So I pressed watch on this promoted tweet n this man told me he “did the unthinkable” and joined the conservative party of Canada to prevent them electing a pro-Trump front runner. I knew shenanigans were a foot by the description “hipster millennials everywhere must-” but I’m curious if anyone in the sphere of Canadian politics knows if this is a good faith “down with the kids” attempt at conservative activism or if it’s a ridiculous troll. Also wondering if he’s wearing a “hipster” costume. 

i think it might be a good faith and also hip and with it thing. i checked out the website, and it doesn’t seem ridiculous. i know i’ve seen @allthecanadianpolitics proposing a similar strategy.

and i do know that i could pull a better hipster costume out of the clothes that are on the end of my bed right now.

1 Lunatic 1 Ice pick

Luka Rocco Magnotta (real name Eric Newman) was a gay porn star and a prostitute. He murdered Chinese international student Lin Jun in 2012 and uploaded the gruesome video of the murder titled ‘1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick’ onto BestGore. The 11-minute video shows the naked body of Lin Jun tied to a bed frame, being repeatedly stabbed with a ice pick and a knife. He is then dismembered and Magnotta engages in necrophilia with the corpse. He then picks up a knife and fork and begins cutting into the buttock, and encourages a dog to eat some of the meat. Although not shown on film, it’s believed that cannibalism also took place.

Four days later (May 29th), Magnotta mailed the left foot of Lin Jun to the Conservative Party of Canada and he attempted to mail his left hand to the Liberal Party, but this was intercepted.

Reflecting psychiatric reports of Narcissism, Magnotta was caught while googling himself at an Internet Cafe. Upon searching his apartment and scene of the murder, police found the blood stained mattress and bathtub. Inside his closet was the message “If you don’t like the reflection. Don’t look in the mirror. I don’t care” written in red ink.


Warning: the following may be too badass for you to handle.

Today the Conservatives filed out of the House of Commons in Ottawa early. The NDP followed. Moments later, all the NDP MPs came back into the house and took their seats. They had realized that, with time still on the parliamentary clock and no Conservatives in attendance, they had a very rare majority. In Canada, the conservatives have a majority-controlled house. What followed knocked my socks off. We have a big problem in Canada. Aboriginal women and children have been disappearing for decades from their communities. Sometimes the bodies are found, but often times they’re simply forgotten by everyone but their family and the aboriginal communities. This is a growing problem all across Canada, with the numbers of missing or murdered aboriginal women becoming more and more alarming. The police won’t do anything. The government, despite the pressure that’s been put on them by the NDP, won’t do anything or even talk about the issue. So with a sudden majority in the house and no Conservatives there to mess things up or heckle too loudly for us to be heard, the NDP forced the debate on the Missing or Murdered Aboriginal Women of Canada. It was a stunning moment, made even more so by the fact that the Opposition (NDP) had to literally trick the government to get the issue to the floor. I’m amazed. What a moment. Well done, especially to Mr. Romeo Saganash and Mr. Tom Mulcair. Bravo, New Democrat MPs. Jack would be so proud.


Some notes from accused killer Luka Magnotta that he sent with packages to the Conservative and Liberal parties of Canada and two Vancouver schools. Each package contained a note along with body parts of victim, Jun Lin. 

Along with murder and mailing obscene material charges, he is also charged with harassing members of Parliament. One of them includes Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He addresses Harper and his wife Lauren in his last note, while using her maiden name. 


Its a rare day when I can find myself agreeing with anything that Jason Kenney says; but its 2017, and here we are.

Jason Kenney is Canada’s former Minister of Immigration. When he was in government he belonged to the Conservative Party of Canada (Canada’s most right wing federal political party).

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Scientists have recently told us that our fears [on climate change] are exaggerated

Joe Oliver, Finance Minister

You see, the interesting thing about this image is that there are no “tells” that this is photoshopped. At least from what I can see. No awkward brushwork, no artifacts from magic wand tool, nothing. Just Chad Kroeger with Harper and a lil kitten behind him on the big screen. Wow, what a photograph.


On October 22, 2015, a 21-year-old Swedish man, Anton Lundin Pettersson, attacked Kronan School in Trollhättan, Sweden, with a sword. Motivated by his racism and hatred towards Middle Eastern, Muslim, and dark-skinned people, he is said to have avoided harming anyone who was white. However, that did not stop the hateful bigots on social media from initially blaming the attack on the very same people who had been attacked and killed, as I highlighted in this post. Not to mention, Ezra Levant, a so called journalist right here in Canada, who is one, if not the biggest supporter and mouthpiece for the Conservative party of Canada, had been, for months, eagerly and adamantly supporting the very same groups that Pettersson admired and followed, the very same people who inspired such inhumane behaviour! Pettersson stabbed and killed Ahmed Hassan, a 15-year-old student born in Somalia, and severely injured a recent Syrian refugee. But the damage may have been much worse if it was not for the heroism of the other victim, Lavin Eskandar. Eskandar ordered Pettersson to remove his mask and while keeping him occupied pleaded for the students to run. Eskandar was stabbed by Pettersson and died at the scene.  Niclas Hallgren, the city’s police chief, stated that all of the victims were “dark-skinned”. Head of investigation Thord Haraldsson said that CCTV footage showed that Pettersson spared the lives of students with white skin. No matter what your political views are, or where you stand on this issue, as I know many people are quick to insult and dehumanize refugees and immigrants, one thing is clear, Lavin Eskandar is a hero and he, along with the other victims, are the one who should be remembered, not the attacker!