• Conrad Verner:I might be able to help you with... whatever you're doing now that isn't Cerberus.
  • Shepard:Conrad, I'm building an ancient, Prothean, dark-energy device to stop the Reapers. Can you help with that?
  • Conrad Verner:Well, I did write my doctoral dissertation on xenotechnology and dark energy integration.
  • Shepard:.. Really?

For those of you who can’t make it to California to check out the new Mass Effect: New Earth Ride, there appears to be a video of it up in it’s entirety. 

Biggest surprise?  It’s run by a live actor, who is none other than… Captain Conrad Verner, lol!

  • Shepard:This place seems hard pressed for supplies. I think I saw some guys fighting over a thermal clip.
  • Conrad Verner:A what?
  • Shepard:A thermal clip. They keep weapons from overheating. Sorry, it was a joke.
  • Conrad Verner:Wait, where did these thermal clips come from? I thought weapons cooled down.
  • Shepard:They used to. After the Geth attack a few years back, we switched to thermal clips.
  • Conrad Verner:Well, that sounds like a major step backward.
  • Shepard:It lets the gun fire with more power, and soldiers can pop in a new clip instead of waiting for the gun to cool.
  • Conrad Verner:Fine, sure. You can still wait for the gun to cool on its own though, right?
  • Shepard:Well, no. The in-gun cooling tech was sacrificed to make room for the thermal clips.
  • Conrad Verner:Okay that's just... you might as well be going back to limited ammunition.
  • Shepard:It's not ammunition, Conrad.
  • Conrad Verner:I just don't think it's a very good idea.
  • Shepard:I'll be sure to let every military organization in the galaxy know that.