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Happy anniversary to the Wilderness Act!  On September 3, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed this landmark conservation legislation. The BLM has stewardship responsibilities for 223 Wilderness Areas with over 8.7 million acres in 10 Western States. These areas are protected in their undeveloped state and offer outstanding recreation opportunities for visitors willing to experience nature on its own terms. BLM managed wilderness areas include vast southwestern deserts, red-rock canyons, rugged Pacific coastline and alpine peaks.

Just because republicans have lgbt/poc/women/poor people speaking on their behalf does not mean that they are working to help lgbt/poc/women/poor ppl. It just means that those particular people are fucking dumb for voting against their interests.

Legislators hope to make the Bible their state’s official book

A group of conservative state legislators are pretty sure they have come up with a clever workaround to the constitutional separation of church and state, passing a law designating “the Holy Bible as the official state book” for its “historic” rather than religious value. The bill passed in both chambers and now heads to the state’s governor.

The entirety of #SB101 is right wing activism. The conservatives need to legislate pretty shitty church beliefs into laws is based on giving christians impunity to discriminate.

What you do in the bathroom and in the bedroom is all that matters to conservatives. Republicans will legislate a fictional bathroom scene out of pure fear and hate.

This is it

If we don’t get rid of Harper tomorrow, I don’t know what will happen to us. We can’t take 4-5 more years of him. What will happen to my mother, a black immigrant environmentalist, under a prime minister who denies climate change, classifies environmental activism as terrorism, and has created second class citizenship laws that could see her stripped of her citizenship and deported for denouncing him? What will happen to my muslim friends in a climate of violent islamophobia and xenophobia that Harper is actively working to create? What will happen to my trans friends who the Conservatives are legislating against? What about missing and murdered indigenous women? What about indigenous communities and sovereignty? What about our lakes and rivers and trees? Our civil rights, our environment, the lives of millions of people are in the balance. This election is so important, and if we don’t go out and vote I don’t know what will happen to us. As a queer person of colour I am terrified that this will go unnoticed, that the Conservatives will win again, that things will get even worse. Please, for the next 24 hours, can everyone take the time to care about this election? Is that so much to ask?

A conservative will nurture a corporation for life. Loopholes and tax breaks for as long as they need. Deregulation is the answer for every problem.

Conversely, an actual human being has zero Republican support and needs to live a life free from state subsidy. Increased regulation and control by conservative legislation of private decisions is always the answer. 

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Oh, well, would you look at that. This whole bathroom legislation thing is just more of “Small Government” Conservative men deciding that they know what’s best for women and trying legislate it.

Conservative cishet men: “won’t someone please think of the women and children!”

Women and children: “Actually, we can think for ourselves, thanks.”

Ocean Day California is March 24

Every day we work hard to protect the ocean. On March 24, we’ll join forces with other ocean advocates in Sacramento to inspire action for ocean and coastal conservation by engaging state legislators who can help us in our mission.

“Our world-renowned ocean and coastline are sources of pride for all Californians,” says Aimee David, director of conservation policy. “Their resources are also among California’s most economically valuable — and vulnerable — assets.”

These abundant resources also translate into millions in state revenue, the importance of which we’ll emphasize as part of this year’s “blue economy” theme.

A Popular Ticket

In the evening, the Aquarium will host its 6th annual Ocean Day California reception. This invitation-only event will bring together nearly 200 California legislators, state administration officials, business executives and ocean conservation leaders to celebrate the ocean and coast. They’ll also enjoy sustainable California seafood from our Seafood Watch partners and fine wines from California’s coastal communities.

We’ll present awards to some of California’s ocean champions, honoring significant actions they took last year to advance ocean and coastal health.

“California is a global model of ocean and coastal conservation and thriving coastal communities,” Aimee says. “Ocean Day California is meant to inspire continued progress by government, conservation and business leaders to protect our ocean and coast.”

By buying a ticket to visit the Aquarium, becoming a member or making a donation, you help support all of our conservation efforts. Thank you!

To keep up with the activity on March 24, follow #OceanDayCA on Twitter. 

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