conquer them all


-Brenna Twohy, “I Guess I’ll Tell It Like It Is.” 

I am torn in two / but I will conquer myself. / I will dig up the pride. / I will take scissors and cut out the beggar. / I will take a crowbar and pry out the broken / pieces of God in me. / I will conquer them all and build a whole nation of God / in me — but united, / build a new soul, / dress it with skin / and then put on my shirt / and sing an anthem, / a song of myself.

This was actually my first commission from @johannathemad! I waited to post it though ‘cause I was using it for myself, but I’ll share it for everyone to see now :)

Aren’t they wonderful (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

you had never known fear.

you knew only the taste of blood;
of battle, and of victory.
you knew the violence of storms,
for it was in your heart.
you knew the ferocity of earthquakes,
for it was in your fists.
you knew the rage of volcanoes,
for it was in your veins.

you did not walk the paths carved by man;
you broke the spines of mountains,
tore the tendons of oceans,
made them bow and move for you.

             (and then you met her.)

then you were the one bowing, moving;
the clouds of your heart parted, the storm calmed,
and your hands were gentle wherever they touched.
and all that you had conquered
meant nothing to you without her.

             now you know what fear is.

you had only ever gained.
you took because you could;
and all that you had,
nothing could take from you,
and nothing could be taken.
now the one thing you did not take
is the one thing you cannot bear to lose.

             (and you realized how truly terrified
             you are capable of being.)
—  some lessons come too late | m.a.w
I am torn in two
but I will conquer myself.
I will dig up the pride.
I will take scissors
and cut out the beggar.
I will take a crowbar
and pry out the broken
pieces of God in me.
Just like a jigsaw puzzle,
I will put Him together again
with the patience of a chess player.

How many pieces?

It feels like thousands,
God dressed up like a whore
in a slime of green algae.
God dressed up like an old man
staggering out of His shoes.
God dressed up like a child,
all naked,
even without skin,
soft as an avocado when you peel it.
And others, others, others.

But I will conquer them all
and build a whole nation of God
in me - but united,
build a new soul,
dress it with skin
and then put on my shirt
and sing an anthem,
a song to myself.
—  Anne Sexton, The Civil War

anonymous asked:

wow okay i just read your fic all that you've conquered and it has to be one of my favourite check please fics ive read so far!! the characterisations! the poindexters! it was amazing i loved it! if you have time, you mentioned in the notes that we could ask about what was going on in nursey's head, and i was wondering if you'd write anything about what he was thinking when he was dancing with dex, both practice and irl, specifically maybe when he dipped dex that first time?? i loved it so much!

thank you so much for the wonderful message anon!! i ended up with a partial rewrite of those two scenes (from this fic) and then a third additional scene because i’m a gooey marshmallow who needs my kids to be happy. pls enjoy!! (poems referenced are Terrance Hayes’ Beckoned, Tracy K. Smith’s Credulity, Jack Gilbert’s The Friendship Inside Us, and Carol Ann Duffy’s Ship; the song they’re dancing to at the end is 100% this one)


April 2016

Dex finally seems to get the hang of it on the fourth week, as Ben Gibbard is singing Someday You Will Be Loved from the tinny speakers of Nursey’s phone.

They’ve gone silent, and Dex’s brow is furrowed in concentration – he has yet to break the habit of glancing down at his feet, but Nursey might actually expire if they’re trapped in this room for more time than is critical. Dex learns fast, and his hand is calloused and warm where it holds Nursey’s.

The song is almost over, and Nursey’s going to call it quits after it’s done – he thinks about it, then shifts his hand and steps forward, pressing Dex downwards into a dip as the alarm registers on Dex’s face.

Nursey holds him up with some effort, hiding his selfish grin in Dex’s shirt before looking up and laughing a bit at the way Dex is turning scarlet in patches.

