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MBTI types as schools of philosophy

ISFJ: historicism, the belief that some event(s) or period(s) in history has/have had a pivotal role in the way humans have developed (e.g. believing that the fall of Rome was the turning point of human history)
ESFJ: antipositivism, the belief that human social life does not follow definite laws the way the natural world does
ISTJ: stoicism, the belief that bad and destructive emotions come from poor judgment and that one is most free when they are free from anger, jealousy, and envy
ESTJ: pragmaticism, the belief that practical topics (topics that have real-life applications) are the most relevant topics
ISFP: romanticism, part of which holds that intense emotions like apprehension, awe, horror, and fear are the most beautiful things that humans can experience
ESFP: empiricism, the belief that  knowledge either only or primarily comes from sensory experience
ISTP: objectivism, the belief that reality exists as purely as ever even without conscious creatures observing it but that humans have a connection to reality through their senses
ESTP: critical realism, the belief that some of the senses provide accurate versions of reality, while others do not
INFJ: neohumanist universalism, the belief that extending your love to all living and nonliving beings in the universe allows you to see the ultimate truth
ENFJ: epicureanism, part of which holds that making friends is essential to living a happy and satisfying life
INTJ: solipsism, the belief that the only thing that you can be absolutely sure exists is your own mind
ENTJ: transhumanism, the belief that advanced technology can and should be used to enhance humans’ physical and intellectual abilities
INFP: idealism, the belief that reality as we can know it is purely mental and does not exist outside of our minds
ENFP: ethical egoism, the belief that an ethical deed is, by definition, one done in self-interest, so long as you do not knowingly hurt others in the process
INTP: logical positivism, the belief that all of your decisions, conclusions, and beliefs should be rooted in scientific discovery and evidence
ENTP: structuralism, the belief that human social life functions as a large, overarching system or process

Forest Queen

My first real monster boyfriend story! I’ve been reading a lot of them and felt super inspired to write my own. Decided to use one of my favorite monsters a Wendigo! I also decided it would involve a plus size reader, since that’s why I am and I don’t see a whole lot out there! (Y/N obviously stands for your name haha!)

Word count: 2490

Warnings: Smut..yeah who doesn’t want a monster dick all up in them? A little bit of blood, mentions of death, some plus size girl doubts about body image and the such. (I hope I handled that well since I experience that myself)

Graduation celebration trips with a group of freshly graduated kids isn’t exactly your idea of fun but your parents didn’t give you much say in the matter. Sure you were a bit of an outcast, but that was because you were into different things and enjoyed actually studying. Most people snickered behind your back because of how you looked and the size you were, not because you were the smartest of the bunch and actually had a future planned out for yourself. Sure you were on the plump side, but your mom always tried to reassure you there would be the right guy who would love every square inch of you. Right after though she would recommend a juice cleanse or something of the sort which you just rolled your eyes at and went back to your room. This camping trip was supposed to be at some nice protected forest area up near the mountains. All of the other girls weren’t too thrilled it wasn’t a weekend at the beach but the comments behind you just made you want to curl up into a ball.

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Path of the Totem Warrior: Pegasus

The white winged horses known as pegasi soar through the skies, a vision of grace and majesty.

Any sound or sign of another creature startles them, sending them off to fly once more among the clouds.


You gain Advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) and Charisma (Deception) Checks.


While you are Conscious, any creature who attempts to hide from you must make a Stealth check with Disadvantage.

On a Fail, you notice the Creature, and gain Surprise on this Creature.


While raging, as an Action, you can sprout a pair of feathery Pegasus wings from your back, gaining a flying speed equal to your current speed.

You can create these wings as an Action on Your Turn. They last until you dismiss them as a Bonus Action on Your Turn.

You can’t manifest your wings while wearing armor unless the armor is made to accommodate them, and clothing not made to accommodate your wings might be destroyed when you manifest them.

