Movie Madness - Conor Maynard

Request: Heyyy!! Can you write a Connor one where Josh and Jack decide to make a patience test on Connor and they make someone flirt with Y/N who he has a crush on?? xx

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it :)


“Trust me, it’s going to work.” Jack explained to Josh. “He’s been struggling for weeks now and this will break him.”

“I just…don’t want to push him too far.” 

“We won’t but this needs to be done.”

Jack and Josh had made a plan to push Conor far enough to the point that he’d actually admit his feelings for you. The whole group knows he has a crush on you but for some reason, he refuses to admit it to anyone. He’s usually pretty open with the boys about girls he’s crushing on but it was different with you and no one really knew why.

“So I was thinking,” Jack said to you, placing his arm on your thigh, on the couch. All the boys had come over for a movie night and Jack had plopped himself right next to you, beating Conor out of the spot.

“Well don’t hurt yourself.” You teased, cracking a smile.

“Funny.” Jack said, rolling his eyes. “What do you say to going snowboarding this Christmas?” 

“Really?” You asked, surprised. Snowboarding was something you’ve always wanted to do but could never bring yourself to actually try it. Jack smiled, nodding his head. “Yeah! You’ll have to teach me, of course.” 

“I’ll teach you way more than just snowboarding.” Jack winked, squeezing your thigh a little. 

You laughed at Jack’s joke as Oli decided to start the movie. Throughout it, Jack would occasionally whisper something in your ear to make you laugh or move his hand up your thigh a little and you were starting to wonder what in the world was actually happening.

“Why don’t you two just get a room?” Conor mumbled, not taking his eyes off the TV. 

“Why? Have you got a problem or something?” Jack questioned.

“No, I’m just trying to watch the movie and you’re pissing me off.”

“Conor-” You began to speak but froze when he jumped out of the chair and started freaking out.

“No, you know what? You know exactly how I feel about her! You know there’s no one on this entire planet that I would rather spend my time with than her! And you have to nerve to sit there and flirt with her right in front of me! You’re my brother and you’re flirting with the girl I’m in love with! Fucking fantastic!”

“Wow, you were right.” Josh said, looking over at Jack. 

“Hang on one minute,” You said, pushing Jack’s hand off your thigh and standing up. “You are the most annoying person in the world! I have tried for weeks to flirt with you! I have tried for weeks to get your attention! And what the hell have you given me? Shit! But all I had to do was flirt with your damn brother to get you to think about me!”

“Well if you want my attention so badly, why don’t we just go on a date?” Conor yelled to you.


“Fine! I’ll pick you up at 8 tomorrow!”


The room fell silent as everyone took in what had happened. You sat back down next to Jack who was trying his hardest not to smile but was failing miserably. 

“You know…” Joe spoke. “We totally missed the part where Jessica Alba’s fully naked.”

Ice Cream Sundays



Requested: nope

A/N: kiddos, i cant. 

Words: 1198

Warnings: veto 

I woke up finding Y/N fast asleep next to me, I quietly got out of bed and grabbed the towel draped over the door before walking into the bathroom and getting in the shower

“Morning.” She called from the bed while she rolled over stretching.
“Morning gorgeous,” I grinned throwing the towel over the door again, “how did you sleep?” I asked as I walked over to the cupboard with a smug smile plastered on my face.

“Good, I had a dream that I could eat a lot of ice cream without being sick but then this golden retriever took one of my ice cream cones and was like ‘have a good one bro,’ but he sounded South African and he said bro like brew so I think it was my subconscious telling me it was you.” She jabbered on as I pulled on a pair of boxers.

“I’ll buy you an ice cream to make up for golden retriever me.” I chuckled and walked over to the bed before pressing a kiss on her head. “Do you want some coffee?” I asked while taking the cup from her side table, she replied with a nod.

I stood at the kettle waiting for the water to boil when she walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around my torso and pressed kisses all over my shoulder blades to my spine. “Hey you.” I chuckled and poured the water into the mugs, stirring the coffee. “Thanks.” She smiled sleepily and took the mug of coffee from my hand before walking over to the couch and wrapping herself up in a blanket and reaching for the remote.

