conquered what

I want… I want a fucking conquering ADHD movie. 

A movie about a girl who grows up undiagnosed bc ADHD is severely under diagnosed in girls. 

It shows her struggles growing up, people getting angry at her when she’s five for her symptoms. Her having meltdowns because she just doesn’t understand why shes Like This. She forgets things that her mom tells her, she gets borderline obsessed with certain things that catch her interest, only to drop them a month later in favor of something new. She struggles in school, her room is a mess despite her mom telling her to clean it every day. Her sleeping and eating schedules are a disaster. She’ll try to cook food but almost always burn it, just because she momentarily forgot about it and 5 minutes turned to 50.

Her life is pretty much hell and she doesn’t know why, but she has a feeling its her own fault. Her family says its because she’s lazy, and she agrees bc she doesn’t know any better.

Then, around 15, she gets the diagnosis. And she doesn’t get it at first, bc thats what little boys have. You grow out of ADHD once you mature, right? She starts explaining her symptoms again to the doctor: chronic memory problems, difficulty with concentration, irregular sleep patterns. Because thats nothing like what ADHD is. 

But then the doctor tells her no, that’s exactly what it is.

So she’s put on some meds, and suddenly her grades go up, and she’s got a bit more spring in her step, and she feels oddly productive.

She adjusts to life with meds, figuring out who she is on them and who she is off them, and does her best to manage her ADHD the best she can. She still forgets, she still procrastinates, she still has meltdowns. But now she has the tools to manage them better.

She goes to college bc her family pressures her to. That’s actual hell. She has at least two meltdowns within the first week, but she tries her best. She has her pills in a days of the week container so she doesn’t accidentally overdose or forget. She has alarms on her phone for everything. She forces the distractions away so she can work, and sometimes shes successful, sometimes she ins’t. Its hard. But she manages.

She makes a friend in college and the two of them get really close, before the friend finds out about the protagonist’s ADHD. The friend doesn’t really ‘get’ it, but they’ve heard of it and how it affects people. 

The friend helps our MC through many meltdowns, as well as through a few of the classes they have together. MC vents to them on occasion, and they listen. The friend reminds them to do things when they forget, and bugs her to start things she’s been putting off when she needs an extra push.

She isn’t magically cured by the end. The movie ends with her 30 years down the line, at a stable job she landed by constantly fighting her ADHD to apply. She’s better now, knows how to manage herself so she’s self sufficient. It’s still difficult, but she’s happy, and healthy, despite what she thought she was gonna grow up to be. She’s learned to live with her disability, and it’s a happy ending.

some men just want to conquer you – intimidated by what you are/what they perceive you to be, they want to conquer you so they don’t feel threatened by your greatness anymore. conquer you, make you theirs, make you small, so they can rise, shine, be great. a pursuit that feels like a hostile corporate takeover more than a romantic endeavor, a desperate attempt to quell, tame, control. may god protect us.

my favorite thing about harry potter is how attractive the whole potter family is like its understood that harry is one of the hotter boys at school and ginny is fine as hell and teddy who’s an honorary potter can make himself prettier than all of them combined and we all know james and lily were the it couple and i bet james 2, albus, and lily 2 were drop dead gorgeous athletes who were super smart and famous just like their parents like wow they probably have their own fan club and its me i am trash i am their fan club i love the potters

I loved s4
I loved The final problem
I loved the show
I love them
I will always love them
It is what it is, and honestly I think it is love. It has always been love and personally I don’t need to see a kiss to understand that they finally understood they are meant to be together. They tried to be with someone else but it didn’t work and they know now.
They know.
They show us they know.
And I am happy and I absolutely don’t feel that I’m not rapresented as a memeber of lgtb community.
For me it’s canon.
Call me stupid, blind, tell me I’m just making things right just to not suffer and bla bla. I respect what people say, I understand. But for me the aim of the show has never been to see them kiss or whatever. I see two men saving their lives just looking at each other. I see Sherlock telling Mycroft that John stays cause he is his family.
I see John be strong for Sherlock when he can’t. I see these two men and I know deep in my heart that is the purest love ever.
Love. Focus on that. It’s a thing nobody can discuss, they love each other.
So, I just think that when Mary said it doesn’t matter what they are she is saying that it doesn’t matter if people don’t understand who they are, they can still build together their story and live their adventures. Together. Always. As what they were meant to be. Cause she says she know what they could be.
For me, it’s just my opinion, Mofftiss end it in the most elegant and beautiful way possible without explaining what is already clear to the people who believe.
I really want that people understand how beautiful this show remains. It is still worth it all we have been through all these years.
It is still my favourite love story of all the times.


