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Preference where you're dating one of the boys & they make you feel less self-conscious about your weight? Thankyou so much if you write one! <3

ok so im gonna do this as a blurbish thing cuz its easier, but ill try to make it longish :) also im gonna do this as if you think you’re too heavy instead of too skinny, because im more familiar with being too heavy. I know that people also feel self-conscous about being too skinny, but i am not skinny enough so idk how to write that. sorry. Enjoy!

michael would love you so deeply and, like, forcefully if that makes sense  that it would kind of overwhelm him at times. he wouldn’t think you were any less attractive or less beautiful because of your weight. He would just think you were the cutest, sexiest, most incredible thing that’s ever happened to him and he would want to protect you from everything. basically, he wouldn’t realize that you were insecure about your weight until it came up pretty obviously in a conversation. so you guys would probably be having a lazy day in and he’d have ordered pizza or whatever for dinner, but you guys had already eaten a bunch of popcorn and other stuff throughout the day. you really didn’t want to gain more weight, because you already felt terrible about how you looked, so after you ate, like, one piece, you stopped eating and michael would just be all sweet, like, “don’t you want more pizza? its your favorite topping. here, take these pieces before i eat it all.” and you’d be like, “no really, you can eat them” and he’d be adorably confused and say something like, “but i got your favorite…right?” kind of insecurely and you’d kind of look down and mumble how you really didnt need the extra calories and it would just hit him all at once; memories of every time you’d ever hide your stomach with towels and dresses when you went swimming and the way your face looked when he hugged really skinny fans and especially how you always looked a little bit guilty after you ate. he’d get really passionate all at once, assuring you that you could definitely use those extra calories because they were really tasty calories and because you were the most beautiful girl he’d ever laid eyes on and he’d hug you and nuzzle his nose into your neck and let’s be real here it would probably lead to really passionate sexy times

ashton would probably find out when he got home and he’d find you scrolling through twitter with a really sad expression and he’d be all “what’s wrong baby?” and you’d mutter something about how maybe you should start exercising more and his face would fall a bit and his eyebrows would scrunch together and he’d be like, “what? no you don’t. i mean, unless you want to… but like you’re the prettiest girl ever and you beat me all the time at pillow fights so… like there’s not really a need…” and then he’d take you out for icecream and you’d play tag at the park and he’d giggle and just look at you like you were the most important person in his life

luke thought he was fat in year nine, so he’d probably be more sensitive to the issue than the other boys, but he too would think you were really gorgeous anyways, so he wouldn’t think that you thought you were fat until something you did made it more obvious. you’d probably be having a movie night with the boys and there wouldn’t be enough seats, so luke would pat his lap for you to sit there and you would look kind of uncomfortable, and be like “ill just sit on the floor, its fine.” but luke would just grab you and pull you onto his lap. and you’d kind of stiffen up and try not to squish his skinny deer legs, so he’d get kinda insecure himself, thinking stuff like “shoot, is she uncomfortable, maybe im too bony and im poking her! shit shit shit" and he’d ask you if you were okay and you’d whisper back “are you sure im not squishing you?” and he’d be like, “of course not, you’re like half as heavy as any of the boys and they don’t squish him, so you’re fine” and you’d be kinda insecure about it, saying “are you sure? im kinda heavy…” and then luke would /get it/ that you thought you were fat, so he’d whisper in your ear how you are perfect and he loves every bit of you and you are most definitely not squishing him and he’d press little cold-nosed kisses up and down your neck

calum would probably wake you up in the middle of the night and just wrench the covers off of your bed and pull you up and be bouncing around like the puppy that he is all excited, saying “there’s a meteor shower right now quick let’s go on the roof and watch!” and you’d be like fine, okay, whatever but then he’d scramble up onto the roof really easily, but you’d just look at it and think, “shit, i cant do that, i can’t lift myself up on that” and calum would be waiting and you’d be like “im too tired im going back to bed,” and trudge back to bed kinda sadly, cuz you were just reminded of the limitations that came with being your weight. calum would jump off of the roof and join you in bed, pouting and asking you why you didn’t want to go up on the roof. and you’d get kind of mad at him but also at yourself and you’d be like, “it’s so freaking easy for you, you’re just skinny and strong and you can get up on the roof like you’re just walking down the street, but i cant and it sucks because i just cant lift myself up there because have you seen this?!?!” as you gestured at your body, “there’s a lot of me to lift…you know?” and calum would be like, “that’s fine, it just means i get to lift you onto the roof” and you’d be like “no, im too heavy,” and he’d just pick you up anyways and carry you from your bed and then pull you onto the roof and you’d watch the meteor shower and he’d kiss you and say “you’re so beautiful, you know that, right?”