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BTS as Bodyguards

What would they be like as your bodyguards?

Jin – Physically he’d be perfect. Strong, broad-shouldered, keen eye. He’d put every effort into training and developing his skills. And there would be times he’d be deadly serious. But surprisingly there would be the other side of the coin when he’d be kind of goofy and you’d wonder how he could literally range to both sides of the spectrum. But it’d be charming that he was able to not let the job be his whole personality. Crushing on you he’d talk to you about various interests. Then if the stuff hit the fan he’d flip a switch and be scarily efficient, his whole focus on keeping you safe. After the dust settled he’d ask if you wanted to try his favorite snack.

Suga – Lazy does not apply to this man. However conservation of energy does. He’d watch everything around you, kind of like a lion overlooking the Serengeti. The slightest thing out of order would catch his attention. Yoongi wouldn’t react to every misplaced sound or sight, but he would be aware. If a threat did show itself, he’s not the type to handle it with half measures. Quite frankly he would unleash hell on their ass. He wouldn’t stop until the threat was decimated and there wouldn’t be enough left to bother you a second time. Even though he loves you deeply, he’d never reveal it through words. He’d express his love by being the best guard he could be and not letting anything hurt you.   

J-Hope – Despite his caring heart he’d have a ruthless streak when confronted with a threat toward you. He’s a very, very protective and loyal individual. He would have no problem taking the hit for you, sacrificing himself. Hobi has the heart, desire, and passion for the job. But he startles easily so having him carry a gun wouldn’t be the wisest choice. He would be super good at martial arts though. So the solution would be to have him as your last line of defense. Other guards may be assigned to protect the room or building but Hoseok would literally guard your body. Deeply in love he’d pine for you from afar, though he’d try to stop. If you wound up together he’d love and protect you fiercely because you are his world.

Rap Monster – Possessing a brilliant tactical mind, he’d be the perfect head of security. Imbued with an authoritative presence the other guards would naturally follow his lead. He’d be friendly most of the time but everyone on his detail needs to give one hundred percent. He would not tolerate half-hearted efforts when it’s your life on the line. As far as physically protecting you, he’d definitely step in but wouldn’t be the greatest fighter. His motor skills are a bit lacking. Despite his confident air he’d be shy about confessing. And the longer he waits the more awkward he would get. But he’d tell you eventually as he wouldn’t be able to hold his feelings in forever.  

Jimin – Although he is sugar sweet to you, when he switches to bodyguard mode he’s a force to be reckoned with. Athletic and strong it’d be hard for anything to get past him. Your safety would be on his mind all the time. If he wasn’t guarding you, he’d be training to improve his skills. But you wouldn’t know how hard he pushed himself because he wouldn’t tell you and he’d always have a smile. Once you found out and confronted him, he’d tell you hesitantly he couldn’t help himself because he loves you. It’d be a sad confession because he’d think you’d replace him. If you didn’t he’d be so happy he’d glow. You’d have to remind him about keeping up appearances in public and not get too affectionate. But he’d remain focused on your safety because if anything happened to you it’d kill him.  

Taehyung – I love TaeTae. But he would be the worst bodyguard ever. Although he’s intelligent and has a brave heart, he gets distracted easily. He wouldn’t have the focus necessary to continually scan his surroundings looking for danger without pausing to watch a moth that had entered the room. So he may start as one of the guards in training not handling anything strategic. Basically there as a warm body. You’d notice he was different from the others. Asking the lead guard about Tae you’d learn he was a great guy but not bodyguard material. You’d ask for a transfer to something more suited to him. But he’d end up surprising everyone when he happened to be there during an attack and risked his life for yours. He’d be the kind to not really notice you that way until he saved your life. But once he did, he’d be a gonner.  

Jungkook – He is a shy bun. But he is also strong, passionate, and dedicated. His life as a bodyguard might be a little rough in the beginning. But he’s a quick learner and would soak everything in like a sponge, quickly becoming one of the best. There might be times when a situation confuses him, but once he knows you’re in trouble he’d give his all. Anything coming for you would have to go through him first. It wouldn’t be long before he started gaining confidence in his abilities and get a little cocky. As for falling in love, he’d be sort of star struck by you. It wouldn’t matter how confident he became, confessing to you would be too difficult and he’d keep his feelings to himself.  ​
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