• Conservatives:People shouldn't have the wealth they work hard for stolen from them for other people's benefit!
  • Marx:Yeah I totally agree, workers should have control over the wealth they produce rather than give most of it to a capitalist class that doesn't do anything to earn it
  • Conservatives:
  • Conservatives:
  • Conservatives:I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that

The problem with white people talking about race is, it’s like catching your parents fucking. It’s always bad. There’s two types of white people that talk about race, and it’s like high school. You have the hall monitors and you have the bullies.

The bullies are the conservatives, they’re just looking to say bad shit about black people. I’m not talking about all conservatives, I’m talking about the kooks. And the kooks are always the loudest heard. They’re just wanting to get a jab in. They’re looking to bully, they’re pissed off. They’re just assholes.

And then you have the people on the left, who are the fucking hall monitors. They just feel that they’re all professors and they have a big syllabus to teach the world. And the world would be perfect if people just followed the syllabus, even though no one fucking reads the syllabus! No one does.

Yet that’s the two loudest voices when talking about race. I’m not into either of those.

Alabama Attempts To Take Custody Of Fetus Away From Woman To Prevent Abortion

Alabama Attempts To Take Custody Of Fetus Away From Woman To Prevent Abortion

If Alabama succeeds with this latest anti-abortion tactic, women across the country could be treated like mere incubators under state control. In 1973, the Supreme Court found that the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution protects a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion if she so wishes. Since then, women have been able to make choices about their own bodies and exercise their…

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By their statements, the modern American right shows itself not only dismissive of racism’s continuing presence in the contemporary period, but even its central role in the nation’s history. They demonstrate their ignorance, and more, their nonchalance at the pain and suffering inflicted upon black and brown peoples so as to make possible this country they love so much. Indebted though they are to those peoples of color, without whose forced labor and stolen land they would still be among Europe’s most spectacular failures, white conservatives continue to believe, against all evidence to the contrary, that with this week’s Supreme Court rulings they are among the nation’s greatest historical victims.

The delusion would be laughable were its consequences not so dangerous.

Getting eaten last

From the NY Times:

…the bloodshed that has engulfed Iraq, Lebanon and Syria in the past two weeks exposes something new and destabilizing: the emergence of a post-American Middle East in which no broker has the power, or the will, to contain the region’s sectarian hatreds.

Amid this vacuum, fanatical Islamists have flourished in both Iraq and Syria under the banner of Al Qaeda, as the two countries’ conflicts amplify each other and foster ever-deeper radicalism. Behind much of it is the bitter rivalry of two great oil powers, Iran and Saudi Arabia, whose rulers — claiming to represent Shiite and Sunni Islam, respectively — cynically deploy a sectarian agenda that makes almost any sort of accommodation a heresy. …

The Obama administration defends its record of engagement in the region, pointing to its efforts to resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis and the Palestinian dispute, but acknowledges that there are limits. “It’s not in America’s interests to have troops in the middle of every conflict in the Middle East, or to be permanently involved in open-ended wars in the Middle East,” Benjamin J. Rhodes, a White House deputy national security adviser, said in an email on Saturday.

The incompetent Obama Administration is incapable of stopping the deluge of blood that is inundating the Mideast, though great power polices over the years set the stage. Obama’s withdrawal of the US from the region has opened the floodgates, but the cynical trading of weapons and technology for oil, which has now placed the most fearsome weapons of all in the hands of seventh-century cultures with the moral intelligence of chimpanzees, has been going on for decades.

The US role in all of this has been various. We supported Saddam Hussein as a countervailing power against Iran, until he got too big for his britches and went after our pals in Saudi Arabia. Then, in effect, we switched sides, smashed the chains holding Iraq together, and left — at which point it became a battlefield for Iran and radical Sunnis like the ones that attacked us on 9/11. Together with the Europeans, we removed Gadhafi from power in Libya, leaving multiple radical groups contending for power and destabilizing weapons scattered throughout the region.

We encouraged a revolt in Egypt against Hosni Mubarak, then supported the radical, anti-Western, anti-Christian and Jew-hating Muslim Brotherhood (yes, we really did that!) and got egg on our face when it was overthrown by the army, which had originally put Mubarak in power. Now the Egyptian economy is in shreds, the army is fighting Salafist rebels and repressing the Brotherhood, and no side in Egypt trusts us.

In Syria, we initially pretended that the vicious Bashar al-Assad was a ‘reformer’ and tried to get Israel to surrender the Golan heights to him. Then we provided a small amount of help to some groups opposed to him, and — after it became impossible to ignore the killing of more than 1000 Syrians with poison gas — allowed the Russians to turn this crime into a reason to keep him in power. By now, between 100,000 and 200,000 have been killed, mostly civilians, in a proxy war which pits Saudi-supported Sunni Islamist militias against Assad’s forces, Hizballah, and even Iranian Quds Force troops.

Talking about Iran, we opened a diplomatic process that provided the regime with time to move closer to nuclear weapons capability, prevented Israel from carrying out a plan to attack its atomic facilities, and began to weaken economic sanctions. In other words, we facilitated the Iranian weapons program rather than stopping it. This infuriated the Saudis, who understand that the Iranian goal is to replace them as the dominant regional power; and made it clear to Israel that it could not depend on US promises to stop Iran.

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Reality Is Winning: New Poll Finds Americans Increasingly Aren't Buying Right-Wing Lies

Reality Is Winning: New Poll Finds Americans Increasingly Aren’t Buying Right-Wing Lies

Fox News makes a big show of being the “most trusted” source of news, but that claim, like much of what we find on the conservative network, is increasingly becoming mere wishful thinking. Instead, Americans are waking up to the fact that Fox, along with its counterparts on the web and radio, are functioning as little more than a right-wing propaganda machine. People, particularly young people,…

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