Conscious Breathing

‘Find a place where you are alone. Train yourself in the following way: When you breathe in, experience breathing in. When you breathe out, be fully conscious that you are breathing out. If you cherish and practice this, it will bear great fruit. Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, you will find steadiness, calm and concentration if you become conscious of your breathing.’

- Majjhima Nikaya, in The Buddha Speaks, A book of guidance from the Buddhist scriptures, edited by Anne Bancroft.


How To Be Attractive

 Whether you think you are ugly or attractive - you’re right. The perception we hold of ourselves dictates the way others perceive us. The vibration you give out into the universe determines who and what you attract to you. If you maintain the belief that you are ugly - you will see this manifest in your life.

Changing the perception you have of yourself is the key to changing the way others perceive you. The universe understands what state of mind you are embodying - not what you want others to think of you. If you want others to perceive you as attractive - you must first hold this perception of yourself.

Easier said than done, right? Of course, because those who consider themselves to be attractive are seen as “full of themselves”. This is an interesting saying because it illustrates the fact that these people have filled their own cups instead of seeking their fulfilment from the outside world. 

Having confidence about one’s own looks can be difficult in a world where we’re surrounded by media imposing their views on how we’re “supposed to look” to be considered attractive. I have seen that comparing myself to people in magazines, advertisements or TV shows is irrelevant.

The overwhelming majority of these people are promoted to us as the “ideal” so that we begin to doubt ourselves. This self-doubt is exploited so that companies can sell us products to look more like those considered attractive. Make-up, supplements, accessories, jewellery - these are just a few examples.

Regardless of your looks - there’s one key attribute that you must embody if you would like to feel attractive and that’s confidence. Loving yourself first signifies to the universe that you are embodying the love vibration - which you will see reflected outside of you in those you meet & how they respond to you.

The greatest way to doubt yourself is by comparison to others.

Peace & positive vibes.


You’ll Never Get What You Want

 It’s important to keep in mind, while using the law of attraction, that whatever you focus on grows. If your dominant focus is on wanting something that you don’t already have - you will not be able to attract it. 

That is to say if you focus on wanting it - instead of the feeling of having it - you will send out the signal of scarcity into the universe. This is because the dominant thoughts in the mind are revolving around wanting - not having - hence we attract more wanting.

Wanting is the reason why you are not attracting what you desire. Identify what you want and then seek to embody the state of having it. If it is love you seek - start by loving yourself and you will attract more of it to you in the form of people, places and things.

When the law of attraction isn’t working - ask yourself what state of mind you are embodying and assess whether or not that will bring you what you seek. Of course, actions are equally important - make sure your actions align with your intentions.

If you are seeking love, but spending time around people, places and things you hate - this will hinder your process of manifestation. It’s easy to identify when things aren’t manifesting - but it requires a great deal of self-awareness to understand how our actions are affecting the process.

Take a step back from your want and ask yourself if you are truly in tune with that which you seek. Draw your focus to how it will feel inside when you have what you desire - build your daily life around this feeling. Go places, spend time with people and do things that give you more of this feeling to speed up your manifestation process.

Wanting attracts scarcity, being attracts abundance.

Peace & positive vibes.


So I was sharing some Malec headcanons with @f-f-f-fight and I mentioned an idea I had with regards Magnus’ magic. He loved it. I wrote it. And he did these beautiful art for it. They’re stunning aren’t they? Thank you Seph!!!! I still have every intention of framing them. Just so you know ;).


“Alec! Duck!”

He heard the shout and dropped low, body acting without conscious thought, his mind narrowed on the urgent call in Jace’s voice. The air above his head sang with the glide of the Seraph blade flying through the air and then he heard a thud.

The circle member’s body had barely dropped before Alec was yanking out the blade from the gaping hole the blade had made in the middle of the man’s forehead.

