Am I the only one whose sick of watching Daenerys Targaryen conquor “savage” brown people over and over again?

It got old after the first three times. At the end of the last episode I was completely unimpressed while everyone I was watching with was like “OH MY GOD SO BADASS”

With the dothraki in the beginning, and then the unsullied following her out of the city, that scene where everyone in meereen hoisted her up in a sea of brown like a god, Missandei and Grey Worm being her permanent bitches who owe her for the freedom that they should have had anyway- I’m just over it.

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Erie could not believe the pig sty before her eyes that belonged to one Lutz Bieldschmidt. She knew that the 2p's were the opposites of herself and the other 1p's but she didn't think they were this different! There was old food boxes and clothes everywhere but it was her fault for suggestin she could help Lutz clean and organize his mess of a home. She let out a sigh and tied a mask around her face before diving into the mess she was determined to conquor or get really smelly trying.

Lutz had been grateful for her offer to help him clean. His house was a total mess and he knew that if he just left it, it would never get cleaned. Did he feel guilty? Of course he did. He hadn’t been entirely upfront with Erie when she’d offered her help about just what state she would find his house in, but hey, he needed the help and it looked like she was going to do her best. The German man himself had a garbage bag in hand as he picked up the things he no longer wanted or needed - mostly empty pizza boxes - and threw them out. She’d offered to help him, but that didn’t mean he was about to let her do it all on her own. Even his legendary laziness didn’t stretch that far. “Thanks for offering to help me out, by the way,” he mentioned, smiling winningly at her and hoping she wasn’t mad about how messy the house was, “I couldn’t have done it all on my own.”


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I am the king of Five Nights at Freddy’s! -Markiplier 2014

A fnaf and markiplier doodle in one! I decided to rewatch his play through of the fnaf series and it gave me some inspiration, albeit late in the day. But here it is, Mark, in his lucky flannel, atop (some of) the animatronics he’s conquored!

Tbh the issue with that and cultural appropriation in general is that it isn’t something that is willingly shared by those who created it.
Like when you fucking commit genocide against a people or conquor them and take their symbols and what they mean then it’s so insensitive to then get that tattooed all over your body. You’re saying “I defeated you, I own this now”

It’s so unfortunate, that that is the determiating factor, luck…

it’s so based on luck, and luck is unfair, but the thing about luck is the more you presevere against luck; eventually it will give way,

But you have to be so unwaveringly adamant, and so unquaveringly sure that what you’re doing is what you want to do, and if you can conquor that then by God you can do anything–



(source 19:38)

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it boggles my mind when people complain about alternate realities dreamt up for the sake of storytelling, because they don’t understand that with the concept of infinite possibilities there could be a theoretical timeline in which Adolf Hitler broke into song in the middle of a speech and he and his men conquored the entirety of Europe in an incredibly choreographed 8-month Bollywood-style epic

Lesson 7

So to start this discussion, I would like to cover the word demon. It originates from the word daemon. Which translates simply to spirit. Not good. Not bad. Just spirit. This is important to understand because we also have to acknowledge Christianities impact on the world. For better or for worse. A good portion of it’s early history involved conquoring lands, and abolishing the preexisting religions. Which isn’t easy to do. In some cases, the tradition was kept, just transformed to fit more into the Christian belief (Easter, Halloween, Christmas). But for many religions, the dieties we’re turned into villains. As this already fits with their belief that anything that goes against their God and their beliefs must therefore be an agent of the devil. So because of this. In many cases of the recorded demons. We actually have ancient gods and goddess from various pagan beliefs. Just only slightly altered. Many people even believe Satan himself wasn’t originally apart of the Christian faith, and was adopted and based on the Egyptian God of chaos, Set. We also have Lucifer originating as possibly a Greek or Roman entity. Lucifer is in fact Latin for The light bringer. And he bears the title, the morning star. Showing him originally as a entity that emparts knowledge. Also to note. Many scholars in fact consider Lucifer and Satan to be separate entities and not the same person as most Christians believe. While I do not intend to focus on these ones that are seen a lot in Christian lore. I do feel it’s important to know that not all is as it first appears. There are in fact many evil demons in the grimoire we will be discussing. But there are also good ones. You merely need to investigate each one on your own to discover the truth.

I do want to mention that in modern occultism we also have a system of working with angels. However I do not want to get too deeply into that topic yet. When you begin working with enochian magick, it is often commented that the magick no longer works because you believe it works. But it simply works because of it’s own power. Most people that work with it find it very straining and taxing on the mind. It is advised to account equal days rest in response to every enochian working so as to minimalize the damage to yourself. The most common side effects include headaches, migraines, flashes of light, ears ringing, hallucinations, insomnia, and more or less the same symptoms of high stress. It is because of this that novice magicians. After first mastering themselves. Proceed to learn demonology and master it’s practices before dwelling too deep into angelic magick.

So now that that is out of the way. We will discussing Solomon’s Magick. The story goes that King Solomon was an incredibly wise and selfless king. And was honored with opportunity to ask one thing of God. He used this opportunity to ask for knowledge only. God, satisfied with his answer. Bestowed upon him all the knowledge and wisdom as well as wealth and power. With this knowledge, Solomon was able to summon up 72 demons of hell, and bind them into a brass lamp. And enslaved them in order to build Solomon’s Temple. Which is said to have been the greatest temple ever built. And was meant to house the ark of the covenant. This temple was also said to resemble the human body. Modern occultists now believe that this story was in fact a metaphore. The temple resembles the human body because it literally means that your body is your temple. And the ark of the covenant represents the divine light. Or your connection to the Creator. There exists now detailed instructions refered to as often “the grand ritual of abralihim the mage” or “the goetia” which stand to teach one how to repeat this process of summoning forth 72 demons, mastering them, and in turn perfecting yourself so as to connect yourself with divinity.

The infamous Aliester Crowley was in fact so taken with this ritual that he built an entire order dedicated to the preparation and eventual performance of this ritual. So as to bring yourself into communication with your own holy guardian angel. And he refers to instead as the Great Work. And sees this communication as means of learning what your true purpose in life is.

Also of note though. Aliester Crowley, a self proclaimed magician and advocate of ceremonial magick. Said himself that these demons are in fact a representation of yourself and this ritual is an extreme exercise into psychology.