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Dating Savitar!B.A Would Include:

‣He calls you his ‘Goddess’

‣Calling him 'Daddy’ once you saw him in a tuxedo because damn(!!!) and him discreetly teasing you about it, but him also not-so-discreetly having a daddy kink

‣You calling him 'King’ and him absolutely loving it

‣In return he calls you his 'Queen’

‣Him being extremely over protective of you because he knows he has many enemies

‣Him worshipping you

‣Taking naps all the time because you know that being evil really takes a toll on him

‣Cuddling: him lying between your legs on top of you, so that you can have easy access when you run your hands through his hair and plant butterfly kisses over his temple

‣Despite being powerful you know that he does become embarrassed when people stare at his face too long- or sometimes even when he’s with you he feels like he’s too ugly and you deserve someone better than him. You always do your best to let him know that you love him and don’t care about his scars.

‣You tell him that the reason people stare at him is because “Evil has never looked so good”

‣You have an odd relationship with Team Flash and, not to mention, present day Barry, but your Barry kinda likes it because he knows that since you don’t really like Team Flash there is no way you’ll ever turn on him

‣Making fun of present day Barry just because you can and your Barry finds it incredibly hilarious

‣You used to call your Barry “Alpha Barry” because he was clearly the superior of the two but eventually you just straight up ended up renaming “loser Barry” Bart

‣Barry letting you in on all of your plans

‣Him teaching you all the ways he knows how to defend himself, most of them taught to him by Oliver Queen

‣He tries to find various ways that he could grant you some type of superpower or so that he could at least share his speed with you because he hates knowing that there are beings out there (like him) that need much more than simple strength and agility to be taken down

‣Dates every week

‣Barry always makes time to treat you right and no matter what, he never misses your date or cancels them

‣Sometimes the dates get cut off, but he just secretly takes you along on his various meetings with Bart and hides you

‣You understand how hard it must be for him to willingly let you in on his plans so you try to stay as far away from danger as possible

‣Mutual respect

‣None of that “getting mad at each other when something serious happens and you don’t share it with the other for a while because you know they won’t understand or you’re just not ready to say it” bullshit

‣Definitely none of that “not telling you something because I want to keep you safe” crap either

‣Respecting Barry’s decisions and helping him when he’s at a crossroad and asks for your help and opinions

‣Barry doing the same and encouraging you to do as you please if it means you’ll be happy (seriously, if you told him that you wanted to kill someone he would bring you that person just so that you could do it and be happy again, he literally doesn’t care)

‣Moving out of the warehouse and getting you a fancy house just like you want it and him making the warehouse something of a lair (no longer live-in lair, thank god)

‣You always encourage him to keep his hair this way because dammit, that man is a fine ass angel (some might say he’s a demon, but no one likes technicalities, so whatever)

‣Strolls in the morning where neither of you has a care in the world and just enjoy each other’s presence

‣Eveyone thinks “Savitar” is this murderous psychopath, but Barry is the sweetest guy ever

‣He never ever misses your birthdays, or anniversaries or holidays, and is always ready to celebrate whatever with you just because he’s got an amazing partner to enjoy life with

‣You are always his priority, and no matter how much he wants to destroy Bart’s life, he won’t endanger or put your life on the line for his success

‣Barry is the biggest teddy bear ever

‣Barry buying a smaller leather jacket for you everytime he gets one just so you can match and “dress for the job you want”

‣Becoming pretty close with Killer Frost and forming some sort of sister bond

‣Giving each other forehead kisses 24/7

‣Giving him back massages

‣He never leaves without saying “I love you”

‣Him taking you on vacation to all the earths and showing you that when you conquer them, they will all be yours

‣Eventually, he gets you a puppy because you sometimes complain that you feel a little lonely when he’s gone

‣He becomes obsessed with the puppy even more than you do and even begins to treat it like a human baby

‣"Our baby"

‣Not surprisingly, the puppy lives like freaking royalty

‣Sleeping in on Saturdays and just lying in each other’s arms as you watch the sun rise

‣Barry willing to do anything for you

‣Those times when Barry gets triggered with memories of his parents and he just breaks down you just hold him like your lives depend on it and cry with him

