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A few of the basic unarmed parrying and counter maneuvers taught in the Persistence Academy ‘Interdisciplinary Study’ program.

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From one artist to another, if you're upset your art is being redistributed online you're really going to hate making fan art of pretty much anything. The nature of the Internet and fadoms. It's a sign people enjoyed your work. Start autographing it.

I get you’re trying to be nice here, but let me make something painfully clear here: REPOSTING IS ART THEFT 

The internet and “fandoms” aren’t made up of some black hole that’s just out to steal and repost art, it’s made up of people. People who make conscious choices to violate artists wishes and repost their art even when they ask not to. People who see art and think “I’m going to repost this because I enjoy it and I’m totally helping the artist by showing off their work” You are not helping the artist, you are stealing from them and hurting them.

You’re hurting other people finding out about them because they see art without sources or credit and they have no idea who drew the original art. It hurts the artist ever wanting to share their art because of the fear of their art being stolen. It’s not flattering to have your work stolen and used/modified without the consent of the artist. Even if you do credit the artist, reposting without the artist’s permission is disrespectful and still art theft. Credit doesn’t always equal consent.

If you honestly enjoy artwork that you see, you can help the artist by rebloging their work and letting them know in comments and such. NOT by redistributing their art. So please, do not re-distribute, re-post, trace, or otherwise use any artists art work in any way without their consent.  

BTS reaction to their SO being a politically conscious solo artist

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“I love that about you, that you are so selfless, that you think about other people first and know when to speak up about an issue.”

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“You don’t know this, but your dedication to making this world a better place, really inspires me and I can’t say that about a lot of people.”

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“The work you put into speaking up about issues and sensitive topics really is admirable. What do you think we can do next? Maybe a campaign? Either way, I will help and support you as much as I can.”

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“Thank you for being you, I know, I say this a lot, but I adore you for the great things you did so far and the things you are going to do, to make this world a little better~”

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“Aish, I’m so lucky to have you, you don’t even know. Talented, beautiful and politically involved, what more could I want?”

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“If you want me to help you in any way, let me know, I want to be as involved in your life as possible. I love you, Y/N, but I figured you already know that.”

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“You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you’ve been saying on stage and in interviews about how we can make a better life for not only us but other countries as well. I want to support you as much as I can, please, let me know if there’s anything I can help you with, I would love to.”

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Police harassment leads to crowd singing Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright”


I’d like to believe that for every pretty picture of an original character, they have several dozen of the variety on the right stashed away somewhere. ( I know I do. Though.. most of my silly faces are not a conscious choice. )


DA sketch dump… I started on a finished version of that Cole one. Ya know, I like Cole but I really, really hate drawing his hat. Haha.

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can you write a punk luke where he's a tattoo artist & youre going with your friend who's getting a tattoo & you and luke hit it off & eventually start dating? thanks! (:

a/n: okay I got a little (very) carried away and maybe ventured a off on some sort of fluffy af (honestly so fluffy, so cliche) tangent but anyway. hope you like it, anon :) 
word count: 2800

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The first time you met Luke you felt like a stupid cliche. He was gorgeous and brooding and you had just unwittingly wandered into his domain. You had promised you would accompany your best friend while she got her first tattoo – you know, hold her hand and make her laugh so she wouldn’t concentrate on how much she was convinced it’d hurt.

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Uhm so hi I’m a smol artist and i really flipping loved your animatics so i wanted to show you a thing me and my friends did… one of them pulled up the chart on the right or bottom and i i had to draw the character and expression of their.choosing and it was really fun and I wanted to show you it because i can… so bye
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