• Liberals:I support a woman's right to choose
  • Liberals:unless she chooses not to have healthcare
  • Liberals:unless she chooses not to serve someone at her business
  • Liberals:unless she chooses to be a Republican or pro-life
  • Liberals:unless she chooses to own a gun
  • Liberals:unless she chooses not to be a feminist

Hillary Clinton gave a phenomenal speech today. Not only did she address systemic racism and white privilege, she called out former Florida Governor Jeb Bush in his own backyard. During Hillary’s remarks, Mr. Bush waited backstage, expecting to hear bipartisan, neutral statements on race relationships from Hillary Clinton. What he forgot is: Hillary is running for President and knows Bush’s SuperPAC has raised $103 million to her SuperPAC’s 15.6 million. And no, that isn’t a misprint – so I hope Bernie Sanders is ready for the reality of our political system to come crashing down on him. Though Hillary didn’t address Mr. Bush by name, she mocked his SuperPAC’s slogan “right to rise” [a slogan rooted in the belief of self reliance, a slogan supporting a man born into political wealth]. Mrs. Clinton portrayed the slogan as hypocritical, saying policies Mr. Bush supported as Florida Governor –such as eliminating affirmative action for African-American students, restricting voting access in African-American communities, advocating to abolish Obamacare, and not supporting an increase to the minimum wage– actually makes it harder for people, particularly African Americans, to “rise.” She drew a distinction between Mr. Bush’s likely speech, and his actual actions as Florida Governor. Clinton’s political skill and brilliance was shown here. I really wish I had been a fly on the wall when Hillary walked past Mr. Bush backstage after her speech ^.^ Jeb’s speech felt somewhat hollow after Clinton’s remarks. 

PS: The Clinton’s paid 40+ million in taxes on an income of 140 million in the last 7 years [35.7% tax rate], with an additional 10% of their income donated to charity. The Clinton’s built their success side-by-side, dating back to their days together at Yale Law. They both came from and have fought for the middle-class, never forgetting their roots. If any two people embody the American Dream of working your way from the bottom to the top, due to ones personal talents and hard work, it’s both of the Clinton’s. Remember – Hillary was the first female partner of the Rose Law Firm, and one of the top lawyers in the country, allowing the financial flexibility for Bill to begin his political career.

Nice Try, Republicans! Smear Videos Helped RAISE Money For Planned Parenthood

Nice Try, Republicans! Smear Videos Helped RAISE Money For Planned Parenthood

After conservatives released a series of four highly controversial videos attacking women’s health organization Planned Parenthood for making profits from aborted fetal tissue, it seems that Planned Parenthood is having that last laugh. The first video featured a Planned Parenthood having a heavily doctored conversation to make it seem as though the organization was selling off the tissue of…

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I find it hilarious that you whine about "appeal to emotions" while trying to use a picture of a lion fetus to outrage people in your favour. It's almost like conservatives are morally and intellectually dishonest hypocrites,

You know why people cared about Cecil but not the aborted fetuses who were chopped up? Emotion. Cecil the Lion had a face and a name. He had a life that we knew of, there were pictures of him. We knew him in a sense. 

However we don’t know about the 1.2 million aborted fetuses that are killed ever year in the United States. We rarely see them. Imagine if we could somehow see what these people would have grown up into. Imagine if we could see them in school, going on their first date, getting married, having their own kids, and living their own lives. That would end the abortion problem real quickly, because that’s how powerful emotion is. 

Liberals appeal to emotion far more often than Conservatives do, that’s why they win. I fight fire with fire in some cases. If we all appeal to emotion, then we have to take emotion off the table and deal strictly with facts, and liberals would never win another national election again. I’d love to get to that point. 

Urging everyone to support the defunding of planned parenthood

PP receives over half a billion dollars in government funding each year. Libertarians and Conservatives can both agree that this kind of funding is completely and totally unnecessary. It is especially unethical given recent events of Planned Parenthood involving themselves in criminal activity. There is no question that they should be defunded.

Recent criminal activity: “A series of undercover videos allegedly show that Planned Parenthood uses the banned partial birth abortion procedure to harvest and sell the body parts of aborted children, including hearts, lungs, liver, and heads.”

You can watch the most recent video here.

Everyone should urge their state senator to vote to defund planned parenthood no matter what state you live in. The vote takes place this Monday (only two days left) so it is best that you email your state senator today or better yet call them.

The senators below especially need to be pushed to defund PP. So if you live in these states: Alaska, Maine, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, or West Virginia. EMAIL/CALL/TWEET your senator today. You live in a state where it is crucial to do so. Their twitter/numbers are below. 


  1. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska): 202-224-6665, @LisaMurkowski
  2. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine): 202-224-2523, @SenatorCollins
  3. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Illinois): 202-224-2854, @SenatorKirk


  1. Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Indiana): 202-224-4814, @SenDonnelly
  2. Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-West Virginia): 202-224-3954, @Sen_JoeManchin
  3. Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania): 202-224-6324, @SenBobCasey
  4. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-North Dakota): 202-224-2043, @SenatorHeitkamp

Jesus Christ the amount of die hard liberals on imgur makes me want to cut myself with a rusty spoon. A post got to the front page saying how they will miss Obama, and how they’re going to miss his leadership. Do people even pay attention to anything? have you not seen what hes done? Have you not seen all of the scandals, constant fuck ups and his clear lack of experience in foreign policy and pretty much everything? Like holy shit I knew there were idiots on the internet but I didn’t know they let the residents at insane asylums use computers.

