Sherlock was surprised to find himself admiring John’s profile against the fireworks. And Sherlock loved fireworks, ever since he was a small child.

Given recent revelations, observing without lowering one’s lashes or catching glimpses from the corner of one’s eye was a luxury … an experience certainly more novel than mere fireworks.

Perhaps it was time to put away childish things, as Mycroft would have put it, and grow up. No longer through a glass darkly, but face to face. Sherlock’s mulling over the future was interrupted when he noticed John rubbing his hands together, huffing into them to warm up.

John leaned in, easing his body into Sherlock’s warmth. Sherlock closed his eyes, and wrapped his arms around John. He wanted this embrace etched into memory … the sounds, the smells, John’s reassuring weight – all of it.

Sherlock’s eyes flew open as he felt John stiffen with a strangled cry and slump, a sudden dead weight falling against him. He struggled to lay John down as gently as he could on the flagstones. It was impossible to see properly, so he blindly went over John with shaking hands –  What happened?

Then he felt it – a sickly slip-slide of warmth against his fingertips. Blood. In a panic, he pulled off his scarf, pressing it hard against the wound. “John … John!”

gotdam I’m doing research into walking simulators and narrative for my final exam project and some people really really like yell about them being the End Of All Games And The Rise Of The Evil SJW Apocalypse I can’t imagine what life is like being that angry over people walking and clicking

Classic INTP moment I had

Last year a small group of people from school went on a camp for a book fair. We were at dinner at a fancy-ass restaurant and one of the girls said that earlier on in the day, a guy called her fat, and everyone at the table kind of gasped in shock… except for me. I actually laughed - not because I thought what the guy said was funny, but because of everyone’s reaction. They all looked at me like I was a fuckin monster, and I said “What? It’s not an insult, it’s just a description.” (But of course, it depends on the way it’s said.) Then everyone was just quiet and slowly began to talk again. Yeah, put an INTP in a social situation where they’re expected to be civil, with a bunch of people they barely know, and shit is bound to go down.

My new goal in life is to watch a DC animated movie without crying the whole time from either fangirling or ultimate sadness. For example, 

Son of Batman: Crying at Damian Wayne’s cuteness

Batman vs Robin: Crying at Damian hugging his father at the end

Batman Bad Blood: Crying at the fact that Kate’s there and how amazing Dick is as Batman

Justice League vs Teen Titans: Crying at Dami making friends


Flashpoint: Crying because poor Barry

Justice League War: Crying because yay Justice League and friendship

Justice League Throne of Atlantis: Crying because Arthur and Mera OTP wow

The Killing Joke: Crying because BARBARA NOOOO!!!! 

Assault on Arkham: Crying over how mean Joker is to Harley 

anonymous asked:

Love your Snart sibling headcanons. Now if you don't mind, I was very interested in your analysis that Leonard approved of Goldenvibe. Any headcanons of future interactions in dating and marriage and stuff. I was always HC that they named at least 1 boy after Len, like Lenardo (Leonard-Doh). What about you? Also any GoldenVibe HCs if you don't mind.

Do you mean a specific analysis I wrote before of Len’s opinion on goldenvibe, or rather that you want me to write one? Because I feel like I’ve written about what I think his thoughts on it would be, but I can’t find the specific post right now, so I’m not sure if you’re referencing something or not ^^;

[although I did find this other post I wrote ages about Len and Lisa growing up, which is also pretty damn angsty]

And hmmm, I have far fewer future-headcanons than I do past ones, because there are a million possible futures, but the past is what gets people to this point in time, and there’s less wiggle room. And heh, I’m afraid you’ll be a bit disappointed, because my headcanons aren’t all that in line with yours, I don’t think?

For instance, I headcanon that Lisa never, in a million years, intends to have children. In fact I HC that she has her tubes died and got it done literally as young as she could convince a doctor to let her, in her 20′s. She’s also uninterested in adopting.

Cisco I can see wanting kids, but I was happy to HC that he was happy to be a great uncle to any kids of his friends or family. Now that Dante’s dead, that’s a little harder to get my head around, because I suspect that Cisco will absolutely want to have kids and continue his family line, and especially to have a son named Dante. 

Not sure where that mental wrench will lead, tbh. But on a happier note, some other potential goldenvibe HC’s:

  • Cisco is a pure romantic, and Lisa has never been properly romanced. The only guys to romance her before Cisco all wanted something for it, whereas Cisco just loves to do things to see her smile. He plans elegant picnic dates and takes her to ballet and figure skating and all manner of things he thinks she’ll like, holding doors for her because he just loves being on a date and doing the little things to make it special, and she smiles because he’s so clearly happy to be doing these things and he smiles wider because he’s made her smile and they get stuck in a loop of smiling at each other like completely love-struck fools on almost every date.
  • Lisa takes Cisco for a ride on her motorcycle on one of their early dates and he freaking loves it and she preens because Cisco appreciates that she’s this cool badass instead of being intimidated by it. He’s a little nervous about the ride and doesn’t even deny it and she gets to coax him onto the bike with kisses and he basically has the time of his life okay?
  • They play “not mine” for hair. By which I mean, whenever a strand of hair turns up in either of their apartments or on either of their clothes or in some increasingly improbable place, whoever finds it will say “not mine” and blame it on the other. Lisa will snap a photo every time a strand of Cisco’s hair that magically made it’s way somewhere totally bizarre like onto Mick’s jacket or something. Cisco will deny it’s his and when Lisa points out how black and short it is, he’ll accuse her of planting it there to make him look bad. And so it goes, back and forth. She laughs herself silly when he snapps her a photo of her hair tangled around the vibe goggles with just “????? how?????” as the caption.
  • The first time Lisa saw Cisco with his hair tied back she practically melted. He now is aware that it’s “incredibly sexy” and how much she wants to “make a mess” of him when he tidies up. consequently, he sometimes ties it back and dresses quite nice when he’s having a day in and she’s coming by… ;)
  • Cisco gives Lisa footrubs at least on a weekly basis. She swears she doesn’t know how she lived before this. She wears 3-5 inch stilettos on an almost daily basis and Cisco is genuinely concerned about her feet but she says its so normal to her now that she has a harder time walking in flat, lol.
  • Cisco is absolutely the one to propose. it’s not until they’ve been dating for at least two years because he doesn’t want to spook her, but he’s been ready since like six months into dating. she’s totally blindsided by it because she genuinely never expected that anyone would want to marry her. she says yes, of course, and probably cries and is put out by crying but also too happy for words.

okay , so ! i had a pretty emotionally packed day , largely because in a mtg with my professor he told me that ‘ politics ( read : feminism , women’s rights ) don’t belong in the film industry / behind the camera , and he tried to mansplain a topic i’m incredibly passionate about and which resonates to the profession which i am entering . it’s a very macho environment , cinematography , and one that many women have had to adjust their attitudes for in order to become ‘ one of the guys ’ and this concept just ! ruins me . i want to retain my femininity , my softness , etc. and it worries me endlessly that this will result in me not getting taken seriously . and this guy just … proved that , again , to me in a way that felt very condescending and nasty . and it hit me harder than i wanted to let it . i don’t want to sound like !! whiny or anything . idk . it’s a touchy subject , but i just … i started explaining this to my mom on the phone and i said the whole politics quote and she was like ‘ is he trying to say feminism is politics ? ’ and i just , started crying ! like full on in public lmao , so ! anyway , i’m alright now . thank you for those who commented on my previous post ! and for those who messaged me outside of tumblr ! i appreciate it , and it helped me feel a lot less alone .