“Do you wanna watch anything? If not I’m putting the bachelor on.” She giggled and took a sip of coffee.

“Whatever, you just want to perv over all the guys.” I smirked and sat down next to her planting my legs over hers.

“No!” She whined and held on to my arm, “You’re the only one I want to perv over!”
“Oh really?” I smirked and cuddled into her side.

“Yeah, I do it almost every morning.” She teased, placing sloppy kisses on my neck and tracing a hand over my chest.

“Can’t even be naked in my own room.” I grinned as she carried on.
“Oh you absolutely can.” She mumbled between kisses, I pulled her onto my lap and peppered her face with kisses as she giggled uncontrollably.

“Well good morning to you too.” Joe said suddenly from the door causing her to jump off my lap in shock then start giggling again. “You guys are too cute.” he chuckled and walked over to the kitchen but I mean, no sex around me. Please.“

“Oh my word.” She giggled and leaned over pressing a kiss on my cheek before playing the bachelor.

“Y/N! What is this?” Joe joked as he sat down beside us with a bowl of cereal.

“Still up for ice-cream?” I leaned over and whispered in her ear. She nodded eagerly, “Come on let’s get dressed then.” I said patting her thigh and standing before taking her hand and pulling her up.


I took Byron’s hand pulling myself up before he wrapped an arm around my waist as we walked to his room. I flopped onto the bed stretching my arms. “What are you wearing?” I sighed, too lazy to get up. 

“Probably jeans and a shirt, why?” He said while digging through the clothes in his cupboard.

“All I have here is the dress I wore on Friday night.” I sighed and rolled over in irritation, “I’ve been wearing your clothes all weekend.” I chuckled as he pulled on a shirt.“

"Oh,” he said pondering for a minute, “you could wear you dress from Friday again.” He said with a cheeky smirk.
“No!” I laughed, “Absolutely not!” I exclaimed.
“Why?” He chuckled, “It looks nice.”
“Because it’s not a ‘let’s get an ice-cream on Sunday morning dress’ it’s a 'I want to get laid now dress’ so no thanks.” I giggled. He sighed and held up two pairs of jeans, I pulled myself out of bed and took the lighter pair. I slipped them on only to have them fall straight back down “fabulous babe, just fabulous.” I teased and sent him a cheeky smirk. “Do you have a belt for me?” He nodded and got up, taking one from the draw. I pulled the jeans back up and looped the belt through them, “We make such a great team!” I grinned.
He laughed then looked over at me again, “I’m glad, can you put a shirt on so we can go?”
“What if I don’t want to?” I smirked and turned to him only to have a shirt hit me in the face.
“Oh my god,” he yelled playfully making me break down in a fit of giggles, “Can you just get dressed! I want to get ice cream!” He kept yelling between laughs.
“Okay! Okay!” I gasped as my stomach ached from laughter. I walked over to Byron’s cupboard and took one of the many sugglife hoodies and pulled it over my head, “Have you even called an uber?”

“You have legs woman, use them.” He sassed making me gasp and slap his arm lightly as he walked past. “I’m kidding! But we’re walking.”
“You mean you’re walking?” I teased.
“Oh so I’m being stood up now?” He cocked an eyebrow at me.
“No you’re just going to carry me there.” I giggled and stepped out the door

“What flavor do you want love?” He asked and brushed a hand up and down my arm.
“Bubblegum please.” I smiled up at him making him press a quick kiss to the corner of my mouth.
“Can you get us a table then?” He smiled and let go of my side.

I walked to a small table in the corner of the vibrant ice cream parlor, the pastel pink and blue chairs were littered around the tables with faint music playing in the background. Byron was stood in front of the counter chatting away to the old lady while she scooped up the ice cream, I watched as he placed the money on the counter before stuffing his wallet back into his pocket and taking the two cones from the lady. He winked at me as he walked over making me chuckle and shake my head, I pulled a chair out for him as he got to the table.

