So I’ve been in a really romantic mood, and these little drawings just happened. :‘3

Conby, Jesker, and Conphen!

I gotta say, the Conphen one is my favorite, though they were all fun to draw ^^

(I know, Jess so doesn’t look like herself, i was running out of muse when i drew her and i redrew her 6 times before i got fed up :P but becker came out ok… and stephen doesn’t look like himself either! ahhhh D: )

must be true love
  • me:let's face it, the main reason you're with me is because I'm the only one who laughs at every joke you make
  • my boyfriend:that's most of the reason. Like 92% of the reason. The other 8 are the inches

The clock has just gone by midnight here meaning that today is officially my two year anniversary with Stephen! Which feels really weird to say that I’ve been in a relationship with someone for two years, let alone a long distance relationship. But if that time and these photos prove anything it is that no matter how far apart we are, or how long we’re together, where we are or what colour Stephen’s hair is, I love him and I want to keep loving him for a long time.

UK boy has US boyfriend
  • my boyfriend:OH MY GOD- SWEET TEA. I haven't had this for months. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND
  • me:I don't want to understand!
  • my boyfriend:and you never will! You'll never know the pleasure of this
  • me:I can live with that like how people tell me they love cheese or bottoming I'm okay never knowing what those things are like
  • my boyfriend:it's better than that, it's bottoming and cheese.
  • me:I'm rigid and tightly wound, I will never smoke, drink, do drugs, bottom or eat olives
  • my boyfriend:you're just dumb, those are all great things. Except olives. I feel you on that one
  • me:good because if you disagreed with me on that one I don't think we have a future