i don’t recall seeing this posted anywhere [and tbh was unaware that this was a thing until someone on facebook pointed it out in a comment] or anybody talking about this, although i may have missed it

but direct from the policy declaration of the conservative party of canada [the most current version, accessible from the governing documents page on their website]

The Conservative Party of Canada has a very short memory.

The reason that door to door mail delivery was going away was because the Conservative Party of Canada appointed a neoliberal as president of Canada Post. Not only that, when the opposition was outraged at the suggestion that door to door delivery was disappearing the Conservatives (with their majority) did nothing about it. They seemed very happy that the service was going away. Not only that but the whole labour dispute is happening because of the President of Canada post is being unreasonable in response to CUPW’s demands for fair pensions (ah Neoliberalism).

Now they’re trying to blame not only the door to door delivery issue on the Liberals, but the postal strike too? Both of these things are the Conservatives fault.


i’m tired of hearing old people saying “young people shouldn’t have the right to vote because they’re too young and uneducated”, I could say the same thing about old people being uneducated with old values + outdated views and how they don’t know what’s good for future generations, but no one is taking away your right to vote so stop

Best of '12: Canadian Political Quotes of Year

‘I should have called him an Honourable Asshole.’ - Pat Martin, MP for Winnipeg Centre

‘Mr. Speaker, […] I rise today to condemn the Conservatives for their boosterism and cheerleading of the asbestos cartel and the human misery it causes. […] Dante should have reserved a special level of hell for [these] charlatans and the fraudsters.’ - Pat Martin, MP for Winnipeg Centre

'I want my Canada back!’ - Justin Trudeau, MP for Papineau

'Rupert Murdoch is a bag of shit.’ - Pat Martin, MP for Winnipeg Centre

'This is a minister who uses extreme language, who shouts and sounds like the angry troll under the bridge in 3 Billy Goats Gruff.’ - Charlie Angus, MP for Timmins-James Bay

'It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to connect the dots’ - Pat Martin, MP for Winnipeg Centre

'Who the hell uses a burner cell phone when they’re not trying to hide something? [..] Only dope dealers, and Hell’s Angels, and Tony Soprano use burner cell phones.’ - Pat Martin, MP for Winnipeg Centre

'We do not want any smartass gibberish from the member for Peterborough. We have had enough of that.’ - Pat Martin, MP for Winnipeg Centre

'Don’t you threaten me you little pissant.’ - Pat Martin, MP for Winnipeg Centre

'The good new is I wrote 'Fuck You Stephen Gordon’ then erased it. But I reserve the right to call you a pompous dickhead’ - Pat Martin, MP for Winnipeg Centre

'Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank the member for 8 Mile for the question. […] I will simply say I am not afraid to stand and defend our party, but he is not The Real Slim Shady.’ - Dean Del Mastro, MP for Peterborough and Parliamentary Secretary

'The Ballad of Justin and Patrick’ - Rodger Cuzner, MP for Bras d'Or—Cape Breton

'This is such an asinine process that the Conservatives have put us in.’ - The Honourable Scott Brison, MP for Kings-Hants

“If the arse falls out of the Euro, even with primary creditor status these are uncharted territories.” - The Honourable Scott Brison, MP for Kings-Hants

’The PM doesn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground’ - Ryan Cleary, MP for St. John’s South-Mount Pearl

Is the guy that stupid or is he that stupid? I know he sleeps a lot, but I didn’t realise he was also that stupid. […] It symbolises he’s an idiot and shouldn’t be sitting in parliament. […] What a dickhead, I’d say it stronger than that, but what a complete dickhead. - Peter Stoffer, MP for Sackville-Eastern Shore

’[The BBC] told us to fuck off’ - The Honourable John Baird, MP for Ottawa West-Nepean and Minister of Foreign Affairs

I hear [my Twitter followers] say, you know, 'Bob Rae, you’re an asshole’. […] I’m working my way and trying to represent the people and speaking in Question Period and here we have vox populi, the thoughtful man on the street, 'you are an asshole!’. Thank you very much. I read it on my Twitter and I get up and ask a question.’  - The Honourable Bob Rae, MP for Toronto Centre and Interim Leader of the Liberal Party

“Listen, I would never judge someone who screwed their babysitter for years or knocked up their secretary, so don’t ask me to.” - Pat Martin, MP for Winnipeg Centre

“I’m not ‘worked up’ so much as ‘fed up’ with the rat faced whores in the Conservative Party who neglect to invite me to announcements in my riding.” - Pat Martin, MP for Winnipeg Centre

Mrs. Universe calls on Canadians to get rid of Stephen Harper and the Conservatives in the upcoming 2015 Federal Election in October.