“Thanks bru.” He said and plopped down in his seat before handing me my ice cream.
“Hey, it’s only a pleasure my dude.” I rolled my eyes, “what did you get?”
“Vanilla.” He simply stated before taking a big kick out the side.
“That’s so… vanilla.” I smirked, he groaned and rolled his eyes.
“We need to make this a tradition.” He sighed contently after a minute.
“Yeah, ice cream every Sunday morning.” I agreed.
“You mean ice cream sundays."He winked and nudged my arm.
"Our puns are too good today babe.” I chuckled, “I love us for being so puny.”
“I love you.” He chuckled and pressed a kiss to my cheek making blush deeply.

Fan Service || Byron Langley

Summary: You start a live stream to bless the fans with your gorgeous and sleepy boyfriend.

Warnings: No

Smut: No

Requested: Yes / No

A/N: I couldn’t decide whether I should do this one about Jack or Byron, but I decided to go with Byron because there are hundreds of Jack imagines. Btw requests are open! You can also request prompts! xx

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You woke up to the soft snores of your boyfriend, his warm breath caressing the crock of your neck, making your domestic self feel safe in the foreign country you were currently in. His muscular arms were wrapped around your body tightly, making it impossible for you to even shift positions, almost like he was scared that you’d leave while he was sleeping after the months of longing.

You were from Venice, Italy; and you had no idea there was someone called Byron Langley in the world until he randomly appeared on your discover page while you were scrolling down memes and funny animal videos on Instagram. You were mesmerized by how beautiful the boy was and soon you had found yourself stalking his profile, writing funny remarks under his photos, leading you two to talk first in the comments and later in DMs. After talking as friends for few weeks, your conversations turned into flirting; and after two months of flirting, he had come to Venice to visit you and ask you to be his girlfriend. Now, you were dating for almost three years.

Handling a long-distance relationship was indeed hard, especially when you were a very busy college student, but you were visiting each other whenever you could, and currently, you were in London.

You tried to fell asleep again, but you were a type of person who couldn’t sleep again after waking up. So, you tried to wiggle out of his tight grasp, but you couldn’t. Giving in, you reached for your phone placed right next to your pillow to check your social media.

After replying the messages coming from your parents and informing them that you were safe and with Byron, you opened Instagram and took a photo of you and your sleeping boyfriend to post it in your story, with the caption of ‘I need to pee, but I can’t get out of the bed. Send help!’

The picture caused your notifications to blow up and your phone to freeze for a couple of seconds: With the effect of your boyfriend being a well-known person on Internet and you being friends with his Youtuber friends, you had a quite amount of followers (and even fan pages both individually and with Byron), and they were tweeting and messaging you about how you should start a vlog channel and move to London with him, which you weren’t planning to do soon. However, you decided to do a live-stream to bless his fans with the view of shirtless Byron Langley sleeping, and answer some questions to waste time until he wakes up, or his roommate Joe comes to wake him up with an air horn.

“Morning, everyone!” You were whisper talking, loud enough for people watching your live-stream to hear. Byron was a heavy sleeper, the heaviest you had ever met, and you were sure he wouldn’t wake up. “Guess who flew to London last night to surprise her boyfriend, and who is going to make a small Instagram Q&A because her boyfriend doesn’t let her go?”

The questions were mostly about your relationship with Byron since it was the only reason you were this popular, but there were other questions too. “Yes, I’m wearing a Sugg Life hoodie, yes it belongs to Byron, and it’s the comfiest thing ever. I think I’ll steal a few of them.” You answered the question about the oversized green hoodie you were wearing as a pajama because you were too tired to open your suitcase.

You answered a few other questions such as for how long you were going to stay in London, were you planning to move in with your boyfriend after you graduate from college, did Byron meet with your parents etc. Then, you decided to exhibit your Greek God-like boyfriend since his fans were begging you to do. 

“Guys, look at my gorgeous boyfriend. Look at this beautiful face. I wanna squeeze it, but he’ll probably wake up.” You said, lifting the phone so they could see him from a better angle. “Look at these arms. He wasn’t this build up when we first started to date. He’s turning into Hulk, a hotter and no-green version of it, but he was more huggable back then.”

“Are you showing off with me?” He said with a husky and amused voice. You turned your head to look at him; his eyes were still closed, but there was smile placed on his lips. 

