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Past paramore songs referenced in No Friend

1)Let the flames begin: this is how we’ll stand when they burn our houses down.

No friend: another misspelled band burning their own houses down.

2) Future: lasts 7:52

No friend: another song that runs too long

3) Misguided ghosts: We are just misguided ghosts travelling endlessly

No friend: God knows no one needs more misguided ghosts

4) Riot album in general but also fast in my car: we have out riot gear on but we just want to have fun

No friend: A nickle in our basket and we’ll do our riot! dance

5) Anklebiters: you know anklebiters ate up your personality

No friend: in scores of catatonic smile covered anklebiten ships

6) when it rains: you made yourself a bed at the bottom of the blackest hole

No friend: A semi-conscious sorrow sleeping in the bed I’ve made

7) That’s what you get: that’s what you get when you let your heart win

No friend: and you’ll say that’s what i get when i let ambition win

8) For a pessimist I’m pretty optimistic: I’m not so naive my sorry eyes can see

No friend: in the naive expectation in your eyes

9) Tell me it’s okay: now when the sun is out I’m not afraid to feel it shine on me

No friend: before the dreaded sun appears

No Friend lyrics

Another brick red room

Another black-top town

Another misspelled band burning their own houses down

Another pinebox tune to fill the cemetery day

Another stay, a touch of orange over purgatory grey

Another thorny field to scatter seed

Another song that runs too long

God knows no one needs more misguided ghosts,

More transparent hands to drop a nickel in our basket

And we’ll do our riot! dance

Beneath another burning sky, behind our painted lips in

Behind our painted lips in scares of catatonic smile covered ankle-bitten ships

So throw your pedestal of stone in the forgetful sea 

As protection from the paper thin perfection you project on me

When this repetition ends behind the window shades,

A semi-conscious sorrow sleeping in the bed I made

That most unrestful bed, that most original of sins

And you’ll say that’s what I get when I let ambition win

Again I’d hate to let you down

So I’ll let the waters rise and drown my dull reflection in the naive expectation in your eyes

Back in a cast-bit part

Back when I felt most free

I had a butcher’s heart and no one thought they knew me

So before the regiment resumes

Before their dreaded sun appears

My driver’s waiting

So let’s make one point crystal clear:

You see a flood-lit form

I see a shirt design

I’m no savior of yours and you’re no friend of mine

I see myself in the reflection of people’s eyes

Realizing what they see may not be even close to the image I see in myself

And I think I might actually be more afraid

I feel like they know the story

I saw a bear floating in the river and thought it was a fur coat

Twelve years ago, I stood on the shore

Jumped in and grabbed the coat

And the river is rushing toward a waterfall

And my friend stood at the shore and shouted to let go of the coat

And swim back to land

I let go of the coat but the coat won’t let go of me

In any case please let me know if there’s more I can give you

If nothing comes of it, then just know we are grateful.

EDIT: cd booklet lyrics

I was thinking the other day about Solas and what it might be like to be a Dreamer Mage - someone who is completely aware and cognizant during the dreams they have, exactly as if they were still awake - and it sounds like it would have advantages, but overall it sounds pretty miserable to me.

Like, you need to sleep and just not be conscious sometimes. Sleeping and dreaming gives you a reset where you have to forget and let go of everything you’re worrying about, at least while you’re asleep.

But if you’re an accomplished Dreamer, sleeping is a lot like being consciously awake, so you get this picture of Solas (who is weighed down with guilt and the weight of several worlds) going to sleep, dreaming… but not really. Because there’s never a moment where he’s not “awake” and aware of everything. If we accept these assumptions, Solas apparently goes from working and researching and studying during the day to searching and discussing heavy things with friends in the Fade at night. He’s not only overwhelmed with regret and horrifying responsibilities, there’s also no good way to turn the full comprehension of all of that off for even a little while.

apparently he doesn’t drink often, either (word of god from twitter a long time ago, iirc, is that he avoids tea, coffee and alcohol, anything that interferes with sleep) so there’s few times where he’d forget through drunkenness.

So, my understanding, as far as I can extrapolate, is that this tightly-coiled, guarded man has spent thousands of years sober, awake, fully aware. Goes to sleep, but still remains fully aware while sleeping. No breaks from himself, no real escape.

I feel like it could explain some things about the way the character is presented - he just seems tired to me. Master of dreams, but never well-rested. Suspicious, guarded, on-edge, no way to work unconsciously through his many traumas, too prepared for 1000 different eventualities, too much conscious time on his hands. I love this character.

