“Conquor… or Die!” - Megadeth Album Timeline

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Am I the only one whose sick of watching Daenerys Targaryen conquor “savage” brown people over and over again?

It got old after the first three times. At the end of the last episode I was completely unimpressed while everyone I was watching with was like “OH MY GOD SO BADASS”

With the dothraki in the beginning, and then the unsullied following her out of the city, that scene where everyone in meereen hoisted her up in a sea of brown like a god, Missandei and Grey Worm being her permanent bitches who owe her for the freedom that they should have had anyway- I’m just over it.

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Erie could not believe the pig sty before her eyes that belonged to one Lutz Bieldschmidt. She knew that the 2p's were the opposites of herself and the other 1p's but she didn't think they were this different! There was old food boxes and clothes everywhere but it was her fault for suggestin she could help Lutz clean and organize his mess of a home. She let out a sigh and tied a mask around her face before diving into the mess she was determined to conquor or get really smelly trying.

Lutz had been grateful for her offer to help him clean. His house was a total mess and he knew that if he just left it, it would never get cleaned. Did he feel guilty? Of course he did. He hadn’t been entirely upfront with Erie when she’d offered her help about just what state she would find his house in, but hey, he needed the help and it looked like she was going to do her best. The German man himself had a garbage bag in hand as he picked up the things he no longer wanted or needed - mostly empty pizza boxes - and threw them out. She’d offered to help him, but that didn’t mean he was about to let her do it all on her own. Even his legendary laziness didn’t stretch that far. “Thanks for offering to help me out, by the way,” he mentioned, smiling winningly at her and hoping she wasn’t mad about how messy the house was, “I couldn’t have done it all on my own.”


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Day 6

I am the king of Five Nights at Freddy’s! -Markiplier 2014

A fnaf and markiplier doodle in one! I decided to rewatch his play through of the fnaf series and it gave me some inspiration, albeit late in the day. But here it is, Mark, in his lucky flannel, atop (some of) the animatronics he’s conquored!

Tbh the issue with that and cultural appropriation in general is that it isn’t something that is willingly shared by those who created it.
Like when you fucking commit genocide against a people or conquor them and take their symbols and what they mean then it’s so insensitive to then get that tattooed all over your body. You’re saying “I defeated you, I own this now”