Previous theory connected to this one : LINK HERE and THE LAST PART

In this scene from TLD (and in the whole episode) John sees Mary, but she’s not there. She’s in his mind. She IS John’s thoughts. Every scene she’s in, it is actually John’s thoughts. What he doesn’t show, what he doesn’t tell.

He’s living the flat but he doesn’t want to. He wants to stay, but he doesn’t know how. Because he’s not being honest with himself and with Sherlock. That’s why he finally says that Sherlock did not killed Mary. That he’s not okay. That he cheated on her. He needs to let it go, this is the moment. He wants to let Mary go, his thoughts go. He wants to be himself, the man he really wanna be, the man Mary saws in him. The man Sherlock is seing in him the whole time.

He knows that he has been an asshole to Sherlock, and he’s tired of it, he wants things to be better, to be good again. He’s lost. Everything changed since the Reinchenbach Falls, just like Sherlock and John have changed. Now that Mary’s gone, he doesn’t know what to do, where to go anymore. How to be around Sherlock, with him. Things have changed, their feelings too. He’s blind because he knows things but don’t assume them.

Why just after John said “it’s gone before you know it” and insisted on “before you KNOW it” we’re seing Mary being sad ? Because it’s John. Because he thinks that Sherlock and him will never gonna be the same again, never be a duet as they were. Because he’s been regretting his “old” life with him since the day he saw him back to live in the restaurant where he was about to ask Mary to be his wife. It was gone before he knew it because he didn’t know Sherlock was alive. He would have NEVER been with Mary if he knew that. He waited almost a year or two after his fake death before he decided to move on. He was grieving because he was and still is in love with Sherlock. He had always have been. In TLD, he’s trying to move on again and to make this choice because he chosen Mary instead of him. Because it’s too late. Because in series 4, (according to what we saw, not according to what was actually true, because we don’t know it yet) Sherlock leave John “behind”. He was more with Mary, he didn’t really talk with him, he wasn’t here for him. Maybe because according to John, Sherlock never loved him or because he doesn’t love him anymore. He thinks it’s too late. That’s heartbreaking because as he said to his own self (and not really to Mary) he wanted more. Not just texting. Because Sherlock was texting him too in TST and couldn’t even talk to him face to face. 

But he wanted more. Like the woman who thought she was dating a ghost in The Sign of Three, John wanted more. He sill do. Because it’s possible for him to have more. It could be, because Sherlock is alive. He just can’t allow himself to be with him because he thinks Sherlock is/must be with Irene which is in love with Sherlock. Even if she did tell John that she was lesbian, but John is not fast to understand that Sherlock is in love with him.

There, we can understand two things. He’s not the man HE allows him to be. Because as I said, Mary isn’t there. He doesn’t really care about her in the end, he was just dealing with her but he felt nothing for her. She only helped him going to Sherlock. Saving Sherlock to save him. Because Mary was probably in love with John, but it’s not the same for him. He wasn’t in love with her. He wasn’t this man, he wanted it so deeply. He wanted to have a married life, a family, an ordinary life. He wanted to be perfect. That’s how Mary saw him. But he’s never gonna be like this, because she wasn’t the one for him. She was never going to be the one. That’s the whole point. But the problem was Mary, not John. He made a mistake. He thinks that his chance is gone, he’s never going to be okay anymore. Because he doesn’t know that Sherlock is the one. Sherlock knows him. He knows it, but he doesn’t. “Mary” said that to him in TLD, so because Mary isn’t here, it’s his own thoughts.

He’s getting, he’s FINALLY getting the whole point step by step. He understands that Sherlock is deeply in love with him. Sherlock knows him, Sherlock still knows him after all these years, after all this time, after all. Sherlock has been going to hell just to make John being a hero. To make John saved him. All he has done, all he has EVER done was for John, because he’s in love with him. Sherlock knows that he is in love with John, but he chosen to not being “human”, not say it out loud. He wants John’s happiness. He’s doing it wrong. Because by doing that, Sherlock let John thinks that it’s all his fault if they’re separated. He let John thinks that he’s just his best friend, nothing more. Because Sherlock don’t think John could love him back the way he loves him, and he accepts that, whishing him all the happiness he can get with Mary, with anything he wants.

