I think I’ve changed a lot, and it’s not because I’ve become a liberal from being a conservative — it’s just that I thought about it more. The issues are so complex, you can’t just go with some ideological mantra for each substantive issue.
—  17-year-old Jonathan Krohn • Giving a bit of insight into his current political beliefs during an interview with Politico. Krohn, who became a viral sensation among conservatives after delivering a speech at the 2009 CPAC while only thirteen years old, now says that he’s abandoned his former social conservative values. And while he admitted he’d likely vote for President Obama if he was old enough, Jonathan stopped short of saying he was a full-blown liberal, Democrat, or progressive. “I’m tired of being an ideology,” he said, "and it’s not fun and it gets boring and it’s not who we are as individuals.” (hat tip to our own Matthew Keys) source (viafollow)
A Lesbian's Experience at the Conservative Political Action Conference

A Lesbian’s Experience at the Conservative Political Action Conference

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This was my second year at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference held annually in the Washington D.C. area. Obviously I was a lesbian the first time I attended, just as I am now, but this time I was far more open about the topic with other attendees and therefore I thought it would be fascinating (given my recent book release) to write an article about how my sexuality was received…

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Inside The 2015 CPAC                    

Several thousand conservative activists from across the country swarmed the National Harbor convention center near Washington for a three-day affair that will feature most of the potential Republican candidates for president, from Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina to Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.

The story of how the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, mushroomed from a small, informal gathering of the right into a multimillion-dollar can’t-miss pageant for the Republican Party is reflected in its corporate sponsors. It's underwritten by the National Rifle Association, the Heritage Foundation, the Trump Organization Inc. and the Motion Picture Association of America in addition to much more modestly moneyed religious and small-government interest groups. 

The American Conservative Union, the nonprofit organization that puts on CPAC, generated $8 million in revenue in 2013, according to its most recent tax documents, almost double its budget just two years earlier. The funding explosion coincided with the rising influence of the Tea Party movement, which became a guiding force in the 2012 presidential election. On the CPAC stage that year, eventual Republican nominee Mitt Romney, once the governor of deep-blue Massachusetts, labeled himself “severely conservative.”

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MSNBC host won't attend CPAC unless GOPROUD is let in, too

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes received an odd and very notable distinction last week, as announced on the air by his colleague Rachel Maddow — he was invited to attend this year’s CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), and appear on a panel called “Washington CSI,” a retrospective analysis of the bygone 2012 election season. This is, needless to say, not the kind of invite liberal TV hosts get too often, and Hayes’ views are in more radical discord with modern conservatism than most. He could have shared the stage with such luminaries as Michael Barone and Ralph Reed, and by his account was enthused to attend, until he remembered a crucial fact about the conference — they barred GOPROUD from sponsorship last year, as social conservatives took a dim view of the intersection of conservative politics and gay rights. So, he told them he’d only attend if GOPROUD was brought into the fold as well. That CPAC wholly excised Hayes’ invitation from their updated schedule today is suggestive of how they felt about his bargain. (We’re having some troubles with the video embed at present, sincerest apologies. You can view Hayes’ full explanation here.)

Analysis: White nationalist at CPAC illustrates GOP's "inclusiveness" dilemma

Brimelow, a white nationalist, spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday. (Twitter: Ryan J. Reilly)

Channel: Politics

Take a look at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference agenda and you will see a major reason why the Republican Party struggles to attract Latino voters.

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Gathering of the Lemmings, Or How The CPAC Shows That Republicans Are Bound And Determined To Lose Every Election From Now On

Where is literally the one place on Earth where you can find, under one roof, a collection of fetus dolls, a basket full of Oliver North books, a basketball super shot arcade game, and a life-size cardboard cutout of Karl Rove? CPAC, to the best of our knowledge! Here are some photos of those things and other interesting stuff we’ve come across so far.

And below are some of the other pictures that didn’t make the cut above:

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Elizabeth Warren Questions Scott Walker’s Loyalties After Ludicrous ISIS/Union Comparison

Elizabeth Warren Questions Scott Walker’s Loyalties After Ludicrous ISIS/Union Comparison

On Saturday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) roasted Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ® for recently comparing Union protesters to the Islamic State. Walker, following his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday, was asked by an audience member,

“I want a commander-in-chief who will do everything in their power to ensure that the threat from radical Islamic terrorists…

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Roaring applause: Allen West energizes conservatives at CPAC

“It is not the public good that matters, it is the personal good.” Representative Allen West (R-FL) fired up the crowd, during his speech at CPAC Friday night, saying that conservatives have allowed “the other side to paint us as racist” for too long. Rep. West reminded voters that proof of that statement’s inaccuracy stood before them saying, “today, as a conservative black Republican and former soldier, I’m here to set that record straight.” His comments drew roaring applause. (photo by Flickr user markn3tel) source

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Updates on the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference [TW: Right-Wing Extremism, Anti-Gay Bigotry, Homophobia]

Conservative Political Action Conference AKA CPAC: a gun free zone

This morning, when Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the NRA, took to the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (AKA “CPAC: a gun free zone”), these signs were in the lobby.  You see, we Conservatives only allow restrictions on the Second Amendment to protect OURSELVES from the gun violence we otherwise abet. Hypocrisy is the homage self-preservation pays to platitudes.

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian

I absolutely loved the speeches that Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul made at CPAC! I also really liked a lot of what Ted Cruz and Ben Carson had to say but I feel like Rubio and Paul are a little more practical. Boy, I’m going to have a hard time deciding who I like most. I am most definitely not on the Jeb Bush train though…

I think my demographic is being systematically disenfranchised.

Young, white Southern male at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

No, seriously.

This occurred immediately before a black woman was notified by a fellow attendee, “You’re not welcome!”

Also, a white supremacist caused an uproar by suggesting that the GOP might do better as “Booker T. Washington Republicans” by way of adopting a “united like the hand, but separate like the fingers” philosophy.