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Okay maybe some comfort and angst, where Peter has horrible nightmares about everything he's seen and the reader is his best friend who doesn't know he's Spiderman. So the reader has no idea why Peter keeps showing up her their window asking to sleep with them. I mean what would you do if your crush was asking to comfort them? Also just chubby! Reader would be fantastic and maybe a cute confession at the end?

You groaned as you opened your eyes to your dark bedroom, squinting at the ceiling in confusion as to why you were awake. A buzzing sound from your right caught your attention, and you rolled over to see your phone lighting up.

You smiled sleepily at the photo of you and your best friend which was displayed on the screen, before realising that if he was calling you late at night something was probably wrong.

“Pete?” you whispered, conscious of your sleeping family on the other side of the wall. “You okay?”

You heard him sniffling before he replied. “Can I come round?” he asked, his voice shaking with poorly hidden tears. “Please, I need to see you.”

Your heart skipped a beat at his words, and you reminded yourself that your best friend was clearly very upset, now was not the right time to be having a meltdown over your crush on him.

“Of course,” you told him. “You’ll have to come up the fire escape and through my window though, I can’t wake my family up.”

“Thank you,” he mumbled. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

You frowned slightly; that was a bold claim, considering it usually took half an hour to get to Peter’s apartment from yours. Shaking your head, you bit your lip nervously.

“Just be careful, okay? It’s still really dark outside,” you told him. You could hear him moving around in his room, presumably getting dressed in order to come to your apartment.

“I’ll stay on the phone, don’t worry about me,” he said quietly. An easy silence fell between the two of you, and you could hear a strange whistling sound.

“Are you on the tube or something?” you asked in confusion. “You got to the station quickly.”

“I’d already l-left when I called you,” he stuttered, and you bit your lip as his voice shook.

“I’ll see you soon,” you told him, trying to reassure him. “Do you want me to come meet-”

“No! No,” he repeated, in a calmer voice. “Just stay in your apartment, I’ll be there in a minute.”

You frowned slightly. “Pete, what’s going on?”

You heard a quiet rattling from outside your window, gradually getting louder.

“Hang on, I’m almost at yours.”

“So I hear,” you reply with a soft smile, hanging up and putting your phone back on your bedside table.

“Hey,” you said softly as Peter climbed in the window you’d left half-open. In the dim light from the moon, you could see that his hair was wind-swept and his clothes were ruffled.

Without a word, he crossed the room and took you in his arms. Caught by surprise, you hugged him back as he clung to you, hiding his face against your shoulder as sobs wracked his body.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I had a nightmare and you were hurt and I had to see you.”

“It’s okay,” you mumbled. “It’s okay, I’m here, I’m safe.”

You guided him over to your bed, lying down and letting him cuddle into your side. He nestled his head in the crook of your neck.

“Never leave me?” he whispered, lifting his head to look into your eyes with his own, which were still shiny with unshed tears. Your lips parted slightly, and you lowered your head to nuzzle his nose with yours.

“Never,” you promised, resting your forehead against his. You could feel his warm breath tickling your cheek, and your skin erupted in goosebumps where his hand rested on your hip.

Your breath caught in your throat as Peter closed the minuscule gap between the two of you and pressed his soft lips to yours. You moved your lips against his tentatively, not quite believing that you were actually kissing him.

“I love you,” he murmured as he pulled away just enough to be able to talk. “You’re my world, I love you.”

You kissed his forehead gently, your fingers threading through his hair soothingly.

“I love you too, Peter.”

Honestly, I’m fascinated by Robert’s guilt. It’s so very obvious The Incident™ is tearing him up inside and making him want to claw his skin off.

This is not cheater!Robert. We’ve seen cheater!Robert. Cheater!Robert lies, schemes, and literally kills to keep his affairs a secret. Cheater!Robert is about power and the danger and excitement an affair gives him in his life. Cheater!Robert makes the conscious decision to sleep with someone who isn’t his SO, and go back for more, consequences be damned.

This Robert is a very deeply broken Robert who was upset and destroyed and thought he had nothing left to lose. Dubious consent issues aside, The Incident™ was not about excitement.
This was about trying to reclaim some control over a life that had spun so quickly and vastly out of his control. The only way Robert knew how to do that was to fall back into his sleazy old habits.

