Here’s an opinion…

If you need to immediately decry a human being for not having a totally negative opinion of the President of the United States™, you are a weak person. You are a soft human being, and not in any good or vaulable way. 

Whether they are right or wrong in their stance, it shows that you cannot accept somebody challenging your perception of reality. Their mere existence becomes problematic to you in that moment and it would be better if they just weren’t around, if people like that didn’t exist. Mind you, not over a fringe opinion but one that half the country shares. 

There is a problem here. There is a problem because there is no acknowledgement of the notion that your thoughts or opinions may be skewed – whether due to your own bias or unreliable media sources. Rather than sit and consider what’s being said for more than five minutes, you go “na uh” and give into a slight dopamine rush built on angst and disdain. That person is dehumanized in your brain due to your own projected feelings of why they must hold that opinion, and thus, they need to be dispatched immediately. Whether that’s an unfollow, an unfriending, or a deleting of their number. Because it’s not you. It’s them. 

Turns out you’ve been in a Captain America film all along and you discovered a secret Nazi! Thank god John Oliver got you woke! You know, because that is somehow more logical than the comments under any given Breitbart article… 

It’s all rather ape-ish and often disguised under a sheen of faux-intellectualism. 

Now, those of you that are like that and get aggravated at the sight of posts like this… Feel free to prove my point.


Call out time:

This goes out to both liberals and conservatives because you’re both guilty of this shit. Stop taking stills from videos and using them to make your enemies look bad. It discredits your entire argument.

The first picture has been making the rounds in liberal circles as “evidence” that Trump is a jerk who doesn’t treat his wife right and the Obamas are kindhearted, because it claims to show Trump leaving Melania behind on the steps while the Obamas considerately stop to lead her up. In reality Barack simply ushered Trump up the stairs first and then Melania. As soon as they were at the top of the stairs the Obamas went in together and Trump joined Melania and they went in together, as seen in the 6th picture. Maybe Trump is a jerk who doesn’t treat his wife right, but this picture is not proof of that.

The second picture has been making the rounds in conservative circles as “evidence” that Michelle is an ungrateful bitch who doesn’t know how to gratefully accept a present. I even saw someone call her a c*nt for it, and I despise that word being used to describe anybody, even though I don’t particularly like Michelle Obama. Now look at the third GIF. It’s clear that Michelle is looking around for someone to hand the gift off to so that they can take the pictures. Barack appears to be telling her something and they’re just sorting out how to arrange things so their hands are free. Trump also walks in front of her and appears to be helping figure out what they’re going to do for the picture. Michelle has a pleasant half smile on her face and I’m sure she had said thank you to Melania right before. She looks distracted, not annoyed. And Melania doesn’t look offended. In the next two pictures we see Michelle and Melania interacting pleasantly and smiling. Maybe Michelle is a bitch, but this picture is not proof of that.

Both of these pictures were taken out of context by opposite sides of the political spectrum as a way to say “look, see?! The people who don’t agree with us are horrible in every conceivable way and don’t have even the most basic grasp of human decency!” This garbage is so easily discredited that it makes any valid argument seem like it’s part of a bunch of lies and out of context photographs to make your opponent look as bad as possible. It needs to stop.