One day a girl comes home from school and tells her father that everyone should have Socialism...

She told her father that Socialism is a great idea and we should all accept it.  After listening quietly, her father nodded his head, and they both went about their normal day.

A week later, the girl who had completed her chores and homework, went to her father to get her regular allowance of $20.  However, her father only handed her $10 as her reward.

The girl was appalled and demanded to know why she only received $10 instead of the usual $20.

Her father responded, “Well, I gave the other $10 to your little brother.”

The girl insisted, “But that isn’t fair!  I worked hard for my allowance!  My brother shouldn’t get any and he didn’t even complete his chores this week!”

Her father replied, “But under a Socialist society, what you earn has to be shared equally with everyone else regardless of their contribution.  If you want to keep what you worked hard to earn, then what you’re looking for is Capitalism, not Socialism.”

(True story I was told a long time ago.  Try it on your kids if they ever come home indoctrinated and acting stupid.  Socialism has horribly failed in every country that’s ever tried it.)

President Trump donates all of his presidential salary to charity groups or organizations that focus on rebuilding America.  He also doesn’t take constant million+ dollar vacations like the Obama’s did. 

President Trump works for free, put his good reputation and family name on the line, all to save America.  The deranged and hateful Left will never appreciate this.

Late Friday Night: Everyone’s Least Favorite Yin-Yang, Liberalism and Conservatism

Recently Peter D’Abrosca’s article about more freshman at Yale identifying as queer than conservative crossed my feed a few times. Almost every time it crossed into my view, it was viewed as a positive thing. I’m not so sure.

It’s important for me to make clear that I’m not negative about more queer students coming into Yale. I’m glad that more young people identifying as queerare making their voices heard and their names known. This isn’t about more students being LGBTQ. This is about fewer students being conservatives, and I’d like to argue that’s a bad thing.

Liberals and conservatives alike love to assume that their view is the only right one, that it’s the one that all real Americans would be crazy not to follow, that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is either a cold-blooded fascist or a safe space needing, welfare funded, baby.

That idea is wrong, and more than anything else, this political divisiveness is what will tear our country down. John McCain spoke of it in his final letter to the public quite eloquently: “we weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries,” but McCain’s opponents on the left and the right use political divisiveness to their favor.

In eastern philosophy, the yin-yang symbolizes how seemingly opposite forces may actually work to complement each other, and in the political arena, it’s true more than anywhere else. Unchecked power breeds failure, and both sides of the political spectrum need a check on each other. If the Democrats had absolute control, sure, liberals would love it and some new policies would pass, but over time, as the power grew unchecked, it would lead to new problems. The same would happen with Republicans in absolute control.

The Democrats and Republicans need each other, just like yin and yang. And it’s here to stay, whether we like it or not.


this is Late Friday Night, a series I’m going to try to make weekly of open letters and essays about politics, opinions, and whatever else I want to talk about. the opinions within are wholly my own.

thenatertatertot  asked:

hey I'm gonna make a presentation on why trump is bad to my dad that will either make or break his standing in my family and good points you got

