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“Notice Earth is a Timeship on a galactic mission. Time is the current dictator or creator of life and limits its functions on this planet. Many people feel stuck in what may be termed 3-D time loops. Until awakening, one cannot recognize programmed thought patterns, repeating situations and energetic interactions. This is reinforced by regularly-celebrated occasions and the nature of the calendar imposed behind it all. Collective perception is manipulated away from galactic central Time and the hidden power of numbers is widely forgotten. The result is illusions of separation, amnesia about equality of everything from gender to how we unconsciously co-create each moment based on the degree of active/ inactive DNA, and how DNA is reprogrammable via frequency. The orbits of planets in our solar system hold different frequencies of different stages and levels of consciousness. The Sun however, is undergoing inner transformation as part of stellar evolution. Its process mirrors the ongoing expansion of human consciousness. Human beings are re-calibrating genetically and changing sense of time according to a galactic harmonic timing frequency. Information upgrades are transferred via radiogenetics (light codes/ infrasound). Synchronicity is crop circles emerging near sacred sites. The cells of the plants are constantly communicating with all other cells, including human body cells. Imagine human beings are creating/ co-creating ‘real’ crop circles on an unconscious level with a galactic plan. The point is to establish a telepathic matrix where a critical mass of humans bond with Earth’s etheric, magnetic and biopsychic fields to function as a planet (The word ‘planet’ means ‘wandering star’) and active member of a wider galaxies. Each human being is then, 'the Living Book of God.’ The story of life is held within chambers of the human genome expressing our species’ evolution through time. It is encoded as sacred geometry, the language of consciousness which we are each gradually unpacking. It’s like a computer store of the memory is encoded in our DNA, a crystal microchip specific to each individual. Once DNA is fully active, infinity is no longer simply the illusion created by measure of linear time. The Spiritual Sun arises.” - Liara Covert

A Look At September 2018

A Look At September 2018

September is a month that is really focused on priorities; and realizing what is truly important in life and what is not.  In general, September is a month that gets us to look at what we are feeling uncertain about.  It is a time where we are able to see who is truly supportive of us; and who is not.  It can be very easy to step into focusing on our worries and anxieties at this time.

This year, September asks us to look at where we are feeling inadequate and insecure.  The reason is that nothing in our life can be transformed, unless we are willing to take a look at what is unsettling for us.  This month favors time alone, going within, and just connecting with ourselves.  This will be a positive use of the energy, since many people will be having a hard time connecting with others; or feeling like they belong.

As we become introspective, we can learn what is triggering our sense of lack.  From here our focus is on how we are going to transform that into something else.  We might feel lonely, if we feel that there is no help for us right now.  Ironically, many people are likely to be feeling this way.  It is important to call out this lie in our life; and to remember that sometimes, we simply need some space and time for ourselves.  It is in our alone time that we are given an opportunity to nurture our souls; if we are willing to let go of our pity party.

During the first 2 ½ weeks of the month, we will do best to take a look at where we would like a fresh start in life; or perhaps where we would like a second chance.  It is through connecting with ourselves and introspection that we will unfold what is feeling unresolved in our life.  As we unfold this understanding, we will be able to begin to reconnect with our own transformative powers; and set a course of action in place to bring resolution to these matters.

This is the opportunity to tap into wisdom that brings solutions. Our sense of no one being able to relate to us, often surfaces when we are shifting and adapting into new frequencies, that are more aligned with our soul self.  This happens because we become more aware of people being absorbed with material things; and they are no longer our primary focus.

During the last 1 ½ weeks of the month we are feeling more at peace with things; and this is due to being in greater alignment with our soul self. During this time we are feeling connected with our own personal power, and there is a sense of feeling stronger with ourselves; and also within the world.  It is at this time, that we are able to bring closure to many of the distortions and negative thoughts that we have had earlier in the month.

Communications may still be challenging with others; since there will still be many that do not relate to what we are going through.  Our inability to put our experiences into words right now; certainly doesn’t help things either.  It is important to do lots of grounding; and to use extra caution when driving places.  People will not be paying much attention to what they are doing; and can completely space out about things that are blatantly obvious and right in front of their face.

Our key points this month are, take the time to organize your priorities.  Take a look at where you are feeling insecure and uncertain.  Go within, and understand any feelings of lack.  Decide where you want to make a fresh start, or have a second chance.  Take time to ground; and use extra caution in what you are doing.

Actions to focus on

From the 1st – 11th we want to increase our influence in the world.  Find those that are willing to be a guide, teacher, or mentor.  People are watching you, and looking up to; and it is important that you live in a way that inspires and enriches the lives of others. We have an ability to get along with a larger base of people; so take this time to expand your connections, and maybe reach into new spheres that you haven’t considered before.  Our success arises from the joy we share with others; and from being able to make a positive impact, especially where others have been losing hope.

