I’m laughing so hard at this Edgelord satire piece that’s all “hurr durr Jesus was an immigrant to Bethlehem you dumb conservatards”

No he literally was not. The only reason they went to Bethlehem is because it was the home country of his father and they were ordered to by the government. If you’re trying to make a point, try not to make it stupid.

Everything is political these days.

You can’t go one day without politics being brought up in some way, shape, or form.

“You’re just a dumb conservatard!” “ESSJAYDUB!!” “Well, he’s just racist, what a bigot, probably a republican”

Can we just stop it already?

JonTron should still be in Yooka-Laylee. The fact that he’s not speaks loads about the current environment we live in. As soon as you slip up, or say something outside the conventional wisdom, you’re branded pretty much for life. You’re guilty until proven innocent. You HAVE to conform to these frankly narrowminded thought processes, and, if you don’t, BAM! Ostracized. Led to the gallows for all to see.

“Well, he was on the wrong side of history!”

That phrase annoys me to no end because it just enforces how barbaric and centered on tribalism our culture is. Things are not good or evil. Morality is grey. Grey as a stormy day. Anyone trying to tell you otherwise is either a child, delusional, or both. So what am I trying to say? Don’t baselessly attack someone just because they believe a certain way. You’re only hurting yourself.

Speaking from my last post of Nationalists not getting it, I’m quite surprised that for such a decent sized community on here, I can count the number of National Socialists on here on one hand who actually ‘get it’. 

If you think playing parliament and ballot box is going to get you anywhere, you’re delusional. 

If you support the police for “jus doin thare jobs” like these zogbot automatons won’t ruby ridge you and you whole family, you’re delusional. 

If you think faggots belong anywheres near the movement and not on a stake to be burned, you’re delusional. 

If you can’t separate National Socialism from mainstream American conservatard talking points and ideology, you’re delusional. 

If you’re about ‘sifting the good from the bad’ ones with non-whites in your country and not expelling the mass of them as they are alien, you’re delusional. 

Any ones I miss?