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As a white person, how can we help so dismantle white supremacy without taking the microphone from POC? Sorry if I sound ignorant for asking this I just want to help in any way I can because fuck white amerikkka

No you don’t sound ignorant at all, I’m very thankful that you want to learn and help.

Some steps you can take in helping fight racism…
1. Listen to people of color. There are some traumas and issues you may never understand but it is important to listen, recognize, and believe them.
2. Amplify the voices of people of color. Share their posts, blasts their quotes, and help make their voices louder.
3. Stand up to your friends and family. There are a lot of white families that don’t have the best opinions about people of color and our white “allies” will stay silent. Don’t. Confront your uncle at the thanksgiving table. Make your visit to grandmas house uncomfortable. Teach that racist friend the truth or drop them. Silence is violence.
4. Take accountability. Know that even as an ally you do benefit from a system to bring down people of color. Recognize this and help others take accountability as well.
5. PROTEST. We need you out there in the streets with us. Sharing that one post on Facebook when one of us dies is not enough. Get involved in your local activist groups, non profits, etc. ask people of color in your community how you can help them.

If anyone would like to add anything please do.

White people will spend all their energy trying to explain to you how blacks can be racists against whites too and how wrong it is because someone hurt their feelings but remain completely silent and do absolutely nothing to fight the systematic racism towards blacks in this country that is literally killing and oppressing people from opportunities and freedoms. You can tell me how wrong “reverse racism” is the second I see you doing something about actual racism

So Trump is in Israel right now playing diplomat and even objectively factual statements from various media sources (such as “Trump touches down in Tel Aviv” or “Goes to Western Wall”) are getting horrifically anti-Semitic comments from both far left and right.

It’s ok if you don’t support Israeli statehood (I personally disagree but it’s ok if you don’t).
It’s ok if you condemn Israel’s treatment of Palestinians (which you absolutely fucking should).

But here are some things to keep in mind about these issues in general:

•Not all Jews are Israeli.
•Not all Israelis are Jews.
•Not all Israelis support the actions of Israel.
•Not all Jews support the actions of Israel.
•The current administration does not speak for all of Judaism or even accurately for all of Israel.
•The current administration of Israel is very controversial even within its party and the more liberal parts of the country are furious and protesting frequently.
•Military service is legally mandated, which forces young people to enforce policies many of them oppose.
•Israel’s awful treatment of Palestinians is a reflection of Netanyahu’s shitty reign and his close circle of conservative, racist, Islamaphobic dickheads. It is not a reflection of Israel’s core values, or the values of its people, or the values of Judaism.

And most importantly:
•Whatever your stance on Israel’s statehood, whatever your stance on Trump, whatever your stance on Netanyahu, ANTI-SEMITISM IS NEVER OK

Black people’s interests, according to

According to White Nationalists: Black people’s primary interests are being N****s and fighting the police

According to SJWs: Black people’s primary interests is their race and fighting the police

According to liberals and black Conservatives: Black people’s primary interests, like anyone else, is their jobs, education, family, and security, the largest threat of which is the drug war and/or black black crime, not to mention certain threats facing the nation and world.


Not all white people are racist.
Not all black people are criminals.
Not all men are rapists.
Not all women are angels.
Pedophilia is disgusting.
Reverse racism is a term used to put down the real experiences of racism that white people have gone through and eliminates any responsibility from people of color.
You don’t have to completely agree with someone to be nice to them.
LGBT people deserve to be treated as humans.
Islamophobia does not exist, because the term phobia means irrational fear.
Pass it on.

This is for the people who know conservatives owned slaves and conservatives love racist flags and statues, but love to use the changing Rep/Dem profiles of the 1960s to provide cover.