That’s the whole point. John is doing the same here with Irene. He thinks that his chance with Sherlock is gone, so he wants him to be happy and he is jealous again. So he just want Sherlock to be with somebody who could make him happier, who could complete and change him. Irene would never do that. Because as John said, they’re kind of the same person.

What happened in this scene by the way ? “Mary” saying to John that HE married an assassin. He wants Sherlock to be with Irene but it wouldn’t make him (John) happier. Just like Sherlock letting John go with Mary didn’t made him happier. It broke him. It’s heartbreaking because John is actually doing the same thing here. He just want Sherlock to be happy with someone else. By saying that she is all that stuff and THINKING that himself has been married an assassin, he’s also thinking that he’s in love with Sherlock. Sherlock is an insanely dangerous, a criminal (he shot Magnussen, he threatened Culverton, he put himself in danger all the time, he’s a drug addict) and he also thinks Sherlock is a lunatic and a sociopath, because that’s what Sherlock is always telling people he is. 

John is talking about Sherlock and he’s actually saying too that they’re meant for each other. Because John wants that, he wants Sherlock and he thinks Sherlock needs someone to complete him, change him. He knows that he has done that since the day he met him. He made him more human. Like, the hug please. Sherlock stand up and being there for John, because that’s what he always does. I think these four pictures are talking by themselves.

John is left alone by “Mary” because he said all he needed to say. Now, he feels alone and vulnerable because he said that to himself, to Sherlock. To prove Sherlock he’s not perfect. He’s not a good man. Sherlock doesn’t say anything, doesn’t joke about it. Because Sherlock respects John and loves him and because he knows that he’s in pain, terrible pain.

John is alone. He’s not complete. He thinks Sherlock isn’t too. That’s the reason why Sherlock stands up and softly take him into his arms, in a lovely (and not friendly) way. They both opened they hearts to each others. Sherlock AND John have been changed by the other one, they’re never coming back to who they were. They’re meant to be together. This is a love story. John accepts Sherlock in this scene, because that’s what he wants, that’s what he needs. Because they are in love. Because they’re finally reunited, they finally could be together. 

Yet, it’s never gonna be the same. Because both have opened their heart. Because this is the two of them against the rest of the world. Because amo. Because love conquers all. 

Now that John is in peace with HIMSELF, he’s letting Mary go and what’s in the past needs to stay in the past. He needs to move on. Sherlock make a move. They’re both going on. They’re going to face the final problem. The answer to the problem is love. The answer to the problem is John. Because TFP is about the Holmes family. It’s about Mycroft, Euros and Sherlock. John is not part of the family (well, you know what I mean). He’s the one who could fix it. He’s gonna get the hell on with it. He’s going to be the man he wants to be. 

In the end, they’re going to be okay. Both of them.

I was looking at the diamond murals and

look at them. Notice the posture

They’re all sure of themselves, precise, confident, presenting their planets to you as if to show off. Look at their eyes, each a condescending glare.

Then look at Pink

She is literally reaching for the Earth and the moon, as if its out of grasp, unobtainable. Look at her face, her eyes open wide, focused, but almost sad, as she gazes upon the tiny rock, her one colony. Notice the lack of decoration, almost no adornments or even of hint of frivolous clothing. 

take these as you will  

Look at how molly is already clearly upset and then give her phone a little glare when she sees Sherlock is calling. I have some big time HC about the background of this scene and it is going. In. A. Fic.


Sometimes my train just gets outta control and eventually goes off the rails completely. That’s what happened here ehehe. Illustrations for @ceruleancynic’s terrible high school Kylux AU Boys on the Radio chapter 5. All dialogue is naturally lifted straight from the fic.

Also this.

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Apparently all POC and LGBT folks dropped dead today because Trump sent the kill squad as soon as he was sworn in. Trump also dismantled democracy and declared himself supreme ruler of the US and plans to conquer Mexico, what a crazy day huh?

Trump’s going to seize El Chapo’s drug money to fund the Second Mexican-American War

I know that they said that the album was a concept album about the future

But damn if Epica’s The Holographic Principle doesn’t feel real right now

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I'm still wondering why Ben said "love conquers all", and what that note said that John gave sherlock....

Ben and Martin are up to their noses in Johnlock hell; the “love conquers all” was a cry for help and a reminder.

The note was Martin’s angry scrambling.