‣You see each other at your worst and yet are still there to help bring out each other’s best

‣Braiding his hair when he’s sleeping and not telling him when he wakes up

‣Kissing his freckles because they are really cute and him scoffing (but closing his eyes and leaning his head back to enjoy the appreciation)

‣Him pressing little kisses all over your body at all times (E.g when you’re sitting and his head is on your lap; he tickles your thighs and peppers little kisses over them, when you’re cooking; he randomly picks up your wrists and kisses the inside of them, when you’re sleeping; he kisses your temple and neck softly, etc)

‣Being his biggest weakness, but ultimately being his greatest strength

And we’ll conquer them all

bc of this post


Clarke’s head is throbbing.

That’s the first thing she registers as she comes to, the dull pounding in the back of her skull that makes her eyes sting and her mind groggy. With one hand, she reaches back to probe gently at her skull, an examination she’s done plenty of times– on other people. It’s tender to the touch, the constant ache replaced by piercing pain when her fingers graze the right spot.

She wants nothing more than to go back to sleep, but knowing that she probably has a concussion, she pushes herself to sit up slowly. It’s only then that she realizes the other implication of her head wound: that she’s been captured by Eligius.

Panic starts to claw at her throat, tempered only by the relief that Madi wasn’t with her when she went to scout the newcomers’ settlement. She’d stayed behind, hidden with the Rover. Clarke’s radio is missing, which doesn’t bode well for any attempts to claim that she’s alone in the world, but at least Madi isn’t their hostage.

Clarke, however, is.

Her hands aren’t bound and there are no chains holding her, but the cell she’s been put in is intensely isolating. It’s dark and cramped, and when she feels along the metal walls to peek through the bars on the door, the hall stretches as far as she can see with identical cells. This ship was made to imprison, she realizes. There’s little chance of escape.

Then again, Clarke had found a way out of Mount Weather, so long ago now. She won’t get anywhere if she doesn’t try.

Brute force won’t get her anywhere. As much as she wants to pound her fists against the door, to hurl herself against the walls until they give, she knows that’s not the way to go about it. She feels around on the floor of her cell to see if there’s anything of use. Her next thought is to feel for hinges on the door, to no avail. She’s sealed up tight.

She does let her fist fall against the door now, just once, the rattle of the metal reverberating through her injured skull until she has to back away, clutching her head in her hands.

“It’s no use.”

A gravelly voice floats through the bars on the door. She peers through them again but sees no one.

It must be another prisoner.

“Trust me, whoever you are. If there was a way out, I would have found it by now.”

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Well HI! First of all thank you so much I discovered so many great fanfics because of you ! Do you know any King Jongin fics ? Royalty related fanfics ? Or one of them is a knight, something like that please ? Thank you ! ☺️

Hey! Thanks a lot! That is always nice to hear. Sooooo I did do King Jongin during the last round of requests you can check it out here. you can check out the other royalty lists here: 1 2 3 4 5 . This is what I know of that I haven’t recced before OR is knight related. Enjoy

Good Graces: Ongoing. Princes They both have sort of extra powers that separate them from normal people, and they go on a quest to save Jongin’s uncle

The Third Path: Complete 4 chapters. Jongin is the royalty who hires Kyungsoo to help him with his cousins dead body 

lend me your hand (and we’ll conquer them all) : One shot. Kyungsoo is a duke’s son (I think) who is about to be in an arranged marriage with someone he doesn’t know, and Jongin is a knight that comes and stays with them 

our dirty little secret: Jongin is a duke and Kyungsoo is a servant and yeah, they have a love hate relationship

Majesty: One shot both princes. Thanks  kim-kai-and-stuff for telling us about this one!!!

The Dancer: One shot (maybe) Jongin is the king and Kyungsoo comes to dance for him. There are a ton of warnings on this story but that stuff didn’t seem to happen but maybe will in the future? 

