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That unpopular opinions post you reblogged, do you also agree with number 4? I think it overlooks the fact that, at least in the US i cant speak for the rest of the world, racism against black, asian, middle eastern, and latinx peoples is largely systematically rewarded as well as socially enforced. At least in my second hand experience, as i am white and therefore benefit from those privileges, 'reverse racism' isn't as comparable because systematic oppression stems mostly from white america.

reverse racism isnt a thing, and indeed, if youre from the US, systematic racial oppression is perpetuated mainly by white people against POC. however, if you go to europe for example, “white” doesnt mean anything and nationality/citizenship matter just as much as ethnicity, which is why eastern europeans get treated like shit in western european countries, even though theyre “technically” white. 


Of course Abigail would be Chuck, though less the romantic angle and much more the poor girl got offed by her dad and Will felt bad. Uncle Jack is not amused.

Will as the Piemaker, Abigail as Chuck, and Jack as Emerson!

The Freds, Alana and Margot, Will the Pie maker.

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tfw i wanna be ur friend so bad but too scared too approach

Aww, it’s okay I definitely understand being scared! I’m actually really socially anxious so I don’t usually start conversations with others because I always feel like I’ll be a bother
| ू´ᆺ`●);;
But you can always send a message about your day or whatever if you’d like? I won’t be bothered at all ;o;

Ugh do antibiotics mess anyone else up? Because I’m pretty sure the stomach ache and headache are from that.

Also I guess I always just get sick in March. When I was at the clinic today they were like, “Oh you were here on March 8th of last year for bronchitis.” And I was like WHAT.

Then Facebook memories was like on this exact day two years ago you had walking pneumonia. So. That’s cool.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. My lungs always seem to be doing… some shit. I have asthma, but, I dunno. It’s never affected me THAT much. I hardly ever ever have to use an inhaler and I often forget to even carry one on me. Worst time I ever had was gym class in high school before I was diagnosed and I kept having mild asthma attacks until they gave me an inhaler.

But I get bronchitis and pneumonia “at the drop of a hat” as my mom put it to me on the phone yesterday. She also brought up my grandmother who had like some breathing machine… thing that she occasionally would use because of her lungs. I was young and I honestly don’t remember what it was but, uh, thanks for the comforting thought, mom. :V

I just want to breathe and that’s been difficult for the past two weeks :V

fanaticfangirl2602: I’ll be going through my dash and looking at cute and funny things, THEN THESE KIND OF POSTS SHOW UP. You constantly hurt me. I love it. You have made me veeeeery worried for Jim. O.O

i can make it less sad bc i have put way too much thought into this

i was talking to @summerweens earlier about how all of the Trollhunters are given alliterate titles like Kanjigar the Courageous, Deya the Deliverer, Unkar the Unfortunate, etc. imagine if Jim is dubbed Jim (or James) the Just in the end, bc even if he does screw up in the Dark Lands he still strives to be fair and do the right thing. Everyone makes mistakes; good people acknowledge them and work to be better and that’s what Jim’s been doing. But Jim is really hard on himself so he’s like stunned when he’s given that title. He doesn’t think he deserves it and he can’t believe the others think he deserves it, and the realization that the worlds he’s tried so hard to protect think of him highly after everything has him close to tears (if not in tears). They all bow before him and Jim doesn’t know how to react. He’s super humble and awkward about it, and for a really long time he’s not sure whether they’re right about him being just or not, but he learns to accept it and it just really warms his heart.

alternatively in a slightly less poignant version, my goofball boyfriend thinks the trolls should fake Jim out first with Jim the Generic after Toby and Claire are knighted, and then reveal Jim’s actual title. We laughed about “Jim the Generic” for a good ten minutes straight yesterday. I can imagine Toby messing with Jim about it afterward. “I don’t know, Jimbo, it’s got a nice ring to it. ‘Jim the Generic’.” “Please don’t call me that.”