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26 (more) albums from 2016 → Part 3 - Pop/R&B/Rap

  1. That Poppy - Bubblebath EP
  2. Broods - Conscious
  3. Two Door Cinema Club - Gameshow
  4. Travis Scott - Birds in the Trap Sing Mcknight
  5. Luna - Free Somebody EP
  6. Adore Delano - After Party
  7. The 1975 - i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
  8. Frank Ocean - Blonde
  9. Gwen Stefani - This is What the Truth Feels Like

katyperry: @barackobama Thank you for your incredible grace in leadership and for being an exceptional example for us all. You’ve made many who were sleeping, conscious - including myself. I agree with you; we need to burst our bubbles and build real community again, face to face. I am excited to see the generation coming up who as you said, are “Unselfish, altruistic, creative, patriotic and believe in a fair, just, inclusive America.”
I cannot wait to see good triumph. ❤️🇺🇸

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The reason we live like we do is because of our sense of time. We invented time, and now we live by it like it’s our god. It’s time for breakfast? It’s time for work, it’s time for lunch, it’s time for dinner…. we structure our days based on time and in the end we discover we have no time because we spent it all. We have to ask our boss for permission to take time off. We have to plan vacations based on time spent there. We’re always in a rush to get there on time. The idea of time, keeps the mind busy and always focused externally.

Animals, having no sense of time beyond daybreak and night fall, they relax, they eat when hungry play when they feel like it, and meditate as a relaxation method because that’s what meditation is, it’s conscious sleep. It’s relaxation. Cats, dogs you name it, can do nothing for hours because it feels so good to go within and just rest in the inner peace of the internal world. So when they appear to be doing nothing to us, they’re really having the time of their lives internally.

Where as human beings the moment they have the time to be in boredom they begin to think about all the times that went wrong. So humans never make it to the internal world within them. They get stuck in time, and past experiences define them, thus creating their own limitations and creating goofy systems of belief that lead to goofy ways of living. Take a look at some of the crazy things religions do, or terrorists do, or political mindsets do…. because people never connect with who they are at the core behind all those beliefs. Like a cat does every hour. Because we have skewed time as a god, and we live by the clock right down til our time runs out.

When all we ever had to realize is that there is no time, there never was, there is only now, this moment, we’re always now, it’s everlasting, every moment passes through now, and we can only experience now. It is time that has trapped our minds into slavery, and we don’t have the time to realize that.

The Recreant - Part Four

Here’s the latest installment of my story which is going to delve deeper into the mystery and possible motive behind the attack - including the first little clue to the suspect.

Complete Story on AO3 and

From the beginning on Tumblr: Part One   Part Two   Part Three

Tuesday, 7:31am

After finding herself spending the night in an uncomfortable wooden armchair with no back support and little or no padding under her tailbone, Emma really hadn’t slept. She’d dozed off a couple of times out of sheer exhaustion, but every time either noise or a bustle of activity would stir her from her semi-conscious sleep state. It wasn’t that she was unappreciative of the fact Whale had allowed her to remain at Killian’s bedside (even if she had threatened him with bodily harm if he hadn’t. Well, not exactly…). Thankfully, the doctor had been rather understanding and even a bit more cooperative than she’d expected so she hadn’t needed to resort to threats – not that the thought wouldn’t have crossed her mind. In truth, she’d simply spent most of the night just watching her husband. Watching his chest rise and fall with each breath. Watching for any little flutter of his eyelids or twitch of a finger.

She hadn’t really expected anything since it had been less than twenty four hours since he was attacked. She knew that he’d wake when he was ready. Considering his history, this almost certainly wasn’t his first concussion and probably not his first skull fracture either. Hell, she’d even contributed to the toll a couple of times – a compass to the temple back in the Enchanted Forest and whatever object she’d struck him with in New York City. She couldn’t really remember what she’d picked up back then to strike him when he’d made his attempt to kill Rumplestiltskin in the lobby of Neal’s apartment building. Of course, back then he’d been a very different person and someone had to smack the smugness out of him. Well, at least his color looked somewhat better today – with the notable exception of the darkening bruises peeking from beneath the bandages on his face, but it had been a difficult road getting to this point.