Remember me for Centuries: Complete 3 chapters. Kyungsoo is the king married to Kris who is a loser and then Jongin the gladiator comes along

Could You Steal My Heart  Complete 5 chapters based off of Aladdin. Prince Kyungsoo is disguised wandering the streets and meets Jongin

Feel my heart (feel me): one shot secret relationship, Prince Jongin is having a secret affair with his knight Kyungsoo

Orgel: Complete 2 chapters. Prince Jongin brings Kyungsoo home and tells him he is going to be his joker and wants him to go with him everywhere

Go Down Sunshine: One shot Kyungsoo is a prince and Jongin is his slave and everyone has the wrong idea about their relationship

I’m a lot like a lot of wrestling fans and enthusiasts, in that when I think about wrestling, I always recall my favorites through the years. Wrestlers I grew up with, idolized, watch their careers flourish. Guys like Edge, Triple H, Chris Jericho, etc who I saw through various stages of their careers. It’s hard to picture where many main-eventers and Hall Of Famers would be if their careers had never included The Undertaker.

For three decades, the Deadman conquered them all, broke streaks, stood tall as champion numerous times, held every single piece of glory imaginable, and for good cause. Many wrestlers, and by many I mean every one I’ve ever seen mention him, cite The Undertaker as beneficial to their careers. His work, his mind, his abilities have helped everyone around him, as he’s always been willing to do business both for himself and the company, and did the best he could for the fans. On Sunday night, a pivotal piece of my childhood was removed as The Undertaker took off his gloves, coat, and hat, raising his fist as three final gongs sounded throughout Orlando.

I remember being a child when I first got into wrestling and seeing The Undertaker come to the ring. As a kid who loved horror movies, there was something so impressive about this monstrous man, who could fly through the sky and drop massive wrestlers on their heads with ease. I remember my cousin lying to me and saying that he once touched the ‘Taker’s glove at a show and it was slimy. Shit like that stayed in my mind for decades, because even though I’ve always known he’s full of shit, it wasn’t completely far-fetched. This terrifying creature became part of me, no matter who else I was focused on.

[Age 13 with a birthday gift from my sister: an Undertaker Wall Takers frame.]

For longtime wrestling fans, imagine your childhood without The Undertaker. No feud with Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, no Hell In A Cell, no emergence of Kane, no Ministry Of Darkness, no American Badass, no Jeff Hardy ladder match, no feud with Paul Bearer and Mankind, no Boiler Room Brawl or Buried Alive Match. Imagine all of that taken out. Now, tell me what happened in wrestling around the same time that any of that took place that had nothing to do with the Deadman. Think of the most exciting storytelling taking place at that time. I’ll wait, because it’ll take you a while.

The Undertaker is a part of wrestling history that has been the strongest definition of glory, sacrifice, and pain for three decades. I’ve gained and lost friends since I first saw The Undertaker. I went from a child to a man. I was watching The Undertaker wrestle before my first kiss, my first date, before I lost my virginity, before I bought a car, before my high school graduation, before I ever fell in love, before I’d ever eaten at most of my favorite restaurants, before I’d traveled to other cities and countries. Hell, all of the things I find normal that have been a part of my life for ages haven’t been in my life as long as The Undertaker has.

[The Deadman at an autograph signing at OVW, June 2001.]

Simply put… it’s shocking to think that The Undertaker, a man who has been on my TV and computer screens since I was old enough to whisper “fuck” behind my mom’s back, may never step into the ring again. Despite his physical health, his inability to perform like he could 20 years ago (which was 1997, holy shit), and despite the fact that he’s one of the last wrestlers still standing from HIS era, it’s unfathomable that there may never be another Undertaker WrestleMania match. Wrestlers in the world right now are working their asses off to have one day potentially had that moment of glory, that may never come.

The Undertaker has given us his life. Thirty three of his 52 years on this Earth have been spent giving his body to professional wrestling. Throughout all the emotions I feel toward his retiring, above them all is thankful. Thank you, Taker.