From the 12th – 30th we want to focus on creating greater value in our life.  It is important to spend this time on nourishing and caring for ourselves.  We can make a major impact on our life process, if we create balance and take time for restoration.  This doesn’t have to be costly; but it may involve going somewhere with fresh air, trees, moving water, and incorporates other elemental components that help restore balance.

This is the time to focus on doing those things that will bring us peace; and expand the love we are feeling in our heart, for ourselves and others.  It is also a great time to be reflective, and to be conscious of the lessons that we have learned in life.  Recognizing how far we have come, and how much growth we have created in our consciousness; is an important part of generating successes that nurture and care for us, as we move forward.

What to focus your thoughts on

From the 1st – 6th we want to give those around us an opportunity to come clean and make a fresh start.  Our thoughts are best used to create solutions of how to turn negative spirals, and deception addicts; into positively focused people. Most people who operate on a pattern of deception; do so, as a form of protection.

They are so afraid of being judged if they are honest; and often times feel so embarrassed or guilty about their actions, that they create stories to cover things up.  Over time this became a programmed response.  Many of these people want to do the “right” thing; but are afraid to give up their tough guy/girl reputation.  At the root of this, is usually a desire to avoid feeling stupid; when in reality, they really are very smart.

If we take the time, these situations can turn into huge successes. One way that we can do this, is to offer up times that we were afraid of feeling stupid; or to share that we are always making mistakes, but just choose to laugh them off.  This can often ease the tension, and the pressure that others put on themselves to be perfect.

From the 7th – 22nd is a time to keep our mind on how we can be a leader or positive influence to those around us. Sometimes our second chances come in the form of helping someone else.  As a leader, we show our commitment to being true to our word; and what we say is what we do.  We don’t make promises that we can’t keep, and we don’t ask others to do things that we won’t do ourselves.  Often times, the best leaders work side by side with those that are on their team; giving them a chance, to build relationships in the process of learning. Most people learn more, when they feel connected to the person that is guiding them.

During this time we want to remove the aspects of competition within a team; and focus our thoughts on how to bring out their best assets and skills.  Success comes, when we can discover how to integrate the different skillsets.  Focus on helping others to enjoy the process of things, while still working on daily tasks.  Self-worth and enjoyment will always increase when people are not in competition.  Think of ways to make the mundane more enjoyable.

From the 23rd – 30th we want to keep our thoughts focused on enjoying what we have created.  While it is fine to ponder the next step; we want to take a mental break and just enjoy things.  This is a time to reflect on how applying your intellect has brought some wonderful results.

Nourishing the soul

From the 1st – 9th we want to focus on implementing the lessons we have learned; making certain that we are using our wisdom actively.  This happens by being conscious of our triggers, and learning to re-direct our attention to see what may really be happening in the situation.  Seek ways to remove the blame from others; and to understand why they are the way they are.  A little observation can go a long way in getting to a space of understanding. This is a time for feeling abundant in our wisdom.

From the 10th– 30th our soul is best nourished by observation.  This is a time to keep some space between us and others.  There will be enough people on a destructive path and we don’t want to be in the waves that they are creating.  If we are able to provide this buffer, we will be able to stay connected with our own happiness.  The soul finds its fulfillment, by not getting caught up in other people’s drama.

The Code Journey ~ Jesse An Nichols George

May 29th Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 29th Full Moon in Sagittarius

Moon dates are based on UTC, so there may be some fluctuation on the dates based on where in the world you are located.

This Full Moon is likely to shake us up on the inner levels, more than the outer levels.  This portal brings with it tests of the Spirit.  What I mean by this, is that things come through right now that may try to break us down; and it is up to us to keep shining the light anyways.  The aspects that hit us the hardest are those that bring up aspects of deception and a lack of integrity.

As these things surface, our responsibilities begin to feel more like heavy burdens.  There is a need to stick to what is practical; however, keep in mind that the practical does not mean, that you have to continue in situations that lack morals and honesty.  This would be a good time to free yourself from those situations; and to release people and things that are not giving you respect.

For some, this will lead them into an entirely new lifestyle. It will completely change them on every level; and in every aspect.  Others may find this only in a couple of areas; most likely work and relationships. Support systems will be there if you need it.

Attacks from others, come out of jealousy.  Others may not know how to acquire what you have; or fear not being able to be as strong as you, so they may try to bring you down to where they are.  Do not buy into this.  Keep walking your own path; they are not your burden to carry.

We are shown that this portal offers an opportunity to step into abundance, and successes that bring joy and happiness our way. However, to open this portal; we must release what does not operate on that vibration.  We cannot sacrifice our Spirit and heart in the process.