He nodded at Jace who nodded back at him and went back to hacking away at circle members and demons alike, his blonde hair glinting in the moonlight in a way that made Alec spin on his feet, heart suddenly beating hard, eyes searching for the glint of silver necklaces which he hadn’t seen since… The breath whooshed out of him and he sighed in relief.

He’s okay. He’s fine.

Magnus’ fingers shot out in a graceful arc and with a blast of his power he decapitated the demon he’d been fighting, watching unimpressed as the demon dissolved into ash.

He lifted his head, as if he could sense Alec’s eyes on him, dark strands falling over his eyes, glowing golden with the slits that entranced and drew you in with the force and power they held.  His eyes held Alec’s for a brief moment and then he gave Alec a cocky grin and dove back into the fight, mind now focused on the circle member that had tried creeping up on him. A driving punch to the solar plexus, an upwards thrust with the heel of his palm that connected with the man’s nose and a direct punch to the face, and the circle member landed with a thud.

Without breaking a sweat, he glided onto the next circle member just as Alec caught running footsteps and raised his blade at the exact same moment a circle member came swinging at him.

His arms shook with the force of the hit and the circle member grinned.


Alec shot his foot out, slamming hard against the circle member’s kneecap, hearing the satisfying crunch of shattering bone that had the man drop with a pained howl. A quick swipe and he took off the man’s head and using the same momentum cleaved the demon that was coming at him from the side.

And then it was a blur of noise and blood and sweat, losing himself to the battle, catching brief glimpses of his lover, his family, his friends, all focused on their fights.

A circle member clipped him and he turned around, grabbed the man’s face, yanked him close and gutted him.

He caught Magnus’ smile just as he dropped the man’s body and smiled back, shaking his head at the wink Magnus tossed at him.

He was just about to turn around when he caught it, the split second when Magnus was distracted looking at him and a circle member swung at him, the edge of the Seraph blade hitting him from behind.


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It’s like you’re in this world, but you don’t belong to it in quite the same way. It doesn’t own you. But you’re here. You’re not dismissing it, you’re moving wisely through it. Not as a craving. Just keep quiet and move and you will find a way. You’ll hit the right balance, somehow, where you can move in this world and even carry on with your job, and so on. But with a brighter light, greater peace, you don’t have to fit in to other people projections. It helps you to learn to be alone and to be by yourself. Gradually as you accept yourself, you will more and more begin to meet beings who are on a similar frequency.
—  Mooji
Being so wise at a young age can be a blessing and a curse —

A blessing in the sense of being on a higher level mentally than most of your peers, being very open-minded, and understanding things sooner than most.

A curse in the sense of constantly feeling alone because you can’t find anybody on your level mentally, constantly fighting the ignorance of the world, not having many friends because you don’t want to dumb yourself down to be accepting to a crowd of people, and always feeling crazy because of your creative genius ways.
—  via @wizdomly

How To Move On

 Whether it’s a relationship that’s just ended, a job you’ve left or a person that’s left your life - moving on can be difficult. But, it doesn’t have to be. The experiences of the past have been given to us so that we learn from them. When you acknowledge what the lesson is - it’s easier to move forward.

The relationships we have with others are a great way to learn about ourselves, because the other person acts as a mirror of ourselves. If you’ve just come out of a relationship - learn to see what it is that you liked and disliked about the other person. These are in fact traits of yourself that you are acknowledging.

If the other person was abusive toward you - this relationship has been given to you so that you learn to prioritise yourself. When you learn to love yourself enough to not settle for less than your true worth - you won’t attract another relationship of a similar nature. In essence - you’ve learnt the lesson and can move forward.

Being in tune with what the universe is giving you along your journey can help you to address the fears that are stopping you from moving forward. When you understand what those people, places and things were sent to teach you it is much easier to integrate the lessons into your life and work towards a better future.

If you find yourself continually attracting the same situation - whether that be thoughts, feelings or actions - this indicates that you have not yet integrated the lessons they were originally sent to teach you. So, you will continue to experience them until you recognise the lesson and apply the teachings in your life.

