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Messages to Humanity: A FILM (accepting submissions)

Do you have a webcam and a microphone?
Do you have a phone which can record video/audio?
Do you have words or a vision which you think could inspire someone or improve someone’s life?

If so, you could be taking part in a new film called Messages to Humanity.

I need at least 100 people to record a ONE MINUTE clip of themselves.
You can say a sentence, a few sentences, one word… anything which could inspire, invoke thought, motivate, assist, help, or incite curiosity.
I need your first name and last initial as well.

Please - serious submissions only! This film will be on YouTube and also shown to over 30,000 people.
NO background music, people talking behind you, kids crying, etc. if possible!

I will be editing together everyone’s clip, including mine, into a final film.

I need submissions ASAP, sent to:
Please put “Messages to Humanity” in the subject line.

If you can’t participate, I would appreciate if you could repost/give this a signal boost to those who are able to.

Thanks so much!

-Alex Fitch / MentalAlchemy

P.S. The Deadline for this is February 1st.
If I don’t receive enough submissions by that time, I will extend it.

So if you’ve been following me awhile, who here remembers me mentioning forming a group called Conscious Coalition which would act like Random Acts of Kindness but in a more structured way and also help serve as a platform for up and coming visionary artists, writers, video makers, designers, poets, etc.? 

Well, I’m completely re-doing the roster for it and will be beginning projects this week.

If you’re familiar with pay it forward, random acts of kindness, or things of that nature… I want to take it there, but to the next level.. organize global events, have groups across the world who work together to make life more pleasant for others even for just a day..

it is a coalition of aware individuals who know that we are co-creators in this world…that we can indeed help one another and utilize our individual skills and traits.. to help incite curiosity, educate, inform, assist, bring awareness to, and to just share positive energy in unique ways…


Operation Thirst: Conscious Coalition

As some *may* remember, I started a group of aware individuals who can come together for acts of kindness in their towns, doing scheduled “operations”.

It is simple: If you see this, and like the idea… you can reply saying you’re in and want to help, and then let me know how it went.

This particular operation goes a long way, but is simple in nature.
During these hot temperatures, many are on the streets struggling.
You might notice them when you drive around.

This is about assisting our brothers and sisters with something we take for granted: available water.

When driving around town, bring a case of bottled water with you.
If you see someone in need, don’t hesitate - give them a bottle or two.
You will be surprised how much this means to someone! 

Reply to this and let me know which city you will be doing this in, and I’ll check in with you to see how it went for you.

All it takes is a simple act of kindness to bring more love to this planet, so let’s take some steps to brighten another persons day… because it could be ANY of us, at any time. 
Spread the love.

More operations will be posted soon. Thank you!
-alex fitch 

P.S. Feel free to reblog. 
If you get any awesome results or experiences, make a post and tag it ‘operation thirst’ and I’ll check it out… :)