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old married eruri

when they’re in their fifties, levi complains about silver strands showing up in his hair. meanwhile erwin has a bad back, all his joints ache, his knees are about to give out, hair turned completely white, even worse: his hairline is receding (he’s devastated by this and prays levi doesn’t notice.) erwin just shakes his head bitterly and starts to question why he decided to marry a beautiful superhuman who, besides faint crow’s feet, doesn’t look like he aged a day over thirty.

Dear Black Women:

Dear Black Women, this is a personal message from ME; as a fellow sister, a fellow queen/empress, and fellow goddess:

I just want to take my time out of my day to show how much I appreciate my sisters, and I support all of y'all. Every single one. Black girls with dark skin, light skin, tight-kinky curled 4c hair all the way to loose-wavy curled hair, even the ignorant ones who don’t know no better cause nobody taught you right or supported you or tried to uplift you and make you better, the conscious ones helping our community and waking us up. The ones who aren’t always physically appealing with an hourglass body or big booty, or glowing melanin skin that are always loved on social media, but have a good ass heart, and making sure they trying to feed their families even when they struggling. Even the crackheads in the streets getting laughed at because they crazy but aint nobody decent enough trying to get them some help.

Just all of you Black Women. You are so fucking beautiful, strong, graceful, gorgeous and I’m here to remind you all of that. It’s not your fault that you struggle with who you are because our society exclusively appreciates white women, and rarely appreciates you. White people won’t always approve of us, so we gotta start approving of ourselves and each other. Looking for their reassurance is nothing if we don’t have our own confidence. We need not to worry about what other people are saying against us because if we distract ourselves with it we wont go anywhere. We must unite. We are all Queens. We are the strongest manifestors of our community, of OUR WORLD. We are extensions of our Universe. We are the ones who have the power to give life. We are the ones who still continue to stand and fight for our black men even when they refuse to fight for us. No need to compete with each other. We need to stop that shit. That’s what they want. They want us to divide, the more we divide the more broken, and fallen apart we are. We are weak without each other. No miracle white women is going to walk into our communities and our projects and say “Hey Black women, we need to get it together because we out here being killed, fetishized, raped, beaten, kidnapped” and empower us. We must begin NOW, and start loving ourselves. If you don’t love yourself, how you loving your sisters? We all are a reflection of each other. So we must love what we see in ourselves too. I won’t say anymore after this.

I love you Black Woman.

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Okay can u do a imagine where reader puts on a very sexy outfit(lingerie) and reader is insecure about it but when kara comes home shes very turned on and thinks its hot and then they have sex ( write out the sex ) thanks !! And btw i just followed ur account today and im obsessed, i love it !!

Kara wasn’t home yet, so you decided to change into what you bought for her. It was your 2 month anniversary yesterday and you both were too busy to celebrate the milestone together. You like what you picked out for yourself, or else you wouldn’t have bought it. The idea of wearing it however, was a whole different ball game.

You’ve always been self conscious even in your youth, as you changed as a person that aspect stayed the same year after year. Slipping on the bra and panties you sit and hope Kara’s home soon. You don’t like being alone with yourself for very long, especially when your body is on this much of a display.

You hear the door click as Kara comes in with groceries for tonight’s dinner. 

“Y/N?” she calls out into the apartment. 

“I’m in the bedroom, I’ll be out in a second,” you answer with a sigh. It was now or never, and you really wanted to make tonight special for Kara. Shoving down your insecurities you walk to the kitchen, when you see her she’s setting down the bags from the store.

“So, I know yesterday was a big day and-” she talks as she files through the produce, stopping when her gaze meets your figure. She’s gawking at you, her eyes looking you over as if she were going to eat you instead of the food she bought. Judging by the way she pushes you against the counter, she does have that intention.

“Bedroom, now” she growls. You nod, giving her permission to move you in that direction. When your legs hit the mattress Kara starts to unbutton her jeans, as she takes them off she’s mumbling something you assume to be Kryptonian. You ask her to translate though you know she probably can’t find an English word for it. She swallows whatever she was going to reply with as she attaches her lips to your neck.

Kara’s always been prideful in marking you as hers, it doesn’t help that tonight she’s very enthusiastic about claiming you. She sucks the skin near your thyroid in a bruising fashion, knowing the further it is on your neck area, the harder it is to cover. It’s going to be warm tomorrow so Kara knows there’s no chance you’re wearing a scarf. 

