I feel it too” is one of the most deeply affecting lines of the whole film. That whole encounter crackles with energy.

So I get the interest. There’s supposed to be interest. Their rivalry is meant to carry three movies.

But turning that chemistry into shipping - whether she brings him back into the light or, something I haven’t seen but I’m sure exists, he drags her into the dark with him - means turning the subversive structure of TFA (“Surprise! Rey’s the hero!”) on its axis, back into something tired and toxic that we’ve seen a million times before. It means prioritizing his narrative over hers. It means putting this story back in the hands of the one who least deserves it - the man who literally goes out of his way to kill everything good in himself, who rejects the Skywalker legacy.

That’s not just endorsing abusive dynamics*, that’s turning your back on everything that makes Star Wars STAR WARS.

(*Though now that I’ve said the word, there is a point I want to make. I’ve seen several posts that refer to Kylo Ren as “Rey’s abuser” and, for what it’s worth, I’m not sure if I do agree that he’s that… yet. Shipping them together, prolonging that interaction into a relationship, MAKES him an abuser, but I don’t know that I would call him that on the basis of one encounter. “Abuse,” to me, implies a consistent dynamic over time. So certainly I would call him her torturer or her assailant, but going ONLY by the events of TFA I would not personally use the term “abuser.” However, who the fuck cares what I think, he’s still a vile scumbag and others should call him out using whatever terms they see fit. But you did ask, so.)

Ultimately, what this all comes down to is one line of dialogue: “You know I can take whatever I want.” To my mind, there hasn’t been ANY other scene in the entirety of Star wars that carries such a threat of sexual violence. Darth Vader advancing upon Leia in her prison cell with the interrogation droid? Even that has the distance of a mechanical intermediary. Leia chained to Jabba’s side? The meaning is clear, but he’s still a Hutt - lumbering, massive, slow. Escape seems possible.

Before this moment, Rey calls him a creature in a mask - and to challenge her, he reveals his face… and then continues to hunt her anyway, pushing for answers. And, when none are given, promises to take them by force.

In doing so, he proves her right. Perhaps not a creature, but no less a monster.

And I’m just not signed up for that.

theuglywolf  asked:

I really don't like the whole EU not being canon...I still count it all as canon though. What do you think?

Personally, I understand why the EU is no longer canon and I think that was really the only realistic way they could go.  That said, I understand it’s very tough for a lot of fans to make peace with that decision. 

And I think you have the exact right attitude - count whatever you want as canon! Of course the filmmakers need to have a very black and white definition of canon, but we as fans don’t.  That’s part of the fun of fandom!  We can pick and choose what we like.

That’s where their rebranding of the EU as “Legends” is particularly inspired.  I studied Ancient Greece in college as my major, and Greek mythology is filled with amazing stories and heroes.  But, since the stories are so old, there are many variations.  For example, the god Dionysius is the son of Zeus and Semele in some versions of his story, but the son Zeus and Persephone in others.  The story of Medea has many variations - in some she kills her children by accident, in some she kills them deliberately, and in some they are killed by the townspeople.  When studying these stories, you read them all and then kind of decide for yourself which version you consider the “truth.”

And I see it similarly for Star Wars now.  These are legendary stories that  took place “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.” Over the years, there are going to be different versions.  In some versions, Luke Skywalker founded a Jedi Academy, married a woman named Mara Jade, and had a son.  In another version we’ll get to see next year, something entirely different will probably happen to him. 

Learn all the versions of Luke’s story and then chose the one that you want to be canon for yourself.  The EU isn’t going away - we’re just adding the sequel movies.  And what that means is we will have options. If you don’t like parts of the EU (and there are certainly parts I don’t), we’ll now have another alternative.  If you end up hating the sequels, you can always consider the EU your canon.  And of course, there is always fandom and fan fic for creating your own stories and your own versions of these legends! 

Apologies for the novel here!  But I very sincerely believe this and want to try and help any EU fans who are feeling down.  Star Wars is expanding, but we aren’t losing what came before!