So this year the Conservative party of Canada decided to book a convention at the same time as Anime North, in the same building. Meaning it’s basically been a bunch of us gays/nerds walking around in costume, confusing the fuck out of groups of politicians and businessmen. 

(A couple of them actually called the cops on us because there were people walking around with giant cardboard weapons. And the police were like “what do you expect us to do? It’s a comic con, we can’t tell them to stop… they literally go through a weapons check at the event”).

(My friends and I also had some of them come up to us at a restaurant to ask us “what the fuck an anime was” and if it was just “one big party”).

This is one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me….


Its a rare day when I can find myself agreeing with anything that Jason Kenney says; but its 2017, and here we are.

Jason Kenney is Canada’s former Minister of Immigration. When he was in government he belonged to the Conservative Party of Canada (Canada’s most right wing federal political party).

So I pressed watch on this promoted tweet n this man told me he “did the unthinkable” and joined the conservative party of Canada to prevent them electing a pro-Trump front runner. I knew shenanigans were a foot by the description “hipster millennials everywhere must-” but I’m curious if anyone in the sphere of Canadian politics knows if this is a good faith “down with the kids” attempt at conservative activism or if it’s a ridiculous troll. Also wondering if he’s wearing a “hipster” costume. 

i think it might be a good faith and also hip and with it thing. i checked out the website, and it doesn’t seem ridiculous. i know i’ve seen @allthecanadianpolitics proposing a similar strategy.

and i do know that i could pull a better hipster costume out of the clothes that are on the end of my bed right now.

1 Lunatic 1 Ice pick

Luka Rocco Magnotta (real name Eric Newman) was a gay porn star and a prostitute. He murdered Chinese international student Lin Jun in 2012 and uploaded the gruesome video of the murder titled ‘1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick’ onto BestGore. The 11-minute video shows the naked body of Lin Jun tied to a bed frame, being repeatedly stabbed with a ice pick and a knife. He is then dismembered and Magnotta engages in necrophilia with the corpse. He then picks up a knife and fork and begins cutting into the buttock, and encourages a dog to eat some of the meat. Although not shown on film, it’s believed that cannibalism also took place.

Four days later (May 29th), Magnotta mailed the left foot of Lin Jun to the Conservative Party of Canada and he attempted to mail his left hand to the Liberal Party, but this was intercepted.

Reflecting psychiatric reports of Narcissism, Magnotta was caught while googling himself at an Internet Cafe. Upon searching his apartment and scene of the murder, police found the blood stained mattress and bathtub. Inside his closet was the message “If you don’t like the reflection. Don’t look in the mirror. I don’t care” written in red ink.


Some notes from accused killer Luka Magnotta that he sent with packages to the Conservative and Liberal parties of Canada and two Vancouver schools. Each package contained a note along with body parts of victim, Jun Lin. 

Along with murder and mailing obscene material charges, he is also charged with harassing members of Parliament. One of them includes Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He addresses Harper and his wife Lauren in his last note, while using her maiden name.