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In June 2010, the Canadian government unveiled a grand experiment in data collection. In the name of privacy, Prime Minister Stephen Harper ended the mandatory long-form census for the country and swapped it out with a voluntary survey.

Five years later, there is a mass scramble to make sense of a rapidly changing country. Despite an explosion of corporate data-mining in most nations, researchers interested in tracking poverty, immigration and public health in Canada know less and less about the country as time progresses. They’re not, for example, entirely sure if income inequality is accelerating, stagnant or closing. Across the nation there is a loud, collective uneasiness among them.
Thousands of people could show up on election day only to learn they can't vote
As Postmedia's Stephen Maher writes, when Elections Canada mails out Voter Information Cards this fall, a new sentence in bold letters will appear at the bottom: Please note that this card is not a...

These Conservatives are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. They are so shady. This is the exact same tactic the American Republican Party employed and it’s specifically designed to stop people who don’t vote Conservative from voting. It’s also bullshit because I can almost guarantee that the amount of voter fraud committed (on the level of the citizen*) is minimal. This is really disturbing…

*The Conservative Party totally had some shady dealings in the 2011 election.

“either stand with us or with the child pornographers.”

– Harper Government

"The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

– Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf

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Native teen’s slaying a ‘crime,’ not a ‘sociological phenomenon,’ Stephen Harper says

Cases of missing and murdered aboriginal women should be viewed as “crimes” rather than a “sociological phenomenon,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Thursday.

Rejecting a formal inquiry into the more than 1,100 cases of missing or murdered aboriginal women in Canada, Harper said the issues are “first and foremost” crimes and should be dealt with by police.
“I think we should not view this as sociological phenomenon. We should view it as crime,” Harper told a crowd at Yukon College in Whitehorse on Thursday.

“It is crime, against innocent people, and it needs to be addressed as such. We brought in laws across this country that I think are having more effect, in terms of crimes of violence against not just aboriginal women, but women and persons more generally. And we remain committed to that course of action.”


The EKOS poll: Mulcair is picking up all the marbles as Trudeau fades

Just as it looked like we were setting into a three-way tie, the NDP appears to be opening up some daylight between itself and the Conservatives — who are still stuck at sub-30 — and the listless Liberals, still drifting downward in a significant erosion of their support.

New Democrats should be jubilant. Liberals should be very concerned. But the worst news here may be for the Conservatives.

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The Northern Foundation was established in 1989, originally as a pro-South Africa group … lists among the founding members of the Foundation both William Gairdner and Stephen Harper …

Murray Dobbin Goodread , Preston Manning and the Reform Party.

Pro-South African means pro-apartheid in this context. Said foundation distributed literature promoting apartheid, was financed by businesses with ties to South Africa and undertook pro-apartheid letter writing campaigns. Many of its members later joined the Reform Party along with Harper, now known as the Conservative Party of Canada.


Eh guys! Here’s a (relatively) small masterpost on Canada and Canadian politics. Most of the links here lead to articles. For more complex and long stuff, I tried putting detailed articles about it, and also link to blog posts with bulletpoints. This masterpost is far from complete (for example I only added things about Bill C-51 and Bill C-24 but there are so many other problematic bills), so if you want to add anything to it, feel free to do it yourself or send me a message, I’ll edit it :)

About Canada’s parliament

The House of Commons

The Senate

How the Canadian parliament works (how bills are passed)

Recent bills

Why Canada needs the Senate (opinion)

The Senate in numbers

Senators that screwed up lately

Patrick Brazeau

Mike Duffy

Pamela Wallin

Mac Harb

Don Meredith

Summary of Senators under fire

List of Senators and what they owe


Platform of the Conservative Party of Canada

Platform of the Liberal Party of Canada

Platform of the New Democratic Party of Canada

Platform of the Green Party of Canada

Differences between the NDP and the Liberals

All the registered political parties

Canada under Stephen Harper

Domestic policy under Stephen Harper

Foreign policy under Stephen Harper

Debt in Canada (not just under Stephen Harper, and the link is from 2011)

Your fave is problematic: Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party

Your fave is problematic: Canada (yes, yes, I swear)

Bill C-51

Bill C-24

Who’s your MP (member of Parliament)

How to register to vote and what to bring with you (next federal election should be on October 19, 2015)

5 reasons to vote

Elections scandals

Finding your polling station

Voting if you’re abroad 

Voting on election day

Voting in advance polls

Voting by mail (in Canada and outside Canada)

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Eve Adams, former Conservative MP, joins Liberal Party

Citing what she described as the “mean-spirited leadership” of the Conservative Party, Toronto-area MP Eve Adams has left the Conservatives to join the Liberal Party.

Adams announced her decision at a press conference in Ottawa alongside Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

Adams, who currently represents the riding of Mississauga-Brampton South, said  in a prepared statement that she initially signed up to run for the Conservatives to improve the lives of Canadians.

Instead, she said, the government “is about to roll out policies like income splitting, which will devour the surplus without benefiting many Canadian families, or creating a single job.”

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Did Conservatives violate their own terror bill by sharing “terrorist propaganda” on Facebook?

Would Conservative Party of Canada staffers be looking at jail time if Stephen Harper’s terror bill were in place today?

Harper’s controversial Bill C-51 includes provisions aimed at “terrorist propaganda” and promoting “terrorist offences in general” that are supposed to target violent ideologues, but have been criticized as being so vague and so broad that they could criminalize legitimate news, speech and debate.

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