My Purpose

     This earth is home to so many species of animals, plants, and microorganisms that all have a different purpose. They never think about what their purpose is, they just know what they need to do to live, unconsciously driven off pure instinct. What is the purpose of humans though? We have instincts and predispositions, but it is so much deeper than that for us. We can actually choose what we think at every moment. We get to consciously choose what we are going to do with every minute of every day of our lives. I’m just trying to choose wisely.
     As you grew into an adult you experienced things that molded you into the person you are right now. A lucky few of us have realized our purpose along the way, as a child, or later on in life, but not every one does. Everyone can, but not everyone does. I believe that most of us never realize our purpose. It is sad to think that the greater majority of this planet goes through their entire life unconsciously living up to other peoples expectations, standards, and beliefs. People accept their circumstances, and make up reasons that it is ok to let someone else tell you how much you are worth. It’s crazy to think about when you break it down.
     What makes you happy? What gets you in the zone? What makes you not think about the passing minutes? Everybody has a niche. What ever that is, do it. Come up with a plan and do it. Why would you want to do anything else? I’m sure we have all met someone that has told or shown you something that you instantly thought they could make money from doing. How many of those people actually pursue it though? How many people do you know that have set up business plans to make their ideas apart of this physical world? I know a few that have done it well and they truly inspire me to make my own path in life. As you get older life’s distractions seem to grow more and more. They can zap the joy out of your life if you let them. You have to make time to be happy, and the way I see it, you might as well make a living being happy. Two birds one stone. 
     This is one of the goals I have set for myself, to make a living being happy. Not the easiest task, but something I will achieve in due time. I’ve changed my mind about what I’ve wanted to do so many times. I’ve been a personal trainer, trained to play basketball overseas, and I have done everything in the front house of a weed store. I had graphic designer aspirations at one point, and also want to be a veterinarian or palientaologist as a kid. It’s hard to choose what you want to do with your life when you love so many things. So I’ve decided I’m going to share all the things I love with the world. However you slice it, helping people is the basis of all jobs. So I am going to help people by sharing my journey and spreading the knowledge I learn along the way.  After 26 years living this life I’ve realized my purpose.

Consciously, Cam