Types of Characters Who Watch You Sleep

The Genuine Creeper: The classic. Watches you sleep because they get off on it or some shit. May or may not care if they get caught. Watches from the dark corner behind your door. Never breaks line of sight or looks away.

The Guardian: Non-human, doesn’t need sleep. Doesn’t understand how you can stand being unconscious and vulnerable to attack for 8 hours every night. Watches you to make sure you don’t get eaten, doesn’t care if you find it embarrassing. Sits propped up on a pile of pillows next to you in bed, or in a comfy chair at your bedside. Reads the night away with a little book light, but remains vigilant.

The Pirate: You wake up in the middle of the night and roll over to see them laying there, staring at you without blinking or moving. you momentarily think they’re dead, but you realize they’re definitely breathing. If you touch them or talk to them, they flip out and fall out of bed, wailing incoherently. Turns out they sleep with their eyes open.

The Robot: Not necessarily a literal robot. Watches you because they are waiting for you to wake up, and are incapable of getting bored. Doesn’t understand why this upsets you.

The Creature: Is limitlessly entertained by the concept of sleep. Catches you doing it once and thinks it’s the weirdest shit ever. Spends hours trying to guess what you’re dreaming about. Builds a little museum exhibit around you and invites all of their friends over to explain to them the horrors of the phenomenon called “sleep”. Takes bets on when you will wake up. Holds a snail race on your arm. By the time you’re fully conscious, the creature and all their friends have retreated back into the floorboards.

The Villain: They’re waiting for you to wake up so that they can explain their evil plan to you. They like being creepy but they don’t have the patience or interest to actually watch you all night. They give up after about half a minute. They put their face right in front of yours and give you a gentle shake. You slowly open your eyes, only to see theirs staring back at you. They are very satisfied when you scream and fall out of bed. If you ask how long they’ve been sitting there, they grin and reply “all night, of course.

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Why did garnet form instantly into an adult?

when they started the ritual, there was no guarantee would come from it. they could have gotten a baby, an amorphous amalgamate creature, a conscious person that combined their sizes and strength, it might not have worked at all etc. because there was a forseen possibility that what they created would be a baby and they were treating this very much as an offspring’s birth, a moses basket was bought and the moms to-be would keep an open mind until they saw garnet for themselves. no matter what she had turned out like, they would have loved her.


Finally got around to reading Agent of Asgard!

It’s fantastic how Ewing brings Loki back to his archetypal roots as a trickster, and how that plays out in the comic format. I’m such a sucker for metanarrative, and Loki, a self-conscious creature of story, becomes the god of stories? I’m sold.

Also, I love how the series is reminiscent of Aguirre-Sacasa’s (Trials of Loki) and Simonson’s Thor runs. It’s nice to see some continuity from the Ragnarok/Surtur saga.

I hope Loki continues to be handled well after this. Gillen and Ewing deconstructed his character so well and so uniquely, it’s hard to imagine a better follow-up.

Don’t get fooled by the Jelibudi

Though it may look like a cute lil droplet of jelly, this little buddy that fits in the palm of your hand is no friend. What look like tiny little eyes staring are in fact small expandable suction cup arms that will lock onto the flesh of its current victim. Once secured, it will then release its poisonous stinger from the droopy jiggle on top of its head. This releases a venom that renders the prey paralyzed within minutes, while remaining fully conscious. Finally, the creature will separate the thin layer of goo across its abdomen to reveal its actual mouth, lined with several rows of teeth that can only be described as like broken glass. This leaves the Jelibudi free to feast at its leisure. Once full to its satisfaction, the creature will lope away, leaving the prey to die of blood loss before it can recover from the paralysis. For your own safety, just remember to lather yourself in balsamic vinegar before ever leaving the house. They hate the smell!

Happy Pisces Placements

Pisces is such an all-encompassing and spiritual sign; it is happy with pretty much any placement. But here are the planets, in order of how comfortable they are with Pisces energy influence.