Hoo boy. I could go on about this for hours. Let’s make a nice little bullet pointed list, shall we?
- Mocked a wheelchair-bound, disabled reporter
- Allegedly raped a 13 year old girl, and has not been tried in a court of law to confirm or deny the allegations
- Has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, including his ex wives
- Is a climate change denier, and believes that global warming is an international conspiracy created by the Chinese
- Generalizes Mexican immigrants as being rapists or drug dealers
- Refers to all African Americans as being lazy
- Defaced a gay pride flag in a pathetic attempt to pander to the LGBT community
- Attacked Hillary Clinton for developing pneumonia, and implied she was concealing other illnesses
- Lambasted residents of Flint, Michigan for their crime rate, minimizing the focus on poisoned water crisis
- Stated that America inner cities are “more dangerous than parts of Afghanistan”
- Attacked a former CIA director, calling him “dopey” after the man wrote an article criticizing him
- Made racist remarks about Asian businessmen in a stereotype accent
- Also attacked Jewish businessmen with antisemitic stereotypes
- Lied about Hillary Clinton planning to abolish American borders
- Claimed that the term “alt right” was made up, then claimed that Hillary Clinton coined the term
- Made contradictory remarks in regards to his position on the Iraq War
- Has gone on record saying that the African American unemployment rate is 58% when it’s actually 20%
- Lied to an entire audience when he told them Hillary Clinton was raising their taxes substantially
- Insisted that Hillary Clinton destroyed 13 phones with a hammer
- Blamed a New York City bombing incident on immigrants, despite the fact that the perpetrator was an American citizen with no connection to international terrorism
- Claimed that he could stand in New York City and literally shoot people, and that he wouldn’t loose any supporters
- Implied that the presidential debates were rigged, so there should be no moderator
- Spread dangerous misinformation about terrorist activity in London and Paris
- Allied himself with his son, who made a Holocaust gas chamber joke about his presidential campaign, and follows a plethora of white supremacist Twitter accounts
- Insists that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s Disease despite there being no known evidence of her actually having the condition
- Selected Mike Pence as his pick for Vice President, despite his extensive record of homophobia and stance on conversion therapy
- Joked about how Mike Pence wants to “electrocute gay people” as if his terrifying homophobic beliefs were somehow funny
- Endorsed chaos and violence at his rallies, and refused to take responsibility for felonies committed by his supporters
- Embezzled 9/11 finds that were intended for small businesses
- Spent 30,000 dollars worth of Trump Foundation charitable funds on portraits of himself, and then proceeded to spend 258,000 dollars worth of Trump Foundation charitable funds to settle lawsuits against his for-profit businesses
- Told an interviewer that people living in poverty are “morons”
- Mused about deporting Hillary Clinton should he achieve the presidency
- Chastised John McCain for being captured by the North Vietnamese
- Asserted that Hillary Clinton wanted to repeal the Second Amendment
- Implied that Former President Obama was a traitor who was complicit in the Orlando terror attack, and also claimed that he was the founder of ISIS
- Made numerous misogynistic comments, such as the infamous “grab her by the pussy” and “blood coming out of her wherever” comments
- Admonished Judge Gonzalo Curiel because he was of Mexican descent
- Deceived his supporters by claiming Ted Cruz’s father was connected to The assassination of President Kennedy
- Lied about why he would not release his taxes because he was being audited, the confirmed that he was a liar by saying that he would release his taxes if Hillary Clinton released her emails
- Stated that he saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating on 9/11
- Swore that he was offering child care benefits to his employees, when he was actually only offering it to his hotel guests
- Opined that countless of terrorist Syrian refugees were being secretly allowed entry to America
- Suggested that the drought in California wasn’t real
- Untruthfully commented that a protester who had rushed onto his stage during a rally had ties to ISIS
- Congratulated himself for predicting terrorist attacks instead of offering condolences and support to the victims
- Proposed that Russia or China should enact a Watergate reminiscent hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails
- Advocated for the complete prohibition of Muslims entering the United States
- Encourages open racial profiling
- Recommended ideological certification for immigrants
- Praised Saddam Husain, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un for how they handle protests and terrorism
- Conveyed that there should be a legal doctrine ensuring that the families of suspected terrorists be killed
- Endorsed the mandatory teaching of patriotism in public schools
- Promised to purge the government of Obama appointees via his administration
- Has amassed various inconsistencies regarding his plans for building an implausible border wall
- Suggested that economic crises could be averted by “printing more money,” which would logically induce inflation
- Affirmed that he understood what it feels like to lose a child in war because he had spent money to hire employees
- Proclaimed that Democrats are illegally voting ten times each
- Made a mockery himself and shed light on his minimal comprehension of systematic racism by claiming that he understood prejudice faced by African Americans because “the system was also rigged against him”
- Announced that any candidate using a teleprompter should be considered ineligible, then began using a teleprompter himself
- Sanctions the use of nuclear weapons, despite their world-ending capabilities
- Improperly sought campaign contributions from foreign nationals, including officials of foreign governments
- Threatened to deport an African American who was protesting police violence
- Plagiarized twenty pages in his Trump Institute Handbook
- Utilized the pseudonyms “John Barron” and “John Miller” while pretending to be his own press spokesmen and boasting of his sexual conquests in the 19902
- Has millions of dollars worth of outstanding loans to the Bank of China
- Kept a book of Hitler’s speeches in a cabinet near his bed
- Championed several campaign staffers who have disseminated racist and/or violent messages on social media, including remarks about waterboarding Hillary Clinton or executing her by firing squad for treason, remarks that Former President Obama should be hung, as well as white nationalist and antisemitic remarks
- Falsified evidence against Hillary Clinton on numerous occasions
- Offered to pay the legal fees of any supporter who becomes physically violent against a heckler
- Instructed a crowd of his supporters to harass and threaten a reporter who he called out by name, who then needed Secret Service protection
- Bragged about the size of his genitalia during a presidential debate
- Made suggestive comments about his daughter Ivanka, stating that if she weren’t his daughter, “he might be dating her”
- Spread misinformation about the size of his inauguration crowd
- Threatened to cut off federal funds to sanctuary cities
- Demanded a thorough investigation of nonexistent voter fraud, despite the claims being refuted multiple times
- Tied the POTUS Twitter account to a private email address that only had one-step security
- Issued a statement commemorating international Holocaust Remembrance Day that does not include the words “Jew, Judaism, or Jewish”
- Instituted a hastily applied refugee ban on Muslim nations on international Holocaust Remembrance Day
- Is overall a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, antisemitic, irrational, petulant, childish, vindictive, insensitive, erratic, fascistic, authoritarian piece of human excrement who should have never even been nominated as the Republican Party candidate, let alone been elected President of the United States of America
And well, that’s the gist of it. There’s a million more things I could have written here, but this post is long enough. I hope it serves its purpose.