consider helen

Helen was considered one of the best cops if Buffalo.

Helen lost a child and survived.

Helen struggles with suicidal tendencies.

Helen and Gabe took in an inner city child with a rough past.

Helen is the most determined and driven cop that Ryan Kane, a special ops ex military FBI agent, has ever seen.

Helen has a mental illness.

Helen loves Philip so damn much

Helen is incredibly intelligent.

Helen blames herself when she can’t solve a case.

Helen genuinely cares about everyone around her.

Helen swears a lot.


Helen is going to kick Ryan’s ass next episode and I’m ready!!


Happy Birthday @samcaarter

Punk Aesthetic Modern Mythology- Cassandra

It doesn’t seem like it now, but she did have a good life once. She was a pretty famous photographer with a passion for writing; the type of girl you’d see in coffee shops with nothing but a camera and notebook in hand. Anyway, that all changed after some rumors got around that she tried to ruin Helen’s wedding. The truth is, that’s what Apollo told the magazines after she refused to sleep with him. And before you ask, she did try to tell her side of the story— but if you get called a “delusional bitch” often enough, you’d shut up eventually too.


It’s taken me a full season of Enlightened to be like, “Yes,” meaningful repetition, “Yes.” I was teetering on a balance of like-indifference (unlike with Girls, whose balance is still one of love-loathe), until Consider Helen. The episode was so unexpected and tugged on heart strings I did not know that I had.

and also Luke Wilson is amazing