This generation is certainly a spiritually strong one. Neptune is happiest in Pisces, and Pisces is happiest with Neptune in it. As this is a slow-moving planet, it will affect many, and when this generation are in positions of power, the world will be a ‘better place’ of morality and dreams. They tend to become lost in their heads often, but this has a positive influence on them. Realising their imagination is the key to unlocking their happiness.


This person has an amazingly self-sacrificing nature of love. If you find a Pisces Venus to be your friend or lover, hold on to them. Venus exalts in Pisces and so feels amazingly happy here. They give their all in terms of affection and aesthetics, and make brilliant companions as well as tending to excel in art of any kind. Their benevolence and creativity is almost unrivalled; I would advise finding one to accompany you in life!


The individuals born in the year of Pisces Jupiter have a spiritual nature and may be drawn to religion, which is very good for them and helps them to understand themselves. Jupiter is all about more, so these people want more love, more kindness, more spirituality, more imagination. They wish to explore the world and to do it in a receptive and unbiased way, making their mind a clean slate on which to portray their learnings. Their minds are brilliant, kaleidoscopic crystals of love and understanding.


This generation is an interesting one; Pisces’ most similar is arguably Scorpio, as a water sign in the same half of the zodiac as it. But at the same time, Pluto energy is so often see as negative and destructive, whereas Pisces is all about loving and rebuilding. In this way, this generation’s transforming energy is expressed in a positive and constructive manner. When they are in positions of power, the world may find itself being improved in a moral and psychological way, making this placement highly beneficial.


This person has an emotional nature that is self-sacrificing, artistic and all-encompassing. They may feel compelled towards emotion-influenced creation, such as poetry or music. They wish to help and nurture others, the receptive, watery energy of Cancer combining with the self-sacrificing, watery energy of Pisces. It’s all about putting others first here, helping them to grow and develop with the best of their powers, especially on a personal, emotional, or even romantic level. They love those around them, certainly.


Although the changeable energies of Pisces and Aquarius blend well in some ways, being next to each other on the zodiac wheel, in other ways the effect of this placement can become problematic if utilised incorrectly. This generation will be likely to overflow with humanitarians, and when they are in positions of power the world will be revolutionised in terms of morals and spirituality. They look to make the world a better place for conscious creatures, plain and simle, and with their creative power, they are likely to.


The energy of this planet conveyed in the manner of Pisces can go both ways, being very positive, or very negative. Although Mercury both detriments and falls in this sign, its essentially mutable nature suits changeable Pisces well enough. The mutable modality is inherently intellectual, and this means that this person may be very intelligent and studious, unless the typical dreaminess of Pisces intrudes upon this. However, the creativity and imagination inherent in this placement could even be useful to the person’s studies.


Although Pisces isn’t a particularly difficult sign for the sun, the sun can be a difficult planet for Pisces. Its bright, honest, extroverted and fixed nature can have trouble finding a middle ground with introverted, deceptive, receptive and chameleon-like Pisces. But, there are many positives to this placement. The individual sees themselves as creative, romantic, and good-hearted - which they usually are! Their connection to their own selves in strong, although they may not always know or understand this consciously.


The intensity of Mars cannot be underestimated, but Pisces’ passive and receptive nature almost contradicts this. In this way, the individual can find their energy difficult to harness. What am I really passionate about? they find themselves asking. Why should I express drive? But they may find that self-sacrifice and love of others arouses a previously unknown intensity in them. A spiritual, adoring way of life can help them to use their creative nature in a more energetic, passionate and driven way.


Many modern astrologers see Neptune as exalting in Cancer, which would lead it to fall in Capricorn - lending a negative relationship between the two, and therefore between Pisces and Saturn. Unpredictable, dreamy Pisces may feel uncomfortable with this law-making aspect - who wants their imagination and creativity to be limited by the harsh teacher of Saturn? However, this placement does have its upsides. Its generation may not know their limits, but they play to them, lending an exploratory and humanitarian nature.

Sphinx Discourse

What is a sphinx?