Compassionate Blessings ~ Jesse An

jkjeannie  asked:

Hi! Sorry to bother you again lol 😅 but I was just curious about the...”components” of Paper Crane, I suppose? I noticed Tale/Swap/Fell/Swapfell Papyrus, but before that I think I saw Dust Sans, Tale Sans and Outertale Sans? So I’m just wondering—is Paper Crane a mix of those Sans’, or Fell/Swap/Tale/Swapfell?

The ‘components’ are way more complex actually, they’re every single sanses that died in every single timelines possible. So there’s not just one Swap, one Fell, one Swapfell, one Outertale, etc… No. They’re left over binary codes of dead peoples, a MASSIVE amount of dead people, they cannot be considered as individual as they are incomplete.

Crane was an entity that gain consciousness and used those codes to build himself a body. There’s only Sanses being used as they are compatible to one another, making it easier.

anonymous asked:

whats ur zodiac hcs for ow characters ? 👀 not necessarily all of them just th ones u wanna do. im interested 2 hear !

this is so sweet… im gonna do the relevant characters
Symmetra is without a doubt A Libra. i think she might be a Capricorn moon or a Virgo moon maybe but she is, without a doubt, a Libra sun. her name literally is based on Symmetry, and she is almost obsessed with Justice and Order, or at the very least the Justice and Order she has learned about. she works for the Vishkar corporation as an Architech, someone who literally takes light and bends it and wills it into material form, which lends itself to Capricorn (THE architect of the Zodiac), but her motivations for doing so scream Libra. even her technique of doing this is very Venusian - she dances and infuses her art into her craft. they are inseparable. To Symmetra, beauty is order, order is the elimination of chaos, chaos is freedom, freedom is a lack of civility, lack of civility is ugly.

Libra is popularly known as a sociable amorous sign, and indeed Libra rules marriage and partnership, but Saturn exalts in Libra - cosmic justice falls under Libra. she writes the laws and abides by them, she judges others and their transgressions and deeds impartially and unequivocally. Symmetra embodies this really well especially with how she is civil (if a little cold) to everyone on the team but holds a lot of contempt for Lúcio, someone she deems ugly and unworthy because he has broken the law and perverted her (and her company’s) vision for the world. not to mention she’s being used by them for their own purposes which unfortunately can be Libra :(

Hanzo: Capricorn Sun with a Scorpio moon and Rising. Capricorn concerns itself with duty, public image, filial piety, tradition, legacy, time, etc… and i think Scorpio (which concerns itself with the taboo, the underworld, transformations, secrecy, jealousy, etc) is a good descriptor of how he’s learned to be. he was molded and shaped and groomed exclusively by his family to lead them into a reign of power within the criminal underworld and not to mention he has inherited spirit dragon familiars who aid him in battle? his motivations are so intrinsically Capricorn to me, the Sun here is the stone face he wants to preserve but its clear to anyone what he is. He literally killed his brother in the name of his family and only renounced his criminal family after THAT and not sooner or later than that. like i cant even go into the symbolism cuz its too loaded but just now hes a Cap sun Scorpio moon and probably Scorpio rising too.

D.Va is probably an Aries with a Libra moon, i think she definitely navigated between a lot of trauma and experiences in combat that lend themselves to the sign of Aries (not to mention she’s the youngest hero on the roster besides Orisa who doesnt count cuz shes a robot and Aries is the youngest sign in the zodiac)
shes literally the youngest member of the roster but the one with i think… the most formal military experience besides the older heroes. i can see the argument that she’s a leo sun but the leo in her chart is definitely maybe moon and midheaven maybe? but i think that even though her unserious nature is a bit of a facade it comes from a very genuine place that isnt necessarily fake just not on display off stage. her competitiveness is legendary, shes literally beaten everyone in the world at starcraft and is a notoriously hotheaded loser who genuinely is ungraceful in defeat. i think she could be so much more complex if they let her be but they dont bc blizzard hates gays

Ana is a Virgo, even as she is literally healing your wounds and saving your life she relentlessly criticizes you out of love. she is immensely proud of her only daughter and brags about her to everyone. Pharah had no idea and actively disbelieved that! she would accuse someone of not knowing her mother very well whenever someone told her Her mother was proud of her. need i say more?

while we’re at it, the focus on family legacy and duty and victory at all costs…….. Pharah is a Capricorn.

