conservative paranoia

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Yeah, I agree, you're perfectly entitled to talk about politics all you like on this, it's your blog, but it's not for me. It's just very negative (and you tend to be VERY biased as well, taking stances on issues not because of the issue itself, but because of your political affiliation. You automatically agree with the 'liberal' side simply because it's liberal, and never consider opposing viewpoints or keep an open mind about it.) You can be very condescending as well. Unfollowing, sorry.

So this is what you’re implying is negative: 

1. Standing up for public education by rejecting the Trump/GOP pick they were paid to endorse who is completely unqualified for the role of Secretary of Education and has been shown the most visible and historically unprecedented opposition for?

2. Speaking out against the visible fascism, racism, sexism, misogyny, male chauvinism, anti-science/anti-intellectualism, bullying, Islama/Xenophobic, conservative paranoia-perpetuating, ignoramus currently presiding over the future of the entire world economy.

3. Sharing actual news necessary to shape one’s perspective and lead said individual to accurate sources of information. 

4. Paying forward resources pertinent to educating on critical thinking skills and the methodologies of scientific inquiry. 

5. Feminism.

6. Black Excellence.

7. Women in Science.

8. Illuminating the holes in “logic” among Republican “Conservatives”, Democrats, AND Liberals. 

9. Bruising the patriarchy and the oh so fragile ego of masculinity and American exceptionalism / nationalism / “patriotism”. 

10. The necessity of activism, marching, protesting, voting, getting involved on any level, and direct action whenever applicable (as if it’s not always). 

Of course, I’ve already shared these things and spoken my peace on all the above, but I’m putting this out there because clearly I’ve ruffled the space occupied by feathers where a spine once was. Call that condescending; I call it honesty. 

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