alright i know theirs some cool art of error up there and ill get to that but …i have no idea how to start this off. basically im thinking of creating an undertale au or rather a am (allurement multiverse) ware all the aus are in one au, and i know thats ben done before like in the nerd and jock au from thegraterouge bUT in this am thingy everyone is STILL underground (i actually dont know if the nerd and jock au takes place above ground or not) and more importantly, everything is….well a lot more like what you think a giant cave full of monsters would look like. well not exactly, the monster are still like people and stuff but everythings more fantasy like.all of the monsters magic is now like 3 times as epic and thair outfits are now 6 times as complicated. sorry its kinda hard to explain and im still building the au, but as you saw i did draw some art for the am’s version of Error,  so that might give you a slight idea of the tone for the am.

now enough about the au (that is still in the works so if ya wana help out and give me suggestions that would be cool)   now on to Error, or rather the Tailor.

now is name ISNT the tailor in this am its still error, The tailor is more of a title. basically everyone gets a title by the time they are around the age of adult hood based around thiar magic and abilitys. Error got the title of Tailor because he has magic strings that can brake or repair pretty much anything soo yah. 

OH and he wares all of that fabric because he gets cold easily and not just because i like drawing fabric

sooooooooooo uh enjoy???????