There had been a few occasions during the night where his blood pressure would either spike or plummet to dangerous levels setting off a plethora of alarms on the machines that surrounded him, making his heart race or slow nearly to a stop. According to Whale, these nerve-wracking events weren’t unexpected and more occurrences would likely happen as his body fought through the trauma. He still had a long way to go to recover and there really wasn’t any way to judge how difficult that journey was going to be until he woke. Would he suffer any amnesia or lose motor function? Would he still be able to communicate? Whale had sent him for CT scans every three to four hours, but so far, he hadn’t appeared overly concerned with any of the test results or with the pattern of wavy lines that was being generated by the machine monitoring Killian’s brain activity.

And there had been some positive developments too. Thanks to Emma healing his fractured rib cage and damaged lung, he was able to breathe on his own again, so they’d removed the ventilator tube as well as the chest tube that had been protruding from his side to help restore his damaged lung. She wasn’t really sure how that would’ve worked, but she was pleased to see far less tubes and wires this morning than the previous night. Since she’d also healed the surgical incision and there was no longer a dressing to attend to on his torso, the nurses had dressed him in a more modest standard hospital gown on his last trip to Radiology – not that Killian would have been the least bit concerned about modesty. His poor face was still just a battered, bloody, black and blue mess though which disturbed her more each time she stared at it, but for now she’d leave it alone and see how it healed.

One development that she hadn’t expected though was to spot her mother and her teenaged son stepping out of the elevator on this early morning. Visiting hours in ICU didn’t start until 10am and were strictly limited to one person at a time so the perturbed expression on the duty nurse’s face was understandable and duly justified. Before there was a confrontation, Emma quickly stood up and hurried out into the corridor to intercept them, whispering a brief “It’s okay” to the nurse as she strode past the desk.

“What are you two doing here at this hour?” Emma demanded, looking straight into her mother’s face as she asked the question.

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Sleep Talk [Dan]

Title: Sleep Talk [Dan]

Summary: Dan and Phil chat for a bit at 3:27am, but only one of them is actually conscious.(Sleeping!Dan, Grumpy!Phil)

Relationship: Phan

Characters / Pairing: Dan Howell, Phil Lester

Word Count: 763 (short ‘n sweet, my dildo-muffins)

Warnings: M/M, swearing (it’s 3:00am give Phil a break), sleep talking (dans cute lmao), some (cute) grumpy Phil, sleep-deprivation, a very confused and disturbed Dan, frustration, if you have an issue with mail this really isn’t for you (idk some people have very specific problems), annoyance, humour (pfffffffffffffftt nah), FLUFFITY FLUFFY FLUFF, establishedrelationship yo

Or the one where Phil doesn’t want to talk about the mail. (it doesnt make sense now but youll see hahahhhahah) #establishedrelationship


It’s unusual that Phil is up later than Dan, but tonight’s just one of those nights where sleep refuses to dawn on him.

It’s been taunting him too; he’s tired as fuck but he can’t seem to settle down and sleep.

He gave up a few minutes ago, just laying on his back - eyes open - with a completely knocked out Dan on his chest.

Speaking of Dan, the man has his cheek pressed just below Phil’s collarbones, his features totally slack and his lips parted just enough to have breath flutter out from between them.

Phil strokes a gentle finger down Dan’s belly, basking in the silence of Dan’s room. All that can be heard is Dan’s steady breathing, complemented by the hint of snoring that Dan always denies he has.

After a few more minutes, Phil feels the traces of sleep begin to weigh his body down.

He subconsciously pulls Dan closer into him and his eyes slowly droop shut…


Phil peeks an eye open to see Dan’s eyebrows scrunching, his face pulling into one of discomfort. He shifts a little on Phil’s chest, the heat of his position making Phil want to squirm.

He resists this urge, instead bringing a tired hand up to Dan’s hair and slowly massaging his scalp, hoping that will help calm his sleeping partner.

“Fffff… Don’t put- Phil.” Dan groans, a sleepy but unmistakable tone of annoyance in his voice.

