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8 Truths You Need To Know To Become Successful

1. There is no such thing as “I don’t have time” - we make time for what is a priority in our lives. If you don’t want to make time for it - it’s not a priority, so you cannot make the excuse that you don’t have time to chase your dreams.

2. Failure doesn’t exist - you either win or you learn. If you view every mistake as a failure and get disheartened - you will be likely to give up. See each “failure” as a learning experience.

3. Let things go - if you’re holding on to the past or things people have done to you then you are allowing them to take up your time. Time that you could be using to create a new life - instead of holding on to the one you have.

4. Expectations lead to disappointment - not everyone has the same heart as you - some will seek to take advantage of your good nature. When you do things for others with the expectation they will reciprocate this can lead to disappointment.

5. Appearances don’t matter - focusing on your outer appearance and neglecting how you feel is a great way to manifest poor mental & physical health later on in life. Focus on how things make you feel rather than how they look to the outside world.

6. Control is an illusion - you didn’t know when you were going to be born and you don’t know when you’re going to die. There are many things we cannot control, focus on what you can control - your actions - to create success.

7. Worrying creates problems - worrying about the future creates problems that don’t even exist yet. Use your actions to create a future where those problems don’t exist.

8. Problems = growth - through every tough time there comes a valuable lesson. See your problems as stepping stones to the growth you’re seeking and greet them with open arms. Release resistance to what you perceive as problems and look forward to the lessons you will learn.

Peace & positive vibes

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5 Things You Can Use For Motivation Anytime, Anywhere

1. Your tribe - think about who’s in your life. The people in your life can either motivate you to be better or be your motivation to do better. Assess your inner circle and ask yourself if you want to become the average of the people you spend the most time with - it may be time to find new company.

2. Your health - how do you feel? Think about how you feel on a daily basis, if you’re tired of the rut you’ve fallen into - now is the time to start taking action to change your situation. If you’re not in good physical health - now is the time to start cleaning up your diet and moving into the body to heal it.

3. Your wallet - is it empty? We all need money to survive and an empty wallet can be great motivation to start taking action. Money is not evil and the pursuit of it can be healthy - depending on the intention you have for trying to acquire it. Ask yourself “what would I do if I had all the money I needed?” and work toward making it a reality.

4. Your dreams - are they going to remain a fantasy? Think about all the things you wish you could do in this lifetime and then ask yourself “how would I feel if someone told me I would never get to do those things?”. You are the only one who gets to decide if your dreams come true or not.

5. Your idols - who are you influenced by? Think about the people you look up to and why they inspire you. Emulate their behaviour if you want to achieve the level of success they have in their lives and be prepared to work your face off - as my business mentor Gary Vee says.

The best motivation is progress and progress comes from actions, if you want to stay motivated - you have to take action consistently every single day. There will be challenges, there will be mistakes and there will be late nights - but one day you will be able to look upon what you’ve created and be glad you put in the work.

Think about what you want & don’t stop until you get there.

Peace & positive vibes.

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I’d like to believe that for every pretty picture of an original character, they have several dozen of the variety on the right stashed away somewhere. ( I know I do. Though.. most of my silly faces are not a conscious choice. )


The 3 P’s of Motivation

1. Perspective - You may see small progress over time and - depending on your perspective - you will either be encouraged or discouraged to continue. Your ability to stay motivated depends on the way you see the world.

You may encounter challenges along the road and get demotivated because your perspective is limited to what you are experiencing. When we alter our perspective we see that these challenges or setbacks are minor in comparison to what the worst case scenario could be.

2. Positive self-talk - reinforcing positive affirmations such as “I’m heading in the right direction” along the journey will help you to stay focused on the task at hand instead of getting caught up in how much further you’ve got to go or whatever else is taking your attention away from the journey.

Your motivation will dwindle if you’re constantly being harsh on yourself for not having achieved your goals. Celebrate the small wins along the road, positive self-talk encourages more action - actions lead to progress, progress is the greatest motivator.

3. Perseverance - remind yourself that you are running a marathon, not a sprint. The key to completing your marathon is to keep in mind that the only way you can fail is if you give up. Although sometimes it can appear as though you’ve failed, there is no such thing as failure because you either win or you learn.

Rome was not built in a day - all great things take time. The only way to build your Rome is brick by brick, there are no shortcuts. Love the journey, embrace the process and in time you will succeed.

Perspective, positivity & perseverance will keep you motivated.

Peace & positive vibes.


Police harassment leads to crowd singing Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright”


5 Fear-based Habits You Can Drop Today

1. Headlines - the news is designed to keep us in a state of fear by constantly pushing narratives that don’t serve us. These stories fill our subconscious with fear-based imagery which affects the way we make decisions. After a week of not watching or reading the latest news you will notice a huge difference.