My top 5 Kunoichis

5. Hinata Hyuga

  • she wears her heart on her sleeve and I respect that. 
  • Still confused on wtf her hair color is. 
  • Delicate flower but can still pulverize u, noob. 
  • Chakra points crusher co-co-co-combooo. 
  • In dire need of a stylist, tbh. I VOLUNTEER.
  • Her crippling shyness struck us hard cuz u know deep down u can relate to that shit. 
  • Her love for Naruto is either adorably romantic or terrifyingly stalker-like, and I love it either way. 
  • Naruto would be like, restraining-order-no-jutsu! Just a joke. jeez lighten up.
  • Whenever i look at her angelic face it makes my non existent dick so hard and i dunno whyyyy wtf is this withcraft?!

4. Sakura Haruno

  • let’s be honest, there is a lot of hate and flak about her…and frankly my dear i don’t give a damn.
  • She does not deserve that kind of treatment. 
  • She already proved she is a fucking titan. Ya just can’t mess with her.
  • She can rip yo asshole in half and would still have time to rip u another asshole, too. 
  • SHE AIN’T THE SAME CRYBABY AS BEFORE THO SHE STILL IS, MAYBE JUST A LITTLE BIT. Have u seen the op & ed songs of the series? Why is she always crying? 
  • Tsunade is so proud that she surpassed her in every way. Maybe not in the chest area though. FOR THAT she is relieved.
  • She bloomed into one of the greatest shinobis of her generation. 
  • Pink hair, don’t care. Fabulouuusss

3. Kushina Uzumaki 

  • She is the OG. All hail supreme goddess! 
  • She’s got guts, strength, charm and a nine-tailed beast cursed inside of her so ya better watch out, fam. 
  • Heart of gold
  • Her WARM SMILE just lights up the perpetual darkness in my soul.
  • Dominated, conquered all them haters with her fierceness
  • MinaKushi is definitely relationship goals. 
  • I cry everytime she and naruto have their family moments in the series. It’s like they remind me that I ain’t dead inside yet & that comforts me a lot. 
  •  Easily has the best mom award hands down.

2. Tenten  

  • She will smack all the sense into you when you really need it. She is practically your idiot-avoidance therapist. be grateful
  • Oriental Aesthetic.
  • She is a lowkey comedian. I snicker at the thought of her traditional humor. Yeah fuck you, kishimoto she is hilarious af in my headcanon
  • The big sister you wish you had. 
  • Dayum her fashion sense is always on point, teach me sensei. 
  • Lee’s own anchor, believe me he needs it. 
  • She does not have a surname and we all know people with only one name are fucking lit. (Madonna, Beyonce, Adele, Eminem, Prince… Enya?) wtf
  • Her hard work and determination gives me hope. 
  • Weapons Merchant in the streets, Weapons dominatrix in the sheets. 
  • underneath those cute chinese hair buns and soft brown eyes are heaps of badassery & metal tools that will kill yer sorry ass. 

1. Ino Yamanaka 

  • well, obviously were u even that surprised? Beauty, brains & talent all rolled into one gorgeous creature.
  •  An overachiever, she is a botanist, a skilled medic, a housewife, topnotch interrogator, owns a flower shop, probably the head of her clan. Like wtf ino how do u do it? I can’t even balance jack shit in my life. 
  • SHIPPER’S PARADISE. I ship her with literally anybody. Just not with Akamaru but, if that floats your boat then you better get checked right away, hun.
  • I wanna know her brand of lipstick, Girl knows her make up, SALUTE.
  • Miss Sunshine to all, Miss Annoying to Shikamaru. 
  • Her mind games will fuck you up.
  • You secretly wish she was your bestie in real life too pls don’t deny it. 
  • Her knowledge of flowers and their meanings tho. 
  • I have a soft spot for sky blue eyes i’m so sorry. Nope not even sorry at all.
  • Beware, her loud mouth has no stop signal. 
Crossover: Reign x Vikings

Part I

Fandom: Vikings x Reign
Pairing: Ivar The Boneless x Queen Mary Stuart
Words: 2338
Summary: Four days and still nothing from the leader of that great army, testing Mary her patience she asks for Hvitserk. And he just tells what she already suspected, that Ivar is planning it out. And that he does, making a entrance on her feast.