Lúcio is an Aquarius because he’s literally a revolutionary who brought power to the people using both art and science (specifically the melding of the two through sonic technology) and is a pop star??? and hes a very interesting enemy to symmetra since they are objectively very similarly motivated and come from similar backgrounds and have interests in art. Lúcio is sound and Symmetra is light, order vs chaos, Freedom vs. Civility, etc etc etc

Mei is a Taurus (known as both one of the nicest members of Overwatch and genuinely is one of the nicest members of overwatch but is also the one who said “I’m gonna put a rock in this one” while throwing snowballs at people

Winston too. he’s obsessed with his former home on the Lunar colony with the other gorillas and loves his creature comforts like peanut butter. also his ultimate attack is literally him getting angry bc someone stepped on his glasses

Jesse McCree is a Sagittarius bc hes like archetype of Sagittarius? a wandering cowboy from south western America who’s ethnically ambigous and who spins tall tales and has his vices and his alieses like its crazy? this bitch is a sagittarius. he has an entire facade built on him being slobby n unhealthy and luckier than he should be even though realistically hes intuitive and much more intelligent and careful than he lets on. hes a scorpio moon cuz hes crazy too

Genji is a free spirited authentic Leo with a Cancer moon who was coddled by his father from the crimes and violence of his family and who was as a result flippant and didnt care abt his family. he got murdered for it in the end but even his post-spiritual awakening is very Leo. its very centered on himself he forgave hanzo so he could feel better and so hanzo could be around the person Genji has become. also hes let go of much of his hedonism and self centeredness like idk i like thinking about his character.

Zenyatta is an omnic so his date of birth would be like, date of fabrication i guess. date of manufacturing and maybe even in parts but his coding and consciousness would be really Pisces. hes a monk who travels the world healing lost people and teaching spiritual oneness to man and machine, he heals, one of his attacks makes you depressed and more susceptible to physical damage, he literally transcends into a superior state of existence that emits a radiant golden aura during which he projects 8 golden arms from his chassis LIKE… ITS A PISCES!

i have theoretical dates of birth for a lot of the characters too lmfao. anyways this took so long im sorry i just have a lot of knowledgeable opinions :(

2018 The Year of Chaotic Awakening

Artwork by Jaxs Fiero - Excerpt From The Code Journey 

For those that have followed my posts online, they will remember me talking about the 11th Hour as a big theme for 2017.  In 2018, we also have an 11th hour energy pattern; but it is different than the one in 2017.  The one that we have this year shows that the decisions we make at this time have a significant impact on the direction things go.  It is a year of getting with it; time is running out as they say. Some may refer to it as our year of last chances.

What I am seeing with this energy is that people have been putting off making changes, or perhaps avoided making the necessary changes; figuring that the hardships will never reach them.  However, where we have been too much this way, and shutting ourselves off in glass houses; is about to come crashing down.  Unfortunately, for a good portion of the human race, change happens only when they are forced into.  They wait until something catastrophic happens.  This is like neighbors coming together, and people being compassionate; only when a hurricane or tornado hits.

It will be wise for people to take a good hard look at where they have become complacent, greedy, too comfortable; and where they are taking people and things for granted.  There is no more running and hiding; changes must be made.  The time is now to make a shift.

In this year we are likely to see where the hidden dangers are, and who lacks integrity.  However, it is in the harshness, that we will also find the truth.  It is in the hardships that we will find our strength.  This year calls us to rise up in compassion; and to remember that we are not victims, no matter how much it may feel that way.

It may feel that disorder, confusion, and chaos are more prevalent than ever.  Watching the news will be more disorienting than ever; as we realize more and more that we cannot rely on anyone telling us the truth.  All of this, however, stems from the insecurities of those that are trying to maintain control in the world.  Of course, this is one of the biggest lies of all.

No one truly owns the Earth, and money does not truly have power; although many times it can feel like that is just how it is.  This is no different than the bully that makes you believe you have no choice but to turn over your lunch; or that no one supports you.  These fear tactics are in the process of crashing down; which is why those in power are so set on exerting their power.

Predominate themes and areas that we will find a focus on during this year will be power struggles among world leaders.  Who has control, who is trying to take control, and who will be attacked out of fear of having too much control?  The level of betrayal, competition, and broken promises is likely to be higher than we have ever seen it.  Some of this will be due to a change of mind, as the true agendas surface; and some of this will be done to show power and control.  Alliances are not reliable; and pacts will have little meaning in the world of politics and big business.

Major headlines will include things around censorship, restricting freedom and choices (apparently because it is “good” for you).  It is important however, that we do not give up freedom; and especially freedom of choice. There is also likely to be a bigger backlash on those that try to bring forth the truth about big corporations. At the same time, the tangled web that they weave, and the connections that they have, are likely to become more evident; offering people choices as to whether they are going to support the hidden agendas behind them.

Another theme we will see this year, involves having to start life over and over again.  This is likely to happen as the truth is exposed with people and situations in our lives.  The key to working with this is, to minimize commitments and responsibilities.  Focus on things that can be completed quickly and easily.  Leave yourself with as flexible of a schedule as possible.  Be ready to shift directions at a moment’s notice.  The less you are tied to, the easier it will be to change the direction of your sails.