But in the cold light of day and soberness, he realized. He realized what a shitty mistake he’d made and it’s eating him up from the inside out. That, above everything, shows me this is actually not regression but another step in his character growth and development. Because cheater!Robert would never admit his mistake immediately - certainly not to his SO - and would never take responsibility for what he’s done. Here, I see a man who is fully willing to accept that Aaron may very well never want to be with him again - but he needs him to know nevertheless.

This is not cheater!Robert. This is Robert Sugden who is working through and accepting the consequences of what he’s done, no matter where the chips may fall.

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Can you elaborate more on how you changed? And why do you think this last year has affected you so much?

this time last year I was living in constant anxiety, never sleeping, self conscious about my drastic hair cut, and feeling unhappy with my body for the first time (thx cafeteria food). I think learning to open myself up to people this past year and going on anxiety medication has changed me the most, I feel like a normal, rational person. I still have anxiety and panic attacks but they happen when I’m stressed, not every night. I just wish i could tell my closed-off self of a year ago that in a year i would have long hair again and be dating that boy i just met and be so much more open than I used to think I had to be !!


26 (more) albums from 2016 → Part 3 - Pop/R&B/Rap

  1. That Poppy - Bubblebath EP
  2. Broods - Conscious
  3. Two Door Cinema Club - Gameshow
  4. Travis Scott - Birds in the Trap Sing Mcknight
  5. Luna - Free Somebody EP
  6. Adore Delano - After Party
  7. The 1975 - i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
  8. Frank Ocean - Blonde
  9. Gwen Stefani - This is What the Truth Feels Like

I don’t want to have to try so hard to be a conscious consumer. I don’t want to be conscious. I want to sleep for 10000 yrs until the earth is knocked out by a nuclear blast & nature takes over again

Detective John Laurens [John Laurens x Reader] *smut*

Word count:2,146
Au: modern, police force
Triggers: smut ,cursing, mentions of abusive relationships
Author’s Note: I think that nobody really likes my fluff, so I’m going to try and post more smut for you guys. Also this story dragged on forever because I was lowkey watching cop shows when writing. Lol. Also I think I will end up revisting this story. If you have a prompt I would love them. Inbox me. P.S. Let me know what you think.

“Don’t do this. Please Y/N. Just come back inside. I promise I won’t do it again. You have to trust me Y/N. I love you. Just get the fuck back inside. Please I can’t lose you again. Just don’t do this.” You run away from the house that is soiled in the nightmare that is your life. “Don’t look back,” you whisper to yourself, “If you look back you will only get hurt by him again.” You needed to get space between you and Burr, so you kept running until your legs gave out in front of the police department and the exhaustion knocks you out.

When you come to, there is a blinding bright light, and there are two men at your bedside. You struggle to open your eyes, but eventually managed. You winced as you repositioned your body to look at the two men. The first introduced himself as Officer Washington and the other as Detective Laurens. You shook your head, but were unable to speak you words of introductions. Detective Laurens slides a pad of paper. “You had your vocal cords severely bruised in whatever accident you were apart of. Can you tell us your name?” Laurens asks you.

You take the paper and write, “Y/N L/N.” Officer Washington gently takes your hand and looks to Laurens. “She’s the one from the Burr incident last month.” The two men looked at you with complete looks of horror. Laurens moves to your side on the bed and pulls you into his arms as delicately as possible, “It’s ok sweet Y/N.” He strokes your hair and grants you peace and security. “Where am I? Is he gone? I-i-i…” you begin to stammer. “You are safe Y/N, We have sent people to your house-” Washington starts, but just as soon as he does, a man’s voice comes screaming through the walkie-talkie. “Suspect is not found at the place of residence. We will keep looking and post guards around the house. She is safe to return if it’s in her interests.” The walkie-talkie cut out and you felt like you were about to be brought to tears. Laurens and Washington exchanged a brief interaction and Laurens put you in his car. “Hey Y/N, I know that you aren’t having the best day, but I hope you realize someday you will find someone better than that scumbag. Someone who will treat you perfectly.” He smiles at you with an endearing look on his face. Your hand can’t help but reach for his. When the two of you approach to the first red light, he gingerly brings your hand to his lips.

You two finally reached the house you only so narrowly escaped only hours beforehand. Detective Laurens gets out of the car and walks to your side to let you out. He offers you a large hand which you grabbed for desperately. “It’s ok Y/N, I’m here. Wait here for two seconds while I grab my things.” He smiled then walked toward the trunk of his car and grabbed a backpack and a pillow. He returned your hand to the pocket that was his and the two of you made way into the house.