“It’s not showing off. It’s called ‘Fan Service’. I’m doing it for Tumblr.” You quoted one of your followers’ words, causing him to chuckle. “Wanna show your handsome face to your fans?”

He placed his chin on the crock of your neck, his head is weighing down your head. Both of your faces were in the frame now. “You are both flawless!” He read out loud one of the comments. “I’m not, but thanks.”

“Byron? Flawless? He sometimes snores, but I guess we can ignore it.” You joked.

“And she can be a narcissist sometimes, but I accepted her that way.” He responded, then grabbed the phone from your hand to read another question. “Is Y/N ticklish? I actually don’t know. Let’s find out.”

You knew what was coming and tried to run away while he placed the phone to the counter, leaning it against the bedside lamp, but he caught you by the waist and started to tickle you.

“No! Stop!” You screeched, making a sound like someone was murdering a cat. He didn’t stop. “Byron. No. Joe. Sleeping.” You managed to blurt out between your laughters and high pitched screams.

Your eyes were filled with tears when a still-not-fully-woken-Joe appeared on the doorsil and Byron stopped tickling you. He was covering his eyes with his hands. “I don’t know whether you two are having sex or he is murdering you, but can you please make it more quiet? I need to sleep. Thanks.“ 

Don’t tempt me | Conor Maynard

It’s a little angsty, but honestly writing argument its so fun.


Warnings: Strong Language, slightly sexual scene

Requested: Yes <3

Summary: You and Conor have broken up, you go to a party to try and make him jealous, but things took a turn.


You gripped tightly onto the man standing next to you, his hand was cold but he was taller than you in heels, something you had started to appreciate after so many nights out. You rubbed your lips together, you had on the perfect red, the red that you knew Conor the man standing next to you really appreciated.

Jack greeted you with a hug, a smile on his face that was probably just as believable as yours. “It’s great to see you.” He grinned, opening the door as wide as he could, you pulled your man through with you, making sure that your joint hands could be seen. “You too.” You smiled, gritting your teeth together as you looked through the crowd, looked like he wasn’t here yet.

“Want a drink?” He asked you nodded your head, knowing that if you were going to get through this you would need more than just one. “Does um-”

“Jake.” You finished, referring to the dark haired man behind you.

“Jake…would you like a drink?” He asked. Jake shook his head. “I don’t drink.” You bit your lips, you should have known that.

Jack went off to grab drinks, although you doubted he would come back with any, remembering all the parties he would come back hours later with a drink that you had asked for at the start of the party, but remembering that made you remember him, and you didn’t want to think about him right now.

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Not So Relaxed - Joe Sugg

Request: how about an imagine where one of the boys (preferably joe, josh or jack) walk in on Y/N in the shower??

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: The song you’re singing in the shower is “Motel Flamingo by Madeline Merlo! It’s so catchy.  

I hope you like it :)


Relaxing days at home were something you struggled to enjoy. Your career was one of the most important things to you and it constantly took over your life. Being a Youtuber was something you didn’t think was in your future but from the minute you uploaded your first video, your subscribers kept growing and it now sits at over 9 million. You were constantly thinking of new ideas, having meetings with your team and scheduling every minute of every day. But when your manager insisted you go home and spend a relaxing night in to rid you of your stress, you didn’t think it would end the way it did.

“I still see that pink neon sign off exit 139.” You sang along as you massaged the shampoo into your hair. Country music was always a genre that could get you into a good mood so you knew it was the only way to go.

“They still got the front desk guy who looks like Cee Lo.”

“Oh crap!” You jumped at the sound of someone else’s voice and immediately began wishing you hadn’t bought see-through shower doors.

“Joe!” You yelled, doing your best to cover yourself. 

“I didn’t…oh God…fuck…” He said, placing his hands over his eyes and turning around. But your heart still raced since you knew if he removed his hands, he’d be able to see your reflection in the mirror.

“Get out!” You yelled at him, rolling your eyes at the fact that you even had to tell him to do so. “What the hell are you doing here?” You asked, emerging from the bathroom in a towel. 