2. Gossiping - talking about people behind their backs, making up rumours about them or listening to others talk about them is a fear-based behaviour. Try being honest with the person to iron-out your issue with them or avoid them altogether. The time you spent gossiping is time you could invest in yourself.

3. Following - whether it’s the latest trends, other people’s advice or government officials - following others takes away your power. Create your own life: wear what makes you feel good, find a lifestyle that works for you and do what fulfils you. Follow your heart instead of other people and you will love your life.

4. Excuses - excuses sound best to those who are making them. When you don’t get what you want - try another way instead of giving up and making an excuse. There are no excuses - only justifications for why things haven’t gone your way. Making an excuse is easy - trying again is hard.

5. Opinions - behaving in a way that gives you the validation of others is a fear-based behaviour. If you are relying on someone’s opinion of you to bring you fulfilment - you are then their prisoner. Act in a way that serves and fulfils you - regardless of what anyone else says or thinks about it.

We are powerful beings with limitless potential - fear-based habits impose limitation on us and stop us from living the life we dream of. It will take time to remove these habits completely - but the first step is acknowledging that they’re present.

Fear can only limit you if you let it.

Peace & positive vibes.

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concept character I wanted to draw out as a warm up that ended up being a colored sketch

might use him in a comic in the future, but the gist is he’s a distant relative teen ghoul who wears skirts and plays in a band. his name is Rory.

edit: put a colored background in and cleaned some things

anonymous asked:

From one artist to another, if you're upset your art is being redistributed online you're really going to hate making fan art of pretty much anything. The nature of the Internet and fadoms. It's a sign people enjoyed your work. Start autographing it.

I get you’re trying to be nice here, but let me make something painfully clear here: REPOSTING IS ART THEFT 

The internet and “fandoms” aren’t made up of some black hole that’s just out to steal and repost art, it’s made up of people. People who make conscious choices to violate artists wishes and repost their art even when they ask not to. People who see art and think “I’m going to repost this because I enjoy it and I’m totally helping the artist by showing off their work” You are not helping the artist, you are stealing from them and hurting them.

You’re hurting other people finding out about them because they see art without sources or credit and they have no idea who drew the original art. It hurts the artist ever wanting to share their art because of the fear of their art being stolen. It’s not flattering to have your work stolen and used/modified without the consent of the artist. Even if you do credit the artist, reposting without the artist’s permission is disrespectful and still art theft. Credit doesn’t always equal consent.

If you honestly enjoy artwork that you see, you can help the artist by rebloging their work and letting them know in comments and such. NOT by redistributing their art. So please, do not re-distribute, re-post, trace, or otherwise use any artists art work in any way without their consent.  


9 Ways To Attract Toxic People Into Your Life

1. Drama - the more conflict the better. Toxic people thrive in situations that revolve around drama. When involved in a lot of conflict - both internally and externally - we attract those who love drama.

2. Don’t look within - it might reveal the truth. Ignoring true feelings is part of what makes people toxic. Refusing to acknowledge that which is hurting from within is a great way to attract others who are doing the same.

3. Denial - you are perfect, everyone else has a problem. Toxic people are usually narcissists - they believe they can do no wrong and will find a reason to project their hurt onto others. They usually tend to attract others who behave in the same way and then complain about it.

4. Revenge - they need to pay. Indeed, there are times when revenge feels like it would be the best course of action - this path leads to pettiness and attracts toxicity. Toxic people feel the need to get back at people who have wronged them even in the slightest of ways - maybe if someone looked at them wrong.

5. Distract yourself - anything to stop you from checking yourself. Whether it’s sex, video games, drugs, food or television - use everything around you to stop you from addressing who you are, what you’ve done and who you’re becoming.

6. Don’t learn - what do experiences have to teach you? Refuse to learn from anything that’s happened to you and instead project your pain and confusion onto others to make yourself feel better about it. 

7. Disrespect - no one is better than you. Young, old, sick, healthy - no one deserves your compassion and that’s why you have the right to look down at them. Judge everyone for the way they live their lives and think you are better than them because they’re not you.

8. Gossip - a great use of time. Think of someone you don’t like, be nice to their face and then talk bad about them behind their back. If there’s nothing bad to say - create rumours. If no one believes those rumours - set up conflicts and situations in that person’s life so you can talk with others about them. Anything is better than having to talk about yourself and what’s going on in your life.

9. Entitlement - everyone owes you something. Hard work? Forget that, the world owes you everything. Everyone you meet should be nice to you, they should bow to your feet and present you with gifts just for being present. If they don’t - then you have the right to take whatever you need from them - love, money, attention.

These are great ways for you to become toxic and thereby attract toxic people into your life, after all you’ve got to become that which you seek to have it manifest in your life.

You attract what you are - so become what you want.

Peace & positive vibes.

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A few of the basic unarmed parrying and counter maneuvers taught in the Persistence Academy ‘Interdisciplinary Study’ program.