Congratulations to Ashley Burnham Callingbull on recently becoming not only the first ever Canadian, but the first ever Aboriginal Canadian to win the Mrs. Universe award. I’m typically not a huge fan of pageant contests, but in the case of Ashley, considering how smart she is, and what she has endured and overcome to be where she is today, I know she will be such a positive inspiration for our wonderful First Nations community. Ashley is now using her new fame for another great cause, as she calls on Aboriginal people to vote out the Conservative party and its leader Stephen Harper in the upcoming Canadian federal election.

Sources: 12
Robert Strickland, Conservative candidate, skewered over Facebook comments
A Conservative candidate in Nova Scotia is under scrutiny for telling a young voter on Facebook to "gain some experience in life" before engaging in political discussions after the voter pressed him on how his party would improve the economy and protect the environment.

another example that conservatives hate Canadian youth especially those old enough to vote….let’s hope us young Canadian voters boot the conservatives out of office on October 19th

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Tories promise RCMP tip line for people to report neighbours for 'barbaric cultural practices'
Chris Alexander held a news conference Friday to remind the electorate of last November’s 'Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act'

I am not a person prone to hyperbole. Actually, despite my own decidedly leftist leanings, I’m sure I have frustrated many of my progressive friends by rolling my eyes or saying “wait a minute, that’s not quite accurate” to some of the more hysterical anti-Harper rhetoric.

So I hope you can trust that I’m being serious, and that I have considered these words critically, when I say that mobilizing citizens to report on their own fellow citizens, presumably visible minorities, for “degenerate activity” carries with it an extremely strong scent of fascism.

There several definitions of fascism. I like Umberto Eco’s list in Ur-Fascism. The Conservative Party has enthusiastically embraced several of the points on Eco’s list: 2. action for action’s sake; 4. disagreement is treason; 5. fear of difference; and 6. appeal to a frustrated middle class. They have arguably embraced 7. obsession with a plot; and 9. pacifism is trafficking with the enemy too, if certain recent “talking points” are to be taken seriously.

I am not suggesting that the Conservative party is turning fascist, but pointing out that the Conservatives’ shameless demagoguery in the pursuit of electoral gains is a very dangerous thing if it sees fit to cater to xenophobic and authoritarian corners of the party base. This is troubling when you start to wonder how much farther they will go (this is a party that has not demonstrated a whole lot of self-reflection) and how enthusiastically partisans will follow and expect more of the same.

At the very least - supposing this whole fascism feeling of mine is a false positive - this Act panders to racist sentiment and disregards the legal equality of all Canadians, which in itself makes the Act and its implications a threat to democracy here in Canada.

On October 19 2015 here are some reason why not to vote for Harper.

I know there has been a lot of focus on the American politics lately but we need to focus on the upcoming Canadian election that is happening very soon.