You may also find it very valuable, to spend time alone and disconnect this year.  Chaos and confusion are often tactics used in brainwashing; as it scrambles the mind, until it gives up trying to find the truth. This energy always takes care of itself, if we walk away from it.  When we step out of the chaos, it will run its course; and the action we need to take, will be perfectly clear.  This also, keeps us from getting swept up in all of the drama that is circling around like a whirlwind.

During this year, among keeping open and flexible, we will also want to think about preparing a stronger foundation.  What is the future that you want to build?  While the results may not manifest immediately, keeping this focus will also help keep you on track.  It is like choosing to have more peace and balance in your life.  If you hold this as your focus, then you will keep letting go of what doesn’t support that.  This is also like creating a nest egg.  Yes, today’s needs are important to meet; but still finding even a little piece to put away will be valuable.

One of the benefits of chaos energy is, to teach us to be flexible and creative.  It is when we feel that we have nothing, and things are unpredictable; that we actually release ourselves from heavy energy, and get back to basics.  Thinking simple, easy, and free; will be key tools and components to seeing your way through this year.  Complicated, difficult, and expensive is out; and only lays the foundations of heavy and burdensome energy, that will be exhausting and unfulfilling.  Focus on the non-tangible and non-material pleasures; for they will sustain you indefinitely.

Another key aspect of this year focuses on the concept of “the meek inherit the Earth”.  How power is used, will not only be the cause of turbulence; but what will see us through turbulence.  This year, is sure to be full of surprises; and for many they will seem to come out of nowhere, shaking things up pretty good.

Some of that shake up is likely to come in the form of “victims” that have had enough; those that are tired of being walked on and silenced.  We are likely to see forms of rebellion and revolting against what squashes our freedom and individuality.  However, in the midst of that it is also going to open the door for individuality to come.  The power will actually be in the hands of the wise individuals.  In the outer world, they may appear as no one; but from within, they are shifting and changing the whole foundation of things.

“Beware of the quiet ones”; they need not words to be heard.  Fortune shines on those that are willing to be their own person, walk their own path, and to do so from a space of compassion and love.  Those that are willing to set aside material things; and choose not to follow the crowd, are likely to have an abundance of blessings come their way.  They will be the ones to step up and lead; even if it is from behind the scenes.  It is important as they rise into power, that they do not misuse or abuse that power; because it will only bring their own downfall.

This is a time where the “misfits” and “outcasts” can have a change of fortune.  They are not ruled by money; and thus tend to also yield the greatest power.  They are not afraid to stand alone; because they have been doing so for so long. They do not seek approval from others; for they have been shunned too many times.

Their inner wisdom is their compass.  These are the people that walk their talk; and do it with a loving heart.  They are connected with the core; and stay true to the truth and their soul self. This is the portal that opens the door for the “meek” to inherit the Earth.  Remember, the meek are not weaklings; but those that have resiliently stood in principle, closing the doors on what does not operate with integrity and compassion.  Quiet perhaps; but they are some of the strongest people around.

If I grant you power, could you go on? I propose a deal—in exchange for this power, you must agree to make my one wish come true. Accept this contract, and you accept its conditions. While living in the world of humans, you will live unlike any other: a different providence, a different time, a different life. The Power of the King will condemn you to a life of solitude. Are you prepared for this?

March 31st Full Moon in Libra

Moon Cycles are based on UTC

March 31st Full Moon in Libra

This Full Moon portal is strongly focused on closure and completion. While normally this is a time of new beginnings, this year they come out of what finishes in our lives.  It is important with this portal over the next 2 weeks, that we do not allow our material pleasures to override releasing what needs to be released.  What we don’t let go of willingly; may leave through more sudden and drastic ways.

The wise person knows when something has gone as far as it can go; and when it is time to set ourselves and others free.  Animals know this instinctively, and will let their babies start learning on their own; like a momma bird that kicks the baby out of the nest.  For many, though, this can still be very unsettling; or hard to deal with.

If we need to say goodbye to others during this time, remember that you can do so lovingly; and you do not need a fight or an argument or other form of trauma to allow that release to happen.  The wise person knows that, when we release something or someone from our lives lovingly; it always brings forth blessings for all.  If something is to remain in our lives at this time; it must undergo major transformation.  Things simply cannot continue as they have been; and it is time for us to honor the responsibilities that we have in life, both physical and soulfully.

Fortunately, this portal, also offers us guides and mentors to help us make the shifts and transitions into a new way of living and being. The normal rebellion energy of a Libra Full Moon is, best used for transformation of the self; and honoring what allows the soul the greatest amount of freedom in the Earth realm. Others are not holding you back; addictions to material world things do.  It is time to break away from what is not serving us on a soul level.

