Matte nail art inspired by the works of jacksachs, thomasslaterillustrator, kyleplatts, charlottemei, and JosephPrince for Converse Cons Project London. I absolutely loved the work that all of the artists are doing, and I knew the second that I saw them that I just had to do nails of them!


Matt Ryan at Wales Comic Con 2015, signing my autograph :’)

Tofer Chin Joins Forces with Converse for the Los Angeles CONS Project

As an encore to the first CONS project in Brooklyn, Converse traveled to the west coast to roll out the second CONS Project: Los Angeles in a series of “global community projects designed to inspire the next generation of creative spirits through music, art, style and sport.” Over the course of two weekends, the brand held six free workshops for the Los Angeles youth that included “How To Make A Skate Video,” “How To Make A Zine,” and “How To Create A Mural” with notable creatives in Los Angeles culture such as Don “Nuge” Nguyen, Alexander Spit, and Tofer Chin.

Los Angeles born and based artist Tofer Chin was commissioned to lead the mural workshop, mentoring students from Hollywood High School to help him with the black, red, and white installment along the wall of the CONS: Los Angeles headquarters. The mural is titled Four, a “conversation piece +between 4 geometric plateaus that challenge the distinction between what’s natural and artificial through black and white shapes, geometric protrusions and hints of color.”

Working with the students reminded him of his own high school days and how the CONS Project creates a priceless experience for up-and-coming creatives to work under the guidance of a respected mentor: “I never had the opportunity to work one-on-one with an artist that I looked up to […] until college. The CONS Project is an invaluable platform for our youth to be able to work on the same level side by side with creative professionals that will hopefully help motivate, inspire and guide them in the most positive direction forward.” On +March 1, Tofer’s mural will serve as the backdrop for the closing event exhibiting all the work created from the CONS Project workshops.

For those wanting to check out the CONS Project: Los Angeles, it’s located at 828 South Main Street in downtown Los Angeles.


Dir: Richard Quintero

We’ve reached the half-way point in Cons’ journey through pivotal skateboarding cities, which guides us through the wintery Canadian city of Toronto.

This episode guides us through the incredible community that Toronto houses, exploring The Blue Tile Lounge Skate Shop, an underground promenade named ‘The Path’ and a few familiar spots that lurk in-between. We also have the opportunity to speak to board company Lewis Cruise’s owner, Jacob Jurkiewicz who discusses the importance of the Toronto scene.

Los Angeles is next on the cards and is set to be a good one.
The previous chapter based in Boston can be found here, for anyone wishing to catch up on the series.


Depois de Los Angeles, Lisboa vai ser a segunda cidade a acolher o CONS Project - uma série de projectos, organizados pela Converse, baseados na arte, fotografia e música associados à cultura do skate.

O espaço em que irá acontecer o CONS Project Lisboa está neste momento a ser preparado e abre portas ao público nos dias 23 e 24 de Maio.

Por enquanto, sabe-se que vai haver um skatepark e um workshop de fotografia e que o espaço terá intervenções feitas por um colectivo de artistas seleccionado pelo AKACorleone. Tudo ao som da melhor música underground de Portugal!

Mais informações brevemente!