“The guys want to go out and since I was on my way to Jack’s, I thought I’d stop by and pick you up.” He explained, avoiding eye contact with you.

“And you didn’t think ‘oh, maybe she’s in the shower’ when you heard the music?”

“I don’t know, okay! I clearly wasn’t thinking but I definitely was afterwards.” 

“Shut up!” You said, grabbing a pillow from the couch and throwing it at him, causing him to laugh.

“I didn’t know you had a tattoo.”

“Well now you do.” 

“I mean, I know a lot more than I did five minutes ago.”

“Joe! Get out!” You said, taking his arm in your hand and dragging him towards the door. 

“You know,” He said, placing his hand on the door, stopping you from closing it. “You’ve actually got a really nice body.” 

“Ugh!” You rolled your eyes as you closed the door and leaned your back against it, hoping he wouldn’t try to come back in. You let out a sigh as you shook your head and thought “So much for a relaxing night.”

“We won back to back cups, there’s no way anyone could hate us more than now.”

Three months later:

LOL, hold my jock strap.

“The Pittsburgh Penguins will go to the White House.”

The Talk - Byron Langley

Request: Hey! Just wondering if i could request an imagine with Byron, where he does a live stream with Joe and is asked if he is single and he says yes he is single and Y/N is sitting behind the camera and gets upset that Byron didnt tell the viewers about them being together. You can change it however you like but thats just the general idea of it! thank you so much, love reading your work!!

Request: Hi lovely… can I get an imagine with Byron and he fights with y/n and at the end they make up and fluff fluff fluff…. thank you

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it :)


“I am single.” Those three words got to you more than you thought they would. You didn’t expect to be this bothered by it but two days had passed since the live-stream and you were still thinking about it. Sure, Byron knew something was bothering you but whenever he asked, you kept saying you didn’t want to talk about it. But you knew at some point, you’d have to.

“So what are we?” You asked him, as you sat at the counter watching him cook.

“Babe, do we have to have this conversation right now?” He asked, not bothering to take his eyes away from the carrot he was cutting.

“Yeah, we do. Considering the last time someone asked you if you were single, you said that you were.” 

You and Byron had started seeing each other a couple of months ago and although you two never had “the talk” you assumed you were on the same page but the live-stream proved differently.

“I really don’t-”

“You never want to talk about it!” You yelled, getting up from the chair. “You constantly call me your girlfriend but when I call you my boyfriend, you freak out. And now you say you’re single. What the fuck am I supposed to think about this? Do you honestly think I’m just going to sit here and ignore it? I bet you any money if I went out and slept with someone, you’d be fuming. But if you went out and did that and I got upset about it, you’d be mad that I was mad!”

“I wouldn’t.” He said, placing the knife down and looking at you.

“Fine then. Don’t bother coming over tonight, I’ll be with someone else.” You said angrily as you picked up your purse and left the flat. 

Later that night, you sat on the couch watching the newest episode of TOWIE and eating from a tub of ice cream. Byron hadn’t called and you honestly didn’t think he would. He obviously didn’t care about you as much as you cared about him and as much as you wanted to call him, you knew you had to stay strong.

“Fine, you want to talk, we’ll talk.” Byron said, walking straight into your apartment. You always kept your door unlocked when you were home so your friends could just come in instead of having to wait for you to get off your butt.


“I call you my girlfriend because that’s what you are to me, that’s what I want you to be. But I don’t want you calling me your boyfriend because I’m not sure if I can be the kind of guy you need. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life yet…I can’t support you the way a boyfriend should.”

“You support me more than any other person in my life. You supported me when I quit my job and went back to school. You supported me when I fought with my parents when they kicked my sister out. You’ve supported me when I’ve been at my lowest. I don’t need money. I don’t need you to have your shit figured out. I just need you to love me…eventually.” You explained, not wanting to cause another talk.

“I think I can do that.” He said, taking your hands in his. “So what do you say, girlfriend?”

“I don’t know…boyfriend?” You asked, throwing the question back at him.

He let out a smile before placing his lips on yours. “Boyfriend.” He whispered.

“But I mean, at some point, I’m gonna need you to have your shit figured out.” You said, cracking a smile.