Disruption can be abundant; but it doesn’t have to be destructive.  When we use disruption to create alignment to the soul’s path; we bring success and support from others into our life.  For some, they will get to indulge in their successes; but it will also be wise to share those successes with others, especially those that have assisted you along the way. This can also be a great time to reflect on our successes to understand which ones have truly been fulfilling; and which ones feel more like empty victories, fleeting and passing in the moment.

Consciousness, Memory and Non-coding DNA

by Saṃsāran 

What’s the deal with consciousness?  First, physics tells us that that time that we exist within a fourth-dimensional matrix.  Our sense of progression through that matrix is only a function of our consciousness.  Now, we know that each of us is directly linked to the DNA molecule.  Every bit of DNA from a grain of rice to you is connected in an unbroken chain to the first self-replicating molecule. Visualized in a four-dimensional context this takes the form of a web, an actual physical web of connection throughout time.

Now modern gene theory tells us that only 3% of the DNA molecule in human beings binds to protein … in other words makes the physical you.  The other 97% contains INFORMATION other that required to make an eye or a skin cell. We are learning that some of this information is real world information which has made it into the gene.  Some sharks, for example, are born with an undersea magnetic map hardwired into their brain.  Monarch butterflies have a hard wired self-correcting map in their pin head sized brains.

Real world information encoded into the genetic code.  Think about that.  Our experiences can be transferred to our offspring.  We have millions of years of accumulated experiences which have been recorded in our DNA.  The ancients perceived this but knew nothing of DNA or evolution.  The best explanation they could come up with is the transmigration of souls.

Clearly Bastion’s reactions to the woodpecker and the data on the wreck are symptomatic of PTSD, and the potential parallels of service animals and Ganymede are adorable, but we also have to factor in that Bastion’s consciousness is most likely code-based as we understand it and so is susceptible to malware and the like.

The omnic teammate of Pharah when her team went into the Temple of Anubis was taken over by the Anubis program, which might mean that very few omnics were ever actually loyal to the “omnic cause” as much as they were simply being co-opted by SkyNet-esque omnic programs like Anubis. When Bastion hears the woodpecker, old malware code reasserts itself because it hasn’t been fully or properly dug out. When Bastion interfaces with the wreck, they’re reading code that’s likely still heavily infected.

This is typified by the “eyes” of an omnic turning red, as every example of a peaceful omnic has blue “eyes”, including Bastion, Zenyatta, Mondatta, Okoro, every omnic attending the King’s Row event in Alive, and even the victimised omnic seen in Hero. Red “eyes” may therefore be an indicative characteristic of being dominated by god program code.

What I’m basically saying is that it’s possible that Bastion never consciously wanted to hunt human beings, and on a much greater scale that there was potentially never an omnic on the battlefield that was acting of its own will.

Every wreck in that field could have just been enslaved by the god programs.

Psionic Chaos Engine

Electromagnetic wish machine

Activate Manifesting Coil

September 9th, 2018 - New Moon in Virgo

Moon dates are based on UTC, so there may be some fluctuation on the dates based on where in the world you are located.

September 9th New Moon in Virgo

In general a New Moon in Virgo is about successes that are generated from standing in our power.  When we stand in our power, we are allowing ourselves to be in strong connection with our soul self or Divine presence.  This does leave us a bit absent minded; and finds us floating, instead of having our feet firmly planted on the ground.  While we might receive clear visions at this time; we are not always clear headed.

This year this New Moon is a portal for second chances and fresh starts.  What we put our energy into is very likely to succeed; and we are likely to receive the support needed to carry things through.  During its influence over the next two weeks, we can see some very rapid successes; or major movement happening in our lives.  Others are willing to provide support to us.

However, caution will still need to be used; because it places us in the position of being the person to “beat”, which can lead to undesired competition.  If you feel attacked by others at this time, turn the tables and help them find their own success.  We never really want to be someone else, or have their success; we simply want to stop feeling less than others, and to have what we do provide a positive impact.

This is a time for us to find our own power, and to realize how we influence others; not how someone else does it.  This is a time for making our own decisions; and not being influenced by others.  It is in this confidence to choose wisely, and to be a positive influence; that we are able to be in command of our own lives, and serve as an example for others. When people are able to find this within themselves; they will stop trying to be someone else.

