Hurt // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 1306

Summary- At home and on camera, Jack is the sweetest boy ever. Off camera, and in a club? Not so much.

Warnings; Language

A/n; Oh my gosh.. I posted? wow. Not gonna lie, this was forced, and I’m kinda losing inspiration to write for these boys, ugh. I’m not quitting the blog, but I’ll take longer to write requests. So sorry. ):

Requested; Yup!

req; i was wondering if you could write an imagine about jack constantly flirting with the reader when they’re alone or with friends, but totally ignores her whenever they’re at the club and makes out with girls in front of her, has one night stands, so she gets tired of that and confronts him about his fuckboy-ish moves.

req; Hi! Could you make a Jack imagine where the boys vlog Y/N and him being all cute :)


“Ugh, you two need to get a room!” Josh groaned playfully, vlogging you two sitting on the couch, your head on Jack’s chest, you quietly drawing random shapes and lines on his stomach, as his fingers gently ran through your hair. You payed no attention to Josh, it wasn’t unusual for the boys to tease you two about a relationship, it was normal; you were all just friends, after all. Even you and Jack. Much to your distaste.

“Fuck off, Josh.” You muttered, grabbing the hem of Jack’s shirt and twirling the fabric in your fingers gently. Jack just hummed, continuing to watch football while his hand was raking through your hair. Josh only chuckled, turning back to his camera. “These two are so cute together, it’s almost sickening.” He told the camera, smirking slightly. “You’re jealous, Josh.” You said, Josh sticking his tongue out at you in response.

You got off Jack’s lap, Jack pouting slightly in response. “Where’re you going?” He whined, reaching his arms out like a child, feebly attempting to grab you and pull you back into his chest. “To get ready, dumbass. We’re supposed to go out with the guys tonight, remember? I’m 80% sure it was your idea in the first place.” You said, rolling your eyes. “What if I change my mind? Let’s stay in!” Jack whined, and you shook your head.

“No can do, Jackie-Boy. I have to get ready, heaven knows I’m not going out like this.” You said, gesturing to your sweat pants and cropped tank top you wore for pyjamas, and your messy bun atop your head. “You look great.” Jack said, grabbing you and pulling you into a hug. “I look like I rolled out of bed and got hit by a dump truck, and smell like it too. You groaned, hugging him briefly before wiggling out of his grip, and running to your bathroom to begin getting ready.

“Told you they were too cute.” Josh whispered to his camera, winking. Jack only groaned, “Turn it off, Josh. I know you need the clickbait and views, but..” Jack said, only to be cut off by Josh tackling him on the couch, and playfully hitting him. “Okay, okay, I was kidding!” He said, and you chuckled from your bathroom. Sometimes these boys were a handful, but you were glad to call them your friends. Except for one, but you were grateful to be at least allowed to call him your friend.

You took a quick shower, washing yourself briefly before drying and styling your hair. You simply left it in loose curls, unbothered to do anything too special. You did your regular ‘going out’ makeup. You had no one to impress; the one you wanted to pay attention to you, never did when you were out. Though it made no sense to you, it happened every time, and you let it.

See, you and Jack flirted constantly, and did the basics of a couple. During the day, that was. After a drink, it all seemed to slip his mind.  Hence where you were now, standing with Conor and Josh, who were talking about who knows what, you not listening. You were in a club, two hours later, drink in hand, watching Jack flirt with a very clearly spray-tanned tall blonde, very obviously raking his eyes up and down her body, his gaze lingering in certain areas, much longer than necessary.

You sighed. At home, with the boys, and when you were sober, Jack was your dream guy. He tended to you hand and foot, even if you insisted you didn’t need it. He wouldn’t have it. He’d argue you must need something, and when you’d finally give in, he’d run to get it; whether it was at the shops, or in the cupboard. He didn’t care. In a club, with other hot girls, alcohol, and blaring music, he was different. He was the player everyone mistook him for. You didn’t understand, and tonight, after having a few more drinks than usual, you were going to ask him about it.

With the thought, you zoned out, shaking your head back into reality. With a new found confidence, you strode over to Jack, only to see him grab the blonde girl, and roughly pull her towards him, smashing their lips together in a heated kiss. You gasped, anger flooding you. You grabbed his arm roughly, pulling him apart from her. “What the hell?!” He said, glaring at you. His eyes showed a bit of surprise when he realized it was you, but he was still angry, nonetheless.

The blonde girl was standing there, confusion etched on her face. “Fuck off.” You spat, and she put her hands up in surrender. “Sorry.” She squeaked, and she disappeared back into the sea of moving bodies. “What’s your problem, Y/N? You totally cock-blocked me!” Jack screamed, his breath smelling very strongly of alcohol. Not that you cared right now, you were pissed.

“My problem? You flirt with me all day, lead me on, and then as soon as the alcohol comes out and the music is on, it’s like you don’t know I exist! Tell me now, Jack! What do you want with me? I’m so tired of sitting here all night, watching you dance with other girls and then leaving with them! Seriously, what do you want? I don’t think I can stand watching you with them any longer!” You said, tears running down your face. You weren’t yelled, despite wanting to, your voice was only loud enough for Jack to hear over the blaring music.

Josh popped up, hearing the conversation. “Let’s take this outside.” He said, gently grabbing you, while Conor grabbed Jack. They pulled you two outside, much to your (and Jack’s) distaste. “We’ll leave you two alone. If you need anything, you know where we are.” Conor said, earning a grumble from Jack and a grateful look from you. With that, the two had disappeared back into the club doors.

“Alright Jack, get talking. I want to know, do you have fun toying with my emotions? Do you like seeing me like this?” You said, gesturing to yourself, shaking with your arms crossed over your chest, tears streaming down your face. Jack’s face softened and he let out a deep sigh. “I’ve been hurt before, Y/N..” He started, and you cut him off. “Stop right there Jack. You don’t think I know? I’ve been here for years. You’ve hurt me a hell of a lot too, you know. I don’t want to play these stupid games, because they hurt more than a breakup.” You said, straightforwardly.

“Look, last time I fell in love, she broke my heart into pieces! I get I’ve hurt you, I know! I’ve been killing myself every time I do it! I go out with other girls because I can’t get my mind off of you! You’re constantly flooding my mind, the guilt eating me away. Instead of stopping, though, the idiotic voice in my head tells me to go get laid, and stop thinking about you for once! But I can’t, because I’m so in love with you, it hurts!” He said, grabbing you and smashing his lips against yours.

After all this time, you finally got to kiss Jack Maynard. It felt amazing, but you couldn’t help but hold onto his words. You pulled away slightly, just enough to speak with your lips brushing his, ever so slightly. “I promise, Jack. I’ll never hurt you. I love you too.” He didn’t answer, placing his lips on yours again, much slower this time, and more passionately. Even after everything he put you through, you couldn’t have been happier he hurt you, because it got you to where you were now, and this is where you wanted to be.

Dating Conor Maynard May Include:


Warnings: None

Requested: Yes

Dating Conor may include:

  • Napping together
  • Stealing that Sugg life hoodie
  • โ€œY/N is that my hoodie in the laundry basket?โ€
  • โ€œDONโ€™T TAKE IT BACK OUT!โ€
  • Singing in the kitchen, really badly
  • Kissing his face none stop
  • Constantly squeezing his cheeks
  • Holding his hand whenever you get the chance
  • You always want to touch him
  • Him discreetly (slapping) touching your bum in public

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