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How long does it usually take for you to respond to a personal message? Are there any other rules besides what's on your page that we have to adhere by before we are deemed acceptable to be answered?

Wow, this message actually made me pick up my lazy ass and answer to it on my computer. 

          First of all, if you wanted to be sarcastic — you did well, but “deemed acceptable to be answered” is not a good way to ask a question or be polite; it is formal but I consider it as passive aggressive, so rethink how you should ask things from ANON, because the next message like this is sent I’m blocking anon and deleting that message. Second of all, if you are my mutual and I have not answered to your message: I apologize, message me again. Finally, come off anon if you want a long serious answer thanx

            I do not like answering these questions because I see no reason for me to answer it normally without knowing who’s asking. Have a nice day. 

Fabled III

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//Sehun x you ❤️

Word count: 3,707

It wasn’t supposed to be that long. I just don’t know what have happened here.

Part I IV

It didn’t go as planned. You are not exactly sure, how it was supposed to go, but you are damn sure, he was not supposed to snap back and stare at you incredulously. But so he did.

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backflipped-off-the-handle i’m sorry your request took so long (i had to put a lot of thought into this) this may not be what you wanted but i hope you like it anyways (dialogue and my commentary can be found under the read more)

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super spy husbands hc that iwa-chan is slightly wary of oikawa going undercover in social event missions while iwaizumi's the lookout bc one time oikawa was a little too social and drank too much and started waving one of the gun children around. iwaizumi probably is more worried about his children ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

okay this is another CUTE hc!! ridiculously cute omg
I had a similar work which I started a looooong time ago based on Oikawa going undercover and Iwa working in the operation line so this inspired another word blab. This one ended up being a whole fic (because I don’t know how to control myself god). Thank you for this idea oreo!! ʕ ∗ •́ ڡ •̀ ∗ ʔ

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The Marriage Bed Part TRES

A/N: Hey there dearests! This is for Klarolinstan who is absolutely lovely and asked for the third part to this story.  Here you are darling.  I hope you like it!

His eyes narrowed as the words dripped clumsily from her lips and hung stagnantly between them.  He surveyed her, his gaze flitting over her face, making precise appraisal of her inside of his unfathomable mind.  Her fingers curled into the gossamer skirts of her dress, knotting nervously as she held her chin elevated defiantly. He let his eyes fall down to the deep square of her neckline a notable flicker of admiration igniting in his irises.  Heat rose upon her cheeks, both anger and embarrassment coursing through her.  She knotted her fingers tighter into her skirts resisting the urge to yank the fabric up to cover her exposed flesh. 

Caroline’s spine straightened as her own mind began to race..  Not once over the last three years if someone were to approach her and intimate that the night her husband finally appeared that she would feel such conflicting emotions.  One reason being the likelihood that her husband would ever deign to call upon her, let alone track her to a masquerade ball without the knowledge of her location was infinitesimal.  All of it collided within her, his proximity, the pulsing beat inside of her that wailed her emotions towards him, the irritation at his audacity. 

 “I assure you, I haven’t forgotten.” 

“Your behavior suggests otherwise.” A pregnant pause rose between them.  

‘I don’t remember you being so foolish.” He growled, a clear emblem that her words had pierced his cool and calm exterior.  Pride rose within her at the thought of finally needling her way under his thick unaffected skin, even for only a moment.  

“I’d find it remarkable if you could enumerate even a single facet of my character. In fact, I may find myself submitting to my first bout of vapors if you were able.” 

His head bobbed back in surprise at her icy words.  With every moment that passed, she felt strength pour into her very soul.  A strength she had no knowledge that she ever possessed.  Wherever it originated from, whether it had been laying within her dormant or had transferred to her from some unknown source, she was grateful for it; especially enclosed within the confines of this carriage, sitting diagonally from this man. She crossed her arms over her chest, conscious of the fact that it accentuated the low cut of her decadent costume.

 Go ahead.  Astonish me with the depths of her your knowledge about my person.  Let’s start with something simple.  How I prefer my teas perhaps?” 

The words seeped from her laced with venom.  All of the years, the years of being ignored, abandoned, of loving someone unreciprocated, of the whispered rumors behind gloved hands, the anger and the humiliation she had felt over her position and situation, the person responsible for everything that had made her into the Lady she was at that moment sat before her.  After all of this time, she finally had the person that had shaped her character without being present in the slightest. The person who most deserved her disregard, was finally here to reserve it, and she was wasting no time. 

An amused smirk tilted on his lips and fury roared to life inside of her.  
“Is there something you find entertaining?”