You. You is a sphinx.

But actually. When you really think about a sphinx, the whole concept seems a little silly. Do riddles matter to a sphinx so much that they’d kill an individual who’d answer it wrong?  In fact, what kind of combinational creature wants to lay in the sun and ask riddles all the time in the first place? Does or does not a sphinx have anything better to do?

Maybe we should find out.

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Atheists should go vegan.

The best available evidence currently shows that eating meat and animal products is bad for animals, our health and the environment. Leading New-Atheist, Sam Harris, agrees.

Dr Steve Stankevicius calls on other New-Atheists and their associated colleagues to take a similar stand.

PHILOSPHER AND neuroscientist Sam Harris, who has written and spoken extensively on morality and its inextricable link to the wellbeing of conscious creatures, recently addressed the fact that he eats meat. Speaking to psychologist Paul Bloom in a podcast in 2015, Sam Harris admitted

“…the fact that I participate in a system that does this knowingly (animal factory farming) more or less condemns me as a hypocrite… We are two people who have admitted to participating in a system that is not only in some sense objectively bad, but perhaps so bad as to be the kind of thing that would be on the short list as to be an embarrassment to our descendants.”

Happily, in a podcast released on Monday this week, Harris has reported that since that statement four months ago, he has been a “vegetarian… and aspiring vegan”. Given his position as a vocal and persistent champion of reason, I always suspected this day would come.

I think once one rejects God as a basis of morality and understands the implications of evolution (that we are all related) we quickly arrive at preventing suffering as a good basis of morality. Moreover, any attempt to differentiate between species is a selfish, self-serving and arbitrary thought to hold. If a being can suffer, it deserves moral consideration.

Relaxation Cassette #1

[Transcriber’s note: Ads, credits, and announcements are transcribed at @withinthecredits]

Welcome to the relaxation study. This ten-cassette series will guide you towards relaxation, focus, and total body awareness. Listen to these guides with authorized headphones provided to you by the Institute’s security team.

These cassettes will help to further understand how your body works from top down, mind to matter. My voice will guide you through these exercises. You will trust only my voice, and your body, to which you are servant.

Listen. Remember. Comprehend.

If you listen carefully to each recorded session, you may find information in these cassettes useful to you in your daily life. The object is to listen, to remember, and to comprehend.

Before you start the study, find a private spot, alone, away from your unit mates and security nurse, far from disruptive sounds such as telephone booths and redress sirens. These cassettes are to be listened to free of external interference.

Cassette 1: Reducing Stress. Side A: Weight of the World.

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Climbing Class Prompt: AU - Chris thinks Josh is dead and is grieving as they're waiting for the helicopter... but then Matt and Jess appear out of the woods, leading a very disoriented but alive Josh.

Thanks, anon! This is the first fic I’ve sat and written for like a year (????) and it’s a little short so I hope it’s okay!

(Also on AO3)

The snow stops once and for all as they wait for the helicopter.

It’s a blessing, it is, because it means that rescue will be there soon. It means that the five friends standing together in the early light survived the worst night of their lives. It means that they can go home.

The problem is that there are five of them. Five where there should be eight.

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The Zodiac

Aries- A burst of poppy blood, initiating,

beginning where many have died. 

Taurus- Quicksand, sinkholes, only slower,

slowsand, rooting the legs unmoving. 

Gemini- Alice adventures down intellectual holes,

each creature changing conscious thought. 

Cancer- Lullaby chimes and moonlit pearls,

then howling werewolves and blood tipped daggers.

Leo- Theater paint and bejeweled masquerades,

exuberant in it's uncertainty.

Virgo- That Mona Lisa smile speaks,

it speaks of understated lifeblood.

Libra- A marionette of laughs and smiles,

while being hanged, drawn and quartered.

Scorpio- Toxic clarity and narrowed eyes,

a padlocked box rivaling Pandora’s.