You made it three hours without letting your feelings overwhelm you. You fell asleep in your old bed, but started having a bad dream about the events of today. “No, no, no!!! STOP IT!! DON’T, PLEASE STOP, I CAN’T! NO-” you started screaming. It was like being trapped inside your biggest nightmare. Detective Laurens shook you out of your bad dream and held you close once he realized you were conscious. “Will you sleep in here with me tonight?” you beg, “I just can’t shake it.” Laurens nods his head in understanding and slips in under your covers pulling you close to his body, putting his gun on your nightstand. “What’s your first name? I haven’t heard your first name yet.” He smiles at you, “It’s John.” With your head on his chest, you fall under a peaceful sleep.

It’s been almost a whole year of nights like that and Burr wasn’t anywhere to be found. You learned a lot about John throughout the months of him taking care of you. Just playing a game of 21 questions you learned that his favorite animals are turtles, his favorite color was blue, he was a huge advocate for equal rights (on both gender and race), and so many other details that you felt like you knew him.

One day, you were cuddling in your bed with him, and he asked, “Y/N, do you think that you’d ever want to be in a relationship again?” He looks down at you and you look up at him and place a gentle kiss on his lips. “Y/N, how long?”He asks you through the kiss. “Since we met and you first held me.”

You were still in fear of Burr showing his face around the house, but having John around gave you the air of peace. You knew that somewhere Burr was waiting, and that he would never be done with you until the event of either his or your life. But it doesn’t matter anyway because you and John were happy and you finally got to be in a healthy relationship that you so desperately needed.

“John, can I ask you a question?” you ask. “Y/N you can ask me anything. Darlin’ what’s on your mind?”he looks at you quizzically. His southern drawl always seemed to come out when he was worried. You place your hand on his chest. “John. I promise it’s nothing bad. It’s just a question not a declaration of hate. I just wanted to know what you have been waiting for?” you look away blushing furiously. He blinks taken aback by your statement, he asks, “Did you not want me to wait for you to get better mentally first?” You stop breathing as he takes your chin between his thumb and fingers and forces you to look at him, “Darlin’ what do you want me to do?” The huskiness in his voice mixed with southern drawl. You pull yourself out of his grasp and hide in the sheets.

“Baby please touch me?” you whisper under the sheets. “Sugar dumplin’ if you want something you have to ask or do it yourself.” You lose all control and throw yourself out of the sheets and on top of your lover. You push him into your mattress and bite and kiss along his neck, trying to yank his shirt off to expose more skin. Your hands roam his body trying to pull off his clothes without actually breaking contact with his skin. Your lips were making their way down John’s body making sure to leave healthy sized hickeys along the the length of his chest. He couldn’t help, but release moans of appreciation as you got lower and lower on his body. You kissed his length through his jeans sucking him hard without even putting his dick in your mouth. John pushed you off of him and ripped the rest of his clothes for you, anxious to return your mouth to his dick. He fumbled with his belt, but he eventually managed getting the damn thing off. You smiled at him shyly and start sucking as fast as you could. “Y/N, may I fuck you?” John looks down at you with pleading eyes and his body twitching with need.

You oblige the man and he takes your clothes off in a hasty manner. He places you up on the bed and stands between your legs. He pulls your body so that it rests on the edge of the bed and goes on to his knees. He licks your womanhood and uses his mouth to explore your opening. His hands are forcing your hips to remain attached to his face and you are going insane. Your hands move to your boobs and squeeze them as hard as your hands would allow. John blows hot breath of your womanhood and sucks his way up your body until he reaches your boobs. He takes control over them away from you and starts teasing your nipples and sucking as hard as he can. Dragging his teeth over each swollen bud, sent you over bored.

His mouth makes it’s way to your neck and returns several hickeys to your body. “Are you ready?” he breathes onto your skin. You put your hands on his neck and he takes position at your entrance. He pushes in as slowly as he can, the both of you making faces of pure ecstasy. “Y/N, darlin’ I hope your ready.”He moans. He lifts you off of the bed and pushes you against the wall, slamming his dick deeper and deeper into your womanhood. Your body tightens around him and your pleasure become immeasurable. Your head throws itself back and John starts attacking the skin you just exposed. He slams harder into you as he explodes leaving you going crazy. He pulls out of you and lays you on the bed a quivering mess. John throws some blankets on you and says, “One moment, Y/N.” He goes to the bathroom to gather some towels and leaves you in your.little nest of happiness.

