conquer new heights

two truths, one lie.

In this game, you get to choose what you want to believe in.

            a. She’s a girl trying to get by day by day with baby steps. But
                for him, she conquered new heights.
            b. She’s a girl who always hid behind her words that whenever a
                new emotion came knocking on her door, she cowered into a
                far corner and ran away for her dear life.
            c. She’s a girl with a booming voice and contagious laughter. Her
                enthusiasm of discovering new things never flickered and
                when she met him, for the first time, she fell silent.

            a. He’s a boy with a bright smile with a garden of flowers that
                looms over his head that makes him a tad more beautiful than
                the sea of people he is in.
            b. He’s a boy that never wanted to be around but is still around.
            c. He’s a boy that deserves a love so beautiful that it puts the
                stares in shame. A boy who deserves a rainbow of hope to
                wake him up in the morning.

            a. She painted pictures of how deep his eyes are and how soft
                his lips would be on a canvas. He wore her name in his palms
                that pressed against her chest and left a permanent scar.
            b. She had his name in between the pages of her imaginary book
                and listed the words that can never encompass the beauty
                that he has. He had his eyes fixated on something and
                someone that he failed to see the new stars watching over
            c. She pressed a rose in her journal and wrote that the stars and
                moon were a perfect example that no matter how close they
                seemed to be, they’re still a million miles away. He wrote their
                names in a piece of paper under the category of what if.

            a. It’s time for good bye and put an end to the questions floating
                over their beds at night.
            b. It’s time for another hello and rediscover the growing flowers
                in each other’s arms.
            c. It’s time to take a step forward, no matter how small they are,
                and stop being each other’s what if and what could have been.