The Code Journey ~ Jesse An Nichols George


Like the monsters of old, darkness proved to be T.C.’s ally. For it was in the darkness that she was able to be herself and not the visage she had been forced to wear day after day. And as the sound of rain pelting upon the ceiling above mixed with the sounds of keys, she felt grateful for the darkness that shrouded her. The small bit of light that was there in the shelter she had managed to find danced across her skin, making her deathly pale skin look almost translucent. But T.C. had no time to dwell on her physical appearance as she furiously typed away on the keyboard in front of her. Who knew hacking an android and uploading your consciousness required so much coding? It was amazing how time seemed to pass for her; while it felt like she had been at it for hours, T.C. had only been working for a few minutes. Yet somehow, time was always against her in one way or another. Which is why it filled her with great pleasure when she saw the world around her go black, only to be replaced by the quiet calmness of a beautiful garden. She had succeeded.

But she knew she wasn’t going to be alone for long. T.C. scrambled up the nearest tree in time to see another figure form upon the garden below her: an android, model RK-800.

How Very Dare They: More Thoughts on the Bears

That photo frame, and the various photos in it, has been my favourite thing about the bears since it appeared at the Montreal show. So far we’ve seen: Frank ‘foo-foo’ Lamarr, Larry Grayson (!!!!! still not over it !!!!!!), John Inman, Quentin Crisp, Stella Artois (identifying her was good work), Mado Lamotte, Liberace, Bette Davis, Judy Garland and Ken Dodds. 

I’m not really trying to decode the bears (although I got as excited as anyone else with the countdown).  As I’ve said before the only message I take from the bears is that they are consistently presented as gay and occasionally presented as Harry and Louis. And everything I want to say about them comes from those two observations. I love the photo frames, because that’s where the bear tableaus engage most with queer history. I think the queer figures appeared in those frames are an exploration of quite a specific theme – and I think that theme is important.


Frank Lamarr and Larry Grayson both started their working lives as drag acts.  There was a demand for that in the 1940s and 1950s, a circuit.  Entertainment was a way for working class gay men (boys really Grayson left school at 14 to start work) to earn a living and be around other gay men. Sex between men was still illegal, but queer culture had a place in mainstream entertainment – pantomimes and drag acts in particular, but also highly camp comedic acts.  All these acts were connected to much older cultural practices that had developed as part of the marginal lives queer people lived (the history of queer people in the entertainment industry and the cultures that developed is fascinating and goes back well before the twentieth century – polari is a fascinating place to start if you’re interested). By the time Lamarr and Grayson were getting started these sorts of acts were a coded language that everyone understood.

I’ve written a little bit about Frank Lamarr who remained a Manchester drag act his whole life and became a cultural institution. Danny La Rue had a similar career to Lamarr, but was London based and did a lot of work in Pantomine. Larry Grayson and John Inman’s careers went in a different direction from Lamarr’s (John Inman had started as an actor, rather than as a drag act, but operated within the same cultural sphere as Lamarr and Grayson – he worked a lot in Pantomine). In the 1970s, both Inman and Grayson got jobs as highly camp television performers – Grayson presenting game shows and Inman in the sitcom Are You Being Served.

Here they were bringing camp queer characters to a British television audience for pretty much the first time (The Carry On film series started in the 1950s, but the BBC moved much slower).  These characters, and the actors who played them, were operating in a new environment – sex between men was legalised in 1967 and obviously the 1960s and 1970s was a time of huge cultural and political upheaval – both of which meant there was a small space for queer representation that hadn’t existed before.  Quentin Crisp’s autobiography – The Naked Civil Servant – was turned into a television play in 1975. It was part of the same wave of queer visibility – a visibility limited to very camp characters – but a new visibility nonetheless.  But it was a much more high culture version of the story – John Hurt who played Quentin Crisp won a BAFTA (this was appropriate and reflecting the endless importance of class in British society – since Crisp himself was middle-class while Grayson and Inman were working-class).

All the queer figures that have featured in the frames have been part of the coded camp queer culture that Inman and Grayson took to television.  In fact for a long time Liberace was most famous in Britain, because of his part in a legal dispute about that code.  In 1956, a columnist from The Daily Mirror (Louis’ least favourite tabloid) described Liberace as: “…the summit of sex—the pinnacle of masculine, feminine, and neuter. Everything that he, she, and it can ever want… a deadly, winking, sniggering, snuggling, chromium-plated, scent-impregnated, luminous, quivering, giggling, fruit-flavoured, mincing, ice-covered heap of mother love.”  Liberace sued for libel.  In response The Mirror claimed that they hadn’t meant to imply he was gay (they obviously had – pay attention to the phrase ‘mother love’ – it’ll be back) and Liberace testified (untruly) that he was not gay. The Mirror lost and Liberace got awarded reasonably substantial damages.  Here queer codes fell apart when exposed to public and legal scrutiny. Everyone was denying that they meant what they very much did mean.