His eyes continued to assess her, the long fingers of his hand reaching up to trace the shape of his plump lower lip.  “I’m not certain yet.” 

She scoffed, leaving back against the lush velvet of the seat.  Her eyes sought out the tell-tale physical landmarks in the darkness.  Hoping beyond hope they would hint as to their location and they could put this farce to an end by arriving at her townhouse.   Her memory revolted against this Niklaus who sat across from her.  She had remembered a quiet, brooding, handsome, imposing man who always got his way.  For the most part, her memory was accurate, he was still devilishly handsome, mercurially tempered, and was clearly used to his word being obeyed, but there was harsh differences that stood out glaringly.  When they had wed three summers prior, he had been quiet but kind, not irritating and brash.  His quiet reserved manner was one of the reasons that she had fallen so deeply in love with him.  Now he seemed just as imposing, but in an altogether unsettling way.  The impish smirk tugging at his beautiful lips made him seem almost playful, which would never had been a word that she had thought to describe her estranged husband.  

In fact, Caroline was out of her depth on exactly what she was feeling at the moment. Her heart pounded in her chest at his proximity.  The intoxicating smell of sandalwood and fresh grass swirling through her senses drugged her begging to pull her forward and bury her face in his neck.  The dark shadows of the carriage cutting his face, if possible made him more dangerous, more handsome, more viral. 

“I take it you’re cross with me for some reason.”  

Disbelief flushed through her at his ignorant words. Could he not understand why she could possibly be angry? “Well done.  I hope you didn’t strain your mental capacities too much in coming to that conclusion.” 

He shifted a fraction forward his eyes narrowing, his tongue darting out to wet his lips.  A sharp spike jumped through her as the pink tip disappeared, she pulled her gaze back from his mouth, intent to keep her wits about her.  “Do you intend to enlighten me on what I’ve done to deserve your ire or do you intend to bombard me with childish insults for the rest of the evening?” 

Caroline moved forward in turn, dropping her arms as she leaned closer.  “There is a substantial list that I could pull from in which to garner something in which I would be cross with you over.  Starting with the portion of this evening where you drug me out of a ballroom without any forethought to my reputation or person.”

“I made it perfectly clear when I approached you tonight we had a prior engagement we needed to attend.”  Only the specific training from her governess stopped her from releasing an unladylike snort of derision from his words.  She shook her head in incredulity.

“At what point did you make your intentions clear? When you commanded me via post that you were calling upon me? When you crassly told Lord Lockwood that you were taking me home without allowing me to give my apologies to both the hostess or the lady I attended that evening to chaperone?  Regardless of your agenda, you could have had the decency as a gentleman to treat me with a modicum of respect.”  The words tumbled out of her in a rush, her chest heaved with anger, she could feel the flush staining her cheeks. 

“And you’re leaving me in your sitting room with your incompetent butler and your insolent maid without even a note?  Was that showing me the proper respect I deserve not only as your husband but as a Lord of the realm?”  Shame coursed through her at his words.  True, he had treated her abysmally, but her widowed father had raised her to be the very epitome of a lady.  It was an insult to his memory to act so ungallantly.  If her late father had taught her one thing, it is the way that we treat other’s that reveal the depths of ones characters, not the embellishments on one’s name and station. 

“I apologize for my behavior this evening as well the actions of the members of my staff. I will instruct them in the future to conduct themselves accordingly in the presence of a gentleman.” 

He didn’t move, simply continued to stare at her with that puckish tilt to his lips.  “I accept your apology, but I think it would be sensible if you were to consider hiring immediate replacements.”

Anger returned in full grandeur.  How dare he.  “I don’t believe how I manage my household is any of your concern.” 

“I beg to differ, as your husband it is also my reputation that suffers if your staff behaviors inappropriately among our peers.  Also, as your husband I should not have to rationalize my decisions on any level.  I believe your staff unsuitable and need to be dismissed.”

The carriage rolled to a lazy halt.  Caroline blinked as she grappled for her wits through the haze of her frustrations.  The masquerade was only a short carriage ride from her town home, but it had seemed moments ago that they departed.   Had she truly lost recollection of the entire journey?  Klaus’s sudden presences, from his arrival to his asinine protestations had completely thrown her for a loop.

 Just like the moment he had reached forward and taken her hand within his that sunny afternoon in Hartfordshire, he had never ceased to confound her.  She had never been particularly headstrong as a child, she had spent her life eager to please.  Hoping that she could possibly fill the void her father felt at losing his wife and never securing an heir.  It was rare for her to lose control of her temper.  She could count the number of times she had lost control of her practiced reserve on one hand, but the longer that she spent time in his company, the harder it became for her to slip her icy mask of indifference on and treat him with cold indifference. 

