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I hate that people are calling what Brittany Herring and her team of scumbags did a “mistake”. Kidnapping, and torturing a special needs boy for being white and supporting trump and recording what you’ve done isn’t a mistake. It’s being an evil, vile person and a hate crime. The left was right about there being hate crimes once trump was elected, they were just wrong about who would be committing them.

You know what’s good? Listening to other people’s opinions and respecting their right to have that opinion. You know what’s not good? Refusing to listen to anyone who challenges you so you can live in a bubble free from any criticism. You cannot learn or grow as a person if you live your life that way. Whether you are a feminist, an anti feminist, pro black lives matter, anti black lives matter, pro life, pro choice, conservative, liberal, or whatever, refusing to listen to the other side and dismissing any opinions different from yours makes YOU the ignorant one.

2017 must be our year for change.

2016 showed us nothing but torment for the vulnerable. Showed us how governments will attack innocents anywhere in the world for profit or power. Showed us how our home countries are merciful to the privileged but merciless to the oppressed. Showed us the lie of parliamentary and representative democracy. Showed us how those who claim to protect and serve only protect and serve the oppressors. Showed us how easy hatred and lies spread among the depoliticized and the consequences it brings. Showed us how bleak the future will be if we all remain stagnate and wallow in our own self-satisfying pity or blame.

These last twelve months, I’ve been so ill from being exposed to the crimes against humanity perpetrated from our own government onto our own citizens, from the cruelty dispensed by the hateful and intolerant on the news every day, from the exploitation people are forced into in order to get a roof on their head or wind up evicted, from the rabid sensationalism by the depoliticized to the same politicians who legislate their misery, and from the sheer apathy garnered from the general population who disconnected themselves from the burning world we all share a hellhole in.

2016 made me ill. And I am sick of being sick.

I am sick of the fear that should be replaced with anger. I am sick of the obedience that should be replaced with revenge. I am sick of the complacency that should be replaced with hostility. I am sick of hearing the word “progress” when the nine inch blade in most of our backs is pulled out only three inches. And I feel desecrated when we’re defanged by those who speak of some idealist nonsense of loving the enemy while they equate us with the same oppressors who bear their fangs in us. 

2017 is the cure. It will not come to us from above, we must make it ourselves. We must provide onto ourselves and others what we were promised by statesmen and businessmen for ages. We must take control over our own lives instead of allowing the power hungry who are miles away from us physically and socially to take control with their false promises of greatness, progress, and representation. Most importantly, we must challenge those make our lives the unbearable hell it is. Life could be worse, but it could be so much better too. And we can make it better if we could only stand up.

2017 must be the year for change.

Or else we’ll reap whatever was sowed for us. .

I don’t get why certain people are so against political labels. Like sure I could waste time learning about how you hate black lives matter, think feminism is cancerous, and want to reduce welfare. But it would be easier for everyone if you would just say you’re conservative or, alternatively, a piece of shit

This blog supports freedom of speech.
This blog is against censorship and sugarcoating.
This blog is against language policing.
This blog respects the right of users to express unpopular opinions.
This blog will listen to all points of view and perspectives.
This blog will try to understand where they’re coming from.
This blog will address and attempt to dispute the argument at hand.
This blog will not attack the person, or their characteristics, because of their views.
This blog will base their arguments on scientific evidence and deductive reasoning.
This blog would not tolerate threats of violence against individuals with unpopular opinions.
This blog encourages intellectual development and fruitful discussions.
This blog will treat everyone equally.

~ have a nice day!


So I’ve been without my computer for three days, and the genvana penbrush (a new year gift from @tamrius) and my beloved uptable have been keeping me company)) 

One of the many things that could have gone wrong(er) with this singularly badly thought through plan, or happy 163 birthday to one mr. Sherlock Scott Holmes, esq.!))

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this needs to stop, and this needs to stop now

Yesterday in Chicago four young black teenagers, two females and two males, took it upon themselves to kidnap and torture a white special needs boy. They chose to broadcast their actions on Facebook Live. They also chose to scream, “F^*k Donald Trump,” and “F*@k white people,” while they were torturing this young boy. Their screams were interjected with up close shots of them laughing at the sight of the fear of the young boy.

Why? Why would a group of young people, with so much life ahead of them, choose to do this? Why would a group of young Americans believe this was the solution to their supposed social dilemma? Why did this idea even come into their mind in the first place?

How? How could they believe their actions would produce a positive outcome? How could they think harming a mentally disabled boy would further their cause? How did our great nation, the free United States of America, get here?

When? When did we become a nation of such hatred, of such distaste? When did differing beliefs, differing races, differing sexualities, become justification for creating violence and inflicting unnecessary pain?

What? What in the world am I reading? What in the world am I writing about? What is going on?

This is the United States of America. We are better than this. This must stop.

I could take a moment, a few lines, to layout the double standard in our society, the outrage that would spill if four white teenagers had inflicted the same amount of pain on a black special needs boy. But what good would that do? It’s time to move forward. I’m tired of laying out disregarded facts.

16 days and President-Elect Trump becomes President Donald Trump. 16 days and the vision of Hillary Clinton as President of the United States becomes a fleeting wish.  I urge those who voted for Mrs. Clinton to accept this new reality, embrace it, and replace your negative outlook with one of positivity. Give everything you have to America for these next four years. Improve life for yourself, for your family, for your friends.

What good is being miserable? What good is committing hate crime? What good is throwing your future away because you can’t maturely accept defeat? I urge those who committed this heinous hate crime, and those considering committing the likes of a similar action, to seriously ask themselves these questions.

At the end of the day happiness is a conscious choice. You can choose to see yourself as the victim because life didn’t go your way. You can choose to throw a tantrum, impose agony on those who you perceive as the winners.

However, you could also be a decent person, make decent decisions. You could congratulate those who you believe won the upper hand, and look to work together with them. Maybe even something good will come of it, but maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m not the one committing hate crime like it’s mere child’s play.