Update Tag: @natmors @burningsunshin3 @fandomgirl770 @sugakookiexx @blonde-valkyrie @sereniti9 @synnersaint @whenimaunicorn @lyra-stark99 @ivarsvalkyrie @rockyrascal @midnightpanda @believerofall @kryall460-blog @ruler-of-hell @daddarihoe-21 @madison14m @littlewolfieposts 
Didn’t got everybody tagged for some reason, but, who isn’t on here and would love to be tagged let me know.

‘We want justice.’ The boy demanded. He was all alone, with no father, no mother for they got killed by those pagan invaders. He had nowhere to go, no home, no family and no status to demand something. And he wasn’t the only one, every survivor of the attack stood before her in the throne room demanding justice.
‘Justice will be served.’ Mary promised them. She looked aside to James who looked just as compassioned to the villagers as she did. She compensated them with a new home, food to get through the next weeks and the promise to punish the ones who did this to them. The boy bowed and walked with the other villagers out. Mary watched the doors close before she signed and stood up.
‘He will come Mary.’ James reassured her.
‘It has been four days, if he cared enough for his brother he would come the day after you gave the order to his men.’ Mary reacted. The situation frustrated her more than she let on. She walked over to the window, looking out to the villagers walking away. ‘They need to know I’m taking care of it.’
‘And you do. You do already more than another king or queen would do. Be patience sister.’ James smiled encouraged. Mary looked over her shoulder and smiled, slowly looking back outside.
‘Get me the prisoner.’ She commanded one of the guards. She turned away from the window towards her brother who stood aside her throne. She didn’t know what she would do without him. He was more than just an advisor, he was her brother, her family, she trusted him with her life. She returned back to her throne, her thought still with the Viking leader when the guards walked in with the prisoner between them.
‘Queen Mary.’ Hvitserk greeted her with a bow. His attitude didn’t change a bit, he was still in that way smiling … dangerously. She nodded towards one of her guards who unchained him. He stroke his wrists, Mary jus observed him before she turned her head aside to her brother.
‘Leave us.’ She whispered.
‘You sure?’ James asked. Mary looked back to the pagan.
‘Are you planning on killing me Hvitserk?’
‘No,’ he answered with a small smile. ‘what would be the fun in that.’ He followed. Mary looked back to her brother who suppressed a sign and nodded, pointing the guards out until there was nobody left except for Mary and Hvitserk. She leaned back, lifting her head a little while looking at him. He was just looking back.
‘You have been here for four days, I’m almost planning on thinking your brother doesn’t give a damn about your faith.’ She began. And there it was again, that chuckle of him. He was an attractive man, she had to admit, the strong black armor suited him just as that wild braided hair did.
‘Can I speak freely?’
‘Offcourse.’ She nodded. Hvitserk set a step closer, looking her right in the eyes. If he did it to strike fear down he was failing, Mary gazed in a great many eyes and she conquered them all. He was no different.
‘You are trying to anticipate the uncertainty of this situation, of my brother. I can only tell you he already got it all figured out,’ Hvitserk placed his finger against his temple. ‘that is what he does.’ He followed.
‘Uncertainties or not, your brother his faith is fixed, he will be punished for what he did.’ She fired right back. Hvitserk pressed his lips together and just nodded, she could see he wasn’t meaning it. ‘If you so well know your brother, why don’t you just amuse me with the details?’ She asked him boldly. He licked his lips, stepping forward until his one foot was placed onto the little platform on which her throne stood. She lifted her chin while he hovered forward, resting his upper body on his one knee.
‘I know he will look at you Mary Stuart, and he will see potential. When Ivar sees potential he is willing on going great lengths to get it. You better embrace the fact that you will have to listen to what he has to say.’ The last of his words hardly a whisper. Mary pushed her body a little closer, bringing her face to his.
‘And you better know that I had a great many deal of men claiming they can overthrow me.’ She whispered, standing up in the act. Hvitserk backed away with a smile, putting his hands up in surrender when she took a step from the platform, not even touching him. ‘I’m a queen, not a slave for him to toss around.’ Her voice grew a little more demanding. She stopped and he did the same, standing before her on practical the same eye level. ‘He will be no different.’ She silenced the subject. Hvitserk took a step back, bowing.
‘If you say so, queen Mary.’ He politely said in his bow. He was mocking her in a humoring way. Hvitserk didn’t look like a threat, although that could shift easily when he would join his brother again.
‘I have been a queen since I was born, I know how to keep my life, my crown, my people safe.’ She followed, turning back to her throne.
‘Doesn’t it blacken your heart, being a queen for so long?’ He asked. She froze, gazing at the throne while she repeated that question in her head. Did it blacken her heart? She faced the treat of getting killed numerous times, she face marriage, death, betrayal, she learned to distant herself, learned that love wasn’t a rule. She looked to the ground before she slowly turned back around to Hvitserk.
‘Ruling doesn’t demand a heart, it demands strength and authority.’ She coldly answered him. Hvitserk looked at her, like he recognized something in her that looked familiar. ‘Guards!’ She voiced through the throne room, not looking away from Hvitserk. The guards pushed the door open and walked in on her. ‘Bring Hvitserk back to his cell.’ She followed, not wanting to get further on the subject. Hvitserk nodded, willingly turning around and following the two guards. Mary looked at the back of him until he was out of sight before she turned around and gazed at her throne. Nobody would challenge her throne and certainly nobody would challenge her rule, not even a pagan leader who thought he known best.

