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So far this tour has been amazing. It sucks it’s been two years since we played at Warped Tour been wanting to go back, but shit has been getting crazy. We’ll be heading to Germany soon then we’ll be opening up for Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil. I wish we were able to hit the rest of the US and it’s up in the air if we are hitting England. It’s so bizarre to not be home so often as I want, but that’s the fun of it. I’m Patty Walters and I’m that typical average pop punk guy. Love me and I’ll give you cookies if I can find any

anonymous asked:

Could you do one where Conor and you are looking for a house and you think that there are too many rooms and he kind of starts talking about kids n stuff??:)

“I like this one,” Conor said with a grin as he pulled you in under his arm.

You were looking for a new place to move in to together. There were many apartments available in London and this was currently the fourth one you had both visited. It was a nice place; very open with lots of windows, neat bathrooms and a homely kitchen. The only problem was that it was a bit too big for just the two of you, even with allowing for a guest spare room.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit too big? We definitely don’t need this many rooms.”

He looked down at you before joking, “But what about a room for Jack and Josh to stay in when they miss me? Or a room for my studio so we can sleep in peace? Or a room for our shoes?”

You laughed; Conor could always make you laugh.

He grinned, “Seriously though, Y/N, what if we decide to have a family soon?”

You looked at him with wide and curious eyes, “A family?”

“Yeah, well,” he began to look a bit sheepish. “If you’ll have me still, I’d like to live with you forever.”

You internally awed at how cute he looked, slightly embarrassed and running fingers through his short hair. Leaning into his body more, you nudged him to continue.

He laughed, before leading you around the empty apartment, “This could be our room here. Imagine our kids running through way too early on a Sunday morning and jumping to wake us up. That could still be a guest room, I guess, until our family grows more.”

He continued through the corridor and then pointed to another room; moving to keep painting the picture in his mind for you.

“This could be the nursery. You could decorate it, you’re good at that kind of stuff. Maybe a little cradle there and one of those hanging things?”

You kept walking through the apartment.

“Here! This would be the perfect place for them to learn to play the piano, if that’s what they wanted. It could double as my studio!”

You smiled internally, Conor’s studio was his pride and joy, and for him to say it would be for a child first was sweet.

“Now, this kitchen. We could bake every afternoon. Cookies or those brilliant cakes of yours!”

“Conor,” you started.

“A couch would be perfect here and we’d have movie nights watching Disney and scary movies once they are asleep.”


“We could build the biggest forts…”


He looked at you questioningly.

“It’s perfect,” you grinned.

Conor’s face almost burst at the seams. He turned to face you and gave you a long and sweet kiss.

Hope you like this! It was so cute to write!