The evolution of Maximilian

Designed by George McGinnis

1. The initial vision of Max was strictly a machine with no head. All body with a gyro-stabilizer bottom.

 2. Here we see the introduction of multiple arms. The gyro-stabilizer is now replaced with a mace bottom, somewhat similar to the Black Hole’s Old B.O.B.’ s droid design. Here we begin to see the beginning stages of Max’s head.

3. A more colorful computer panel approach. He was to be equipped with a heavy duty rotating arm, but without hovering abilities.

4. In this version Maximilian had multiple arms and electronic connectors to control the starship. The studio wanted a more human robot formation with legs. They were thinking of putting an actor inside of him.

5. One of the final sketches.  When the studio saw McGinnis designs with the leg thrusters for Max to hover. They immediately changed their minds on using an actor inside.

6. The finished version of our hovering red hulking bodyguard. The iconic glowing eyes, fins and not pictured here, his concealed sharp spinning propeller.


The designer McGinnis wasn’t satisfied with the finished version. He wanted something much more sinister. As in sketch 5, Maximilian was to be black with some greenish cast to represent its joints. There would have also been sharpened silver points along Max’s side (which were omitted). Also Max’s thrusters would glow in flight and had the ability to move his fins as stabilizers to lower his elevation. McGinnis wanted a circuit look for its head with a plexiglass dome and glowing diodes and little electronic pinpoints under it.

here’s a concept sketch for a 1 min animation i have due in two weeks

its about a witch who tries to summon a demon to exact revenge on their bullies but instead summons a demon who is only interested in getting belly rubs and cat treats :)

basically its going to be about how its better to make friends than to fight enemies