The Republicans In ‘Republicans Are People Too’ Ad Are All Stock Photos

Conservatives wanted to remind people that “Republicans Are People Too” with an ad campaign insisting that Republicans recycle and have tattoos.

But as The Daily Banter pointed out, the woman the ad used to prove that “Republicans are black” is actually a very popular stock photo.

Her image is featured on the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys’ website and a promotion for a discount on glasses.

And unsurprisingly, TPM found that the other every-man Republicans featured in the ads were also stock photos.


Since 9/11, more Americans have died at the hands of homegrown “white supremacists, antigovernment fanatics and other non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims,” the New York Times reported this week. Citing a count provided by Washington research center New America, the Times confirmed that with the race-base mass murder in Charleston, S.C. last week, 48 Americans have now been killed by “people espousing racial hatred, hostility to government and theories such as those of the ‘sovereign citizen’ movement,” as compared to 26 Americans who have been killed by “self-proclaimed jihadists.”

The numbers don’t lie

I’ve been seeing a lot about how conservatism, when separated from Republicanism, isn’t necessarily sexist/racist/homophobic/etc

Actually, it is. There are other ways to oppress people besides through the federal government, and a federal government that ignores oppression of certain groups of its citizens and leaves them powerless is an oppressive government. You can oppress queer people without denying us marriage rights. You can oppress women and others with uteri without denying us abortions. You can oppress people of color without throwing them in prison disproportionately (although not doing that would certainly make a huge difference).

I could easily see this type of Conservative Small Government allowing me to marry a woman but giving me no protection when I get fired for being queer. I could see it denying people not only welfare, food stamps, and affordable healthcare, but even a minimum wage. I could get raped in a country with a government like that, and there will be no way for me to find help and justice because everybody *still* thinks I deserved it and the police think it’s not their problem. We can theoretically get as many abortions as we want, but we won’t be able to afford them unless we’re lucky enough to work in an industry that offers reasonable insurance. People of color will still be half as likely to get called for an interview as a white person with an identical resume, and they will still be socially and economically disadvantaged in almost every way they are now.

Some will claim that this is not oppression because it’s not intentional like it is with Republicans. Sorry, but incidental oppression is still oppression. Pretending that race doesn’t exist is still oppression. I’d almost rather deal with Republican conservatives because at least they’re upfront about who they are and aren’t fighting for, and I know where I stand with them.

I live in the south and…

I see a lot of conservatives shout this word “freedom” though I’m not sure they know what it means.

If you don’t support or respect a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body then you do not support freedom.

If you don’t respect same/trans gender marriages, you don’t support freedom.

If you believe your religious views should control the lives of others you don’t support freedom.

If you believe your lifestyle is the only lifestyle you don’t support freedom.

You aren’t a patriot for simply yelling the word out of a megaphone, especially if it’s pointed at the people you’re fighting to oppress. If all you are fighting for is power for your group, then it’s not patriotism, and nationalism. 

Power can look a lot like freedom to those who have it, but like tyranny to those who don’t, and if you don’t support freedom for all, then you don’t value freedom at all

So take the bumper sticker off your truck, and say what you really mean, 

“I want to control the lives of people I don’t have the empathy to understand.”

It's so funny watching the left-wing media lose its collective shit over that Bruce Jenner is a Conservative.

Bruce: I’m a woman now.

Left wing media: YAAASSS BITCH!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!

Bruce: I’m also a Conservative Republican



Look how “Fair & Balanced” Fox “News” is. After leading out with “An anti-police activist group calling itself “Disarm NYPD” is aiming to strip officers of their firearms and boot them from certain neighborhoods entirely,” as if it were a human right to wield a state-sponsored pistol, check out the “You might also like” section. How much more cop-worship do you need? No, don’t report on the fact that already 290 people have been killed by police THIS YEAR, just offer a bunch of stories about cops playing football with kids so your viewers don’t have to care about the ones getting shot.  

For a more encompassing read of Disarm NYPD, check here

Jerks (and Conservatives) are always on about self defense.
“You can’t take my guns away because if someone attempts to kill me, I can’t kill them!”
“If a gay man is attracted to me I have to attack him! Its self defense!”
“We have to defend our country from terrorists!”
But as soon as a woman rises up against her abuser, even by leaving him, or a person of color tries to resist injury or death at the hands of authority figures, or a queer person is themselves, it’s Morally Wrong and Illegal.
Hypocrisy at its finest.
And yes, I have had someone (my own grandfather) say that if another man were to flirt with him, he would have to kill him. With a gun. On principle.


Although not all libertarians hate, a sizable number make the movement look both angry and unstable.  They rage against the smallest loss of unearned privilege in society, while screaming about a “meritocracy.” Those who get ahead in our country do so more often from connections, family money and privilege than from any innate goodness or intelligence, and libertarians gloss over all questions of class, race and privilege in the hope of a return to a pure market ideal that has never existed.  The history of America is an unending fight between untamed market forces and human beings, and when the free market gets out of hand, real people suffer, as so many did in the Great Recession of 2008.

“I used to be a Libertarian. Then I had the gall to criticize them in an article – and here’s what happened next”