Mado Lamotte and Stella Artois are contemporary drag queens - and they are keeping that much older culture alive.  I think this video of Stella Artois, which I found on youtube, is very interesting:

Two things Steve Phillips says while getting ready to perform as Stella Artois are I think particularly relevant.  He talks about performing as a job.  All of these figures were working entertainers and all (even Mado Lamotte and Stella Artois) started working at a time where the only way you could be visibly queer and an entertainer was by working as a drag act, or in Pantomine or in other high camp comedy. Then Phillips quotes Barry Humphries who said that if Dame Edna Everage (Humphries drag persona) was punched in the face then Humphries wouldn’t have a bruise.  Which is such a powerful statement of both the homophobic violence that these performers faced and the way that the high visibility of drag acted as armour and helped people negotiate violence and oppresion.

The bears have been exploring a very particular of queer entertainment history (Divine fits this same theme – although an American independent film version – very visibly queer, but in the 1970s at least, not out.  Although given that Divine was the first such figure it’s possible that he was chosen as part of the queer history of Baltimore and the development of a theme came later).  These are performers who were visible through their campness, but often not out, and were consciously part of a long cultural tradition of men who had created very similar spaces in very similar ways.  With each additional figure I become convinced that the bears are being curated by at least one person who is actively interested in queer history. These figures are not picked just because they are prominent or famous, they are picked because the people picking them have something to say.


I say people, I mean Harry and Louis.  There were really good reasons, even before Louis began his latest quest to make sure everyone knew his involvement with the bears, to think they were involved.  I want to start with 2011 Sugarscape videos (which contain answers to all of the world’s most important questions).  Literally 8 million things happen in this 75 second video (and I have so many questions - mostly did Harry really say “that he’s gay”, but also it’s just occurred to me what Louis meant hen he said he’d been teasing Harry loads).

But most relevant to the bears is Louis’ reaction to his boyfriend mentioning Eleanor and thereby implying he’s straight:  “How very dare you”.

Louis’ comment is a reference to a recurring sketch in the Catherine Tate show (you can see every example here). In this sketch, Derek is a highly camp character who hits all the coded ways that Inman and Grayson conveyed to television audience that they were gay, but acts absolutely outraged when a character assumes he’s gay – “how very dare you!” is his response.The sketch itself is referential – contrasting a hyper-stylised, coded, marginalised gay culture with a society that is more open (and I could say a tonne more about it than that, but I want to get this finished – so I’ll leave it for now).  And Louis’ use references both the sketches and the culture.

That’s not the only reference Louis made to camp British culture of the 1970s in November 2011.  When they went on Alan Carr (who is a direct descendent of Larry Grayson in particular – camp for a whole new world) – Louis greeted him “Hello Gorgeous” and then told Carr that he would out-camp him during the dance-off.  Then there’s the interview where he talks about Harry in a dress (link because I can’t get the embed code to work).Both what he’s saying and how he’s saying it are so much part of that particular camp, coded way of talking.

I think there’s an important distinction to be made between Louis’ very brief, active references to camp culture, and this interview:

Both are incredibly gay in form and in content, but in different ways.  In the sugarscape interview (from January 2011), Louis is describing gay experiences and comes across as quite camp – but neither is particularly deliberate.  By November the same year he was consciously adopting coded language that had a long association with gay men in entertainment.  (there are other example which are a little more general than those I’ve mentioned - he talks about bringing Mr Camp in another sugarscape interview and described himself as flaboyant in New Zealand in April 2012).

We can’t know why consciously camp Louis shined so briefly (and if anyone has any earlier examples I’d really like to see them). But I believe (I think it’s a reasonably common belief) that somewhere between auditioning on X-factor with a girlfriend and the UK media blitz of autumn 2011, Louis Tomlinson became someone who was quite comfortable with being seen as gay. I’d go further and say that part of this was embracing the conscious, coded, queerness of camp British culture.

(Every post is improved by a video of this G-A-Y performance, to make the point about how happy Louis was)

But he only got the briefest window to share that part of himself. It was one of the first things that got taken away – it was one of the first thing that got taken for him.  There’s a huge sad irony there – that this code that was developed specifically so that gay men could be visible in a time when they were completely marginalised – was taken away from a young gay man, because it was too gay, in a supposedly more liberal time.  


When Frank Pearson’s father first saw him perform in drag as Foo Foo Lamarr he threw a bar stool at him. Larry Grayson and John Inman bought that coded queerness that Lamarr’s father found so threatening straight into people’s living rooms. What I love most about the bears is their exploration of the different way that generations of entertainers have found ways to be openly queer, even though their sexuality was marginalised, criminalised and terrorised. 

There is a final layer of queer history to this – history that is being made now.  Within the context of a One Direction concert queerness is once again in the margins (albeit also under the spotlight for that one concert in London).  The bears elaborate queer codes are tucked away from the stage.  Because their owners cannot (yet) be visible in the way that the people they put in frames have been.