Everything was perfect beyond compare. You love John, the sun was warming your room, birds singing, a face looking in through your window. Wait a second. You hid deeper into your nest and whispered for John. “Baby… bring your gun and act normal.” You warned. John rushed out of the bathroom and joined you in your blankets, “Is that him?” And almost as if on cue Aaron broke through your window and attempted to grab your wrists. “Y/N, I let you have your fun, but you’re coming with me.. now!”Aaron basically hissed at you. Aaron must have missed John go under the blankets, and grabs his wrist instead. “Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here.” John growled. Aaron let go and makes the move to run downstairs. You see the gun laying in your bed and load it. “Freeze.” The two boys stop and eyes land on you, holding your gun out. “You basically ruined me. Abused me. You have tried to kill me 3 times now. The list goes on. Each time something awful had to happen because I think for myself. The first I refused to have a child with you.. then it was I didn’t have parents to introduce you to.. but the final straw was when you asked to marry me.. You have two options so listen close asshole. One: you can walk downstairs and surrender yourself to the police that have been waiting for you. Or Two: I will shoot you, and you know that I don’t miss. So make your choice now or I will make it for you.” You hold the gun confidently and point it at Aaron. He walks out of the room and goes down the stairs. Officer Washington is there to personally take him to the precinct.

As soon as he left you felt your body collapse beneath you, and everything after seemed to run a million miles an hour. John put his shirt on you to try and get you decent, and Washington came to thank you for your help. You nod, but cannot force the words out. Washington leaves and takes the rest of the patrolling officers with him. It truly is just you and John now.