Greer handed Mary her crown which a servant girl putted in her dark hair. Mary took a deep breath and looked in the mirror to the dress she wore. A light colored dress with a transparent layer around her shoulders, masked under the details of slight gold. Her dark hair laid loose over her shoulders, her hands folded against her stomach. ‘You should smile a little more on your birthday.’ Greer advised her. Mary looked aside and smiled relaxed.
‘I know.’ She admitted. Knowing the guests were arriving she hardly had looked forward to it. After seven days a patiently waiting she realized that he wasn’t planning on showing up until now, this night, this feast. Mary looked back to her reflexion in the mirror before looking over her shoulder to the guard who entered the room.
‘The guests are arrived.’ He announced with a bow. Mary looked to Greer who just smiled.
‘You look stunning.’ She praised her. Mary looked down over her dress before walking out of the room. She got accompanied by two guards who brought her by the throne room where all her guests were awaiting her. It were lords, ladies with influence and power, her subjects and even potential suitors. The all applause when she walked in and Mary smiled, lifting her hand gently to demand silence.
‘Thank you all for coming,’ she started while taking a glass over from her brother, she thanked him with a nod. ‘despite the cruelty from this world and recent events there needs to be a least a moment to join together in a celebration. I want to thank the alliances I have, the lords supporting my claim and the armies for defending this land. I wouldn’t be standing here because of that.’ She lifted her glass.
‘To the Queen of Scotland.’ James announced and everybody repeated that in a bow. Mary smiled, thanking the guests who congratulated her on her birthday, giving her gifts.
‘Mary.’ A female voice greeted her from behind. Mary turned around and frowned her eyebrows surprised.
‘Catherine, I didn’t expected you here.’ She outed. The woman laid her hands on Mary her shoulder and kissed each cheek. An example of an enemy that turned out to be a friend, a very powerful friend. ‘Did you sail all the way from France?’
‘Yes my dear, you have the greetings from the king.’ Catherine smiled, folding her hands together while criticizing the people gathered in the room. ‘How is Scotland fairing?’ She asked, always straight forward. Mary didn’t always love Catherine De’ Medici, queen regent of France. Nobody was more cunning than her, Mary learned a great many things from her, things that supported her rule here now.
‘You are still not married? Do you at least have a suitor?’ Catherine asked. Mary signed but kept her smile up while walking with her to the table were they offered all kind of treats and food.
‘No, I don’t.’ She answered honestly.
‘If England is planning on taking your claim you will wish you had a husband to support your back.’
‘I have enough allies to back me up.’ She tried to convince Catherine. Her eyes went to James who got approached by a guard, they whispered before leaving the room. Mary looked at them before her eyes shifted back to Catherine. ‘How is France?’
‘Flourishing.’ She smiled, although it wasn’t a meaningful one.
‘That doesn’t sound like the truth.’ Mary said, not looking at Catherine but smiling to the guests who enjoyed themselves.
