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OTP Idea #881

Imagine Person A constantly finding excuses to sleep in Person B’s bed, from “storms scare me,” to “it’s too cold to sleep alone tonight.”


gamora appreciation 2/∞


Perry Cox and Bob Kelso: Synchronized Grumps


SPL’s List of Lovely Ladies Céline Dion

Please don’t make your career your life. Let it be your passion, let it bring you pleasure, but don’t let it become your identity. You are so much more valuable than that.

Can we please kill the idea that liking villains/anti-heroes ets etc, somehow makes someone a bad person?


Scrubs + Season-Ending Songs


└ Sakurai-san! Why must you tease like that!

Cr: English jweb (I’ll Be There Special Site - Member Messages)

Happy Birthday @khaoticvex / @stormyjynx!! ◕◡◕❀

I thought I’d draw Stormy’s dancer au, but since I’ve never drawn gratsu before it looks kinda sloppy ;w;

(Tumblr seems to be messing with the image clarity, so please click to view!)

…New OC?? q-q

Kismet represents Karma! Their mirror weapon is summon-able, and works as a sort of shield- It can reflect an attack back at the caster, with 50% strength of the original attack! When activated, the mirror part itself actually shows a space design, with stars and galaxies. They can also just straight up use it as a club to slam into people.

It’s a bit hard to see here, but- They have blue freckles and unnaturally coloured eyes, as well as a bit of a snaggletooth!! I’ll post another thing later to show those off a bit better!

Kismet believes in total justice, even if their methods to achieve said justice can be a bit dirty. They like to take things into their own hands and will do whatever it takes to achieve their current goal. Very agile, they’re actually pretty good at acrobatics, and use those abilities in combat!

Like Sol, they aren’t exactly ‘human’.


└ Seriously old man! You CAN’T look THAT adorably cute when owning up to members!

Cr: VS Arashi 02.02.2017

  • Deoch: Hey! I'm pretty gay. In fact, I have a boyfriend.
  • Stanchion: Well, I have a boyfriend, too. And frankly, I would say I'm gayer than you.
  • Deoch: How are you gayer than me?
  • Stanchion: I have a man purse.
  • Deoch: That's not gay, that's hideous. And if you were as gay as I was, you would know that!