Phil - too tired to laugh at Dan’s unusual sleep talking - just shushes his boyfriend softly, soothing him. “Shhh Dan, go to sleep.”

Dan squirms a little, his nose pressing uncomfortably into Phil’s ribcage. “Clooooooose the cupboards behind you, twat.” Dan slurs, the movement of his body creating even more heat.

Phil almost has to kick the duvet off.

“The cupboards aren’t open. Go to sleep.

It’s silent for a moment.

Phil’s body starts to relax back into the mattress again when-

“Wait, waht'er you- nah!” Dan crows, thrashing to the side abruptly and succeeding in smacking Phil in the left eye with a flailing arm.

Phil hisses and clutches for his eye, a long groan escaping him at Dan’s sudden hostility and garbled nonsense. “Dan!”

What the hell is Dan dreaming about?

Dan stills momentarily as Phil nurses his injury, not used to violence at 3:27am.

There’s quiet again and Phil can’t help but get his hopes up.

Slowly, his eyes droop shut…

“Mmm- Philllll, can you grab the mail?”


“Dan, it’s 3:34 in the morning; there is no mail. Go to sleep.”

“Th'postman is here.” Dan argues.

“No he’s not.” Phil sighs in annoyance. “Please go to sleep.”





“Mail’s still sitting th- love you.”

With a long, exasperated release of breath, Phil guides Dan closer into his body. “I love you too, Dan. But - I’m begging you - please go to sleep. We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

And with that, a silence falls over Dan’s room once more.


It’s 7:42am when Phil wakes up.

He’s running off of three and a half hours of sleep (considering it took him another half hour to fall asleep after Dan’s last comment) as he stumbles down the hall and to the table, following the smell of pancakes.

Dan glances over his shoulder from the stove as Phil trudges in sleepily. “Morning.”

Phil just grumbles, dropping his head into his arms on the table.

“Don’t need to be rude.” Dan jokes lightly, snickering to himself.

Phil - oddly enough - does not find this funny.

He’s pulled out of a temporary sleeping state when Dan places two plates on the table.

Phil jumps, startled, and Dan chuckles. “No sleep, huh?”

A low grunt is his only response.

Yes, Phil is grumpy. But - to be fair - he didn’t even get four hours of sleep because of a stupid argument over the mail.

There’s a comfortable quiet at the table as they eat before Dan slowly speaks up. “I think the mail came in this morning. After breakfast, could you go down and grab i-”

Phil’s head shoots up and Dan recoils, almost falling off of his chair. “Jesus Christ, Phil! What’s gotten into you today?”

“I do not want to discuss the mail with you again.” Phil warns.

Dan just stares at him in bewilderment and confusion. “We never-”

“We did! Last night.”

“Phil, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Phil stares at Dan long and hard, but Dan’s baffled expression doesn’t change.

He really doesn’t remember.

With a heavy puff, Phil gets up and stalks downstairs to retrieve the mail.


& y’know what. it fucking PISSES ME OFF that we made SUCH SIGNIFICANT STRIDES in those first few episodes; Alex admitting she doesn’t want to hurt Piper anymore, Piper telling her fucking family about Alex. her fucking family. HOW DARE THEY take THAT moment, that SIGNIFICANT FUCKING MOMENT. that we have been building towards & waiting for for YEARS. how dare they finally give us that moment, only to snatch it away three episodes later & shatter it across the floor like it meant nothing.

I mix up the languages I learn badly so that’s why in a half conscious state (from sleep deprivision) I nearly said “ありがとございます” instead of “gracias” to a Spanish speaking cleaning lady so I ended up saying “lo siento”
In other words kill me

A-U-M represents conscious/unconscious and sleep/awoken

NA is the sound of earth

MA effects water factor

SHI energy in the fire factor

VA energy in the air factor

YA energy in space

🕉🔱ॐ नमः शिवाय || Om Namah Shivaya🔱🕉

It had been a few days now.

Akemi had gone back to staying in her room even more than before, emerging maybe once a day to get food. She couldn’t bring herself to do anything, really. She had witnessed the hammer of justice in action, and it was horrific. What exactly she did in her room however was lost to everyone, including her. Presumably a lot of sleeping, and conscious hours spent dissociating, which explains the ambiguity of her memories.

