Philemon explained how Jung treated thoughts as though they were generated by himself, while for Philemon thoughts were like animals in the forest, or people in a room, or birds in the air. Jung concluded that Philemon taught him psychic objectivity, the reality of the psyche. This helped Jung to understand that there is something in me which can say things that I do not know and do not intend.

Stanislav Grof


6 Lies Society Would Love For You To Believe

1. You need money to be happy. Our happiness is the result of the people, places & things we spend our time with - having money will not affect our mental state if we’re surrounded by negativity on a daily basis. We are constantly shown images of fame & wealth to encourage us to see these as status symbols that will fulfill us if we acquire them.

2. You should compare yourself to others. We are all unique and therefore cannot be compared to each other - apples & bananas taste completely different, hence we cannot compare them. Society benefits from this comparison because comparing ourselves to others is the greatest way to doubt ourselves - this doubt encourages us to buy products to combat the feeling of inadequacy we create through comparison.

3. You need a job to have money. The internet has liberated us from the shackles of trading our time for money, we can connect with each other like never before and this has brought with it a golden age of trading amongst ourselves. Today we can create value for others with the skills we possess and receive money in return for the value we’ve given others. This principle relies on one universal law - energy out equals energy back.

4. You need material things to be attractive. The acquisition of material wealth has been promoted to us as our sole purpose on the planet because it will give us access to people, places & things that we don’t yet have - but this is a lie. The power to create the lifestyle we desire already resides within - we must detach from all notions of external validation if we are to access this power.

5. You need to watch the news. Why? Why would we voluntarily store negative imagery in our subconscious? Why in the world would we want our frame of reference to be fear? Society would love for us to live in fear because it makes us easier to control - hence why the news is almost exclusively fearful imagery & “stories” created to encourage us to give up our power.

6. There is no god, creator or afterlife. Society would love for us to believe there is no creator so that we neglect our true purpose & resign to a life of mediocrity that serves their agenda of herding us like purposeless cattle to be harvested at their whim. When we develop a relationship with the divine we can perceive layers of the illusion that we were previously blind to - they’re afraid of us reclaiming our power.

They know how powerful you are that’s why they’re trying to blind you. Wipe that crust off your third eye and wake up.

Peace & positive vibes.

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There is a difference between awareness as reflected in consciousness and pure awareness beyond consciousness.

Reflected awareness, the sense ‘I am aware’ is the witness, while pure awareness is the essence of reality.

Reflection of the sun in a drop of water is the reflection of the sun, no doubt, but not the sun itself.

Between awareness reflected in consciousness as the witness and pure awareness there is a gap, which the mind cannot cross.

~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


How To Avoid Unnecessary Relationship Arguments

When others treat us poorly we must understand why it was necessary for our growth. The insecurities we hold of ourselves are reflected in the relationships we have with others, they will continue to hold dominance in our lives until we address that which needs healing on the inside.

Not being comfortable with the thought of our partner going out without us - is an insecurity we hold of ourselves that we are projecting onto them. Address our thought process - why would it affect us so much if they were to “cheat” on us? Are we afraid of being alone?

If this is why we are settling for relationships with people we know we don’t resonate it’s because the relationship we have with ourselves needs healing. This cannot be done without taking time away from others and spending it with ourselves.

Insecurities can dominate our lives in many ways - in relationships they are reflected back to us in the form of our partners because we attract what we are. When we are insecure within ourselves we attract others of a similar nature and then it is up to you us to understand why we are experiencing conflict with them.

It’s easy to point the finger and say “they cheated” or “they’re a narcissist” - but it is much harder to look within and understand what it is about ourselves that attracted them in the first place. In the beginning, it’s going to be difficult but we must keep in mind that this is a practice that we implement daily to attract fulfilling relationships in the future.

The next time we find ourselves experiencing relationship problems we can ask ourselves “am I acting from a place of insecurity?” Understand what the problem is reflecting about how we are being as well as our behaviours & our ways of thinking. This is the only way to stop our insecurities standing in the way of having fulfilling relationships.

Love yourself enough to acknowledge your insecurities and heal them.

Peace & positive vibes.

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