Sagittarius- Road cartwheels and rolled up maps,

hunting the ever moving shadow down. 

Capricorn- Poised and refined like a china doll,

with exhausted eyes publicly concealed. 

Aquarius- Space void thoughts so far removed,

they flicker on bright neon paths.

Pisces- A rainbow wash of colors and light, 

with lines that blur seamlessly as one.

Okay, so these were the characters from a comic I was working on all last semester - a 1920s version of Beauty and the Beast, which I may or may not post here in the future. It didn’t get to be quite as fleshed out as I wanted (I half-want to make a longer version…then again, I sorta don’t. Lol), but the implication at the end was that the Beast doesn’t change back in the end and they’re both okay with that. The Beast (still haven’t given him a proper name; “Amicus” was a placeholder) was a big furry monster a long time ago, but his fur and parts of his skin just kinda fell out because he was getting so old (but still immortal, somehow???? Idek). He was fun to draw, with his gorilla skull head and Rasputin hands.

My problem with BatB, even though it’s my favorite fairy tale and I’ve seen and read so many versions, is that the ending is a cop-out. It undermines the whole point of the story’s message - “Love someone for who they are on the inside and not what they look like…but then you’ll get a physically handsome prince in the end, so never mind.” Yeah, no. And I get it - people don’t want to think about the idea of a woman and a monster getting together because they see some inherent bestiality. Well, I dunno, the Beast is always a pretty sentient, conscious, and self-aware creature with his own thoughts, ideas, and feelings, things most animals are not, at least not in the way people are. So, again, I’m not sure if it makes me a freak for wanting a story to stick to its premise (or being turned into a teratophile, or whatever), but there it is, I guess.

(17) It also emits a light called “Buddha-wisdom”:
This light can awaken all conscious creatures,
Causing them to see innumerable, boundless Buddhas,
Each sitting on jewel lotus flowers.
Praising the Buddhas’ powers and liberation,
Telling of the Buddhas’ freedom without bound,
Manifesting Buddhas’ powers and mystic abilities,
Is how this light may be produced.

(18) It also emanates a light called “Fearlessness”:
This light shines on those in fear
And causes the speedy annihilation
Of all inhuman harmful things.
Being able to give beings freedom from fear,
Exhorting the ceasing of all afflictions and injury encountered,
Rescuing those in danger, the orphaned and the helpless,
Is how this light can be made.

(19) It also radiates a light called “Peace”:
This light can illumine those who are ill
And cause all pains to be relieved
So all can gain the bliss of right concentration.
Dispensing medicine to cure afflictions,
Anointing with precious life-prolonging perfume,
Giving butter, oil, honey, and milk for nourishment,
Is how this light can be made.

Avatamsaka Sutra - 350

Note on the image: Dhyani-buddha Amoghasiddhi bestowing fearlessness.

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Part One:

Part Two:

“Why are we fleeing that woman?” young Regina asked as Emma tugged her along down the street by her hand. “And why is it that I must insult her?”

“That’s my mom,” Emma told her, “and we’re not fleeing, exactly. We’re just trying to avoid being asked too many questions. She knew something was off. That insult was weak.”

“In my defense,” the young brunette said, “I hardly make a practice of harsh words and degradation.”

Emma snorted with laughter at that. “Oh lord, if only you knew the future.”

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I had the absolute honour of witnessing a Loggerhead Turtle come onto the beach to dig a nest and lay her eggs before returning to the sea. We waited hours for her to come! This type of reptile has been on our Earth for over 100 million years and is a vital part of our ecosystem. Unfortunately, they are endangered in most parts of the world. One of the main causes of death in these magnificent creatures is ingesting PLASTIC. Plastic doesn’t break down… It breaks up into many little pieces. These turtles don’t have tongues and can’t spit out the lid from a plastic drink bottle if it decides to eat it. Please please please be conscious of all Earth’s creatures and don’t litter. If you see litter, pick it up and dispose of it properly. Let’s keep our oceans clean and safe!