Sadly, she couldn’t not eat forever. When she finally couldn’t stave off her growing hunger any longer, she left her room for the kitchen. The Monokuma nighttime announcement had been a while ago- at least she thought- and as she went downwards in the glass elevator she felt awake for the first time since before the trial. Another button was avalible, though she didn’t dare touch it. She just wanted to grab some comfort food and figure out what to do with herself.

Once she got to the kitchen, she made a beeline for the pantry. The walk-in closet stuffed to the brim with raw ingredients was massive, actually would be quite impressive, if she could cook and cared. She grabbed two bags of jumbo marshmallows and came out of the closet, ripping one open while the other stayed under her arm. To her surprise, Hyun was there mixing something frantically.

“What brings you to this lovely establishment this late at night,” she said, stuffing a few marshmallows in her mouth. “That seems kind of elaborate for a midnight snack.”


Nico doesn't like Barbie

The last thing Nico was expecting when he shadow traveled into his kitchen after a trip to Camp Half-Blood was to hear the Barbie theme song playing from the living room. He dropped his bag by the door and toed off his shoes as he walked to the living room. To his horror, his worst nightmare was playing on his flat screen TV. “Solace. What. Is. THAT?!” He hissed, conscious of the sleeping toddlers stretched out on the couch.

Will muttered from his place between the toddlers. “It’s Barbie.”

Nico scoffed. “Yeah, I see that. Why is it on my Netflix?”

Will shrugged. “Well, I can’t say exactly why Netflix decided to put it up, but I can only assume its because its so pop-”

“Will……” Nico interrupted.

Will held up his hands in surrender. “Ok, ok. I know we agreed only educational shows for the twins-”

“Which was your idea in the first place, Sunshine boy.”

“Nico, hush! Anyway, I know what I said! But the twins were cranky and needed a nap and nothing else was soothing them!”

“So you tried Barbie?”

“Well it kinda came up automatically when what we were originally watching ended and when I realized they were watching it and had stopped crying, I thought ‘What the hey?’, you know?” Will shrugged helplessly, smiling up at Nico.

Nico smiled back and shook his head. He glanced down at his sleeping children. “I see. So how long have the twins been asleep?”

Will gently stroked the twins’ blonde heads. “Well, awhile I guess.”

“And you’re still watching it?”

“It’s actually not bad once you get used to it,” Will replied defensively.

“Right. I’ll take your word for it.”

“Don’t look at me like that, Nico!”

Nico smirked and started backing out of the living room, slowly unbuttoning his jeans the way he knew turned Will on. “Well, maybe if you follow me to the bedroom, I can look at you the way you like.”

Will’s eyes widened and he squeezed out from under the toddlers. “Ooh, lets go!”

Nico turned around and ran for the bedroom, Will right behind him, their shared giggling thankfully not enough to wake their kids.

I swore I’d never tell you I loved you
if I didn’t mean it, never
say you were my world unless
I wanted to spend
all my sunrises with you, and
more importantly, every
crawling night. Waking
in your gentle warmth can
calm me, make me
I can keep waking, but
the nights I feel safest
are when you shiver in your sleep, un-
conscious terror at a world
you can’t live in.
The nights I feel safest
taste like kissing languid sweat
from your neck and sound
like shuddered breathing as
a candle threatening
to go out.
My strength lives in your
weakness, beams
in a mineshaft,
useless without

My strongest nights, when
I don’t fear the dark or coming
day, are those where I know
you need me. You
are the most magnificent thing
I have ever known, and
to be yours
when no one else can
is all the faith
I’ll ever need.

You are my will, my
ability to go on, in
giving me your least
you have given me
your all.
I will never say I love you
without meaning it, and
every night you shake
want safety,
I whisper into the skin
of your throat
I do.

I need to make a website where conscious dreamers can connect with other conscious dreamers to see if they both shared a dream because I met a few fully conscious dreamers last night and I got their full name and city but I can’t clearly remember their name but know they live in a city that sounds like Alamada? Near the Bay Area.