Acknowledge what has passed, understand what it was sent to teach you and make your next steps based on what you have learnt. If you are tired of being in the same place - start thinking about where you want to be and look at what you must do differently.

We’re all given blessings & lessons - appreciate, understand & move forward.

Peace & positive vibes

I feel that right now what our generation needs is to do the art that’s in our hearts. Do it to the fullest and try to help other people find out that thing that makes them happy. The more people that are doing what’s in their hearts, the more that heart vibration is going to start spreading around the world, and the more people will start thinking, “Wow, maybe McDonalds isn’t what I should be eating, maybe the way they’re teaching me in school is depressing me, maybe I should be climbing trees and meditating more than I should be listening to my teachers telling me that everything I’m doing is wrong.” So it’s taking those little steps towards awareness.
—  Willow Smith

I’m extending 413 a bit with a few cosplay photos of my friends and I from yesterday’s meet in Montreal! :’)

Thanks @anachronisticglimmer for snapping the shots!


Why Are You Lying?

 We only lie to those we’re scared of. Whether you’re scared of losing someone, how they’ll react or the consequences of your actions - we lie in these situations because we fear the outcome. Lying is a fear-based reaction and I’m all about raising my frequency by facing my fears.

Honesty is the best policy - but not always the easiest one. When you know your actions will bring certain consequences - it’s up to you to face them instead of shying away from them. You can’t outrun the universal law of cause and effect - there will always be a reaction to every action.

I used to lie - a lot - I lied about who I was, what I was interested in and what I knew. These lies were told because I was seeking validation from building a false identity - instead of being honest about who I was. These lies built in number until I forgot the truth entirely.

When we create a false reality based on lies - we are building resistance in the emotional body. This resistance can manifest in poor mental & physical health, as well as anxiety and stress. Save yourself the hassle and be honest with yourself.

Being honest with yourself takes a great deal of self-awareness and is difficult to do. One day I took a look at myself in the mirror and said “No more”. No more being scared of the consequences of being myself, no more of this fear-based attitude towards life - no more lying. 

Since deciding to be honest with myself and everyone I choose to keep in my life - I’ve never felt more free. I can be 100% authentic to who I am and what I want without being scared of how others will perceive me. Honesty has liberated me from much of the anxiety I once felt - see what it can do for you.

Lying is a fear-based reaction, think about this the next time you feel the need to lie.

Peace & positive vibes.

A lonely ego, defining itself in mortality and isolation, lacks the scope and expansiveness of the spirit. When it single-handedly attempts to operate a human mind, it is like a toddler wearing the oversized garments of an adult. It feels smothered beneath something made for another and larger being. It does not have the energy needed to use such an exquisite biological tool. Without the spirit, the ego is capable of using only about 10 percent of the brain’s capacity, and even then its observations and conclusions are often inaccurate.

A mind that conceives of itself as fundamentally separate from all that it perceives is an instrument of division. It can do nothing but divide, analyze, compartmentalize, and dissect. Everything on which it turns its attention is reduced to disconnected segments, while the spirit, the life of the whole, is forgotten. With the fictitious premise that it is fundamentally distinct from both God and nature lying at the root of its thinking, it is not capable of reason, for its premise is a lie.

This is why the historical egoic use of the human mind has been so destructive: it creates thoughts, images, personal identity structures, cultural institutions, and ultimately entire civilizations that are based upon the illusion that the individual is fundamentally distinct from the ground of being from which it and all creation have emerged.

Only the spirit has the necessary energy, intelligence, and operational software to use the full capacity of the human mind. When the awareness of spirit fills a human mind, it is an instrument of unity, an instrument of harmony, an instrument of cooperation, creation, understanding. It becomes a transformational vortex, a channel through which universal awareness can flow into this physical world.

—  The Third Millennium