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I was wondering (if no-one has asked you this already), if Wilde Life was a T.V show or movie who would you want to cast as the main characters and what would the theme song be?

Haha, so here is where I reveal the dark truth that I don’t watch much tv and see just a handful of movies every year, so I don’t really know too many actors. If you guys have fan-casting, I’d love to hear it though! I think that stuff is neat.

I do read a lot though, and listen to a ton of music (there’s song lyrics and references all throughout Wilde Life), so I have a whole pile of songs that I associate very heavily with Wilde Life.

Song list below the cut!

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anonymous asked:

I got excited but then I saw their roster: Iggy,Rita Ora,Conor Maynard etc. Not one relevant artist. Zayn will have an advantage with a built in fanbase but I wish he went with a better company. Fingers crossed he's on a good label because if not then I'm going to be worried.

I feel like zainthesupreme could answer this better than me but the way I see it, Sarah is a pretty huge deal who manage to launch some of the most successful pop careers,or at least she gives her clients a solid start. Rita has been saying some of nicest things about her, and if u look at her interviews in YouTube she is definitely a smart woman who has a good understanding of this industry. And because she is a tough woman, she can kick zayn’s ass if he is being difficult. (Thats why I’m glad he is manage by a woman)

forget those other artists, who knows, Zayn could be the first biggest solo act in her management company. Positivity, guys! Things are looking good!

-your pain is temporary
-there is hope for you no matter what
-there is never a good reason to skip a meal
-or hurt your body
-you are still learning and growing. forgive yourself
-it’s rare to still hate a person after knowing their story -bugs aren’t trying to bug you -animals aren’t here for your use
-if it’s your passion do it NOW
-if you wait until tomorrow, it’s never gonna happen -water and vegetables and fruit are very important for a glowing mind and body
-documentaries. all of them. on everything -conor oberst gets what you’re trying to say, don’t worry
-start a journal. keep proof of your existence. write everything different you do, every different feeling and new experience
-you’re worthy of every beautiful thing life has to offer you
-if they don’t love you back, don’t take it personally. they weren’t the one for you
-if they hurt you in any way/shape/form intentionally, they are not good for you. leave.
-she doesn’t owe you anything -celebrities aren’t any better than you are -sit outside for at least 5 minutes a day and feel the sun, take deep breaths, you’re no different than the plants. -music is medicine -give money/food to homeless people. stop being a pompous ass about it
-treat every human you come across like a sister/brother -don’t idolize people, they are just as messy as you are
-if you hate your job- quit your job
-if a stranger looks beautiful, tell them
-empathy, tenderness, and acceptance are the keys to life