Important Announcement

As some of you may have noticed, recently we haven’t been posting that much. 

This is because we are both going off to boarding school in mid-August, and we are unsure of how much, if at all, we will be able to post. I have some stuff in the queue that will last a little while, along with tbt scheduled through mid-September. However, it’s likely that we won’t get to post at all because of the workload and because we will be doing other things. However, we do have some extended weekends, so maybe we will be on during those. I don’t really know. :)

Thank you guys for your support, it’s been a blast here on tumblr and we will miss you guys! Keep fighting communists, liberals, and radical SJWs.

Hope to see you guys soon,


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(1/2) There's a "study" showing that if you switched 50 regular coke drinkers to diet coke and kept 50 still drinking regular coke, at the end of the test period, the diet coke group on average weighs more than the coke group. With the facts presented like that, it makes it seem like diet coke has more sugar/fat/calories. However, the study doesn't show the choices of each group. The diet cokers might be eating a whole cheesecake everyday so statistics without logic are misinformation. It's the

That’s absolutely correct, there is a lot more to take into consideration than the end results. This requires a bit of effort and as you say, critical thinking, which many people don’t want to do. 

But there is another point in there I’d like to make about the diet coke. Diet coke could actually be less healthy for you than regular soda, though I don’t know for sure. 

The point is, it is vital to judge programs and ideals by their results, and not their intentions and labels. This is what gets the liberals into so much trouble. 

Socialism has the best intentions of any system of government I’ve seen, and it claims to greatly reduce inequality. However, the results of this system are more inequality and a decreased quality of life. Same goes for something like the minimum wage.. it was designed to help the poor, and yet it has hurt the poor more than it’s helped them. And in the gender-pay-gap issue, government action would actually lead to MORE income inequality, even though it’s labeled the other way around. 

You know the old saying, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Modern liberalism is the highway to Hell.  


My mother is a die-hard conservative Republican. When I told her I had registered to vote, she rolled her eyes at me. When I asked why, she told me that “the worst thing for America is young, stupid liberals voting.” Liberals in the U.S. outnumber conservatives. The only reason Republicans win is because more of them vote. If you want us to win this upcoming election, get to the polls and vote, especially if you’re voting for Bernie Sanders in the primaries. Hillary has a lot more money and name recognition than Bernie does, so the primaries will be very important. Even if Bernie doesn’t win the primaries, Hillary being president will be a lot better than Donald Trump or Jeb Bush running this country further into the ground. Abstaining from voting in the general election because you don’t like Hillary will give the Republicans a victory on a silver platter and that is the worst thing that could happen right now.

UK students are fucked :):):):):)
The shitty fucking tories are scrapping the maintenance grant for families earning over £25,000 (the cut off point was £42,625) and for those who can still get it, it’s changing from a grant to a loan!! More fucking debt!!!!! So a great big round of a-fucking-pplause for every cunt out there who voted for the tories. Thanks a fucking bunch.

VIDEO: Absolute Scientific Evidence that God is Protecting Israel From Muslims
With the recent onslaught of rocket attacks, Dr. Gerald Schroeder, MIT physicist formerly of the Atomic Energy Commission, puts into perspective a “scientific” approach to understanding Israel’s unusually low casualty rate. Citing a statistical study done regarding the scud missiles fired at Israel during the Gulf War, Dr. Schroeder provides us with a keen insight …


Unreal: Government agencies *freak out* over handgun mounted to quadcopter

The Orwellian nanny state is alive and well. An 18-year-old mounted a gun to his drone and filmed it shooting in the woods. Cool story, right? Not according to local police as well as several federal agencies (including the FAA) which have launched a full-blown investigations into the actions. That’s right, they’re investigating this:

From a very frightened CNN:

Video of a handgun fired from a hovering drone into a wooded area has been posted on YouTube – where it has gone viral – apparently by an 18-year-old Connecticut student whose father says his son created the drone for a college class.

No one was harmed, nor has the teenager been arrested or charged. Still, the video has stirred fresh debate about the use of, and dangers posed by, drones.

…The gun drone in Connecticut appears to have been fired on private property and – so far, authorities said – it did not appear any laws were broken. There were no complaints from neighbors until after the “Flying Gun” video went viral with almost 2 million views as of Tuesday, authorities said.

…Nevertheless, authorities said they are investigating whether any laws or regulations could have been broken when the handgun drone fired four shots on the wooded grounds of the 18-year-old student’s residence in Clinton, authorities said.

“We are attempting to determine if any laws have been violated at this point. It would seem to the average person, there should be something prohibiting a person from attaching a weapon to a drone. At this point, we can’t find anything that’s been violated,” Clinton Police Chief Todd Lawrie said.

Law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes, a former director of the FBI, said he believed the gun drone could be illegal as a form of reckless conduct.

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Look, this kid should be congratulated for his innovation, not criticized or arrested. We need more people like him in the world.

But let’s recap…

So long as no one’s rights are violated, a person should be able to do whatever they want on their own property, period. But since that might be too principled a position for the average person, let’s look at it from a pragmatic point of view:

A person took a legal item, fastened that legal item to another legal item and played with it on his own freaking property. There were no complaints. There were no injuries. No one’s rights were violated. There were no near-misses or close calls. There wasn’t even any unethical behavior at all. THERE WERE NO LAWS BROKEN.

But in spite of all this, government officials say they’ll do their best to drum up some charge against the creator of this new gadget. And if they can’t find a broken law, they’ll write one. In this scenario, who are the criminals again?