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conormcdphoto: Flicker is out at midnight tonight! I genuinely love it. Here’s more footage from the studio, many days spent on that couch watching the songs form from ideas in Nialls head or scribbles down in his lyric book, now the world is about to hear them all! Congrats on such a great debut album @niallhoran You’ve worked your arse off and it’s paid off massively with this amazing album!

Loving Smile - Josh Pieters

Request: Hey! Can you please do a Josh imagine where his girlfriend is getting lots of hate online and it’s really really getting her down so Josh makes a super cute gesture to cheer her up and gets all the other boys involved too? Maybe they film it all and then Josh posts it so that the hate stops? Thank You! 💖

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: So I didn’t mention the whole “posting it and the hate stops” but I think you get the just of it with Jack coming out of the closet (for joe)…say what? Who said that? But in all seriousness, I hope you like this lol! (Also, sorry this is short but it’s a cute short)


“She’s fat.” “Josh can do so much better.” “She just wants attention.” Comment after comment was nothing but rude and you didn’t understand why. Sure, you came into Josh’s life after his YouTube channel took off but that wasn’t your fault. Sure, the amount of followers you had grew since dating Josh but again, that wasn’t your fault. People loved to blame you for everything little thing. If Josh wasn’t hanging around the boys, it was because of you. If Josh was feeling down, it was because of you. Josh’s fans didn’t understand that just because you were in a relationship with him, he was still his own person. They took any chance they could to fire shots your way and although you always viewed yourself as a strong person, there was a line…and they definitely crossed it.

“I’ve never done anything to hurt you or to come across as a fame whore. Why are they doing this?” You yelled as you walked frantically around your apartment. 

“Babe, just-” Josh began, trying to stop you from subconsciously cleaning up, something you constantly found yourself doing when going on a rant.

“No!” You yelled, throwing a couple utensils into the sink. “I just don’t get it. Do I not make you happy? Do I not treat you right? I don’t deserve this.” You whispered, leaning against the sink. The room fell silent as you calmed yourself down. Sure, you’ve dealt with bitches in your life and you don’t care if someone doesn’t like you but when people attack you without even knowing you, it messes with your mind more than it probably should.

Later that day, after your meltdown, you explained to Josh that you were just going to hangout at home and clear your mind. After returning home from the store, you placed the groceries on the countertop before heading towards your room.

“Josh…” You said as you entered the room. You looked around the room, looking at the rose petals spread over the bed, the candles on the bedside tables and the bouquet of roses Josh had in his hands. “What are you…” You looked over and watched Jack come out from behind the door with a camera in his hands.

“You’ve been so down recently and I have a feeling you’re forgetting just how amazing you truly are. I don’t ever want you to doubt yourself in anything, especially not in our relationship. I love you and I know everything that’s being said is really affecting you but I need you to remember you are the most important person in my life. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted, asked for and hoped for. I’ve been missing the smile I fell in love with lately and I hope this helps to bring it back.” Josh proclaimed, motioning towards the room. You smiled as you wiped the tear from your cheek and walked over to Josh, wrapped your arms around him. 

“I love you too.” You whispered, placing a soft kiss on his neck.