‘Isn’t that all we queens do, smile and pretend the world is alright while we fight greater battles?’ Catherine asked. Mary looked aside to her, hardly nodding. Yes, that was all they did, minimizing the damage the country sustained. The words kept roaming in her head before her attention float to her brother walking in, he looked like himself, although he hide away his frustration while he walked over to her.
‘He is here.’ He announced. She knew it.
‘Who is?’ Catherine asked. Mary gave her glass away to a servant and turned back to her brother.
‘Bring him in.’
‘We can contain him until tomorrow.’ James suggested, following her back to her throne.
‘No, if he so badly wants the attention he can get it.’ She reacted, placing herself in her seat of power. Catherine came to stand aside her, just like she always did when Mary was part of the France court. She looked to the door until the guards pushed it open and let the person in who haunted her thoughts for a whole week. He crawled his way in, the music stopped, the dancing and talking stopped as everybody moved aside to let him pass between the guards.
‘What is that?’ Catherine asked in disgust. Ivar The Boneless, at least know she understood the source of his name. In black armor he crawled further, something a smug grin joining his lips before he held still and looked up. Her brown eyes contacted with those intense blue once and for a moment they just looked at each other while everybody around him started to whisper. He turned his body, until he sat up, stroking his hand over his braided dark hair. This did nothing for him, being here, among all those people as a cripple.
‘You wanted to see me?’ He spoke, tilting his head while he observed her even more. James stood aside her with his hand resting on the handle of his sword, ready to cut of whatever treat he formed.
‘Who is this man?’ Catherine asked. Mary pushed herself up from her throne, holding a hand relaxed before her stomach while the other hangs aside her body.
‘This is Ivar The Boneless, by what I hear of it he is a leader of a great heathen army.’
‘He is a pagan?’ Catherine interrupted her. Mary didn’t look to the queen regent of France, she held her eyes on Ivar while she approached him.
‘He raided three of my villages, killed my people, set houses on fire, left children homeless.’ She followed unusually cold. But it did nothing to him, he just kept looking at her, challenging her. The blue of his eyes like the restless waters she sailed so much.
‘You have to hear what I have to say.’
‘I have to do nothing!’ Mary hissed, standing still before him. ‘You come here, burning down my villages, stealing my people, interrupting my feast, thinking you have something to say.’ She began on the calmest tone ever while crouching down, leveling her eyes with his. She should fear the way he looked but it did nothing to her, he just fueled the anger the felt for the past seven days. ‘Do not test my power,’ she said with clenched teeth. ‘and do not tempt my fury.’ She followed in a whisper, warning him. ‘Guards, chain him.’ She commanded. They immediately came into action and Mary watched to the grin spreading over his face. ‘Lock him up, justice will be served tomorrow.’ She announced. The guests praised there queen as the guards pulled Ivar on his arms out. When the doors fell shut she took a deep breath, forcing a smile on her lips to the guests who thanked her. She turned around to her throne and walked over to it again, placing herself on it.
‘You will want to hear him out Mary.’ James whispered without looking at her. What did James know? Mary looked a little aside, softly nodding before placing her attention back to the feast she hardly enjoyed anymore.