She forced a tight smile.  “It’s been a lovely evening, but I’m feeling rather weary and wish to retire.” Without a single glance in his direction she was out of the carriage, her satin slippers crunching against the gravel towards her open door.  It wasn’t until she was handing her reticule and stole to her footman did she realize that Niklaus had followed closely behind her. 

“Is there something else you require Lord Mikaleson?” She said tiredly, every moment that passed making her long for the confines of her quarters.  
And undecipherable look passed over his features.  One that for the life of her Caroline could not read.  It called an unpleasant thought to the surface of her mind.  The double edged sword that, though her husband knew as little of her as he would a stranger, the same could certainly be said in reverse.  She didn’t know his favorite meal, his partiality in literature, whether he enjoyed music.  How could you love someone you knew nothing of? 

Her feet climbed up the stairs, moving several steps until she stood slightly higher than him.  Caroline hoped that her move to retire would signal that it was time for him to leave. 

“If you recall in my missive I spoke of an urgent matter that I needed to discuss with you.”  

She pursed her lips pressing one finger to her painted mouth as she feigned thought.  “I do recollect something of that nature.” 

His hand clasped causally behind his back, he stepped forward.  The gleaming sheen of his black hessians coming flush with the bottom step.  “Well then, I’ll instruct the servants to have the house packed up immediately.  Good evening.”  He gave a curt bow, before turning on his heel and heading towards the waiting door being held open stoically by her young footman.  

Caroline was after him in a second.  “I beg your pardon.”  Her first thought roared through her.  The one that had been stuck within her mind for the longest of times.  If he thought that he could simply send her back to that…prison in the country, he was utterly mistaken.  She would never go back there, not in a hundred years.  “I will do no such think.  If you think for a moment that you are going to barge in here, making demands, sending me back to THAT house you have lost your senses.  I will not go.” 

He turned, their eyes locked in an unspoken challenge of wills.  “Not at all.  I intend to have your things relocated to my townhome first thing on the morrow.”
Of all the things Klaus could have possible said to her at that moment, the idea that he wanted her to dwell in his townhouse was the least likely.  Caroline blinked, her body frozen in a state of shock.  “That’s…well… no absolutely not.  I will do no such thing.” 

“Then I shall have to take up residence here.  I assume the masters quarters have been well kept?” 

She sputtered at his newest admission.  “You were not invited to stay here my lord and I can assure you I am not going anywhere with you.  Now.  It is quite late, I don’t know what this is all about but I insist you take your leave.”
If her words had made any impression upon her husband, he made no indication.  He simply walked forward nonchalantly.  His eyes analyzing every detail of her foyer from the wainscoting to the tapestries.  “There’s been quite enough of this.  It’s time that we lived together as husband and wife.”

“It was you who engineered our separation my lord, not I.” 

“I am aware of my actions.  I am also conscious of the fact that it is my place to attempt to bridge the gap between us.” 

He spoke so simply.  As if the means of reparation were as easy as falling a tree across a small stream; in reality it was more fitting to deem an ocean lay between them.

“And if I refuse?” 

His beautiful mouth tightened in irritation, his eyes flashing in kind.  “You have two options Caroline.  Either you consent to reside with me, or you allow me to take up residence here. That is all.” 

Their gazes held, locked.  Caroline both cursed and praised that he could not read her mind and the words that were surely running across her face in bold script.  After all this time you come back, and like this, when I’ve been waiting for you, all this time, and this is all you give me.  Nothing. 

“I prefer to reside here.” She said succinctly. 

He nodded in understanding.  “Then I shall have my things brought by early tomorrow.  I trust that will not be inconvenient.”
She didn’t say a word.  She could not.  Simply shook her head in response.  He gave another curt bow before turning on his heel and disappearing out into the night.


Klaus took the stairs into his own home two at a time, tugging off the white linen of his cravat as he went.  He was irritated beyond belief and once he found his footman he would sink into a glass of Brandy.  “Jeremy?” he bellowed into the recesses of his home Shrugging off his great coat and tossing it languidly onto a chair.  It was a few moments before the young man appeared, immediately taking up the coat and smoothing the wrinkles from the fabric.  

“Brandy, my lord?” Jeremy said following behind Klaus towards his study. 

“Please Jeremy.”  The fire had burnt down to embers, a signal that this evening had taken him a great deal longer than he would have liked.  Without another glance he reached forward, tossing one of the split logs leaned casually against the brick fireplace onto the glowing coals.  The wood crackled with the new found heat and within moments, the tell-tale tendrils of flames ignited the edges.  He watched as the fire consumed the wood, the light from the flames brightening the shadowed room ever so slightly.  