“You know,” she pants, “When I saw you, I wanted to take you right on the counter.” You groan at the image that gives you. She smirks at your pleasure. Kara lifts you up by your legs and onto the bed, her fingernails leaving red crescent moons on your thighs.

She seems to be done with marking your neck, as she moves onto your chest. She buries her face in your shoulder, peppering it with kisses. You laugh a bit because it tickles, she smiles as she continues.

“You okay there?” you ask, ruffling her hair. Her eyes cloud over as they meet yours, the innocence she held in her laughter is replaced with need. 

“Take me,” she pants, taking her head away from your shoulder. You look at her confused, not sure where her wanting to bottom came from, it’s usually the other way around. She senses your confusion and guides your hand underneath the waistband of her boyshorts. You hadn’t noticed the growing wet patch on them.

“Kara,” you whine as the wetness gathers between your fingers. She hums in enjoyment, encouraging you to move your fingers in further. Not used to being in control of Kara you sloppily start to move your hand in jerky movements. She laughs and grabs your wrist, you’re embarrassed of your efforts and she reassures you you’re doing fine. She tips your chin up to meet her gaze, the blue in her eyes encompassed by black. You smile at her, your cheeks burn as you ask her what she wants. 

“Well, I would say for you to run me into the bed, but we’re just starting, yeah?” she says as she moves to squeeze your hand. You nod, enamored by how slow and thoughtful she’s being with you. 

“Just make me feel good, okay babe?”

“Yeah, I think I can do that.”


tully wanted me to post this so… these are what i imagine luxa, henry, and nerissa from the underland chronicles to look like. luxa is young and serious-looking with a determined mouth; henry is the sort of unself-conscious, attractive youth who smiles warmly and doesn’t fix his hair after he’s gone flying, leaving it messy; and nerissa is thin and frail with bags under her eyes that could hold the entirety of georgia

Some unedited, freeform thoughts.

One of my local ~vintage~ stores is selling this shirt for $45. Yep, that’s right, the price of two brand new official tour shirts; the price of my groceries for a week; the price of my public transport for a month; the price of four men’s Topman basic tees. I cannot stress this to you enough, someone would have purchased this shirt for $3 from a tourist-catering shop on a holiday.

Repossession of op shop/charity shop style clothing and its rebranding into expensive ‘vintage’ pieces coveted by rich, fashion conscious youth (see: hipsters) is disgusting. Why, because it annoys you? Because you want to be able to continue buying tacky green shirts from around the world at cheaper prices and not have to compete for your aesthetic with those you consider to be 'hipsters’? 

Unfortunately, it is nowhere near that simple. We’ve all heard of gentrification, and it is widely agreed to be a negative phenomenon. Let’s talk about how that can carry through to other elements of our lives and how it genuinely impacts those around us. 
Cheaper, charity shop clothing exists for a reason - so that the socioeconomically disadvantaged can purchase and afford decent quality clothing. Sometimes even fashionable clothing can be found for under $5, when you’d have to pay $20 or above for something brand new, of the same or even lesser quality. That is amazing! I think that secondhand clothing and goods are pretty damn incredible and continuing this cycle of allowing others access to our old/unwanted things for a fraction of a price can have a tiny bit of impact on the Capitalist world in which we live.


When we start to make this shit the height of fashion, when the hipsters start making 'hobo-chic’ a genuine thing as opposed to a joke from some overplayed Ben Stiller film, we blue the lines between our divides. We are actively taking away clothing choices from the disadvantaged, all to further some hideous trend that should never have come into light in the first place. Regardless of whether this nonsense appeals to me aesthetically, however, it is deeply problematic on several levels:

  • When all the op shops are empty of good quality clothing, those who have less money to spend on their clothes become unable to put shirts on their own backs
  • When a shirt that should cost $10 at a push becomes $45, and no-one complains about that, no-one makes a fuss, then we see an increase in people looking like they don’t have the money to dress themselves
  • Why does this matter? 
  • Because we are furthering the actual divides between socioeconomic subdivisions of society
  • Yet
  • We’re making the distinctions between them practically invisible

Personally I’m pretty pissed off by this.

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Isn't Nicki Minaj that person who's respectively more silicon and fake tan than flesh and melanin? Not exactly the perfect role model for our image-conscious youth, in addition to having works like 'Stupid Hoe' in her repertoire.

Not interested in the opinion of someone who pretends to care about women immediately after engaging in old misogynistic tropes.