conquerors of the useless

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I thought that disgust running through my veins
would subside all that rancor piss and vinegar
through the unqualified litmus test of time
but every man standing next to me
I see only fraud and impunity
sated and blessed with a fire quenched before it was set
the swollen misfortune and infamed
breathing heavily with regret and shame
so would I as a thousand-fold Parmenion
looking for a means to cope
in this culpable malaise
we should have cast that Grecian thing into the sea
while we had a chance.

3: 180 Degrees South: Conquerors of the Useless

Have you ever stared at a movie poster? And your mind isn’t really attracted to watch the movie, but something else was? 

That’s how this movie was. I stared at it for a good few minutes, deciding. Finally I decided to stop deciding and just act. Take a shot at it. It was either going to be a terrible adventure documentary, or hopefully a well done one.

Immediately I determined it was the latter. This adventure documentary is right up anyone’s ally who likes adventure, rock climbing, surfing, campling, exploring- all those types of things. 

A man’s pursuit of Patagonia takes a shot at finally going by hitching a ride with a man on a boat. “If I return home I know exactly what I’m going to, but if I take a shot my future is unwritten." 

So uh. Can I marry this man? And whoever made this movie? It  has beautifully shot angles that perfectly demonstrates the beauty he sees, what beauty of nature you can actually capture that is. Not only that but makes the culture of every country they visit- like Easter Island and Chilie- come alive.

Oh and I can’t forget the excellent soundtrack including Andrew Bird and many others and the cute little animations to illustrate historical stories for certain communities. 

It inspired me to not only be more active, but get on my game about finally saving up for something I truly want. I may talk about how much I want a T3i, but it’s time to develop some will power and self control and save money for one. 

"Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. But we just went for it.”

THE DEVIL IS A GOOD LIAR.. He told you are weak when you are REALLY STRONG, he told you would be nothing when YOU ARE MORE THAN CONQUEROR, he told you are useless when the LORD SAID I HAVE PLANS FOR YOU.