It wasn’t often that someone got the upper hand on Niklaus Mikaleson.  In fact, for many of his peers in the ton, it was said to be impossible.  With 48 hours, not one person had managed the feat, but two.  His mother he could have comprehended, she had been a sore thorn in his side for many a year and had bested him more than once.  But his wife?

A vision of her rose in his mind.  The golden wheat of bound had been bound elegantly at the nape of her neck.  Even at night in the dim confines of his carriage had it looked like it had been kissed by the sun.  He considered how her crystal blue eyes fringed by dark lashes had flashed at him in fury.  How becoming the angry flush of her cheeks had looked against the creamy porcelain of her skin.  He searched his memories for the girl he had married on his wedding day, but he could not find her.  Instead the girl had been replaced by the absolute vision that was Caroline.  

What had changed?  And how had it taken him so long to see it?  Caroline was unlike any Lady of the ton he had ever met; and of all the Ladies among his peers, she should be the one he was most familiar.  Where most well-bred ladies sought to be quiet, kind, powerful without the use of words Caroline was outspoken, fiery, passionate…exquisite.  His mind caressed the word as he appraised the picture of her in his mind.   She was absolutely exquisite.

Where his green wife had once existed, somehow a strong woman had taken her place.  One who had no qualms with arguing with him about matters that should have been decided.  One that could rise his temper with a wave of her dainty hands.  He mentally cataloged all of the rumors, stories, and mentioning’s over the years that he had been privy too.  Not a single one had hinted to her sudden change or insinuated that she were any different then she had been when he had left her at the great house.  Her appearance was so markedly different, it was possible that he had run into her before and not even been aware of the fact.  No.  He shook his head at the thought, even if he had not known that she was his wife, he would have remembered her.  He would have to ask Lord Salvatore in the morning.  As his closest friend and actively seen around ballrooms and dinner parties, he was sure to have more information for him regarding the woman he married. 

Tomorrow would be the beginning of change.  He had informed her of the necessity that they remove the divide between them.  Why he had not simply told her of the necessity of producing an heir he did not know.  That was his intention after all, in calling upon her in the first place.  Instead he let her rile his temper until he lashed out in kind.  The matter of two people coupling in order to create a child was something that was essential to any marriage; it should have been a cut and dry conversation that left nothing to speculation.  Instead he had allowed her face, her passion, and her biting words wrap him in a haze of a completely different kind, desire.  It was foolish of him to desire her, to want her to come to his bed willingly.  To see if that passion that spat so hotly in her words would ignite between his sheets.  

But a fool he was.  

“Your brandy, My lord.” Jeremy’s voice pulled him from his musings.   

“Thank you Jeremy.” He turned, grasping the heavy crystal tumbler between his fingertips.  Jeremy gave a quick bow before moving to exit the study.  Jeremy, though he was insolent at times new his masters wishes regarding his night time routine.  He preferred to be alone in the evening hours, he always had.  “Jeremy?” 

“Yes, My lord?” Came the young man’s reply. 

“I will need my things packed for an extended holiday ready by early tomorrow.” If the footman were surprised he gave no notion. 

“Where would you like them sent?” He brought the glass to his lips, letting the cool ring and the tart taste of brandy linger before speaking. 

“To Forbes house. We’ll be residing there for the foreseeable future.” 

“Very well, my lord.”  And with that, he turned and left.

Happy Valentine’s Day

For eternal single people (like me), this is a day that we dreaded when we were in middle school, high school, and even sometimes after that. This is a day where the whole world reminded us that we didn’t have a date. That we weren’t loved. That we were pathetic to be alone on this day. 

But it’s wrong. My own conception of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love, not only between two partners but also between a person and his family and friends. 

So here, I’m tagging every people on tumblr that I consider as my friends, or persons who deserve more love, or persons I admire. People that I talk with everyday, people that I see from afar and like the blog, and also people that I lost contact with over the months, because I’m such a lazy ass. I can’t speak to everyone, it goes beyond the limits of the social area of my brain. It doesn’t mean I don’t like you anymore or forgot about you :) 

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so here we are, 320 or so followers, a near 200 follower increase from my last follow forever. that is INSANE. especially since i consider myself to be one of the lesser rpers in this community, and my lack of capabilities that could make me an exponential rper (as in a pretty small vocabulary of giant and epic words that could be used, and i in general cannot settle on a format for the life of me). and yet here you all are, sitting on the sidelines and watching me rp, and actually ENJOYING my rps. i’m honestly just. so flattered by you all being here by my side.

alright, without further ado, let’s move on to some really sappy shit because this is me we’re talking about here.