“Y/N?” John rubs the top of your head, “Do you want to lay down and cuddle or something?” Instead you pull him down to sit next you and lay with your head on his lap. He strokes your hair and just sits with you, giving you all the time you needed to recover.

~~~~6 Months Later~~~~
“John, do we have to go outside today? I’m so tired.” You whined. He smiled and picks you up over his shoulder until you were at the place. It wasn’t much, but it was a garden that was hidden from the world. Millions of different shades of green that you thought only artists could see. Bright flowers everywhere and it seemed as though someone already knew you’d be there, since there was a blanket and a basket of snacks on the other side. “Do you like it, Y/N?” You finally turn to look at this man you loved and he is down on his knees blushing furiously. “Aww well isn’t this a great view.” You tease kissing his forehead. “You make this harder than it already is my love. But.. will you Y/N L/N.. marry me John Laurens and make me the happiest man in the world.” You smile and kiss his lips, “I thought you’d never ask.”

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Prompt McPrompt: 32, Mshenko

Alright @bagog, for the writing prompt meme, you asked for #32: “Just this once, okay?” This one really fought me and I hope it turned out ok. Happy belated Birthday man!

Shepard stared up at the pale ceiling, trembling in the dark all around him, trying to recall where he was. The soft sound of the ceiling fan above, the silky fabric of the sheets touching his skin, the gentle warmth of a body at his side and quiet breathing, even and strong, grounded him. Kaidan, he thought. His trembling stilled as he remembered. Earth, his home, he was safe, this was familiar.

He tried to remember the dream that had woke him. A vague recollection of screams and flames all around him, but the more he fought to remember the further it slipped from his grasp, until finally it was gone; faded into the darkness around him.

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Struck (Part Ten)

EXO Fanfiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing - Female Reader x Kim Jongdae/Chen
A mysterious group move into your apartment building and you find yourself drawn to them, one in particular… but is it safe? Who are they really?

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You stared as Yixing and Jongin carried Jongdae out of your arms and down the corridors of the council chambers, which you had immediately teleported back to.

You couldn’t move, you couldn’t think.

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          NIGHT SHADOWS OR “SHADOW PEOPLE” have been given a bad rep and I want to clear that up!  They’re really not that bad and should you have the opportunity to build rapport with one, I highly suggest doing so! These brilliant creatures are like any other living creature, they’re just looking to live and evolve into a better existence. Trapped from light for so long, they only know negativity and that’s why it’s important not to be afraid of their presence, instead, be calm, collected, realize that they are made of energy just like you are, surround yourself with protective light and establish communication!  They appreciate strong energy, determination and thrive off of adrenaline. They visit primarily at night while the conscious mind sleeps to take over the unconscious to create nightmares. These nightmares obviously work you up, which ultimately produces that beautiful adrenaline that they crave so much. So, while they visit while you sleep, they can also come during the in-between state (this results in what people usually describe as sleep paralysis, I believe) and can also be invoked with the intention of truly overcoming your fears. Beware though, by working together you’re signing a contract for some serious random nightmares that could come on and off for a few months at a time.

THE BENEFIT OF WORKING WITH ONE far outweighs the initial fear when you first make contact. If you are put off by their appearance, ask them to make themselves scarce and you’ll only feel them instead (I find the shadow I work with curls up behind my pillow like a cat ‘ cause babe, that face ain’t purdy). With the help of a shadow, you will overcome fears in your dream life that will benefit you in your waking life. Ask shadow to work with you, to show you the fears you need to work on (for example: overcoming anxiety or getting over the fear of being alone) and you’ll be surprised by how much work you actually accomplish!
IT ISN’T ALL ONE SIDED EITHER, THERE’S BALANCE! By working with a shadow, you are also giving it a sense of purpose while still being able to thrive in their current state. By allowing them to feel a sense of accomplishment in working with a human to overcome fears, they are brought closer to the light to be reborn as a being of the light once again. These are really fascinating and helpful energy beings if you are open to their presence! #Teamwork

*This is MY personal insight that I have gained from working with Shadows in the past.*

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How would the RFA + V + Saeran react with an MC who is self-conscious about sleeping in front of other people because they snore, but they haven't gotten any sleep in a while so they're super tired, yet they won't go to sleep?

If anyone feels like this, please get some sleep. Your health is always more important than what someone thinks of you!


  • He had noticed that you seemed pretty tired lately
  • He had also noticed that you wouldn’t sleep in front of him, which he took personally at first, thinking you didn’t trust him
  • When you told him that you were self-conscious about your snoring, he was shook surprised that it was just this silly little thing
  • “You don’t have to worry about that babe, I don’t care about snoring. In fact, you could even be sleep-screaming and I would still love you!”
  • He would then initiate a cuddle session, so that you could safely snore away in his arms <3


  • When he had first noticed your sleep-deprivation, he had just simply asked if you wanted to sleep on his shoulder, but you refused
  • He was confused, why did you not want to sleep in front of him?
  • This would go on for a while, until he finally asked you why you didn’t want to sleep
  • He was kind of ashamed that he hadn’t confronted you about it earlier, now he was really worried about your health!
  • He wouldn’t force you to sleep in front of him, or any people, if you really didn’t want to
  • However he would let you know that he really didn’t mind, and that you had nothing to be ashamed of


  • He would notice your sleepiness almost immediately
  • He would probably talk to you about how important it is to get enough sleep, and would even suggest calling a doctor to instruct you before you got to tell him why
  • You told him you didn’t want to sleep in front of him because you snored quite a lot
  • He was silent for a minute, before he started talking to you again, in a much calmer voice
  • “Is that what this is about, darling? You don’t have to be self-conscious about something like that.”
  • He would keep on calmly reassuring you before he noticed you started to close your eyes. He then carried you to your bedroom, and let you finally fall into a deep sleep


  • He snores like the devil, no joke. That is, when he actually sleeps
  • He would instantly notice that you were tired, and tell you to go to sleep if you needed to
  • Since he doesn’t really sleep much, he wants to make sure at least you get to be well rested
  • When you shyly tell him about your fear of sleeping in front of people and the reason why, he just smiles
  • He smiles, walks up to you and very seriously tells you;
  • “You don’t know what snoring is before you’ve heard God Seven’s night roar.”
  • He then starts giggling, before saying
  • “No but really, don’t worry about something like that. It really doesn’t matter to me.”


  • Having some trust-issues himself, he really couldn’t judge you for not wanting to sleep in front of him
  • Still, he wanted his princess to get enough sleep
  • After he found out about your snoring, he tried to contain a little laugh. You could see him crack a smile, as he said
  • “That’s actually adorable. You don’t want to sleep in front of me because of a little bit of snoring? I bet you my ass it won’t be as bad as Saeyoung!”
  • He told you that he thought you didn’t trust him, to which you reply that of course you do, you just didn’t want him to hear you snore
  • He smiled at that, and told you to follow him upstairs so he could put you to sleep


  • He would be worried about your lack of sleep
  • When you refused to sleep next to him on the couch, he was a little hurt, but decided that you must have had a reason for it. 
  • You couldn’t lie to this man, so you told him everything about the snoring and everything about your insecurities 
  • He was relieved to hear that it wasn’t something he had done, but he insisted that you should get some sleep
  • He didn’t have to stay by your side when you sleep all the time, he told you, but he still wanted to stay by you at least for a little bit