  • Bill C-51 known as the Anti-terrorism Act was designed to, “encourage and facilitate information sharing between Government of Canada institutions in order to protect Canada against activities that undermine the security of Canada.”  Bill C-51 allows law enforcement to step in and arrest, without question, a person they suspect is about to carry out a terrorist attack.
  • In Spring of 2011, a federal court found that Harper’s Conservatives willfully violated the $18.3 million election spending limit, during the campaign which originally brought them to power in 2006. 4 Conservatives including 2 Conservative Senators currently face charges and possible jail time. 
  • In 1993, the Conservatives chalked up a $38 Billion deficit. By 2006, under non-conservative leadership, this had been turned around into a $16 Billion surplus. Four years later, and Harper’s Conservatives have returned Canada to a record $56 Billion deficit.
  • One of the Conservative platform promises was more accountability. Since making this promise, Harper has shut down Parliament twice. Once for several months to block an inquiry into Afghan detainees and to stall government bills, and a second time to avoid a vote of non-confidence which he was expected to lose.
  • Since coming into power, Harper has cut funding for women’s advocacy by 43 per cent, shut down 12 out of 16 Status of Women offices in Canada and eliminated funding of legal voices for women and minority groups, including the National Association of Women and the Law and the Courts Challenges Program. 
  • One of Harper’s top aides, Bruce Carson, had been convicted of 5 counts of fraud, and is currently under investigation by the RCMP. Most recently he was lobbying the government to buy water filtration systems, from a company where his wife was employed. 
  • At the 2010 G20 summit in Toronto, Harper spent $1.9 million building an artifical lake and nearly $1 Billion on security for the 3 day event. 1,105 arrests were made - the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. Of those 1,105 arrests, only 99 criminal charges were laid. 
  • In 2008, Linda Keen, President of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, reported that the aging Chalk River nuclear facility was at a risk 1000 times greater than the international average. Harper quickly fired her. 
  • Despite consistently pointing out that Canada’s economy is a global leader - Harper used the excuse of poor economic times to freeze aid to some of the world’s most impoverished countries. An example of this is the African nation of Malawi, one of the 10 poorest nations in the world. Before Harper, Canada was the 6th largest aid donor to Malawi, and the largest supplier of school books. After coming into power, he closed the Canadian embassy in Malawi and took the country (alongside 6 other African nations) off of Canada’s aid priority list. Harper cut aid to Africa in half, before finally freezing all foreign aid in 2010
  • In the 2011 budget, the Harper government failed to allocate any new funding for drinking water on First Nations reserves. 100 First Nations communities currently have water advisories, including 49 communities which are high risk. He also refuses to sign the UN declaration designating clean water as a human right. 
  • The long form census is how our government determines the state and needs of the country, and is used extensively in various fields of research. In eliminating the census, many projects would be affected negatively, and it will become much more difficult to understand the needs of the country. We will see the aftermath of this for 100 years or more.
  • In 2007, Harper cut $1.2 Billion from the establishment of national childcare, but failed to keep his promise of cutting the $1.4 billion in tax breaks he gives to oil companies, which continue to see record profits. 
  • Protecting the interests of large oil companies, Harper has fought global efforts to deal with climate change. In 2009, he cut science research funding by $138 Million, and imposed limitations on scientists at Environment Canada, requiring that they obtain permission to do interviews, and often screened their responses. The result is that Canadian media coverage of climate change science has been reduced by 80%. His efforts here have been so destructive, that in 2009 prominent politicians and scientists called for Canada to be removed from the Commonwealth. The last time this mark of shame was used, it was against South Africa while it was still under racist apartheid rule.
  • The Kelowna accord was a $5 billion breakthrough agreement to improve the quality of health and education for Canada’s First Nation’s Peoples. Harper cancelled it in 2006, immediately after taking office. 
  • We detained, and handed over for severe torture, a lot of innocent people.’ in 2009 Canadian Diplomat Richard Colvin shocked the nation with these words. In Afghanistan, Canada captured 6x more prisoners than the British and 20x as many as the Dutch. Colvin explained that ‘Many were just local people: farmers; truck drivers; tailors, peasants…the likelihood is that all the Afghans we handed over were tortured.' 

“either stand with us or with the child pornographers.”

– Harper Government

"The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

– Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf

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What happened when Canada stopped counting its numbers | Al Jazeera America

In June 2010, the Canadian government unveiled a grand experiment in data collection. In the name of privacy, Prime Minister Stephen Harper ended the mandatory long-form census for the country and swapped it out with a voluntary survey.

Five years later, there is a mass scramble to make sense of a rapidly changing country. Despite an explosion of corporate data-mining in most nations, researchers interested in tracking poverty, immigration and public health in Canada know less and less about the country as time progresses. They’re not, for example, entirely sure if income inequality is accelerating, stagnant or closing. Across the nation there is a loud, collective uneasiness among them.