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I decided to get a little more involved at the church I’m attending and serve in whatever capacity they needed. Today was my first day helping out and they had me welcoming folks as they entered. I’ve spent so much time in leadership positions at churches, that it felt almost awkward. God knows my ego needs a good chiseling, so I embraced the opportunity.

That’s when I met Vlad.

Vlad is a middle-aged homeless man with a beard to envy, a grizzly demeanor, calloused and bruised hands from having to fight off thieves, and tattoos which told stories all of their own. He apparently stops by every once in a while to ask for a place to shower, but I always missed him because I attended the 2nd service. We sparked up a conversation as I greeted people through the doors; some families seemed to recognize him and asked how he was doing, others would give a strange look as they hurried in out of the cold. I ended up conversing with Vlad well into the service. He shared bits of his story, from living in the streets of San Francisco which he made sure to emphasize was bat-shit crazy, then up to Portland where someone handed him a book called Blue Like Jazz that would forever shift the way he thought about God, then train-hopping all the way to central Florida and now here; He hitch-hiked his way up through Georgia and the Carolinas to the small town of Lynchburg. I asked him how he managed to survive on the streets and he unpacked his daily schedule of rummaging through restaurant garbage for leftovers. That’s when I mentioned he should try dumpster-diving at the local grocery stores and how I had a friend who wasn’t even homeless and did it all the time (h/t gospelofthekingdom).

The fact that I was attempting to teach a homeless man, how and where to dumpster-dive, was all too ironic.

At one point, another gentlemen walked up to Vlad, introduced himself, and after a few minutes of back-and-forth asked if he could pray for him. So many things flew through my head at that moment. I’m not sure where we get off assuming that after someone has just expressed to us their difficulties and needs (especially a homeless man), that the bandaid we prescribe is prayer, and then proceed to move on with our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I believe prayer has it’s place and that the gentlemen had the best of intentions in mind, but really?

That’s when I let out a sigh of relief and smirked when I heard Vlad’s response:

“Honestly man, I’m just looking for a place to shower.”

Paraphrasing Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the good news Jesus proclaimed was concerned with the whole person. So while he was interested in nourishing our souls, when he was met with the hungry for example, his response was also “I’ll feed you.” Because the good news to a hungry person is bread.

This afternoon, I learned more about the Gospel from the mouth of a sojourning homeless man than from the most carefully orchestrated sermon.

When I finally made my way back into the service, the other greeters were apologizing that I had to miss worship. But I thought to myself “No, was that not worship in itself?” Are we only limited to encounters with the Divine when we lift our hands and sing our songs? Or is there room to meet with Jesus in his most distressing of disguise—the ones who our society consider worthless, lazy, and cumbersome?

As I’ve delved into the Kingdom cultivation of the Catholic Workers Movement, I’m reminded of the Catholic Catechism which explains that Jesus invites us to recognize his own presence in the poor who are his brethren.

I hope that for those of us who are struggling in our search for God, we would consider the startling possibility that we’ve already bumped into him. The almosts, the downtrodden, the not-good-enoughs—that’s where God is.

Ahhhh hiiii everybodyyyy~

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My prompt recommendation: soul trying to teach maka a new video game, and getting very very frustrated at how much she sucks at it.

Considering that I have never owned a gaming console I can relate to Maka in this one. Also I apologize for being late on this one i am a lazy piece of shit

 Video games were never really something that interested Maka. When she was a child she was too preoccupied with reading and training to focus on such a ridiculous pastime and when she hit puberty the fact didn’t change. Besides, what was the point? Pretending to be some random person who just went around breaking random things? Where’s the entertainment in that? But when the enigma that is Soul Eater entered her life she suddenly found herself having a change in opinion. 

“What are you doing?” She asked, dumbfounded at the sudden loudness in her usually quiet partner.

Up until that point things had been awkward. Soul had just moved in and neither of them were exactly sure how to handle their newfound partnership. All their conversations were clipped and to-the-point and awkward to say the least. But when he played video games his yells of triumph and defeat rang throughout the small apartment. His swears were surprisingly long and well thought out and Maka had a hard time believing that this was the same person who responded to her questions with one-word answers. 

Soul having been caught mid-yell and mid-celebratory dance nervously tried to think of ways in which he could save his cool image. But seconds ticked on and Soul’s brain was still offering no assistance so in a last ditch effort he tried speaking.

“Playing a video game?” It came out as a question.

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